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  1. I have to reblog this video. Excellent satire.

  2. Very good.
    Right now, I am receiving the following breaking news:
    Trump has sent an «armada» to North Korea, with nuclear submarines.
    Chinese airline cancels flights to North Korea.
    US may attack North Korea if it tests nuclear weapon.
    China warns that conflict in North Korea could “burst at any time”.
    North Korea promises a “merciless response” to any provocation from the United States.

  3. Any opinion on nukes (all of them) being fake?

    • Which nukes? I myself do not believe that Pakistan or N. Korea has nukes. When I graduated from high school I was penniless and homeless. Having no place to go, I joined the USAF and became a Nuclear Weapons Specialist (my actual job title). After tech school in Denver CO I was supposed to be stationed in Turkey, but at the last minute my orders were changed, and I was sent to Minot North Dakota.

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