Mother Of All Fake News: The North Korea Crisis 2 – US Carrier Group Never Even Sent to North Korea

by Scott Creighton

On April 17th I wrote:

“Faced with 4 major stories that threatened the interests of the Masters of the Universe, the 5 Eyes of the Deep State unleashed the power of their fake news mill to distract the unwashed masses…

… we were told at first that our Deep State intelligence agencies (who are constantly getting everything wrong) had it on good “intelligence” that craAAAaaaAAzy Kim Jung Un was going to stage another nuclear weapons test underground somewhere in the country on Saturday..

… (we were told) “There has been a FAILED North Korean missile test!!!”..

… (but) (t)he (failed) missile launch never happened. The intelligence community didn’t get any information about a pending nuclear weapons test either.

It was all FAKE NEWS and it was indeed the Mother Of All Fake News (MOAFN?)

I concluded that none of it happened. The whole thing was a manufactured distraction to keep the press from covering 4 very troubling stories that had developed recently:

  1. The Syrian chemical weapons attack is being expose as a Deep State-backed false flag operation
  2. Britain and the 5 Eyes did actually spy on the Trump campaign on behalf of Hillary in an effort to thwart our democracy
  3. 68 children (“BABIES!”) killed by the Deep State’s “moderate” terrorists in Aleppo bus bombing
  4. Trump has changed his position on 7 or 8 key campaign promises in the past 12 days (he’s come around to the Deep State’s wishes)

We were also told newly declared “presidential” Trump (so noted because he bombed a country on the say-so of “ISIS” and al Qaeda propagandists) had sent a carrier group to North Korea to serve as a deterrent for the nuclear test that was never going to happen. Everyone in the complicit media started frothing at the mouth over the possibility of being a “war-time reporter” as they endless babbled on about how impressive this show of force from Trump was. Though Tillerson played it down, Trump railed on and on about it and the submarines traveling with the group.

“On Wednesday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the deployment was routine. Speaking to reporters in Moscow, he said there was “no particular objective” to its current course, adding that he “would not read too much” into its recent deployment to the waters near the Korean Peninsula” CNN

Guess what?

That was a lie as well. A complete and total fabrication. The carrier group attached to the U.S.S. Carl Vinson, was photographed off the coast of Indonesia doing drills with the Australian navy. Not only was it not on it’s way… it was never intending to go there. The whole thing was another lie.

A week ago, the White House declared that ordering an American aircraft carrier into the Sea of Japan would send a powerful deterrent signal to North Korea and give President Trump more options in responding to the North’s provocative behavior. “We’re sending an armada,” Mr. Trump said to Fox News that afternoon.

The problem was that the carrier, the Carl Vinson, and the three other warships in its strike force were that very moment sailing in the opposite direction, to take part in joint exercises with the Australian Navy in the Indian Ocean, 3,500 miles southwest of the Korean Peninsula. New York Times

The State Department, the President and the Carrier Command center… they all played along with the lie letting AMERICANS BELIEVE WE WERE AT DEFCON 1 WITH NORTH KOREA while the whole time the carrier strike group was playing games in the Indian Ocean.

While President Trump said last week he had sent an “armada” as a warning to Kim Jong-Un’s government, the carrier USS Carl Vinson and strike force warships were headed instead to the Indian Ocean for joint exercises with the Australian Navy, more than 3,000 miles from Korean Peninsula. USA Today

And if you think they did that to scare North Korea into acting right… you’re not thinking.

North Korea knows exactly where our carrier groups are. They have all sorts of ways to monitor such things as every nation does, well every nation we don’t invade for “humanitarian reasons’ that is.

The North Koreans were NOT THE TARGET OF THAT LIE… you and I were.

Even if they try to say it was a miscommunication, the Pentagon, the White House and everyone associated with them certainly pick up papers every now and again and they watch the news from time to time. You would think they would notice a story about their “armada” being sent to North Korea and wanted to correct the DISINFORMATION.

But they didn’t. They didn’t say jack until someone noticed photos of the damn things floating around 3,500 miles away from where it was supposed to be.


Not only that, but Barbara Star, CNN’s glorified Pentagon reporter was saying it was over there all this time. You think she didn’t know? You think the complicit media didn’t know? Of course they knew.

It was a total fabrication.  A distraction from the big stories that threatened various “national interests” most of them associated with the Deep State.

How fucked up is that? I wonder what the family members of those service men and women on those ships think about that? Unbelievable.

6 Responses

  1. Wow. I guess we don’t need gunboat diplomacy or a Great White Fleet anymore. We’ve got the kick ass Orange Armada.

  2. Hi Willy- you had your suspicions about that one too?
    I posted a news article on April 14

    But said “This is alarming if even remotely true. Though it feels like fear mongering. Thoughts?”

    Feels like fear mongering and today, I have the latest about this claim being totally false- I see you have the same.

    I’ve just about had the biscuit with all the lies from everyone everywhere!!!!

  3. Hey Willy… You ever written anything on Stuxnet, who made it, the attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities and a possible connection to Fukushima?

  4. […] Mother Of All Fake News: The North Korea Crisis 2 – US Carrier Group Never Even Sent to North Kor… […]

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