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  1. Encouraged by her aipac comment

    • notice how she said Jews were disenfranchised but then corrected herself and said “well, some of them aren’t but that’s a different topic” or something to that effect?

  2. X says that A is more progressive than B. But Y, who is a self-hating climate denier, claims that C is less progressive than D and speculates whether millennial feminists have bigger asses than boomer feminists.


    Maybe the real reason why Shillary Clitton “lost” the “election” can be found in the answer to this question – Why is she no longer being seen having uncontrollable coughing fits and nearly collapsing as she gets into vehicles?

    • At the time I wondered if her “spells” were faked and designed to dupe Trump and his handlers so that he would come to the debates less prepared.

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