Rashidin Massacre: Trump’s “Moderate” Terrorists Bomb A Bus Full of Refugees and “babies… BABIES!”

by Scott Creighton

As the complicit apologist mainstream media drones on and on about “North Korea” (the Peoples Democratic Republic of Korea) and their phantom “failed missile launch” story (made up by the South Korean war-mongers) the people of Syria are picking up the pieces after yet another “moderate” terrorist attack on civilians.

Meanwhile Trump is at his luxurious estate stuffing his face with “beautiful” cake.

For all his pre-election protestations about the futility of Obama’s regime change operation via “moderate” terrorists in Syria, as president, Donald Trump has taken ownership of that seemingly pointless operation as well as all those “moderate” terrorists he once publicly demeaned.

He has done this in a number of subtle ways and one glaringly overt one. That was when he took the images and statements from al-Qaeda, al-Nusra and “ISIS” and turned them into a plan of action bombing an airstrip used by the Syrian air force in their fight against these monsters in Hama. From that moment forward and from when he submitted a 4-page “declassified” explanation of his actions which clearly based all of his decisions on material produced by those same “moderate” terrorists, President Donald Trump took ownership of Obama’s terrorist destabilization campaign in Syria. The Duke of Orange now owns it and as we all know, in business, ownership implies liability.

On April 2nd of this year, Trump’s “moderate” terrorists were being routed in Idlib in the western Hama region. As they retreated to their stronghold in Khan Sheikhoun they kidnapped over 100 hostages from a neighboring village to the south. It was those pro-Syrian civilians who ended up being the victims in their April 4th false flag event which motivated President Trump to declare Basar al-Assad an “animal” and to attack the air strip in order to help protect the very same murderous thugs and terrorists who kidnapped and killed the people in the video.

In the following week, Trump’s “moderate” terrorists have launched a number of attacks on soft targets, civilian targets, throughout Syria. There have been an endless stream of attacks, some reportedly using chlorine gas. As one might expect, the coverage of these now routine atrocities from these animals has been minimal at best.

Saturday another attack took place, this one was truly horrific in it’s design.

And once again, it was conducted by Trump’s “moderate” terrorists with the purpose of thwarting yet another peace deal… just like the one on April 4th… and the attack on the UN aid convoy in east Aleppo back when they were Obama’s “moderate” terrorists.

“A suicide car bomber has killed and injured at least 100 people and fractured a complex deal to evacuate four besieged towns in Syria, leaving thousands of people trapped in limbo.

The bomber targeted buses full of evacuees from government-held towns as they waited in a rebel-held area on the outskirts of Aleppo. He drove his explosives up to their vehicles in a van meant to carry aid supplies.” The Guardian

The bombing took place in the Rashidin district of Aleppo and witnesses say the “aid” van was driving down the street tossing out bags of potato chips to children as it went, baiting kids into following it. They parked. Gathered as many children as possible near the truck. And they blew it up. These are unconfirmed reports as of yet, but there are many witnesses who said the same thing.

(Videos and photos of the aftermath are below the break. This is not a staged White Helmets psyop complete with phony baby washing tricks or some guy riding in a car with two of someone else’s children in his arms. This was a real terror event conducted by Trump’s terrorists in Syria. The images and videos are difficult to view. Consider this your warning)

The scene was horrific. Bodies lay strewn about the road while family members sat next to them and wept.

Image result for bus bombing in aleppo

Trump’s moderate terrorists were still hanging around. Everyone knew who did it but they didn’t care. The civilian refugees aren’t armed… and Trump’s 1,000+ soldiers essentially work for the terrorists. So they had no fear of reprisal as they waded through the bloodbath inspecting their work.

Related image

Besides, everyone was in shock. There was supposed to be a peace deal in process. A trade of territory for captured moderate terrorists. Who would have thought something like this would take place.

Image result for Rashidin, aleppo

The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has condemned the bombing carried out by Trump’s moderate terrorists. The Pope said the slaughter on the eve of Easter was “ignoble

To my knowledge the White House has not issued a statement on the horrors committed by their moderates in Aleppo.

Trump is eating his beautiful cake in Florida while Pence is busy telling soldiers in South Korea about how Jesus was “amazed” by a Roman soldier he met once. Pence said it was the only time he knew of in the Bible that Jesus said he was ‘amazed” by anyone… and it was a soldier. That was supposed to make them feel good about themselves I supposed. Given that, it’s understandable that Pence failed to mention the Roman soldier who stabbed Christ on the cross with a spear.

The scale of brutality involved in this attack is breathtaking. But it’s just par for the course for Trump’s new acquisition.

To put it into perspective, here is a video of the scene just prior to the attack. This is what they targeted. These are the people President Trump is ignoring while eating his beautiful cake.

And this is how it ended.

Donald Trump owns this now. It is his. And though he has publicly stated he has turned over control of the military to a proven war-criminal who used chemical weapons against the civilians in Fallujah in 2004, he still owns it. He is commander in chief and though he may shirk his responsibility.. it is still, by law, his responsibility.

How far back do we have to go to find a U.S. president that wasn’t a war criminal? FDR? I don’t know. Maybe he was as well.

But this is different. This is not war. This is terrorism. State sponsored terrorism and there is no other way to look at it.

The blood these terrorists spilled yesterday is on Donald Trump’s hands and can never be washed off. Just like that which stained ObamaGod and W before him. The endless War on Terror is an endless war OF terror and you have to be in a coma to not understand that simple fact.

19 Responses

  1. So therefore, we, Americans, are responsible if we don’t arrest Trump and declare him a war criminal.

  2. Your reporting is much appreciated Mr. Creighton. We are so steeped in untruth. It is maddening. The injustice is maddening.

    Justice means “as ye sow, so shall ye reap.” The universe is governed by this law and the US will pay a very heavy price for all that it has wrought upon this planet.

  3. Thank you, I have been looking everywhere for any coverage of this abomination. May they rest in peace. I am posting a request for US immediate withdrawal from the Middle East on the Trump WH website.
    Thank you again.

  4. I bet Ivanka was so upset about this massacre that she had to wash down some Seconal with champagne. Then went out shopping to get her mind off reality.

  5. Looks like Trump is settling just fine in the executive office! You can’t be an American president without bombing people in the Middle East.

  6. As tired as repeating it is, this attack qualifies as savage and psychopathic. How are the military-industrial complex mangers able to maintain “amicable” faces in public while their hired hands commit these atrocities?
    By the way, Scott, have you seen Dore’s commentary on Fox News broadcasting the MOAB detonation with Toby Keith in the soundtrack, and Gerald Rivera cheerleading with the “Fox & Friends” hosts? A truly grotesque spectacle. People must be completely disconnected from reality.

  7. Brand new president, same sick shit

    • LOL
      Good way to say it, Roy!

      • I remember two of our uncles coming home from WWII, Jan. One closed himself up in his room and we hardly ever saw him. The other one laid on the living room couch and stared at the ceiling all day.

        “Battle Fatigue”, they called it back then. You probably saw some of that, too

        • And who knows what they saw, were maybe still seeing, about their war. They weren’t speaking.

          One thing about it, though—at least theirs was billed as a war. Those pictures above come from premeditated mass murder

          • One of my Uncles never smiled anymore….. he got a job and seemed Okay except he always looked depressed….. after he came back… it was like he never saw anything important or interesting anymore…
            so sad

            • All that I was talking about happened at my Grandparents house, Jan, in Illinois. They were a big, close family—5 boys, 4 girls, plus spouses and kids. We lived two doors down the street, back then. I was maybe five or six.

              Sad, for sure, but those two uncles eventually picked themselves up and got back to the jobs they were drafted away from. My family moved to Arizona to find work in the copper mines. That’s where I grew up.

              Seems weird that I can remember those 70 years back, but have a hard time with yesterday

  8. “The endless War on Terror is an endless war OF terror and you have to be in a coma to not understand that simple fact.” So why do you waste time blaming anyone? Your article is nothing but pathetic anti-government propaganda to feed your ego. What do you do, other than bitch in writing all the time? Blame this or that president – what do you actually do to help the world. other than spread blame around?

    • I’d ask you the same question, Tonto: What do you do, other than bitch in writing all the time? What do you do to help the world, besides trying to insult bloggers? Or do you feel that bloggers are the world’s biggest problem?

    • So you think murdering and terrorizing people is maybe a Godly thing to do .. so no accountability should be accepted ?
      You should read the Ten Commandments again.

  9. This is just another propaganda website by a coward who uses a fictional name, Willy Lomax, wordpress and spews hate all over the Internet.

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