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  1. Meanwhile, Truthstream Media, Webster Tarpley, World Socialist Website, CounterPunch, Socialist Worker, Tony Cartalucci, Andre Vltchek, Global Research, Vice, and a lot of so-called “alternative left” or libertarian media has continued publishing slanders of RTE since at least 2015. I love how every recent piece of legislation has been twisted into “Erdogan seizing dictatorial power”, an “Islamist” governing one of the few Muslim countries where liquor and porn are tolerated. Not to mention that the new presidential system is similar to political structures in Europe and North America, not an exotic “oriental despotism”. Or the decades of Barzani and Israeli-backed Kurdish militia terrorism in Southern Turkey. Or the humanitarian aid sent by his administration to gaza. Or his dodging of more IMF debt and neoliberal package reforms. But we are living in a post-fact or “alternative facts” era, aren’t we? We also need “anarchosocialists” to cream their pants over Kimmy, Rojava and Kobane without researching the actual events in those places, don’t we?

  2. The opposition is contesting and quite frankly I hold the opinion there has been interference in Turkey- The outside polls came in at roughly 60 yes, 40 no – pretty much what internal polling had shown since March- There is no way this wasn’t polled before it was embarked on and then polled all along-

    No politician is willing to risk what cannot be construed as a very positive endorsement-
    Erdogan is shrewd- he wouldn’t have risked unless the very positive endorsement was forthcoming

    Like my hubby said- we calculate to our benefit when we cross the road or we’ll be killed. We calculate entirely for our benefit in all personal decisions- Erdogan/AK party would have done the same- It’s normal- something occured in Turkey that should not have- and the turnouts were massive for the yes side too

  3. Hey will- I left a comment that didn’t show
    or did it just not work at all? (computer wonky today)

    Can you check please and thanks 🙂

  4. Willy I’m going to try again
    The opposition is already disputing it- It’s going to be shown to be illegitimate- I have already suggested that the violence will increase in Turkey- I’ve named the locales I expect it to emanate from
    Things will get much worse for Syria-

    My other comment said that there was no way AK party entered into this referendum based on polling that would have the results we saw today-

    I had the polling at 60yes, 40 no via a fellow in Turkey- the votes outside of Turkey reflected that exact tally

    Erdogan is a shrewd politician- He and his party would have polled prior to undertaking this referendum, during the entire campaign etc

    As hubby says everyday we take calculated risks which are beneficial to us- like crossing the road when there is no traffic- This is opportunism at it’s most basic- Erdogan and Ak party understand this basic common sense

  5. Meanwhile, what has become of the famous «Armada» the Donald said he sent to the Korea penynsula?
    What have become of the submarines?
    How much did that famous enterprise cost to the US budget?
    What a stupid and dangerous provocation.

    • it was a provocation but mainly, it was a distraction. It was coming out that the Syrian chemical weapons attack was a false flag and that the UK did indeed spy on Trump’s campaign for Obama PLUS their “moderate” terrorists killed something like 2 dozen children in Aleppo… all of that had to be pushed to the back pages and completely OFF the network media news… so WAR!!!

      there was no failed missile test (news of that came from S. Korean generals who have pockets full of CIA/State Department cash) and the story involved a “failed” missile test because… if it hadn’t “failed” it would easily be confirmed (or rejected) by all the different radar systems in that area.

      That’s why it had to be a failed test. It never got to a high enough altitude to be recorded and tracked on radar.

      There was no underground nuclear test. No failed missile launch. Nothing. It was nothing. A major American story based on nothing. Nothing but distraction from the horrors our moderate terrorists did and the horror of the British intelligence services trying their best to undermine American democracy.

  6. Only this site could spin the rigged referendum to take a giant step towards fascism, as something good. Fucking fascist scum!
    Low down ‘man’, low down piece of shit.

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