Getting his Mind Right, Trump’s CIA Pick Attacks Wikileaks as a “Hostile Intelligence Service.. Abetted by Russia”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The Duke of Orange is now going to keep the White House visitor log a secret so his fan base wont find out he’s getting visits from Killary and Big Business/Goldman Sachs types. That’s called “draining the swamp” and filling it with sewage.

“Oh I wont. I wont backslide boss. I wont. I wont backsass. I got my mind right. I got my mind right boss” President Trump to the Deep State

When the Duke of Orange gets his mind right, he gets his mind far-right, even neocon right. He get’s his mind so far right he attacks the institution that published Hillary’s and Podesta’s incriminating emails which helped the new president get elected in the first place.

The Trump transition to full-blown neocon globalist has been a quick one. about 11 days if anyone is counting. It’s been quick and it’s been extremely positive for the establishment One Party system we have here in the states:

We can now add to that list put together by Trump’s CIA director Mike Pompeo attacking Wikileaks calling them a “hostile intelligence service” and saying they are a danger to our “national security” and that they are aided by Russia.

Sorry? Yeah, that’s the Hillary Clinton/John Podesta/John Brennan/GCHQ/14 Eyes version of the story, isn’t it?

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