France to Choose Between a Right-wing Nut Job, a Neoliberal Centrist Rothchild Banker… and Jean-Luc Mélenchon

by Scott Creighton

In the latest episode of Last Week Tonight with “humor shill” John Oliver, John gave a run down of the choices facing the French people in their upcoming presidential election. During his tired, rote, completely generic “comedy” routine, John made fun of every candidate that remained in the contest with the notable exception of one: pure neoliberal Rothchild banker, Emmanuel Macron.

While he reserved most of his attacks for far-right Marine Le Pen, he did take the time to do his best to make outsider and true socialist Jean-Luc Melenchon look like a whacked out hippie space cadet who couldn’t possibly win… when in fact, Melenchon, if you look at his poll numbers, looks like he stands the best chance to beat Le Pen.

While everyone else’s numbers are falling or remain stagnant, Melenchon’s are on the rise dramatically. Of course Oliver doesn’t mention that fact he just does his best to make sure his viewers don’t think Jean-Luc has a chance in hell to beat Le Pen as he suggests they make sure to get out and vote for the globalist Rothschild banker.

But what else do you expect from the fake left? They would much rather see a full on far-right neocon win the election than a socialist. I mean, when you think about it.. this is the exact same choice we had right?

Emmanuel Macron is a “third way” centrist in the model of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. “Third way” is what neoliberals decided to call themselves once people figured out “neoliberal” meant pure unadulterated Business First fascism. Macron fully supports Israel in all their endeavors, opposes the BDS movement and wont say whether or not Palestine even exists.

Macron fully supports an “open door” policy when it comes to immigration and wants more illegals to flood into France in order to help Big Business drive down the wages and standards of living in the country.

He worked in a branch of the French government for a couple years that worked closely with the IMF and World Bank before buying his way out of his government contract so he could go work as an investment banker for Rothschild & Cie Banque.

That bank is the “French branch of Rothschild Group and one of the leading French banks in the area of merger and acquisition advice as well as in private banking.”

He’s a neoliberal centrist vulture capitalist from the Rothschild Group who wants to flood the country with cheap labor for his business friends and he loves the free markets, the TTIP, Israel and all things the “third way” neoliberals love..

… and the only bad thing John Oliver had too say about him was his wife is 24 years older than he is.

On the other hand…

Melenchon wants to get France away from the World Bank.

He wants to end France’s support for the regime change operation in Syria.

He wants France to become a partner of ALBA.

He wants to withdraw from NATO.

Jean-Luc Melenchon’s father was a mailman and his mother a teacher. He got his degree and followed in her footsteps and worked as a teacher before becoming a politician. He was in the left part of the Socialist Party before it became infused with fake-left “third way” centrists like the Rothschild banker he’s running against.

During the presidency of François Hollande, Mélenchon became one of the most critical voices in the left against his centrist free-market policy. He denounced a betrayal to the culture and ideas of the French Left

Mélenchon is an outspoken critic of the European Union (EU), which he claims has been corrupted through neoliberalism.[25] During his 2012 campaign, Mélenchon positioned himself against the trend towards economic globalisation, which he denounced as disproportionately profiting the financial industry and “high income earners” at the expense of the poor.[25] He insisted international organisations such as the EU threatened to “strangle the voice of the people”.[26]

As you can see, John Oliver is right to imply that this guy a whack-job. He seems to think there is a class war going on and the poor people are losing because folks like John Oliver are paid very well to make sure working folks never really understand there is a class war going on.

I don’t know how this is going to work out. I would hope that a real socialist be elected in France and the globalist bastards don’t buy him off or frame in like they did that other socialist before the election that installed the fake-left Hollande. I would hope France pulls out of the World Bank and NATO and the EU and joins ALBA and leads the charge to bring Europe out of the EU/neoliberal days and they can do so in a way that doesn’t hand over everything to the far-right nut-job fake populists like the one we got instead or our very own fake socialist.

Of course, I have to wonder if those stay-behind Gladio cells are cleaned out because if they haven’t been, it’ll be a rough time for socialist France after the election.

Cus you know fascists don’t like to lose.

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  1. […] now I chanced upon this blog (seen below) which is maintained by a “differently abled” clown named Scott Cretin who claims […]

    • like elton john said: “the bitch is back”.

      i had a feeling elizabeth wasn’t going to go quietly. funny that she says she “chanced upon this blog” after spending so much time & verbiage here.

      • wow, Liz is a bitter one, is she not? did you notice that art work she did? Must have taken her a while. Of course she’s advocating for La Pen after she spent a year posting comments here trying to reeducate us on the marvels of Nazi Germany economics. And notice what she did with the graphic? tried to make it look like my work is behind a paywall? I have one small donate button on the right side of the page, and that’s how she sees it I guess. Or just how she could slander me to her reader with the image. angry little thing ain’t she?

        [lol. now she has removed the image she worked so hard on and the reference to me in the article… she’s even changed the title]

        • She is so determined …. so much so that it makes her look silly ….
          If I could reach her, I would slap her.

        • hahaha — i just had another look at her blog & she’s scrubbed any mention of your site.

          • yes, I saw that. I guess the pic she made up and the link to my site which doesn’t have all that crap on it made her look a little… vindictive? petty? I don’t know. But, she did remove it so that’s good.

        • “reeducate us on the marvels of Nazi Germany economics” – I haven’t seen that but from other comments I deduced she was Keynesian in extreme. She misunderstand the money supply issue but I think she barks at the right tree. And as far as the marvels of Nazi Germany economy, its performance and alleviation of unemployment accomplished in 1933-1938 period in comparison with all other countries affected by the Great Depression it looked like a marvel. If Hitler died in 1938 instead of starting a war he would be considered as a miracle worker.

          • As bigoted and violent as the Nazis were, they DID help rebuild Germany’s wealth and self-sufficiency in the 1930s. If not, they wouldn’t have been popular.

            • the Nazi party was funded and backed by U.S. and British banking institutions as well as by some of our leading industrialists. Hell, even a president’s father and another’s grandfather got into the act of helping them rebuild Germany’s economy. Turns out, part of that big turn around was hunting down, locking up and forcing to work hundreds of thousands of slaves who they wrongly blamed all the problems with their economy on prior to rounding them up. So no, I don’t give them any props for “turning around” the German economy. Hell, if they locked up all the unemployed and disabled people in this country and made them work for free, we could maybe turn this one around as well, right?

              • Unlike Harris, I never said they were noble or heavenly.

                • I know that. didn’t mean to lump you in with her. sorry

                  • Elizabeth Harris’ Greatest Hits, Vol. 1:
                    1. “Adolf Hitler, the D’Artagnan who loved Europe so much he almost saved it from the Soviet Communists.”
                    2. “No one should ever doubt Sibel Edmunds’ integrity.”
                    3. “Effeminate men are out to rape our cisgendered women in bathrooms (it’s so true, I don’t need evidence or logical arguments to prove it)!”
                    4. “If you support nuclear energy or have doubts about global warming, you are a spiritually demonic eco-trasher. I said it, there are no other views on this issue.” (She referred to this blog in this manner recently.)
                    Imma done with her, too. Goodbye to her blog.

              • “part of that big turn around was hunting down, locking up and forcing to work hundreds of thousands of slaves” – Nothing like that was taking place in 1933-1939 period.

                “New laws and greater police powers drove the number of inmates of all kinds in state prisons …until it reached a peak of 122.000 at the end of February 1937 ” – This rate is lower by factor of 2-3 than currently in California.

                • they didn’t round up people and force them to go to work camps between 1933 and 1939?

                  • The 122,000 population of incarcerated in 1937 included circa 25000 inmates of concentration camps like Dachau. They were mostly political prisoners (communist, trade unionists – Jews were not rounded up yet). Were these prisoners forced to work? Yes. Was it any different than prisoners in Texas or California in 2017? Probably. But the bottom line is that in 1933-1939 incarceration in Germany has smaller impact on economy than it had, say in California after 1980’s when the incarceration rate in the US overtook that of pre WWII Germany by factor 2-3.

      • Everybody has issues. Everybody! Me, you, our host…

      • No, Lisa! You were better than this!

  2. So, this is the same elizabethharris who has flooded this site with her neurotic comments for the past I don’t know how many months????


  3. Funny how intertwined the nutjob and the neoliberal’s poll numbers are. Almost like they’re one in the same?

  4. hilarious! liz is now claiming that her blog was SOMEHOW linked to this page. i guess her mention of this site in her original article was sheer coincidence.

    she’s posted a fun new graphic, too, to suggest everyone here is giving each other handjobs in a hot-tub. but i suppose hell hath no fury like a female blogger’s scorn.

    • lol. she says a bunch of people from over here went there and left her a bunch of positive comments and that’s how she heard about it… hahaha… yet there are no comments. Steph left one from before she did all of this… but that’s it. lol… she’s literally talking to nobody. It’s sad. I think she’s gone crazy with no one to talk to. lol. should I go over there and post the screen shot I took of her comment info and the autogenerated image it made of her page with that silly image she did and the article linking to this site? Do you think she really doesn’t know if you post a link in an article to another WordPress blog page that it autogenerates a comment on that page linking back to it? You think she doesn’t know that? oh my god it’s funny. sad. but funny.

  5. Your analysis is bang on as usual. Same thing happening here in Britain with May calling this snap election. Already the media are running around telling everyone how the Tories have already won it and some Blairites in the Labour Party are taking more swipes at Corbyn. If only the French could deliver a genuine victory for the left with Melenchon, then it would very likely have a knock on effect across Europe – hopefully beginning in Britain.

    • I was wondering about that. Is she just giving them a chance to restock parliament with MPs who will vote against Brexit?

      • Aside from opportunistically trying to take advantage of the divisions in the opposition with the hope of getting a landslide, it now appears (based on what Amber Rudd said on BBC Newsnight) that she is trying to get a mandate to “soften” Brexit – so basically yes, you could put it like that.

  6. Maybe a cooling off period would have been more appropriate. Just my 2 cents. Elizabeth actually made some good contributions to this blog, even though I myself disagreed with her on certain issues, but it is simply impossible to agree on every single issue 100% with any one person. I cannot be done. As the owner of this blog, you have the right to simply draw the line, of course, if you believe yours has been crossed. I understand this completely. I don’t agree with you 100% of the time on everything either, yet here I am still reading, because I want to be able to consider as many angles as possible in order to make up my own mind about current and past events.
    I came across your blog because you were one of the few people who pointed out the obvious staging of the beheading videos, when hardly anybody else did. I kept reading from thereon backwards, and agreed with a lot of your take on events, not all.

    On 9/11, I am convinced that the official version is NOT true, and whether it was LIHOP or planned by some parts of the Deep State into the latest detail, makes no difference to me, because either scenario is damning as hell.

    I will keep reading here, and at this other blog (the one ElizabethHarris has). It seems that both of you are passionate and inquisitive, which is a good thing, and she has commented A LOT on your blog, probably because she has enough time to do so, more than the rest of us.

    Anyway, thanks for all your work, and don’t let any of this get you down. We ALL have egos, myself included.

  7. Yes, you are dead on, Scott. Neo-liberalism has infected everything, including the EU leadership. The majority of ordinary citizens there, same as here, are getting screwed and are tired of it.
    The appeal of LePen in France (and of Trump here) is that their electoral rhetoric, in pure economic terms, picks up on formerly left-wing positions, namely the race to the bottom in terms of wages all across the Western world, i.e. the so-called ‘competitiveness’ of wages globally. The so-called left here, same as in Europe has been deeply fractured, because they abhor racism of any kind and are more socially inclusive. What they most don’t realize is that neo-liberal economics doesn’t give a shit about any of this, because it is always about MAXIMUM profit, regardless of race. These are class issues, not race issues, and neo-liberal doctrine has been so deeply ingrained into Western society for the last 30 years, both via the media and educational institutions, that any divergence from it is thought of as completely outdated and irrelevant. It isn’t.
    The initial protests in Seattle, way before Silicon Valley became a dominant neo-liberal project there, was LEFT wing, not right wing.

    • You’re talking about the Battle in Seattle? Yeah. The right wing who are now all about stopping globalization were yelling at the commies and the leftists back then. Of course they still do that. Punch women in the face to. But that is a different story. That’s why I have always said, if Sanders had run as a Green when Stein asked him to, he would have won in a landslide because Trump’s people and the real left aren’t that far from each other at all.

  8. To continue: I have studied the “Treuhand” after the collapse of the Soviet Union – the neo-liberal project, which took place in the former East Germany. It is true, that the planned economy in the former USSR, and it’s satellite, the GDR, where too bureaurocratic and too entrenched to be responsive, but it is also true, that very profitable industries were gobbled up for pennies on the dollar, some of them purposely destroyed, and the Eastern part of Germany bore the brunt of this, with unemployment reaching almost 50% after re-unification. The same happened in the former Soviet Union, with most social safety nets entirely destroyed virtually overnight, leaving the most vulnerable (namely senior citizens and the disable and very young) to fend for themselves, without ANY kind of protection, period. It was absolutely and morally indefensible what was done – and thus the backlash – same as is happening here.
    Current monetary policy, world-wide, favors any policy which is tied to the dollar as THE reserve currency. But this is not working for most people on the planet, hence the backlash, even though most people don’t understand why. All they know, is that the already wealthy keep getting more and more wealthy, while the rest are ‘free’ to chose between kicking down those already below their own living standards (always easier), or choosing a fake leftist elite, which presumably acts in their interests, when in reality, it merely pays lip service – via identity politics, not to mention the so-called “sharing-economy”, all of which is detrimental to the vast majority of people on this planet. Meanwhile, the ecological destruction continues unabated, globally.

    • After 1989 lots of very profitable and competitive industries in Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungry were privatized to former members of communist nomenclature (practically for fee) and then sold to Western companies that promised to keep them but then within few years they cannibalized them and shut them down. Central former communist Europe is now totally de-industrialized and the only factories that are operated there are subassemblies for Western corporations.

      • Yes, exactly. This of course, was the plan all along. Plus the huge expansion of NATO, which should have been dismantled just like Warsaw Pact.

  9. Whether one believes in global warming, and in particular the response to this, which largely involves further financial schemes in terms of carbon credits and financialization of the entire environment for financial short term gain, one cannot deny the immense destruction going on, on a global level. The immense real estate bubbles in China, in the US and elsewhere are just that: bubbles, which will eventually burst. Curiously, most informed Americans tend to focus on Fukushima and it’s ongoing disaster management – while for the most part totally ignoring the ones already in their own backyard: The Hanford nuclear site, in Washington State, is the 3rd most toxic nuclear site on the planet, far more dangerous than anything than most people know of, and a huge cash-cow for private contractors, while nothing being solved in the long run. Just saying…

  10. Melenchon is nothing like “an outsider and a true socialist.” He voted for Maastricht Treaty, which midwifed the EU, he fancied himself as a Trotskyist, a role in which he bashed socialists, and he now styles himself as a socialist. The reason the globalists don’t like him is that he has not performed well enough to pose a serious challenge to Le Pen. Alain Soral details it:

    • right. so the best bet is the Rothschild “third way” banker

      and wasn’t that treaty voted on in 1992? That’s 25 years ago. I made a few mistakes 25 years ago myself. Hell, I would hate to be held to account for them today. How about you?

      I doubt the real reason the globalists don’t like him is he doesn’t stand as good of a chance to beat La Pen as the globalist bankster from the Rothschild Group does. maybe it has something to do with his wish to get out of NATO and join ALBA? perhaps?

      • There is no “best bet.” There is not even a “lesser evil.” Anyone in the running, if elected, would turn out to be a tool for globalist banksters.
        Not in France, any more than we had in the US.
        “His wish to get out of NATO”…. yeah, right… Trump too said during the campaign that NATO was obsolete.
        I realize how hard it is to accept that there is no hope at all for any change for the better through the voting booth, that the whole game is rigged and only uprooting it and starting from scratch would clean it up. All the scarier since there is no movement and no leadership in sight.
        Always settling for a little. A little truth. A little relief. It only kicks the can down the road. Yes, like Dore’s videos have some good stuff. It gives satisfaction, a chunk of truth. But they also HIDE a lot. Anyone who never misses an opportunity to praise Chomsky, like Dore, is selling with tipped scales.

        • I think if Dore was selling with tipped scales he’d be making more money, and not wearing $12 shirts from Ross Dress for Less.

          • Those who don’t agree with you WILL be eager to vote, so I’d advocate not doing it with a serious hope for change, but as a defense mechanism against the Hillaries and Dubyas of the world. Maybe I’m wrong.

          • Whenever someone even mentions Chomsky, you are supposed to attack them openly and suggest they are on the take even though Noam was fighting the good fight before most of us were alive. What he has become now saddens me. But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t 100% accurate when he said the corporate media is in the business of manufacturing consent. I mean, that is the reference Jimmy made. And I guess that is enough for some around here to suggest Jimmy is on the take. Regardless of what I think Noam has become, his work, his books, his lectures on various subjects over the decades are still brilliant and worth reading, watching and studying. Of course, some would rather you didn’t. In fact some would rather you never mentioned his name again. And I wonder who’s interests that serves.

            • “Whenever someone even mentions Chomsky, you are supposed to attack them openly and suggest they are on the take”

              That’s a straw man. Nowhere did I suggest “attacking” anyone “openly,” nor that Dore (or even Chomsky) is “on the take.” And no matter how many times you repeat this “on the take” strawman you won’t breathe life into it.They may well be completely sincere and dedicated to their beliefs. I won’t reiterate what I said about both– I’ve said it already.
              I don’t believe Chomsky has “become” anything. He has always been pretty consistent, from his early years on the kibbutz in Israel through today: a kosher “socialist” who rails against American “imperialism” and “corporatist” everything. Hard to disagree with his incomplete truths and harder to ignore how incomplete they are.
              People should read their fill of Chomsky’s “brilliant” writings as far as I am concerned. I am not for censorship of any kind. Book banning is the job of “corporatists” like Amazon. And you needn’t “wonder WHOSE interests that serves.”

              • fine. give me an example of his “incomplete truths” from his work prior to the Clintons decimating Yugoslavia. And when you write “they are selling from tipped scales” what does that mean exactly if not “on the take”?

                One last question… you didn’t give any examples of his lameness to back up your claim (which I know and have written about many myself) but you did mention “kibbutz”, “kosher” and “Israel”. Is it your opinion that is all you needed too say to get your message across?

  11. Scott, I haven’t been following Marine Le Pen very closely. So could you please summarize why you call her a, “right wing nut job”? Isn’t that what the mainstream media says about her?

    • “right wing nut job” is what what’s his face called her. And it’s the typical slur used against her. I don’t know what she is. But her policies sound very similar to Trump’s and he is also called a “right wing nut job”. Then again, I have been called a “right wing nut job” because I too am opposed to open borders, free markets, NATO and other globalist agenda items. She has pretty good policy positions on the EU, the Euro, Russia, the IMF and for the most part she is non-interventionist. I guess the only thing that I think would qualify her for that title is how she spent the early days of her career in politics railing about the “Islamization of France” which certainly bothers me, but it’s not a deal breaker. All that said, I still think the socialist would be a better pick, but I’m not voting. Do I think she is a “right wing nut job”? No. Trump wasn’t either though. He was far more progressive than Hillary Clinton… but look at him now. Do I think she would BECOME a right wing nut-job? Probably has the potential, yeah.

      • In my very limited understanding, Marine is considered a right wing nut job on account of her affiliation with the Front National brownshorts, and her family tradition of race baiting/xenophobia. Although some of the more hardcore FN brownshort types feel she’s way too hippydippy lefty to be a proper Nazi like her daddy. Seems like a cross between Bob Roberts, PJ Whatson, and Sarah Palin.

  12. “you didn’t give any examples of his lameness to back up your claim (which I know and have written about many myself)”

    So then since you have already written about many, you shouldn’t need more examples. Or is it a test to see of my exmaples match up with yours?

    “you did mention “kibbutz”, “kosher” and “Israel”. Is it your opinion that is all you needed too say to get your message across?”

    Yes, it should be enough for those who know something about the failed stalinist kibbutz experiment, about the deeply racist and tribal Histadrut (major Israeli union), and who gave some thought to why Chomsky insists with a straight face that AIPAC is a less powerful lobby than AARP, that 9/11 was “blowback” and why his criticism of Israel sounds like a medical report of a bad case of acne in a patient with tabes. To those who do not my advice is to read up and use their critical thinking ability.
    I didn’t quite get why you place his so-called change at the time when “we” dismembered the former Yugoslavia. Did he have an epiphany on the road to Dubrovnik or something? He never changed; he only became more overtly himself (with increasing Goy awareness and resistance), namely, a tribal-minded anti-zionist zionist, as Gilad Atzmon correctly identified him.

    • PS
      “And when you write “they are selling from tipped scales” what does that mean exactly if not “on the take”?

      Selling with tipped scales means delivering less than you paid for. In this case, shorting on the truth. Nothing to do with being on the take. The rationale for lying by omission may be: “this is not good for general distribution; the anti-semites will use it with bad consequences. It’s not “good for the Jews. Focus instead on the ills of Western/American imperialism. Do an anti-war message re Iraq, Syria but if it comes to Gaza, only decry the Israeli use of “excessive force.”

      • First of all, if you say Chomsky deliberately avoids telling “the whole truth?” about Israel and your implication is he’s doing so because he’s Jewish, clearly no one means he gets a paycheck every week, but the implication is clearly that he does so because, as a Jew, it’s in his best interests. ergo “on the take”

        Second and most importantly… it seems your big problem is that Jimmy Dore bringing up Chomsky is a symptom of something bigger… that he’s “only telling part of the story?” and it seems the full story for you if I can read your last two comments correctly, involves Israel and the Jews.

        In some cases this impression is correct. Certainly, much of our foreign policy centers around the wishes of Tel Aviv. But not all of them as I have pointed out the choice to go into Afghanistan first as opposed to Iraq was one of those times, another instance is when the Bush administration made the Israelis pull their settlements out of Gaza. The glaring problem with that philosophy is Iran. They have wanted us to stage a false flag so we can “bomb bomb bomb” Iran for decades, but we have yet to do so. Also, as far as I know, the U.S. Embassy is still in Tel Aviv and not East Jerusalem, which is Palestine by the way. Were we to take all our orders from Bibi, that would not be the case.

        Chomsky serves as controlled opposition… these days. What he was when he was a young man fighting against our military action in Vietnam back before I was born and even before Kennedy was shot was something totally different. He was also one of the first if not the first major American Palestinian rights intellectual who campaigned against Israel’s illegal occupation, debated noted pro-Israeli assholes over and over again and wrote the illegality and cruelty of the Nakba.

        In terms of the Palestinian plight, I’m more appreciative of Norman Finklestein than anyone else, but that is a different story.

        Everything doesn’t track back to Israel. The U.S. and Britain especially, have their own monsters and have been fully capable of committing horrific acts in their quest for “global hegemony” since time began. So no, I do not believe Jimmy is “selling from tipped scales” because he mentions one, accurate, quote from Chomsky (which even he admits, came from someone before him) about the media serving to manufacture consent. It’s not even a very studious quote from Noam, it’s practically a cliche at this point.

        The other thing you have to remember and I am sure you would have had you not been conditioned to trigger at the mere mention of the name Chomsky would be this: he’s a Goddamned comedian… he doesn’t pretend to be a scholar. In my opinion he does the best he can but when he delves into foreign policy matters, like Debbie from the Sane Progressive, he’s swimming in the deep water and doesn’t fully comprehend the currents and the undertow. He’s right about the U.S. massacring Iraqis and Syrian and Somalians and Yemenis so I … cut him some slack..

        perhaps you might consider doing the same.

        • All right, Scott, I’ll cut Chomsky “some slack” but only for your sake and on your blog.
          You may, however, consider that if someone who disagrees with you does so because that person is “conditioned to trigger” at certain words/names, then the very same applies to you.
          Unless of course you are in possession of Pure Truth

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