While Cutting Public Services in America, The Duke of Orange Just Spent $16 million to Kill 36 “ISIS” Guys… in a PR Move

by Scott Creighton

We have no business in Afghanistan. We don’t. Big Oil does. And Big Pharma does. Where do you think the next pipeline is going? Where do you think Big Pharma gets all that opium to make the opiates to sell mid-Western kids to keep em hooked?

But you and I? We have no interests in Afghanistan and yet, just yesterday, the Duke of Orange dropped the MOAB bomb on a remote area in the country and supposedly killed 36 “ISIS” guys for God, Country, Apple Pie and the American Way.

The bomb itself costs $16 million dollars. For one bomb.

With a yield of 36 dead “ISIS” guys (and by “ISIS” they mean “anyone who opposes our national interests anywhere in the world“) that comes to…

$444,444.00 per “ISIS” guy.

Cost effective for Mr. Big Business DemiGod Trump?

Let’s add that cost to the $89,000,000 he spent on putting a divot in an airport runway in Syria late last week.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but so far we are in the hole for over $100 mil so the Duke of Orange can look “presidential” by bombing the shit out of countries we have no business in. Either that or the Deep State that took over the White House this past week throwing money at the little problem of their democracy hacking coming to light.

However you look at it, it’s gonna get REAL expensive to beat “ISIS” like this.

24 Responses

  1. I doubt the U.S. president has any say in matters of war and foreign policy (such as dropping MOAB bombs). The president’s job is provide “democratic” window dressing for the Deep State, which includes the Pentagon, the “intelligence” agencies, the big banks and media outlets, the weapons makers, and assorted Washington bureaucrats. Sean Spicer is the press secretary for Trump, who in turn is the press secretary for the Deep State. It’s all quite simple, but it sounds complex to people who cling to the fantasy that the U.S. president is “in charge.”

    • I think you are wrong. I don’t THIS president has a say in the matter, but the Commander in Chief certainly should. Bush the Second and ObamaGod never pulled the trigger on this useless thingy, and it’s been sitting around collecting dust for 14 years now, right? The Trumpster handed over control of the military, by his own admission, to maniacs like Mattis, who used white phosphorous on Fallujah if I’m not mistaken. Presidents have to give a shit about their public perception and this guy, his is only improved by indiscriminate bombing campaigns apparently… yeah, presidents take their orders like everyone else, but they have limits and exercise a certain amount of discretion when it comes to the use of the military. I mean, after all, the Israelis wanted Bush to attack Iraq first before Afghanistan, remember?

      • I say the idea that the president is in charge is a fantasy. I say the national security state makes its own decisions, and the president rationalizes those decisions before the cameras. I say that if a U.S. president defies or displeases the Deep State, then he can suddenly become embroiled in a Monica Lewinsky-type scandal. We are not in agreement about this.

        • they wanted Obama to authorize an invasion of Syria in 2013 after their first staged violation of the “red line” and he didn’t. You think the Deep State suddenly decided they didn’t want Syria right then and there?

          • The Empire’s “moderate” head-choppers staged the 2013 false flag gassing because UN chemical weapons inspectors had entered Syria the day before. In response, the Deep State’s Ministry of Propaganda (i.e. the corporate media outlets) howled for a direct attack on Syria, but the central planners decided to instead continue with the proxy war, which was going very well. The “moderate” terrorists had the upper hand, and were on the verge of destroying Syria until Russia turned the game around, two years later. Since the proxy war was subverted, the US invaded, fired cruise missiles, etc. Obama was simply following orders from the Deep State. If we deny this, then the U.S. failure to invade Syria in 2013 seems mysterious, even miraculous. We have the illusion that “the voice of the people was heard.”

            • Regarding the 2013 false flag gassing, our disagreement comes down to this: [1] did the Deep State order its terrorists to cross Obama’s “red line,” or [2] did the terrorists independently stage the false flag without authorization? If [1] then Obama was in charge, and he decided not to follow through on his “red line” threats. If [2] then the “moderate” head choppers acted on their own to force Obama’s hand at the moment the UN inspectors were in Syria. For me the correct view is [2] in which case the Deep State decided to continue the proxy war, and Obama simply followed his orders.

              • (1) Israel started talking about possible gas attacks by Syria, (2) Obama created the red line, (3) Terrorists did the false flag, (4) Obama deferred the decision to Congress knowing they will no authorize bombings, (5) Lavrov/Putin offered disarming of Syria, (6) Obama agreed, (7) Israel happy with disarmed Syria.

        • Most presidents do an about face when they take office, adopting policies that are the opposite of things they said before they ran for office. Obama, for example, was long an advocate of Single Payer until he took office. Trump often criticized U.S. military actions, but now Trump praises them. (Hillary’s position was simply “It’s my turn!”) This means that either [1] presidents had been liars all their lives, or [2] when they get in office they must follow orders, or [3] when they get in office they change their whole psyches. I choose door #2. Other people may make choose otherwise.

    • In addition to providing “democratic” window dressing, the president also takes all the blame.

      If the Deep State decides to drop a “MOARS” bomb (Mother of all Rogue States) then the masses blame (or praise) Trump, who actually had no say in the matter.

    • Just heard on NPR hat yesterday’s use of MOAB’s in Afghanistan did not nee authorization from president.

  2. May be an Easter Sunday surprise in the works

  3. Trump doesn’t have the backbone or courage that Obama had or even the limited amount that G. Bush had. He does have the authority to refuse bombing.

    • Always nice to see you out here, Jan. Helps to make my day

    • Trump has “de jure” authority (i.e. on paper) but the national security state has de facto authority. Eisenhower used his farewell address to warn about this during (17 Jan 1961). There was a time when the U.S. President had some say in these matters (e.g. Kennedy’s checkmate of Operation Northwoods) but eventually the U.S. president became little more than a ceremonial figurehead. To claim otherwise is to live in a dream world (in my opinion).

      • no one is saying they aren’t figureheads. But being a figurehead and having no influence on the decisions coming out of the White House are two different things. It’s politics. There are grey areas. Negotiations take place. Things like left cover have to be factored in. Other policy agendas need to be considered. The popularity of the president is also a factor.

        In your version, the president is “just following orders” and therefore is not really responsible for his actions. None of them. I don’t buy that. Not for a minute. And the fact that Hillary Clinton didn’t attack North Korea after the Cheonan accident makes my case for me. As does what I said about the first chemical weapons false flag. As does the fact that Hillary had to LOBBY President Obama to get him behind her bombing and regime change of Libya.

        Now, if things continue the way they are, the president will be nothing more than a front man, as they serve now to some extent. But, we aren’t completely there yet.

        It’s not an “either or” equation what we are talking about. I think presidents have limits and up until The Trumpster, it seems they have exercised them occasionally. All bets may be off now though.

        • Maybe “follow orders” is not the appropriate phrase. The U.S. President wants to save face, and the Deep State wants to maintain its cover, plus the illusion of “democracy.” Therefore yes, some politics are involved. If the Deep State has three options, it will consult with the president, and together they will choose the option that serves the president’s pride, the Deep State’s will, and the illusion of “democracy.” The president may not defy the Deep State. If he opposes the Deep State, and the contention cannot be resolved, then the president faces potential destruction. My main point is that the U.S. president has less independent power than most people assume. And regardless of who makes the decision, the president is responsible if he endorses them.

          • this is exactly what I have been saying all along. and we are fighting over this shit and you think I “adore” Trump for pointing out the guy may have wanted to hold onto a little of what he promised his dwindling base?

        • Response eaten by WordPress. (Actually I agreed with you.)

  4. You’d think it’d be more cost-effective to just stop funding their ass in the first place.

  5. Wonder if Tillerson and Lavrov were watching this MOAB demonstration live in Moscow? With a mile blast radius, seems like it could easily be confused for a nuclear weapon or vice versa.

    Starting to feel like the plot of Rogue One…

  6. THE DEEP STATE IN ACTION. Fox News says that Gen. John Nicholson (the top U.S. commander on the ground) confirmed that he made the decision to drop the MOAB bomb, and that Trump’s approval was not needed. Trump himself has declined to reveal where the order came from, saying he has given complete flexibility to the military (i.e. to the Deep State). http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/04/14/moab-drop-ordered-by-us-general-trump-approval-not-needed-officials-say.html

  7. I read that the bunker that was hit had been built by the US or Osama:) We build ’em, we bash ’em; our new motto.. I also read that 100 ISIS were killed. As for what in god’s name he thinks he is doing with Korea…I feel like I am in a Leslie Nielsen movie…with nukes.

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