This is your media and it’s disgusting (Jimmy Dore video)

by Scott Creighton

This is your media and it’s disgusting… and the next target is being mapped out in Turkey as we speak.

Some rich, soulless sycophants sitting around on a couch dressed in thousand dollar suits and dresses saying “this is what freedom looks like” as a bomb explodes over a bunch of people who don’t want us occupying their country anymore.

Freedom for the rich assholes maybe. Not your freedom. Not that of the people in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt or anywhere else our CIA drones are busy taking out those who oppose our “national interests”

This is your media and Jimmy is right. It’s disgusting.

I have always said neoliberalism is a sickness. Its a cancer that is eating away at the core of our nation, at our very souls. This video makes that point crystal clear.

10 Responses

  1. “If it were black people doing it, they would be called thugs.”

    Jimmy nailed it. And you summed it up with the perfect description of the root of all this bullshit, Scott: neoliberalism is a disease. End of story.

    Wonder if Geraldo’s pants ripped from that massive erection he got off bombs dropping and people dying…

  2. Agree with every single word. Trump puts Billions more into the military the same week as cutting school programmes. How long are you Americans put up with your tax money being used this way?

  3. Wasn’t it Geraldo Rivera who was invited into one of these Fox programs during the Bataclan’s false operation in Paris and said he had been there to watch the friendly football match between Germany and France? If Geraldo (and his stupid mustache) is a fake actor turned television star, it is perhaps the worst fraud we have seen these days.

    • Yeah, buddy. Geraldo’s mustache practically speaks for itself. Like he stole Fred Goldman’s look…

  4. The only trickle-down I want to see is the red blood trickling down the thousand dollar blue suits and white dresses from the slashed throats of these media “bad guys”. Watch out you psychopathic sycophants, We’re coming for you!
    (You know I’m speaking metaphorically here. Wouldn’t want the NSA on my ass, would I?) Oohrah! Amerika First! Fuck Russia!

  5. Sorry to beleaguer the obvious but in all the controversy and complexity, the simple truths can’t be stated enough. I try to stay away from commenting about Turkey because I need to know more, and have been learning here and elsewhere. But there are some sure things that I do know….and from historical record. The result of every regime change so far is

    1.) the assured bloodbath of people who built the country and are busy working their lives away just trying to live decent lives, for whom phony polemics, ideology, and twisted religious dogma are not their immediate needs. I know that without a physical threat we have no justification for messing with another’s national soverignty. It always leads to murder, ethnic cleansing….genocide. It’s the devil’s cure to the problem of poverty by eliminating the poor. I know, of course, there is good business in regime change, but total submission is required. The way it’s done so far, after the flowery sentiments, is

    2.) the assured destuction of their culture (beliefs, morals, language, laws, art, traditions) and, of course, their land….real estate (location, location, location)….what can’t be extracted from under the ground can be taken above….prime investments and cheap labor and all the far worse definitions of “human capital”.

    Those who call for regime change believe they have the luxury to sit back and decide what democracy should look like….unless you’re talking about regime change and democracy in the United States. Here, we are afforded the choice between cancer or diabetes for a president and even that remains an unindicted orgy of corruption. And what did we get? Just that one MOAB dropped cost $314 milllion and then $60 million from that dick-headed airport fiasco together could have given more tham a million apiece into a medical fund for the 324 million Americans who built this country and are busy working our lives away just trying to live decent lives, slowly being killed by medical bills. The American government has become a meaner, sloppier, drunken lout on power and as usual it’s the working poor who get the hangover. We’ve got to kick these drunks out for good. It’s not just our right, it’s our duty….to clean our house first.

    As Dady Chery said, in keeping with this topic, “It is to other people’s countries that the sins of the so-called developed world are outsourced”

  6. Breaking News: Mass Protests and demonstrations across America as Trump Voters demand Trump deliver on election promises. Ha Ha Only kidding.

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