Getting his Mind Right, Trump’s CIA Pick Attacks Wikileaks as a “Hostile Intelligence Service.. Abetted by Russia”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The Duke of Orange is now going to keep the White House visitor log a secret so his fan base wont find out he’s getting visits from Killary and Big Business/Goldman Sachs types. That’s called “draining the swamp” and filling it with sewage.

“Oh I wont. I wont backslide boss. I wont. I wont backsass. I got my mind right. I got my mind right boss” President Trump to the Deep State

When the Duke of Orange gets his mind right, he gets his mind far-right, even neocon right. He get’s his mind so far right he attacks the institution that published Hillary’s and Podesta’s incriminating emails which helped the new president get elected in the first place.

The Trump transition to full-blown neocon globalist has been a quick one. about 11 days if anyone is counting. It’s been quick and it’s been extremely positive for the establishment One Party system we have here in the states:

We can now add to that list put together by Trump’s CIA director Mike Pompeo attacking Wikileaks calling them a “hostile intelligence service” and saying they are a danger to our “national security” and that they are aided by Russia.

Sorry? Yeah, that’s the Hillary Clinton/John Podesta/John Brennan/GCHQ/14 Eyes version of the story, isn’t it?

“One day after the President reversed his core stance on a broad range of policies including the US Dollar, interest rates, the futures of Janet Yellen, the Ex-Im bank, the obsolescence of NATO and whether China is a currency manipulator, on Thursday afternoon he took aim at Wikileaks and Julian Assance, when CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, in his first public appearance since taking the top intel post in the Trump administration, called the whistleblower organization a “non-state hostile intelligence service” abetted by state actors like Russia.

“It’s time to call out WikiLeaks for what it really is: A non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia” Pompeo said.

“WikiLeaks walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service,” Pompeo told an audience at a Washington think tank, adding that Russia’s GRU intelligence service had used the anti-secrecy group to distribute hacked material during the 2016 U.S. presidential election” Zero Hedge

As pointed out by Zero Hedge, this is a huge change in position not only for Trump but also Pompeo:

“Which is ironic for Pompeo to say when just last July, Pompeo was quite keen on using the information disclosed by this “fraud and coward” for his own political purposes, when he was sharing Wikileaks documents on his Congressional Twitter account less than a year ago” Zero Hedge

In October of 2016 the New York Times wrote about how Trump found an ally in Wikileaks.  Almost every day since the election, the angry establishment tried to find a new and more damning connection between someone, anyone Trump ever knew and someone else who once lived, worked, flew over, knew somebody from… Russia. The whole thing has been about discrediting the legitimacy of the Trump victory in November by saying Russia hacked the election so Hillary would lose.

And now it seems Trump’s own CIA pick is at least tacitly supporting that bullshit narrative.

President Trump has done a complete 180 deg turn in the past 11 days on certain issues that were key to his base.Some say he always intended to make these changes. That all presidents ALWAYS do as they are told. I don’t know. I don’t read minds. But I can tell you with confidence that presidents do not ALWAYS do as they are told and yes, in some respects, they can and do shape policy.

I am not a fan of Trump nor was I of his candidacy.

Fascinating isn’t it? From a hastily cobbled together false flag in Syria and a ridiculous story about some moron stealing guns so he can hide in the woods doing nothing but play with himself for ten days… to this.

A while ago, after Trump talked about the intelligence agencies spying on his campaign through GCHQ (a statement that turned out to be 100% true), some congressman went on a mainstream media outlet and said something to the effect of “you have to be careful because if you threaten our intelligence services, they will make you pay”

Yep. He was right. And Trump, not coming from the world of politics, had to learn the lesson the hard way. Had to learn to get his mind right. And that is exactly what he did.

49 Responses

  1. I bet if any of you talk to one of these uneducated Americans about Trump, he’ll tell you that your president did well to have shown strength in other countries. Within each person’s misery, Trump makes the poor, feeble American feel good.

  2. I can’t figure out this whole Wikileaks thing. Ostensibly created by Assange (a 9/11 Truth denier), aided and abetted by Cass Sunstein (the king of cognitive infiltration), and apparently a CIA operation, Wikileaks (which targeted Hillary Clinton to the benefit of Donald Trump) is now being attacked by Trump’s CIA pick? Why? What’s going on? In-fighting? Insiders changing sides? What?

    • I think Wikileaks is a honeypot. They released info that was unhelpful for the Clinton campaign because there is a rift in the intelligence community: some wanting Hillary, some wanting anyone but Hillary. It’s like the two intelligence guys who leaked the info about Britain spying on the Trump campaign during the election via the 5 Eyes program. My guess is, you are going to see a couple former/current intel agents end up dead like that former DNC staffer in D.C.

      • Thanks, Scott. There being a rift in the intelligence community makes the most sense to me. But who is running Wikileaks now. I can’t believe it’s that muppet Assange. More basically, what is your definition of a “honeypot.” A set up made to attract (and contain) visitors? I found lots of definitions on the web but none seem to fit well in the Wikileaks context, except maybe item 2 at the link that follows (which i attempted to adapt, above):

  3. A rift in the intelligence community

  4. My point (before I got my mind right) was that U.S. presidents by themselves don’t have as much power as some people believe. For example, Trump will not reveal who visits him. Trump didn’t order the MOAB bomb dropped. (I don’t know about the cruise missiles.) Trump says he will not reveal U.S. military actions. Trump says he’s given the U.S. military freedom to do as it sees fit. Trump has done an about-face on many things. To me, all this sounds like the real power does not lie in the White House. Even in ancient Rome the real power was with the military, the oligarchs, and the Praetorian Guard, who assassinated at least 35 emperors they didn’t approve of. Even Hitler survived 26 assassination attempts, some by individuals, and some by his generals. German military intelligence (the Abwehr and especially its leader Wilhelm Canaris) was Hitler’s enemy. National leaders are not quite as powerful as some people think.

    • regarding hitler, have you seen this film?

      • I am seeing right now and I thank you for posting it here.
        By the way, there is a saying by Abraham Lincoln, which is:
        «”You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”
        It seems that is what Donnie Tiny Hands Trump is doing to the american people. I believe his problem will start here and will continue to rise until it gets hard, like it was for the Nixon administration during the Vietnam war.

  5. “And Trump, not coming from the world of politics, had to learn the lesson the hard way. Had to learn to get his mind right.”

    I’d argue that Tronald totally came from the world of politics, and therefore didn’t need to learn the lesson or get his mind right. He knows how the sausage gets made because he was practically raised by Roy Cohn. And Roy was about as ‘deep state’ and fascist as they come.

    Apparently somebody was preparing the Douche of Orange’s presidential run as recently as May 2015 by destroying records of his relationship with Cohn

    • Cohn was a freak and a commie-hating political hitman for McCarthy. I just found out recently that he worked with Roger Stone on Reagan’s campaign in ’80. Figures. Yes, he was a viper and well connected to the Deep State when alive, but he died broke and an outcast in ’86. That was 30 years ago. I think the game of politics has changed a little since then. But, you are correct, Trump’s association with him is troubling.

      • Yeah I imagine politics has changed since Cohn was ‘quarterbacking’ McCarthy (not that there’s anything wrong with two consenting, self loathing men enjoying each other). But it seems to me like the playbook hasn’t changed much. I don’t think it was accidental that records connecting Donny Rebel to Cohn and Kissinger and company were burned before the Pied piper plan kicked off. They wanted Donny to appear an outsider, politically naive, like a gangland version of Buddy the Elf. They knew the Birchers and brownshorts wouldn’t support a president who was a lifetime ‘billionaire’s bitch’ (if I may borrow the term?) working for the motu. I’m skeptical about the Company infighting hypothesis.

        Also curious about your take on Pied Piper: was the WikiLeaks release more or at least equally harmful to the Trump campaign just as it was to the Clinton campaign?

  6. LOL re the “orange” references.

    • Yes they are funny. Some others I have seen…
      The orange-furred beast, Clockwork Orangutan, Orange Julius (aka Orange Foolius), Cheeto Bandito, Cheez Whiz, Angry Pumpkin. Fanta Ranter. Orange man-baby, Agent Orange, President Evil, Code Orange, Deep State Donald, Cool Hand Trump, Reverse Midas (everything he touches turns to s**t).

      • When Mommy and Daddy fight and argue on this page, it scares us little ones, so please be kind to each other.

        That goes for U 2, Willy. Let’s focus on the REAL problems and not each other.

  7. That Putin is a sneaky Rooskie, I know that from personal experience..

    In the Fall of 2016, Putin himself called me and promised to pay me a billion if I’d vote for Trump. I agreed and sent the Russian Embassy a pic of my vote, then sat back and counted all the things I’d buy and do with my billion.
    The letter from Putin finally arrived and the billion was in Zimbabwe money, meaning it’s worth less than ONE CENT. Not only that, the damned letter was postage due, meaning it cost me MY money to get the damned letter that contained worthless Zimbabwe notes.


    • actually Zimbabwean currency should be worth a lot, it is backed by real commodities, it was the current financial World Order made it worthless

  8. If Trump was going to go back on all his promises…. there would have been no need for the promise of the violent threat against him or his family …… and it was a threat and Trump understood it
    Why Americans did not revolt and tear down Washington when Kenned was murdered (for not following orders)… is beyond me. We don’t have any pride left now.

    • I agree. Anyone who does not know they have been threatening and undermining him since day one of his presidency has been asleep. And they don’t do that if they “control everything he does”. It was done. It was done for a reason. Trump got his mind right and made a dramatic turn from where he was before in terms of policy.

      • Trump alone controls everything he does. And what Trump does is obey the Deep State (DS), which acts without Trump’s approval (e.g. they drop MOAB bombs). Afterward the DS tells Trump, who then tries to justify what the DS did. Of course, the DS lets Trump have some freedom inside Trump’s little playpen, which consists of things the DS doesn’t much care about, like immigrant-bashing for instance. Most nations in the Empire gave a Deep State, plus a public figurehead (president or prime minister). Russia and China probably have one too.

        • Do you think Trump “bashes immigrants” or do you think he plays on a very real concern held by many people in this country and others that massive unregulated illegal immigration undermines wage structure and diminishes people’s already lower standard of living?

          Your concept of the monolithic DS controlling all and everything is just a show for the plebes is a bit unrealistic. For instance, you seem to forget:

          Eisenhower called em out and warned the people about them when he left office. Doubt they planned or wanted that.
          Kennedy played ball for a while but when they demanded he invade Cuba and he resisted, then he pushed the reset button on Soviet relations and threatened to bust up the CIA and end the Vietnam war… they fixed that problem.
          Nixon was expected to drop the economic brick a.k.a. Milton Friedman neoliberalism on America. He said “no” because “we are all Kansyans now” and that pissed them off. He was wise to it. Why do you think he bugged the White House?
          Carter… Carter did some of what they wanted but not much. They decided to get rid of his ass so they set up the October Surprise and he was gone.
          Reagan… Jesus… Reagan HATED Poppy Bush cus he knew what he was. Reagan was to centrist for the State. Hell, he was a damn union president for Christ’s sake. So they had a family friend’s kid shoot him so Bush could rule.
          They wanted Bush II to attack Iraq even before Afghanistan. He and his oil buddies and Cheney saw more of an advantage in Afghanistan so they went there first.
          And of course, Obummer gave them want they wanted to a degree. But he didn’t take advantage of their false flag to invade Syria when they wanted him to. I mentioned this fact before and you completely ignored it. Killary had to push the hell out of him to do what she did to Libya and of course, she was ultimately stymied when she tried to use the Cheonan accident as an excuse to attack the DPRK. There are all sorts of Deep State stories about them not getting along at all.

          So no. They don’t always get what they want. And in fact, there seems to be a serious conflict within the intel community right now. Don’t know how that is going to work out but I guess we haven’t seen the end of it.

        • I forgot… Operation Northwoods was rejected by a seated president. This one probably wouldn’t if he gets scared by a dude hiding in the woods with some guns… but one did… once.

          • In connection with this topic, I have previously discussed Eisenhower, Operation Northwoods, the non-invasion of Syria after the 2013 false flag gassing, and so on, but my comments were ignored. Therefore you “win.” You say that Killary had to push Obama to destroy Libya, and yet you claim that presidents like Obama act entirely of their own volition. You say that presidents have enormous power, yet you admit that the Deep State can get rid of presidents. You repeatedly contradict yourself. Therefore you “win” again. I keep thinking I got my mind right, but then I “backslide” by questioning whether the president is as omnipotent as you claim. Oh well. If you’re happy with your “win,” then I’m happy too.

          • Incidentally I notice that on one hand you seem to not like Trump, but on the other you adore Trump for his policies regarding immigration. Out of curiosity, are there additional reasons why we should adore Trump? I’m not as big a fan as you seem to be, but I grant him one or two default points for not being Hillary. Regarding immigration, here’s an anecdote that might make you feel better. I had a guy renting a spare room here with his young son. The Feds told them they could stay, but last night some ICE agents came to my house and arrested them. ICE told me they were being deported under new directives by Jeff Sessions. I did not know they were illegals. I asked a few questions, and ICE threatened to arrest me for “harboring” them. To assuage them, I’m going to put one of these on my front door…

            • everything is so black and white to you isn’t it? If I don’t appreciate tons of illegal immigrants being used to undermine the wage structure (a neoliberal agenda item by the way called flexible workforces) then I must “adore” Trump, right or I’m what? A “fan” of his? If I say some presidents take a stand on one thing or another, which is clearly the case, you say that I think they have “enormous power”. No grey areas at all.

              You have to be completely stupid to think I have any admiration for Donald Trump after reading what I have written about the man for nearly two years now. Either that… or you will say anything to try to discredit my website. And you don’t sound stupid to me.

              Like you just did with Trump, you have consistently misrepresented my stated positions on any number of issues during this little tiff, ignored my questions, accused me of censoring comments which I do not do, and off-handedly accused me of being “disinfo” by association because I dare to question Miss LIHOP herself, Sibel Edmunds… quite frankly I am sick of it. You’re done here. I can only take so much shit from someone.

              • I hope no one takes hard feelings from this, but she also misrepresented my positions on the environment a while back. Just because I strongly dislike the philosophies of “green” foundations/NGOS (with ties to George Soros and the British Royal Family) and deep ecologists for what I think are legitimate reasons, doesn’t mean I support deforestation, dumping toxic chemicals in the sea, or animal abuse. I quit reading Dissident Voice for this reason. Also, if you avoid accidents, nuclear is a very clean source of electricity. As she says, we should listen to facts.

              • “I don’t appreciate tons of illegal immigrants being used to undermine the wage structure (a neoliberal agenda item by the way called flexible workforces)…” I’m Mexican, yet I think I understand your position. The same interests that exploit us in the Third World are so “concerned” about us as immigrants. Yeah, right. The position of Chicanos, both for themselves and citizens like you, is an uncomfortable and undignified one.

                • Notice how carefully the left and the neocon Right tap-dance around the idea of “business” as it relates to illegal immigration. And I say the neocon Right because, Comprehensive Immigration Reform was George W. Bush’s plan and Dick Cheney’s plan long before it was Barack Obama’s.They don’t care about human rights. If they did they would end NAFTA and force American businesses in Mexico and elsewhere in South and Central America to pay a living wage, allow unions and maintain a global standard of protections for employees. But they don’t and the reason many people end up coming here or migrating to other nations in Europe (from Europe) is because out business class has done to Mexico and many other nations what Obama’s mercenary terrorists have done to Syria. They’ve made it unlivable. The people who come here come in hopes of a better life and I don’t fault them for that. They are victims just like the targeted native born American workers are. The illegals are exploited and cheated and they know it. But still, it’s a better wage than what they are offered back home, so they come and they stay. And that’s the tragedy of neoliberalism or at least, one of the tragedies. So yes, absolutely, it is an uncomfortable and undignified situation for us all. The only ones who profit from it are the stock holders and business owners. The fake left politicians and neocons who keep silent about all of this and the millionaires on TV, the talking heads who are steadily watching their stock portfolios rise in value every year, they understand this dynamic. They aren’t fooled by it for a second.

                  • Hallelujah. This is what comprehending an issue with crystal clarity looks like. I don’t remember who it’s attributed to, but this quote is stuck in my head: “Do not attempt to cure what you do not understand.” If Third-World workers were paid good wages, illegal migration would be basically nonexistent. Outside of the capital, in cheaper locations, just $25,000 a year in Mexico would be enough for a farmer, factory worker or service employee to live comfortably. Quadruple that, and you’d almost live like a millionaire in Latin America. Would it really cost large corporations so much to pay a living wage?

              • She’s like someone on mood-altering psychiatric medication. She’s pleasant and normal for a while and then suddenly becomes almost paranoid.

  9. “To me, all this sounds like the real power does not lie in the White House. Even in ancient Rome the real power was with the military, the oligarchs, and the Praetorian Guard, who assassinated at least 35 emperors they didn’t approve of.”

    How is it that a culture could be so advanced technologically as this one and yet still be in doubt as to who rules from the top of the pyramid?

    Standing armies don’t march on empty stomachs.

    Oligarchs and guards are two different animals. Both cannot rule the emperor at the same time. Who is first then, the real big man of the arrangement? Who is the so called Deep State?

    The illusion of secular democracy introduced by the illuminists was that the people vote for their governments, making them boss. Of course they are not told the arrangement is easily hijacked by experienced pirates operating at the level of finance, media, and cultural terrorism. Obviously the voters decide little of importance. Rothschild famously said he did not care who made the rules.

    Are the real heroes the ones who fill empty stomachs and deliver cargo? Breadwinners and cultivators? No, they are shown by the bundles of fasces. They are slaves basically to this system, although they could spontaneously withdraw support if it were not so illegal to operate lemonade stands without USDA approval…and if they still held seeds not owned by others.

    Technicians? Technocracy is a real force to some extent due to the natural human selection of ‘better ways of replication’. That is, a man will choose having a motorbike and cellphone over hunting rats with bamboo traps, and replicate his kind in affluence. However because of that natural preference, you can start an organic farm but your wwoofers will congregate around the wifi and little will get done.

    Technology can make a slave a king in these times as the common man globally can yak to mom on a cellphone that Gilgamesh never had. Today the people through technology can access freedoms never known, if they were not too timid to play in big surf and had a clue how to get out of Dodge. “Earth is a recreational planet”

    In fact right after the Fed, world wars and income tax began, this amazing human potential was called The New Freedom (sarcasm). Funny how it arrived with Freud (“We are the plague”) and Bernays (“Public Relations”) and American Bolshevism. Technology is complex and does not explain a social hierarchy running from Jericho to Basel. Technology is just a fascinating tool, for good or bad, but it does not set agendas like having Chabad advisors in the Russian and American governments.

    We can test different candidates for the title of big man running the show. Look at who controls all the technology and who is served first in that hierarchy. Who operates the tech companies, by and large? Who operates the media? I do not say who owns the media. It has been established for decades that stockholders have much less power than directorships and officers of corporations. Often ownership and direction are the same, but not always. Operational control is superior in the hierarchy of power.

    Technology per se can be a destructive tool for fascism (defined as deracination and bundling) and does not control issues such as the direction of power. Tech consolidates while it democratizes, in turn. While making every man a ‘virtual’ king it puts them marching toward 666 Fifth Avenue, a cashless RFID world where usury is dead (negative interest and all assets held by private banks). Tech has a huge impact while not deciding intent or direction.

    As everyman becomes king in the brave new world, he begins his own divine right program. So long as the cargo keeps coming, any cockamamie belief system of how the scheme works is as good as another. When the music stops, when Enkidu withdraws support from the regime, there may be an inflection point of self discovery.

    The liquidators then-the armed ones-do they really decide? Back to them. Well, they are sent by the palace, which is controlled by issuers and accountants of the currency. That is just how it has always worked in the neolithic arrangement of power structure. During Benghazigate 9/11 staging, some admirals were pulled off and reprimanded. With the USS Liberty, the troops were sacrificed and no, the standing military did nothing to save them, because standing armies have alot less social standing than you think. There is no real honor among thieves, only shared debauchery like GIs drinking vodka out of each others’ butt cracks at the Kabul embassy parties. They basically are what Kissinger said, stupid animals who obey orders for a bed and breakfast. They are the last to know and die poisoned. War is a racket. Nobody is immune to deception (Patria).

    Here is a novel idea- the super smart techno society can study up on cultural anthro and take a look inside the machines of intensification to understand the hierarchy of every cultural chain of command that has ever existed. When the groupmind finally get past charges of antisemitism to openly identifying the special group that has for millenia since the advent of gold coinage been monopolizing money issuance at the top of the pyramid, it will be a radical consensus worldwide in favor of public banking and national sovereignty (if you can keep it as Franklin said).

    In that happy time, never again will crazed robotic standing armies be set on the path of perpetual war with weapons that destroy DNA, never again will mass culling of civilians be sanctified by a mosaic code, never again will people agree to be stupid about who rules them, never again will any nation allow a foreign power to demand standing ovations in congress, and never again will we make up cute names like Deep State that even Assad is forced to use, which studiously avoid naming the beast occupying the nations. Because finally we the people , the humans, can live without the code of Deuteronomy controlling currency and finance, the key to the whole shebang.

    At that point in world history the confusion about who rules us drops away completely. For many the time arrived yesterday, or decades ago. Ask JFK- but there you can’t. The scheme we live under has impoverished us just as Jefferson said. The bottom line is we all go from millionaires to living in a tent city under a bridge, in order to believe there is no biased money hierarchy ruling society.

    There is a fast way to cut to the chase to find out the order of hierarchy.

    If you want to know who rules you, find out whom you cannot criticize.

    Another way is to walk out in the desert to find the ruins of Ozymandias.

    But still, if the voters, liquidators, oligarchs, politicians, farmers, and toolmakers are all a big blur, their ruins won’t tell you much.

  10. China and Russia are in on it. How do I know? Look at what they do, not what they say.

    In the last twenty years have China and Russia moved closer to or farther from neoliberalism? Both have become more like the neoliberal West.

    In regards to Trump, pay attention to what he does not what he says. This will take time because government moves slowly. In four to eight years we’ll know. Has America become more or less neoliberal?

    • Keep in mind they still face hostility from NATO. They may possibly be targeted for WWIII.

    • “China and Russia are in on it.”

      Absolutely. Their oligarchs are just working for a best possible deal before they betray their people totally and let themselves to be incorporated by Anglo-Zio oligarchy. The process of incorporation is gradual and happens on many levels beginning with sending their children to best Western private schools and universities and with intermarriage. Jewish-Chinese intermarriage in the US is strong and growing trend among middle and upper middle classes. Children of Tiger Mother Amy Chua are Jewish. New cadre that will penetrate and infiltrate the Chinese culture by filling up positions in media, publishing, culture and managing positions in financial institutions is being bred as we speak. All English language media concerned with Asia are run by Jewish editors for years. No area is left uncovered and unattended.

      • Xi Jinping, a supposedly more nationalist leader than his predecessor, sent his daughter to study at Harvard. I wonder what she was learning their?

    • WRONG. I’ll write about what I know, China. Sure, since the Reform and Opening Up policy of 1979 some pockets of Chinese society have become much more wealthy than they should have become. But what the government did what was right. They did what benefited the masses of the people the most by adopting a controlled form of capitalism. (“Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”) Three hundred million Chinese were brought out of poverty over the past three decades. That statistic affects many of the statistics used by the United Nations for all kinds of global changes in the past few decades, such as life expectancy.

      Color Revolution talk about the Chinese government being part of some worldwide “neoliberal” movement is propaganda and lies.

  11. Thanks for including the graphic, Scott.
    I want to send it to those I know who preferred the War Hag and were “outraged” by the acsent of the Douche of Orange. It may just help them to understand that their problem was aesthetic and in no way political.

  12. Yeah Scott good call, that woman is rather insufferable, is she not?

    • I liked her most of the time. Too bad she harangued him in recent days.

      • Good comments most of the time. There is a pattern however. Her schtick is to go for jugular to forward the most pessimistic scenario that cannot be topped. A lack of nuance. This is a form of reductionism and simplification. The major drawback is inability to deal with any criticism e.g., when I tried to point out that her Infinite Money Supply Theory is unsound. In some case the most pessimistic scenarios are warranted but not always.

  13. All the controversy or hand-wringing about Donald Trump is a political diversion. Trump simply represents one faction of the American Empire, which is in conflict with another faction of the American Empire, centered around the Democrats.

    All of these factions–and ultimately the American people themselves–support the American Empire and its global dictatorship, as this is the basis of the parasitic American Way of Life, economy, and especially US Dollar Hegemony.

    At its core, the United States of America is an imperialist nation and people from the White House to Main Street, USA.

    After all, that is how the “Land of the Free” was spawned to begin with–as a White colonial-settler empire based upon the extermination of Indigenous people and the theft and continuing occupation of their land.

    Over 200 years later, America has not changed fundamentally–although it is much more Orwellian in its propaganda and diversionary psyops.

    • I don’t know where you are from, but you don’t know anything about the history of nations. All ‘people’ of any current nation have killed and taken over land and robbed other people…. even the American Indian…. and most definitely the African people who sold their slaves to other nations…

    • The same thing, more or less, happened wherever the white man colonized and numerically dominated the indigenous population, not just the USA. Indigenous people were murdered and died of white-man diseases in North, Central & South America and Australia. The New Zealand Maoris at least got a treaty out of the colonizers but they too suffered. European colonization from the 16th to the 19th centuries, and forms of genocide, went together. The Africans always heavily outnumbered their colonizers so they suffered in different ways.

  14. y’all keep usin the word ‘trump’ …ha!
    that piece of toxic trash is THEIR distraction.

    we can only hope this Monstrous ‘murdikan EvilEmpire is soon Obliterated!

    i find the only Solace to be in the Imminent Extinction of the Vile Demonic in-‘human’ species.

    Bring it on o lord Gaia mothaNature, sweep away the malignant
    8billion pieces of dtrumf.

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