Science March: Behold the Priests of the New World Order

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Hillary Clinton LOVES the march for SCIENCE.

Marching in the streets of the world yesterday, tens of thousands of concerned citizens (and people employed by the various sciences) came out from their labs and school rooms to inform us, the ignorant masses, that science, glorious science, is all important, it reaches past partisan boundaries and cannot be, must not be, challenged or mocked without the direst consequences.

Apart from those who were out there protesting the Duke of Orange’s cuts to education and the EPA, those who were there protesting his deregulation plan which will decimate the environment, those whom I applaud and stand with, most others were out there sending their message in support of the theory of man-made GLOBAL WARMING…. oooooo

And their message was simple… you aren’t an Ordained Glorious Scientist so shut up and accept this as the ultimate truth. So sayeth Science. So sayeth the lord.

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The ignorant plebes needed to be educated by the authority figures in the white lab robes coats so they even brought out the schoolhouse chalk boards to make damn sure we didn’t miss their patronizing lesson. You are children in need of … education.

After all, 97% of all scientists agree. Says so right there on the board. How do you simpletons dare disagree with numbers like that?

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It used to be the the preachers, the priests and the rabbis who put forth the declarations for the masses to follow blindly. They too spoke to the gods and who were we to question their divine knowledge? They had sanctified insight which we mere mortals did not.

People were told there would be a terrible price too pay if they listened to the heretics and questioned the almighty truth handed down by the anointed ones. A terrible price indeed. Floods, famine, drought, pestilence, plagues, volcano eruptions… these were the wrath of the gods visited upon the community because of the crazy unbelievers and their dreaded DOUBT.

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But those were primitive days and certainly we have evolved beyond such measures of influence and control… haven’t we?

Haven’t we?

Oh Glorious Science… it has indeed produced amazing contributions to society since the Dark Ages.

We put men on the moon… right?

We cured cancer or… maybe not for everyone.

We ended hunger and developed boundless energy for all for free in order to liberate us from those who seek our endless enslavement to serve their quest for riches. Right?

Oh Mighty Science… what have you really done for us, lately?

Let us humbly count a few of your glorious blessings.

The Global Warming scam… is an attempt to force every nation on the planet into a global dictatorship with unelected technocrats sitting at the top of the pyramid who make every decision for every nation regarding their industry, agriculture and economic structure in order to protect us all from the evils of self determination and … oh god… unchecked industrialization.

The industrial revolution eventually empowered workers and lifted millions upon millions out of poverty across the globe. Once unions and worker’s rights movements developed, the first middle class was born and people became not only economically liberated, but also politically empowered for the first time.

Environmental protections had to be set to keep the greedy from destroying all that surrounded their enterprise just as labor rights had to be refined to keep them from brutally exploiting their workers.

But in the end, fortunes were still made and entire communities were lifted out of poverty. And from that, real power began to shift. Parents became politically active. Children received educations and exceeded the successes of their parents. Nation states generated taxes and used that revenue to improve the quality of life for those they served.

And ultimately, once those nations became strong enough, they threw off the shackles of the imperialist nations who lorded over them and demanded their fealty.

The underdeveloped nations cannot be allowed to follow in that path. Therefore their industries cannot thrive unchecked. We don’t allow for elections in other countries to record a tally of the “wrong” votes, so how could the Masters of the Universe allow for the rise of a hundred industrial revolutions that threaten to liberate our client states from institutions like the IMF and World Bank?

Nations must be declared “climate terrorists” when they dare to deny our technocrats their holy demands, those put forth from Great Science who whispers only to our new priests of the white robes in a language only they can interpret.

They threaten the survival of our entire species with their “warming skepticism” and their childish insistence on self determination. Can they not see Science has spoken?

Such heretics cannot be allowed to lead. Such nations must be brought in line with the consensus of the 97% (who work for companies like GE, Monsanto, BP, 3M, Abbot Laboratories, Lockheed Martin or they work for higher education institutions who get funding from companies like GE, Monsanto, BP, 3M, Abbot Laboratories, Lockheed Martin)

The history of the science of Global Warming is fraught with fraud. That is undeniable.

When the leading advocates for your campaign are Billy Nye and Al Gore, you got problems. Serious, deep problems because they are both fraudulent little men looking for something, anything to put them in the spotlight and keep them there. They are ignorant and just like every useful idiot who was ever used before them, their egos fuel their vulnerability and their ignorance.

When there is too much rain, it’s Global Warming. When there isn’t enough, it’s Global Warming. Too cold? Too hot? Too much snow? Not enough? It’s all Global Warming.

Wars? That’s because of Global Warming.

The rise of “ISIS” and al-Qaeda? Global Warming causes that as well.

Floods? Famine? Pestilence? Plaques? All because of … you guessed it.

This is what Glorious Science has brought us. To a point where well meaning activists believe they are fighting to save the world when in fact they are fighting to hand it over to technocrats and millionaires who will rule by decree like a Board of Popes from a mahogany-lined boardroom deep in the heart of London somewhere. The industries will be theirs and the regulations non-existent. They will extract and exploit the natural resources of the world and enslave billions to serve their interests.

Once they are cloaked in the armor of world saviors, nothing will be beyond their reach as they scour the earth for every shekel, dollar or pound they can squeeze from it.

The Feel Good rush these young people now thrive on, will be over by then.

They can only hope they find employment with someone so they can eek out an existence in the New World Order they are unwittingly helping to bring about.

They will look back on these photos and marvel at their naivete. Ah, the folly of youth.

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Oh Glorious Science… indeed the road to hell is paved with good intentions… is it not?

And what a powerful tool to understand and exploit… thanks to our Benevolent Social Sciences.

Drones... what more can I say? Thank you Dear Science for the flying death squads from above that seek out all those who oppose our great will… our democracy… our NATIONAL INTERESTS abroad. These, your angels of mercy, bring about CHANGE with a swift dose of Righteous Science.

Electronic Voting Machines… How could we possibly vote in America without your help to make sure we all VOTE THE RIGHT WAY? Oh Majestic Science let us not end up like those savages in France who VOTE TODAY with the paper ballots of Satan and their plexiglass boxes of shame. How can they not TRUST you?

Oh Blessed Science and your proprietary vote counting software… lead us out of the dark ages and into the light where private companies, sanctioned by the evil state, lift us out of doubt and deliver us a pristine, unquestionable, unverifiable election result.


H1N1... Science the Almighty said you MUST get your vaccination! SCIENCE WOULD NOT LIE! It’s a PANDEMIC! Are you a FOOL?

ZIKA!!!!!!!!!… do you want a baby with a TINY HEAD!!! ZIKA!!!!!

Chemical Weapons, Biological Weapons, Nuclear Weapons in IRAQ!!!... oh Marvelous Science… you helped our intelligence community PROVIDE our messengers a GRAND SLAM HOME RUN at the UN Security Council as he strove to show the evils of Saddam Hussain. Bless you, bless you SCIENCE for helping to stop that MADMAN and the one million dead Iraqis who refused to go along with the plan.

The INTERNET OF EVERYTHING… Oh this, this, this is the master achievement of Beautiful Science. This is the culmination of all that Science stands for. Everything seen, everything heard, everything recorded and known about everyone at all times public and private… all for the proprietary use of those Glorious Companies whom the Priests of Science serve.

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we got paychecks, yes we do. We got paychecks, so fuck you!

Vaccines… the human child’s immune system can withstand a thousand vaccines, so says a Magnificent Scientist. Pump them full of Science, damn it. Their bodies are a repository of profits just waiting to be realized. There can be no harm when Scientists are in control! Science would never put profits above the well being of others. It is against the prime directive.

GMOs… oh dear god, Science is BETTER THAN NATURE and SMARTER THAN GOD. Cast off the shackles of the oppression of your old gods and behold the modified beauty and profits of the pragmatic Order of the New World.

Sure our child mortality rate rivals those of third world nations.

Yes, hospitals kill more Americans everyday than anything else.

True, deliberate corporate malfeasance and the scientists they employ kill more people every year than drugs, drunk drivers, terrorism and war combined.

Sure Bill Gates, the Holy Father of Modern American Science, wants to kill of a couple billion humans so the wealthy can live a more enjoyable life on the planet.

All that and more is true.

but… STAND UP FOR SCIENCE!!! you plebes. You uneducated, backward, troglodytes.

STAND UP FOR SCIENCE and join the Feel Good wave that is sweeping the nation. Warm yourself in the self-satisfaction that comes from knowing better than all those around you and repeat the mantras parroted to you every day. Repeat them on social media (Oh thank you Science for that one) and watch your influence GROW. You can be an Eco Star. Just say the RIGHT THINGS and never EVER question… THE SCIENCE

The debate is over. So sayeth the Cult of the New Priests. No more debate is allowed. When you are confronted by the heretics their words are an affront to the species and their message is a cancer that will grow inside you. They must be ignored, spurned, called-out, cast out, banished, excommunicated and driven from memory. Their ideas will destroy the planet as they threaten our New Better World Order. Expose them in the workplace, in your Home Owners Association, at your local Starbucks.

Oh Blessed Science, let us not be labeled as nobbers. The shame… the shame…

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Glorious Science is always true… even when it is proven to have been false.

Even when it proved to be manipulated for the good of others at your expense.

Even… when it proved to be vicious and cruel.

You do not see this because you are stupid and they do meta-analysis and evaluate globally which makes them better than you…

… so be silent and worship as they pass in the parade. Take them at their word. The debate is over. New evidence is unnecessary. Redundancies are extemporaneous.

Close your eyes. Repeat the mantras. The Priests of the New World Order have spoken. They have pristine White Robes of Status and your doubts are… quaint.

Like a child’s.

Meaningless noise signifying nothing.

Save the world.

Warm yourself in the rightness of Global Warming rightthink.

Don’t be a nobber.

Don’t risk wrongthink.

The Priests of the New World Order have spoken and who are you to doubt them?

How could anyone question all the great things Glorious Science has brought humanity?

How indeed.

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64 Responses

  1. Firstly, there’s no denying that science is being influenced to ever greater degrees by political and commercial agendas. The peer review process is regularly abused and dubious articles pop up in science journals with worrying frequency. Dissent and contradiction is everywhere to those paying attention. Eg a year or so ago a meteorology professor at MIT labelled climate alarmists as “religious fanatics” Similar dissent is more commonplace than the media portrays.
    2ndly NOAA has been caught consistently doctoring temp maps because they’re honest (or silly) enough to include the original data. But they just keep doing it.
    3rdly, we get these astrophysicists and co who want to be media celebrities who create contention with personal speculations. It’s a kind of priesthood masquerading as the face of science.
    4thly is the ugly shadow of the revolving door between industrial science and regulatory bodies.
    And it doesn’t end there.The science community for many reasons has become it’s own worst enemy.
    Finally, any rejection of criticism or scrutiny is not a scientific response, for this is the very mechanism by which solid scientific truths emerge. Any angle taken that moves toward the silencing of critics should be viewed with total contempt by the genuine scientist. It’s a religious response, not a scientific one.
    When political influence represents the most egregious corruptive influence, the science community chooses a “boots on the ground” political response By showing such a rag-tag political face, shouting slogans etc., they achieve the direct opposite of their intention the way I see it. You have to chuckle at the irony. The credibility or trustworthiness of science has not been boosted at all – quite the opposite.
    Time it got it’s own house in order.

    • I agree on all counts

      • Guess what? Elizabeth Harris smeared you and me as psychologically defective for not believing in climate change. And me for supporting nuclear energy. Lovely!

        • I know some fishermen who might ask you to reconsider your support of nuclear energy, cabron.

          • Now you’re on to insults. Stay classy. Every source of energy has liabilities, but why listen to facts when you can attack me instead?

            • see how long that took? all of two comments and ten minutes. Actually, edgar was insulting me right off the bat. so that’s essentially one comment and zero minutes. but whos counting?

              • If he doesn’t change course, he is shaping up to be the Mr. Tape Guy of the left. You’re always virulently attacked for your views.

                • I’ve already lost something like 10 Twitter followers since publishing the article. I’ll lose more before it’s over. People have a visceral reaction to Global Warming skeptics as we can see.

                  • I got used to vitriol from my Roman Catholic, economically liberal (Adam Smith liberal, not Democratic Party liberal) father and uncles in the past when we debated and argued on many issues. Pop has altered his points of view since, but I still love them.

          • I’m sorry for those fishermen’s health problems, but that does not make it right for you to be so uncivil and rude. Scott is right that some of you environmentalists are like religious fanatics.

            • Dude, if you’re surprised that people insult you for supporting nuclear energy, then I’ve got a waterfront timeshare in Japan to sell you. And it’s not just the fishermen’s health you should feel sorry for…

              • rather have one there than Chernobyl. Did you know the workers at Fukushima are back at work at the reactor?

                did you also know “As of November 2016, 30 countries worldwide are operating 450 nuclear reactors for electricity generation and 60 new nuclear plants are under construction in 15 countries

                Let’s see… out of 450 you have one major malfunction to mention here (I brought up the one in Ukraine) and that was caused by an earthquake, right?

                • Yeah, except when one of those lil axceedants irradiates the largest ocean on the planet, and western North America. No problems there. Some may question the wisdom of building (and rebuilding) a nuclear plant on the shore of one of the most earthquake and tsunami prone islands anywhere. Other than that I’m sure nuclear power is fantastic, no externalities to speak of. But it might be a good idea to pass on seafood and Washington potato’s for a few hundred years…

                • Whether you realize it or not you nailed one of the main problems with nuke energy. Imagine a large earthquake interrupting power. If those temp generators stop for too long, we’re screwed. Imagine meltdowns times 5 or 10.

                  Next, imagine the dreaded EMP, which can be delivered at random from the sun or, in some not too distant future, by those who would use it as a weapon. This would knock out the power infrastructure widely. This includes blowing transformers that take a year to replace. It’s a pretty sure bet our brlilliant science-y “risk managers” do not have a year’s supply of replacement transformers to keep our infrastructure running, which again means temp generators running out and meltdowns occuring in multiple locations. It’s not a pretty scenario nor is it an unreasonable scenario to expect in the next 100 years, either.

                  • I agree with you here. I don’t quite understand the strong support for nuclear energy here. Does it come with a an actual understanding of the underlying physical processes involved and the nature of the waste products? At my house we use solar energy, which is a continually-improving technology with great promise. The number of panels we have can supply >100% of our energy needs and only lacks in the efficient storage of energy during sunny stretches to provide for nights and cloudy stretches. The sun will not stop bombarding us with what constitutes almost all of the energy the Earth will ever encounter. Why not simply utilize it?

                    • I agree….

                    • I know that nuclear reactors are cleaner than coal burning power plants in terms of pollution. What you do with the radioactive waste is another story, I’ll grant you that. But how much of that material is produced verses the constant pollution of coal is an issue for me. Plus, you ever seen how mountaintop coal mining works? It’s devastating. And the slurry runoff is a disaster to the local environment. On the other hand, LNG plants probably produce the least amount of pollution… but look at the geopolitical wasteland the pursuit of LNG produces. And how long can it last?

                      I will tell you the truth, I wouldn’t be as big of a proponent of nuclear energy if they hadn’t exaggerated the fallout (pardon the pun) of the Fukushima incident as much as they did. People like Mike Rivero on his site saying it was worse than Chernobyl every day, saying all the fish in the pacific are radioactive now, saying the cloud is moving toward the Pacific coast and going to kill a bunch of people… it was all bullshit. Google Fukushima. They’re back to work at that plant. People have moved back in. Google Chernobyl, which was what? 20 years earlier? That place is still off limits to everyone and everything. Comparing those two is ridiculous when you look at the facts. It just is. Yeah, some scientists somewhere (probably paid by the fossil fuel industry) say there is an increase in some radioactive marker in a fish off the coast of California and if you think of nuclear power as the devil, you will find that a-hole’s study and swear by it. It’s just over the top. Had they simply been realistic about the results and the problems that accident actually caused, then I wouldn’t have been so put off by the whole thing.

                      I’m not saying there aren’t better sources of energy. Of course there are. And I am not saying these things aren’t dangerous. Those two incidents as well as Three Mile Island tell us clearly that they are. Plus, as I said before, the waste material is a huge problem that needs a better solution than simply deregulating the industry so they can dump it off the coast of Somalia where they dump all their other waste.

                      That said… look at Exxon Valdez, look at the BP spill in the Gulf, look at that one down in Africa that was NEVER cleaned up and no one held responsible.

                      And look at all the wars for oil. All the repairable damage those cost.

                      You’re talking three major incidents compared to all of that. Sure there may be more I don’t know about in terms of reactor leaks but there DAMN sure have been more oil spills that I haven’t listed. For Christ’s sake, look at what happened to the Middle East when they lit the oil wells on fire before letting the Coalition take over a couple decades ago in Kuwait. It was catastrophic.

                      Nuclear energy is in it’s infant state right now. Perhaps eventually it will evolve into something much safer. I don’t “support” it as you seem to think I do. i just don’t buy into the horror stories like Rivero does.

                  • However, notwithstanding what I posted above, I would not argue against further research into the use of thorium as a potentially safer source of sustainable nuclear energy. Thorium is quite abundant on Earth and does not require expensive enrichment procedures to produce a form useful for energy production. Minimally fission grade thorium cannot sustain a nuclear chain reaction without a continuous low-energy input sufficient to keep nuclear collisions at a level to promote sustained fission, which means that a meltdown can be prevented by simply shutting off the supply of energy catalyst. However, there are still hurdles to the effective use of thorium in that its efficiency can be poisoned by the production of proactinium (Pa) isotopes that readily absorb liberated neutrons and by the production of strong gamma ray-emitting byproduct isotopes.

                  • However, notwithstanding what I posted above, I would not argue against further research into the use of thorium as a potentially safer source of sustainable nuclear energy. Thorium is quite abundant on Earth and does not require expensive enrichment procedures to produce a form useful for energy production. Minimally fission grade thorium cannot sustain a nuclear chain reaction without a continuous low-energy input sufficient to keep nuclear collisions at a level to promote sustained fission, which means that a meltdown can be prevented by simply shutting off the supply of energy catalyst. However, there are still hurdles to the effective use of thorium in that its efficiency can be poisoned by the production of proactinium (Pa) isotopes that readily absorb liberated neutrons and by the production of strong gamma ray-emitting byproduct isotopes.

                  • And a comment was eaten.

                    • Thanks, and I can’t reply to your above comment because of the nesting, so I’ll respond here. I totally agree – nuclear energy is cleaner than coal and a better, more contained option. I think it’s worth the investment to continue to research improvements in safety and containment for nuclear energy as well as improvements in efficiency and distribution of solar energy solutions (eg, the outer skin of automobiles could someday absorb and transform solar energy directly into use by the car – it does not always need to be thick, rigid glass panels).

        • why am I not shocked?

    • I also agree with this.

  2. ‘Saying it is so,,,, does not make it so.’
    Seems a real scientist would know that.

  3. Well, if Hillary and Al love science then I guess we should hate it. Let’s go back to burning witches and being the flat earth at the center of the universe. Yay, it’s a witch burning! Why worry about silly methods based on empirical observation when we have undeniably true facts brought to us by the good people at ExxonMobil, Koch Industries, and Rio Tinto? They wouldn’t lie to us, never. Precautionary principle? Who needs it?

    I bet these naive supporters of the scientific method who are needlessly concerned with their children’s future are secretly on the payroll of them commie infiltrators in the CIA. Thank god that brilliant visionaries like Donald John Trump, Rick Perry, and Blackwater Betsy are here to help us fight these commie scientists!

    • You’re misrepresenting Scott, and you know it. Al Gore and the Kochs simply represent competing factions within the American oligarchy. It’s not an either/or proposition. And genuinely well-intentioned activists can be mislead or deceived.

      • Misrepresenting how? Maybe I missed something but sounds to me like a science-is-ebil argument. Apologies if I misunderstood.

        I’d argue that Gore and Koch represent the same fucking faction in the oligarchy. I agree that well intentioned activists can be deceived…just like ‘climate skeptics’ can be convinced by millions of dollars worth of propaganda that human land use has no significant affects.

        • Large corporations will be even more immune to environmental law if the developing world falls into the hands of an IMF technocracy. Maybe climate change is true, but the accepting side is also being played by pied pipers for ulterior motives.

          • So the developing world isn’t already in the hands of the IMF technocracy?

            • no. not all of them. some are fighting to escape and we call them terrorists and attack like in Sudan, Somalia, Yemen that kind of thing. Some are aligned with the BRICS nations as opposed to the IMF and World Bank. Can’t WAIT to call them “climate terrorists” and impose our version of economy on them for “humanitarian reasons” can we?

              • Good points. It’s time for people to rejoin the world and work for its improvement, rather than throwing up their hands in fatalistic exasperation and bleating about the elite all powerful masters of manipulation. Everyday people in the US and around the world have far, far, far more power than they realize to influence the future. Buying in to the notion that greedy, self-appointed “elites” hold some mysterious ability or power is unnecessarily self-defeating. There are innumerable filthy rich folks with an advantage over the average Joe and an incentive to scheme for any possible way to keep it, but there is no super-organized cabal of highly-organized people who all get along with each other controlling the future fate of the world. It’s infighting galore and a bunch of privileged assholes, some brialliant, some as retarded as Forest Gump, all falling all over themselves and getting in each others’ ways to be top dog.

          • that is absolutely true and part of the overall point of my article.

        • I am not saying pollution is good. I am not saying we need deregulation. You have read enough of my work to know me by now. I am not saying science is evil and everything new is bad. I am saying the debate is NOT over and like the other commenter said, when we fail to understand that skepticism and debate is needed, science will become a meaningless trick to fool the masses and steer in a direction they probably dont want to go. And I am certainly not saying humans don’t have an adverse effect on the environment. But are we at the panic point where we need to establish a committee of technocrats to rule over all nations and tell them what they can and cannot produce and which global companies they can hire to produce those allowed commodities? no. And I dare say we may not be anytime soon. Nor do I think we need to curb the population of the planet either. Global Warming is about control. Control of carbon which is the building block of everything. If you want total and complete world domination, being able to carbon to “save the planet” is about as good a way as any I can think of. And while we are on the subject, do you really think more is spend on Global Warming skeptics than Global Warming advocates? It’s not even close actually. And don’t stoop to using their little language tricks. I do not deny the “climate”… I deny the evidence they have provided thus far that human activities is causing Global Warming.

          • Cool, thanks for clarifying. I agree that a MOTU technocrat committee is not a good solution for our problems. But our problems exist nonetheless, and we need to figure out viable solutions sooner rather than later. Belittling the science marchers as naive tools of the globalists accomplishes nothing. Maybe you saw some naive tools on CNN? I didn’t see any globalist tools in my town yesterday. Just a few hundred people who would rather have policies based on best practices not profit.

          • I agree with you here Scott. Disingenuous marches to support someone’s political agenda will not lead to anything that benefits everyday citizens of any country.

  4. Disclaimer for science march “We’re not scientists but we play scientists for perception management purposes”

    • I couldn’t have said it better. As a scientist myself, I have to work for a living. I don’t have time to be a phony political activist.

  5. “We put men on the moon… right?”

    The NASA engineer in this recent video (about 2014) says we still have to find a way to get through the Van Allen Radiation Belt before we can go to the moon.

    But Wikipedia says we solved that problem back in 1969. (See

    That article says, “The Apollo spacecraft passed through the inner belt in a matter of minutes and the outer belt in about  1 1⁄2 hours. The astronauts were shielded from the ionizing radiation by the aluminum hulls of the spacecraft. Furthermore, the orbital transfer trajectory from Earth to the Moon through the belts was chosen to lessen radiation exposure.”

    Very convincing 🙂

    If Wikipedia says so then it must be true, right?

    • there is a woman scientist who is working on putting Americans on the moon. She said 2 years ago it would take us 12 years to do it if we set it as a priority right now. The Russians back around the same time said 15 years. I wonder why it was we could do it back then in 8 with computers the size of houses that had the computing power that was equivalent to a cheap digital watch.

    • You have a good book about this by Gerhard Wisnewski, called: «One Small Step?: The Great Moon Hoax and the Race to Dominate Earth from Space».

    • As a professional scientist, I have to admit I go back and forth on this with myself continuously. I am too young to have been involved, having just been born when alleged events took place. I have not met anyone in my professional life who doubts the moon landings. These people include astronomers, chemists, astrobiologists, astrophysicists, biologists, physicists, forensic scientists, biologists, mathematicians and countless government sponsors of scientific projects. And yet, something in my own gut has always nagged me here. The political situation of the era, the convenience of the timing, the technological and scientific hurdles, the heroics and cowboy style of the missions, the miraculous and last-minute coming together of success, the odd methodology of the filming, and the complete loss of the original records has always made me wonder …

      • Remember when they preempted the broadcast of Apollo 13 for some TV thing? They couldn’t believe it. Their major network ratings had dropped, people weren’t watching their “trip to the moon” show any more … and what happened?

        – Where’s their broadcast?

        HENRY HURT
        – All the networks dumped us. One of them said we made going
        to the Moon about as exciting as taking a trip to

        – My son’s supposed to be on. He’s in outer space.

        – These are all the channels we get, Mrs. Lovell.


        It was 7 minutes after they finished their broadcast that no one outside of NASA saw, that this emergency took place.

        Yep. They had a “major emergency” that threatened their lives and all of a sudden they were back on TV with the whole country watching the drama unfold.

        We can take photos of moons orbiting Jupiter, right? Pretty close up photos if I am not mistaken. Right?

        So why can’t we take close up photos of all the stuff we supposedly left behind on the moon including… footprints? You ever wonder why that is? Here’s the best they got

        Aside from all the other facts I mentioned before relating to just how long it would take us to go there now and the ridiculous assertion that 1/8″ of aluminum would protect the astronauts from the Van Allen belt’s radiation (and potential radiation bursts from the sun as they traveled… and micrometeorite …) there are so many reasons to doubt the photos they took on the surface and in the capsule. Then you add the odd behavior of several of the astronauts after the “returned”.. there are just way too many reasons to conclude it was all staged. Toss in the political atmosphere of the time as you mentioned and I am left with only one conclusion.

        And, of course, as you point out, the loss of the original records.

        • I personally take very high resolution images of the moon, as well as images of planets, distant galaxies and color and narrowband images of deep-space phenomena like large emission nebulae. Astrophotography is a hobby of mine. I can tell you that, from Earth, a telescope the size of Texas could not resolve any left-over lunar equipment from any alleged moon landing because the resolution achievable is physically limited by the diffraction of the Earth’s atmosphere to 10-100 times (i forget the exact figure) that required to resolve objects the size of the supposed lunar lander. The Hubble, outside the atmosphere, is not large enough. This was the fallback position for a long time. However, now we have the lunar orbiter and we should be able to achieve images that rival Google maps “satellite” view (I think those are taken with lower-flying airplanes for the higher res views of our neighborhoods actually – not by satellite). However, what I have seen so far is not convincing. If I had any visibility into the process I would be less hesitant to believe the more recent pictures, but I’m not 100% sure they are real and not doctored images with just enough lack of resolution to not be called out. Once again, everything is left conveniently unclear and not completely verifiable. Very strange.

        • I think potential, unpredictable bursts of energy from the sun are a bigger concern than the Van Allen belts. The sun can produce bursts that would fry people in place and we can’t predict them accurately. The Van Allen belts are not continuous and it is possible to travel through the regions of lower energy. Also, not all of the radiation in the belts consists of dangerous, highly penetrating forms. Unfortunately, there appears to have been built up a lot of faulty argument on both sides of the moon landing situation, which keeps me perpetually confused about the matter. Many arguments made by people claiming it was all a hoax do not hold water, and several of the arguments used to debunk valid-sounding arguments do not appear to hold water. For the most part, I usually just forget about the whole thing, but once in a while (like now), I see something that makes me think about it again.

          • the last thing they wanted to do at that particular time in our history was send our “best and brightest” up into space and have them fry on national television or get hit by a micrometeorite puff up and explode on live TV. How do you stop a BB-sized rock traveling 30,000 miles per hour from putting a hole in your spaceship? 1/8″ aluminum? A real BB fired from a CO2 powered gun will penetrate that.

            • Did you know that a window (a very thick window) on one of the space shuttles actually had to be replaced after it was compromised (fortunately didn’t fail) by a fleck of paint flying 17,000 mph in orbit?

  6. You’d think they could just drag out the old designs, or maybe even just reverse engineer the few remaining artifacts in the museums in order to remember how it’s done. Oh wait, the designs are probably missing along with lots of the footage and other records.

  7. Science is great. The most powerful method for analysing and explaining natural phenonema that humans ever created. It is not the fault of science that this extraordinary mode of philosophical enquiry enables the production of ever more terrible weapons. Most knowledge is double-edged. If we chose we can use these very powerful forms of knowledge to produce abundant energy and food and to cure diseases, alternatively we can make atom bombs, GMOs and biological warfare. This is a societal choice and science is better if it never mixes with politics.

    Addressing the other point, science is properly grounded in skepticism. Doubt lies precisely at its heart. So one problem is this notion of consensus determining truth, which is inherently anti-scientific.

    If 97% of scientists believe in AGW then so what… the 3% can still be correct. It’s not about belief at all – that’s religion not science. The point is that global warming has never been *proven* in the way portrayed by the media. I would bet my house on countless genuine scientific facts, but who would stake everything on our current theories of ‘climate change’?

    In fact, what does ‘climate change’ even mean… does it simply mean that CO2 warms the earth (certainly it traps heat – no-one contests that fact) or that we are creating a ‘climate catastrophe’. Science is always a matter of observation and measurement and we are right to carefully observe and measure the climate – but such claims of ‘catastrophe’ do not follow directly from our current data at all. These claims are instead founded solely on the projections of computer models – models that have repeatedly failed to map the trends up until now. And after the climate projections come the interpretations of what that will mean for “the planet” – this involves more tenuous speculation again.

    Finally, science is great but not scientism, which is the worship of science. The silly notion that our present materialist conception of reality is not only near to completion (which it isn’t) but also the only version of truth that counts. Vulgar materialism of this sort reduces humanity to the level of meat machines.

    Such extreme reductionism is nonsensical and in truth even scientists who profess to believe it rarely if ever live in accordance with such a nihilistic outlook. I am a physicist myself and proud of my discipline, but I also recognise the severe limits to our current and even potential understanding of nature. To paraphrase Einstein, what is truly astonishing is that the universe is comprehensible at all. This is the proper respect every scientist should hold for nature.

    • Well said.

    • Newton’s First Law
      NASA Spaceflight Systems, Education says: “Every object persists in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed on it.”

      Not only is the first law wrong but just about every word written in the first law is wrong. When we examine Newton’s first law in the light of critical thought, we realise that nothing in the universe is in a state of rest – everything is moving. Everything is also moving in orbit about something else and so nothing moves in a straight line. eg If you are asleep in a chair, the chair and you are orbiting with the Earth around the Sun. The Sun is orbiting the galaxy and the galaxy has its own movement relative to other galaxies. Additionally, every body in the universe is affected by the gravity of every other body in the universe. One would need to be outside of the universe to test Newtons law; therefore it is impossible to check the validity of the first law. It begins to become apparent why it was so difficult to land the first probes on the Moon using 300 years-old science. Readers are encouraged to check these facts for themselves.

      Newton’s laws of motion were devised more than 300 years ago and contrary to what may be assumed by those who think Einstein solved the problem, NASA still uses them in their exact original form. I can find no evidence that any attempt has been made to include modern updates or improvements such as those of Einstein. Moon and Mars missions have been and are conducted with the original version of Newton’s laws. Check it out for yourself!

      • We just sent a probe into orbit around a tiny cometary nucleus and then dropped a lander directly on to it thanks to Newton’s laws – so I’m not really sure what you’re getting at. They work. And yes, we live in a non-inertial frame – Newton’s first law does not apply precisely to objects on the Earth’s surface. This is very well understood too.

  8. I saw something on PBS I think, supposedly about PTSD, and lo and behold it was actually a rehash of that reptile Petraeus and his “moral obligation” and others talking about the Marine ethic of “no man left behind” and what a sin it is for them to leave their translators and other collaborators “behind” in a vulnerable position, and now as de facto Marines we owe them American citizenship and homes and jobs like everyone else

  9. Holy, Holy, Holy Shit! I’m a real, live, active scientist who has to work every day and actually produce stuff. I didn’t even know about this ridiculous “march” for “Science”. I can tell you that real scientists are like anyone else. They have things to do for a real. We don’t generally run around wearing politically-motivated T-shirts to promote propaganda and advertising agendas. Most of the idiots in these photographs are probably not even scientists. Scientists with jobs and an actual purpose will be busy focusing on what they are doing, not going to fake hippy marches and wasting the valuable time of their days pushing somebody else’s political agenda. Just sayin’

  10. Like everything that’s politicized and turned into propaganda, “science” is none of the “things” promoted by this stupid march, nor is it anything that is either good or evil. “Science” isn’t a thing at all. It’s just a methodology. The scientific method is nothing more nor less than a methodology for conceiving of a question about nature in a way that can be tested. The question is set up in a way that can be clearly disproven with the right test(s). If properly conducted tests fail to disprove a hypothesis or assumption and the questions were asked as rigorously as possible, the hypothesis is taken to be a theory and if a theory stands up long enough, it is accepted as true and used as an assumption upon which to build new hypotheses. All the talk about good or evil is about what people choose to do with what they know. Destroying the knowledge base available does nothing but make it more difficult for people to survive in the physical world (eg, no access to electricity, transportation, medicine, etc). It does not prevent people from polluting, fighting and killing each other. Taking away technological advances from people does absolutely nothing to change their underlying human nature. Pointing to science and technological advance as the cause of peoples’ problems is just misdirected projection. Remember the crusades and the dark ages (well, either do I, really, since I wasn’t there either, but just saying). Trying to stamp out scientific progress just causes more suffering, it doesn’t alleviate any of it.

  11. I’m sure I am not the only person who has noticed a new, science-based propaganda campaign in the past few weeks.

    Specifically, the mainstream media has been broadcasting an unusually large number of stories that are broadly related to the topic of the exploration of outer space.

    Does anyone have any ideas what the motives for this propaganda campaign might be?

    One possibility is that we are being prepared for an upcoming massive increase in government expenditure for the militarization of space. Of course, military contractor companies that specialize in this area would benefit from such government expenditure to the tune of billions of dollars.

  12. Right. I forgot about that Mars announcement

    • Fantastic idea!

      Just fantastic. I mean, it’s a really, really good idea (picture tiny hands gesturing). it’ll be really, really good. Really good, I mean really great for this great, great nation

      This really, really, great, great nation.

      Maybe Donald Trump could send all of his staunch supporters to Mars during his presidency.

  13. […] via Science March: Behold the Priests of the New World Order — American Everyman […]

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