Mother of All Fake News: Did the Sec. of Defense Lie to the Commander in Chief about Deployment of an “armada”?

by Scott Creighton

“A senior administration official blamed a miscommunication between the Pentagon and the White House over reports that the aircraft carrier has not made its way to the Sea of Japan” CNN

After the Pentagon dropped the ‘MOAB’ device on a bunch of insurgents hiding in Afghani caves the CIA built 30 years ago for the Mujahideen (al Qaeda) President Trump announced he had given “total authorization” authority to the Pentagon so they could wage the war they needed against “ISIS” (which is funded by us and all of our allies in the region)

Translation? Trump didn’t authorize the use of the MOAB for the distraction in Afghanistan. The Pentagon made that call.

I personally don’t believe Trump gave the authorization specifically for the strike on the Syrian airbase either. No president would want to be seen stuffing his face with “beautiful” chocolate cake in a glorified, over-priced country club while his military was potentially starting WWIII. To use a phrase that is currently popular with the babbling talking heads: that’s just bad optics.

Now we find out that the carrier group assigned to the USS Carl Vinson never went to North Korea like we were told a week ago and that instead, it sailed south toward Indonesia from Malaysia right after several high ranking Pentagon officials told us via the complicit media and possibly even the White House that it was “steaming” to North Korea to keep the dastardly Kim Jung Un from running yet another underground nuclear test.

A spokesman for the U.S. Pacific Command, which Harris heads, linked the deployment directly to the “number one threat in the region,” North Korea, and its “reckless, irresponsible and destabilizing program of missile tests and pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters on April 11 that the Carl Vinson was “on her way up there.” Asked about the deployment in an interview with Fox Business Network that aired April 12, President Trump said: “We are sending an armada, very powerful.” Washington Post

A statement released by U.S. Pacific Command made it very clear, the group was headed north toward North Korea.

“U.S. Pacific Command ordered the Carl Vinson Strike Group north as a prudent measure to maintain readiness and presence in the Western Pacific,” a Navy spokesman said at the time. The Atlantic

Sec. of Defense Mattis told reporters that the strike was already in the Pacific near the Korean peninsula on several occasions.

She’s stationed there in the western Pacific for a reason. She operates freely up and down the Pacific,” said Mattis of the Vinson, implying the imposing carrier would send a message to North Korea and other actors in the region.

However, when pressed on what exactly that reason might be, Mattis seemed to backtrack saying “there’s not a specific reason or demand signal,” that brought the Vinson to the Korean peninsula Business Insider

Not only was the group not in the region… it was 3,500 miles away and wasn’t even in the same ocean.

Plus, Mattis lied to CNN when he said the scheduled drills in the Indian Ocean with the Australian navy had been cancelled. That was a total and complete lie.

Further confusion was added when Secretary of Defense James Mattis told reporters last week that the exercises had been canceled. Multiple US defense officials told CNN that Mattis had inadvertently misspoke and that it was a port visit in Australia that was canceled to allow for the group’s redeployment to the waters near the Korean Peninsula. CNN

The drills had not been cancelled. That’s what the strike group has been doing all this time. Playing war games while the country thought we had another Cuban Missile Crisis developing in the waters off Korea.

All sorts of military apologists are busy spinning up justifications for this “miscommunication” right now. They say it was designed to frighten North Korea.

That’s total BS.

As I wrote late last night, the Pentagon is fully aware of the systems the North Koreans have in place to monitor and track the locations of our fleets all across the world. They knew immediately the Vinson was “steaming” south to participate in the war games rather than heading to the Korean peninsula to stop the fictional nuclear weapons test that never happened and probably was never even planned.

This vast disinformation campaign had nothing to do with fooling the North Koreans therefore it was created for the purpose of conducting information warfare on the intended target, the target watching all the media outlets the Pentagon, the Defense Department and Gen. Mattis were speaking on… it was intended for us.

Why? It was a distraction from any number of these important stories that were talking shape prior to this action:

  1. The Syrian chemical weapons attack is being expose as a Deep State-backed false flag operation
  2. Britain and the 5 Eyes did actually spy on the Trump campaign on behalf of Hillary in an effort to thwart our democracy
  3. 68 children (“BABIES!”) killed by the Deep State’s “moderate” terrorists in Aleppo bus bombing
  4. Trump has changed his position on 7 or 8 key campaign promises in the past 12 days (he’s come around to the Deep State’s wishes)

It is clear that the glorious generals and the whole of the Defense Department lied deliberately to the media and to the people who fund their lavish lifestyles i.e. the citizens of the United States. It is clear they did it deliberately to mislead us and not the North Koreans. What isn’t clear is whether or not they lied to the Commander in Chief as well. But it appears they did.

White House officials said on Tuesday they were relying on guidance from the Defense Department. Officials there described a glitch-ridden sequence of events, from a premature announcement of the deployment by the military’s Pacific Command to an erroneous explanation by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis—all of which perpetuated the false narrative that an American armada was racing toward the waters off North Korea. The Atlantic

This is not a small thing folks.

Yes, the Pentagon lies. They lie all the time. Like the corporate fake news media who helped them with this scare, that’s what they do.

But this is different. This is a lie designed to misdirect and obfuscate the American people. And pretending we might be on the brink of a major war or at least setting up another Cuban Missile Crisis situation just so the media wont focus on real world issues taking place at the same time goes well beyond the pale of the Pentagon usual arsenal of “white lies”

Family members of these service men and women on those ships thought their loved ones were potentially steaming into a conflict with a heavily armed adversary who, by the way, is backed by China. A nuclear power.

This is outrageous and if the White House is correct and they were “misinformed” by the military, Mattis has to go. Either way, Mattis has to go.

You can’t have a Secretary of Defense lying to the Commander in Chief. And you can’t have one that loses track of an ‘armada’ at a time like this. On grounds of either deceit or incompetence, Gen. “Mad dog” Mattis has to be fired.

If you love the military and hate what I am writing that’s fine but consider this: what are we supposed to believe from Mattis in the future after this? Nothing. You would be a fool to trust anything he says in the future and what kind of military can we have under those circumstances? What kind of support can they expect in the future if we already know the man at the top will lie with impunity about anything?

Key to all of this is the fact that they know the North Koreans knew all along where that carrier group was. The only people who didn’t know.. were us… the American taxpayers who fund all of this. We were the target of this informational warfare and quite frankly, the Pentagon targeting U.S. citizens with info wars is illegal. And if it isn’t, if we’ve gone so fascist that it’s no longer a crime to make us the targets of their aggression, then we are in deeper trouble than most understand at this point.

Mattis has to go and he has to go now.

10 Responses

  1. Yeah this is something special. I can’t imagine why Mattis would risk his reputation on full retard armadaganda like this? He seems like he’s very concerned with his role in shaping doctrine and his place in history. Maybe the closest thing we have to a Rommel type of dude. Hard to believe he’d piss on his career just to cover for Donnie the draft dodger. Perhaps Mattis was too busy planning to take Damascus, Tehran, and Moscow?

    If they needed a distraction why not just have Ivanka get a DUI, or have Priebus get caught with a 8 year old?

  2. I read somewhere a day or two ago that the “Armada” was scheduled to doc in SK on April 25th for “regularly scheduled war game drills.”
    Do we know the whereabouts of the two other carriers that supposedly were to join the fleet?
    Planting season is underway in NK, a time critical to the country as it is under near universal sanctions; was this a “cunning plan” to disrupt that work?
    Are the troop and equipment the Chinese and Russians supposedly moved to the NK borders real or are they too more smoke?
    It could be Mattis is incompetent, or lies. Is it also possible that the Navy wanted no part of starting or appearing to start WW3 and ignored orders to head to NK?
    All of this, combined with the half-wit Niki at the UN creates the image of a nation out of control. Is that the plan? Or perhaps the worse is possible; a soft military coup (not following orders) is happening?
    I’m not expecting answers from anyone, just expressing bafflement:(

    • Answering my own question:) “Speculation has been rising that the Ronald Reagan and Nimitz strike groups could join with the Vinson. The Japan-based carrier Reagan, however, is in a maintenance period at Yokosuka scheduled to complete in May. The Bremerton, Washington-based Nimitz and her strike group is off Southern California, nearing the completion of its major pre-deployment exercise. The ship is scheduled to deploy this spring to relieve the Vinson in the Western Pacific.” Jim Stone website.

  3. Hey Willy/Scott
    Just wanted to let you know- cause this is interesting
    It seems that the opposition parties signed off on the use of unstamped ballots during the referendum- declaring their use valid

    “An official report signed by ballot box officials in Istanbul’s Ümraniye district on April 16, 2017 shows that CHP and Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) members, Hasan Çelik and Olcay Emir respectively, accepted that the ballots were not stamped but they were indeed authentic.

    The report indicates that 48 ballots in ballot-box numbered 3017 were unstamped.
    “We have unanimously agreed on the validity of the [unstamped] ballots as there is no uncertainty regarding the voters’ will,” the report read, indicating that although the ballots were not stamped, they were indeed valid and represented the decision of the voters.”

    The article goes through a history of how often this has occurred in varying elections- and how it is the opposition parties have repeatedly appealed to the YSK to allow for these ballots to be used


    ” No president would want to be seen stuffing his face with “beautiful” chocolate cake in a glorified, over-priced country club while his military was potentially starting WWIII. ”

    Thanks Scott !

    While I don’t agree with everything you write…
    I appreciate you pointing out the interesting irony…
    how Trump played the role of Marie Antoinette !!


  5. Another irony… the most famous historical “armada”
    was Spain’s armada that failed to invade England
    largely due to Spain’s own inept mismanagement.


  6. If he didn’t want to be known for stuffing his face with his chocolate cake, then why did he go on and on about it instead of not saying a thing. It just makes him look like the huge tool he is. I guess that’s his schtick. He also spends more time at his damn country club than in his designated office. It doesn’t seem like he cares one way or the other.

    Mattis shouldn’t have been selected in the first place for many reasons. That said, it was pretty egregious of Trump to just give a big green light for the military to act with impunity. I know presidents don’t have as much power as we (the “general” we) like to think, but the buck should stop with him. It’s obvious he doesn’t have the “stamina” (to use his word) or the interest in even feigning that he’s putting in the effort.

    As a classic film buff, I feel like we’re in scenarios straight out of “Dr. Strangelove” and “Seven Days in May.”

  7. Trump is a buffoon, and he is lazy. He would rather let the Pentagon run things than have to sit through those boring (and to him, incomprehensible) security meetings himself. He has also given the CIA permission to run any covert ops and drone strikes they want without input from the Pentagon or the White House, so these guys can be working at cross purposes altogether from each other. If we thought it was mayhem before, let’s see the results now that the “Commander-in-Chief” has totally abdicated power to two agencies that never fit well together anyway.

    And Congress remains completely useless. Shit, they are apparently letting Trump set the legislative calendar; the only thing he seems to take an interest in (even the actual legislation doesn’t interest him enough to read it, just what order they do things in), and setting the calendar isn’t even supposed to be under his control. Congress does not work for the president, in case they have forgotten.

  8. Maybe they don’t lie to him as much as ignore him completely and let him get his info from social media

  9. Another angle to consider is that there elections in South Korea on May 9th. The hardliners within South Korea are about to get pummeled, so any publicity hyping up the threat from North Korea may also be quite convenient in terms of swinging the votes there. Needless to say, the US is not the only nation with satellite surveillance, so the major players ALL knew where the ‘armada’ was actually headed in that time frame. Trump loves bluster and showmanship to start with, so it’s no surprise that he can be influenced by various members of his own cabinet and various intel agencies any which way they please – and oftentimes with completely different goals. Tillerson sure as hell doesn’t want a nuclear confrontation with Russia or China, he wants continued energy deals and profit for Exxon Mobile. Russia is not opposed to this, provided the profits are not reaped by Washington alone.

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