This is your media and it’s disgusting (Jimmy Dore video)

by Scott Creighton

This is your media and it’s disgusting… and the next target is being mapped out in Turkey as we speak.

Some rich, soulless sycophants sitting around on a couch dressed in thousand dollar suits and dresses saying “this is what freedom looks like” as a bomb explodes over a bunch of people who don’t want us occupying their country anymore.

Freedom for the rich assholes maybe. Not your freedom. Not that of the people in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt or anywhere else our CIA drones are busy taking out those who oppose our “national interests”

This is your media and Jimmy is right. It’s disgusting.

I have always said neoliberalism is a sickness. Its a cancer that is eating away at the core of our nation, at our very souls. This video makes that point crystal clear.

Moon of Alabama Blog Calls for Regime Change “by force” Due to Turkish Referendum Results

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Di$info Tarpley urged people to vote “NO” prior to the referendum. Now he makes comparisons between Ergodan and Hitler. Always doing the service of his masters.

I like Moon of Alabama blog. At least I used to.

Today, there are a ton of writers, bloggers, commenters and various influence peddlers running around screeching about the “stolen referendum” in Turkey. Apparently the Turkish people “voted the wrong way” and places like the Guardian, the BBC and the Washington Post are trafficking in election fraud porn on behalf of the globalists who are worried a changed Turkey is much less likely to be forced into the EU like Ukraine was… after Obama’s little neo-Nazi color revolution over there. The pro-Kurd People’s Democratic Party (HDP) and the main opposition to Erdogan led the “NO” vote movement though it’s interesting to point out, a number of Turkish Kurds voted “YES” in areas mainly populated by them.

The HDP says a “no” vote is “yes” to peace and that is important because it is well known they are closely linked to the PKK, the Kurdish separatist movement that has been waging a war of terror against Turkey for a number of years.

Interestingly, it would appear a majority of Turkish Kurds voted against that rhetoric and for the reforms, which might mean they don’t particularly support the idea of becoming part of Greater Kurdistan or Barzani Kurdistan… whatever the creators of the New Middle East want to call it. And who can blame them. Life in Barzanistan in Iraq is a pure neoliberal hell with tons of American businesses doing great, Israelis running around everywhere you look and the people suffering just like they did after Bush II blew up Iraq and installed the neoliberal technocrats to make a democracy out of it.

“Sunday’s results is clear proof that Turkish citizens of Kurdish origin supported the proposed changes, showing they are not enemies to Ankara as the pro-PKK HDP insistently has lied about” Daily Sabah

I’m not going to delve too deeply into the staged videos and bullshit about the stolen election just yet. We’ve seen it all before in Russia with Killary calling the shots and in Iran when their color revolution failed to take shape. We see it all the time when the people “vote the wrong way” so much so, it’s pretty cookie cutter if you ask me.

I am almost shocked though by all the alternative media outlets jumping on the “stolen referendum” bandwagon. One of the most disappointing is Moon of Alabama.

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Mother Of All Fake News: The North Korea Crisis

by Scott Creighton

Image result for look over there

Faced with 4 major stories that threatened the interests of the Masters of the Universe, the 5 Eyes of the Deep State unleashed the power of their fake news mill to distract the unwashed masses.

What are the four major stories I am referring to? Have we forgotten already? Pay careful attention and you might notice a common denominator.

  1. The Syrian chemical weapons attack is being expose as a Deep State-backed false flag operation
  2. Britain and the 5 Eyes did actually spy on the Trump campaign on behalf of Hillary in an effort to thwart our democracy
  3. 68 children (“BABIES!”) killed by the Deep State’s “moderate” terrorists in Aleppo bus bombing
  4. Trump has changed his position on 7 or 8 key campaign promises in the past 12 days (he’s come around to the Deep State’s wishes)

The MOAB pop-gun worked for a little while like fireworks distract zombies… for a moment. But it didn’t have any staying power. Something else had to be done to keep attention from those developments else they might tend to put various “national interests” in jeopardy. So they needed something big. Something really big… like… uh… like… oh, I don’t know…


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5 Eyes Media Warns of “End of Democracy” in Turkey as they Collectively Attack Referendum Results

by Scott Creighton

Looks like the Turkish people voted the wrong way. And we all know how much the Masters of the Universe hate it when people “vote the wrong way”. Expect the 5 Eyed monster to begin full scale “democratization” in the days to come.

Not a year removed from the failed U.S.-backed coup in Turkey (July 15-16, 2016) the country held a referendum that could help prevent another one in the future. The changes in the political structure of the country look to remake their parliamentary system into one more like ours with an executive presidency and parliament serving as something similar to our congress.

The vote was close but the “YES” crowd won and Turkey will begin the transition to a new form of democracy starting in 2019.

Ironically, according to the 5 Eyes Press, this democratic process means the end of democracy in Turkey (see here, here, here, here and here) and the beginning of them having the same system we have. Hmmm.

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