As Soon as Trump Gets his Mind Right… Authorities “Capture” Joseph Jakubowski Without Incident ಠ_ಠ

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: He was caught with 5 weapons, some ammo, a sword and a flammable liquid at 6am. Supposedly he had made off with 18 guns.

You cannot tell me this is a coincidence.

At a defining moment in the young presidency of Donald Trump, his press secretary and Devin Nunes were about to expose the Brits and their 14 Eyes program spying on him during the election (which turned out to be 100% true)… and Trump, Tillerson and Haley were saying Assad could stay in power… suddenly we had two intertwined events take place on the same day.

There was ridiculous “chemical weapons attack” false flag event in Syria and Joseph Jakubowski got together with his handler to make a video, write a manifesto and break into a guns store to start his “anti-government revolution”

Ever since then President Trump has been either walking back his campaign rhetoric or deliberately doing a complete 180 on all the policies he stood for that got him elected and made him an enemy of the establishment and the Deep State alike.

Trump made nicey-nice with NATO, said the Fed Chairman was doing a great job, started the same nation-building foreign policy that he berated people like Obama, McCain and Graham for following and perhaps more importantly, cast out Steve Bannon to the kiddies table while making room for more Goldman Sachs infiltrators.

He did all of this in 10 short days. His turn around has been so dramatic that it’s been the lead topic on every news channel for the last 48 hours with all sorts of complicit media assets making one excuse after another for this turn around.

Yet, no one seems to notice… those were the same days Lee Harvey Oswald I mean, Joseph Jakubowski, was supposedly running around lose in the country armed with 16 undisclosed “high end” weapons like a shark swimming around under the water waiting to strike… someone.

According to the official story, Joey was taken “without incident” on some private farm someplace in Wisconsin. Supposedly he had been camping there.

What do you think he was waiting for? Didn’t he say the revolution had just begun? So he made the videos with his handler, stole some weapons and burned his car… and then what? Hiked out to some farm someplace and set up camp with marsh-mellows and a fishing rod? That’s the big revolution?

Gee, it’s almost as if he were being kept on ice out there where no one could see him. ಠ_ಠ

Maybe it’s all just a coincidence. I mean you would have to be a conspiracy theorist or something to connect these OBVIOUS FUCKING DOTS… but you know me. I got my mind right. Nothing too see here. Move along now…

54 Responses

  1. Also, Paul Ryan is under pressure to call congress back in session and turn off the 2001 AUMF permawar before Tronald blows another large hole in the planet. I imagine that swat teams going door to door in Paul’s hometown may have been a distraction for our roided up Speaker during recess…

  2. Scott Creighton/willyloman what is your opinion of Sibel Deniz Edmonds?

  3. Alright, thanks. I only just found out about her and it does seem weird her story seems to have all the answers.. or allot of half-truths.

    • My opinion is less negative. Sibel admits that the Empire wants to get rid of Erdogan, and while she has some complaints about him. she also asserts that if Erdogan leaves, his replacement (whoever it is) will be much worse.

      • On the other hand, Edmonds is associated with some blogs that I do not have a high opinion of, like this one…

        • Edmonds is not only associated with Newsbud, she started Newsbud. Personally, I believe that she is merely setting up a site where various opinions are tolerated, namely by bringing on recognized contrarian journalists like Pepe Escobar to write a few articles for them, while she was personally supportive of the entire Bundy clan and the militia movement in Oregon and elsewhere. Most of the writers on her site are either totally inexperienced, looking for a paycheck via donations to her site, or have a pronounced pro-capitalist bias. It is always about property rights, and nothing else. James Corbett, one of her biggest enablers on the net, is an anarcho-capitalist, living in Japan while at the same time enjoying the benefits of socialized medicine there, while it still exists. If you ask me, these people are pure opportunists, looking out for their own personal benefits, while undermining any sensible change via their own hidden agendas. The same goes for Stefan Moleneux, of course, another disinformation agent, with a purely personal agenda and ideological framework completely in tune with the ruling elites.

          The neo-liberal dogma has completely taken over – within the ruling classes, and I’m afraid that only a total financial collapse on a global scale might bring about any change at all, at this point. This collapse in and of itself will have huge consequences for ordinary people across the entire planet, most of them casualties, in the ensuing and unrelenting warfare over the last remaining resources on earth. MMT and monetary sovereignty theories might not be enough at this point to ward off the impending disaster, which is our ecological endpoint, the point of no return, because the environmental destruction continues unabated. Your own hope may get you through to the end, a perfectly understandable position, but I’m afraid that we have reached the saturation point, the point, where entire species, including our own, die off, only to be replaced by much simpler organisms, far more resilient than us, and without the intelligence which we so praise.
          Our existence is merely temporary. Perhaps it is NOT unreasonable to say, that this is good thing, because any quest for power or domination is basically a human construct to start with. What is so bad about being non-existent anymore? Only humans seem to worry about this…

          • “Our existence is merely temporary.” Yes. The refusal to acknowledge this causes many problems in society. “Any quest for power or domination is basically a human construct to start with.” Well, social hierarchies are not unique to humans. They also occur in many social mammals, such as chimps, dogs, dolphins, walruses, etc. “What is so bad about being non-existent anymore? Only humans seem to worry about this.” Yes, this fear is illogical. If we don’t exist, then we have no problems. Did we exist before we were born? Anyway in my opinion the problem with humans is that most of them live in a dream world. Spiritual evolution consists gradually awakening from our dream world.

          • Your punishing, misanthropic strain of environmental thinking is also part of the elite’s agenda. If we accept the notions that our own species is entirely garbage, that we can’t work to improve anything without breaking the natural order, and that we inevitably will, I think these are very convenient justifications for their predations. I personally side with the Larouche crew on this issue.

          • I agree with Ella. You have to remember, Sibel got her start saying she was an interpreter who discovered communications between the terrorists from 9/11 from before the attack which, when she first came out, translated to LIHOP (they Let It Happen On Purpose) which is certainly limited hangout and more likely, considering who she worked for, Cass Sunstein controlled opposition.

            Corbett does some good work. Why I put his video up yesterday. But he’s also a version of the same thing (why they work so closely together) Yes, he is beyond libertarian and a pure neoliberal in alternative clothing. He backs public education privatization and basically the destruction of the state across the board. His background is less obvious, but similar. He was one of those people hand selected to go over to Japan and “teach English” to Japanese students. But he didn’t speak Japanese at the time. What he was really there for was to have politically and economically tinged conversations with Japanese youth, to get them to start to see the world in neoliberal light.

            That guy Dawson was part of the same program.

            So you see, being an “influencer” or what they call a “thought leader” has been part of his MO for a very long time. Now he just figures to do the same for the alternative community. I don’t respect him at all to be honest, but, when he puts out these videos like he did for 9/11, even though I know he is just doing it to build credibility, it is still valuable as a teaching tool. Just don’t spend anymore time with the “teacher”

            • Corbett is a pure neoliberal in alternative clothing? I’d like to see a link which supports your assertion. If your claim is valid, I’ll mentally cross Corbett off my list. You know (I hope) how I feel about neoliberals.

      • Sibel Edmonds first reaction to the 9/11 attacks was to lend her support to the empire – i.e. by joining the FBI. She definitely has her own perspective when it comes to the difficult relationship between Turkey and other players in the middle east, and her background as an immigrant to America. She is intelligent and articulate, and probably realized via her work for the FBI, that things were not as straightforward as she initially believed. Hence, she became a whistleblower. Ever since then, however, has largely overstated her own role in actually supporting other whistleblowers. I think its useful to listen to some of her opinions and commentary, but I certainly would not trust her without reservation.

        • Sibel Edmonds got her FBI translating job immediately after 9-11. (She was an immigrant, she believed in the USA, and she needed a job). Soon she discovered mass corruption and incompetence inside the FBI, and she was fired for bringing it to her bosses’ attention. She was silenced and marginalized by the gag order she signed when she took the job, and by additional gag orders imposed on her afterward. I don’t regard her as a disinfo agent. I just think she’s correct about some things, but incorrect about others. (Same as the rest of us.)

          • that’s unfortunate that you can’t see past her cover, but she is CLEARLY a disinfo asset. Her big “revelation” was that they Let It Happen On Purpose…. which is CLEARLY disinfo.

          • You don’t think she is disinfo?

            “Edmonds worked for the FBI from Sept. 20, 2001, to March 2002 as a contract linguist. She was hired to retranslate material that was collected prior to Sept. 11 to determine if anything was missed in the translations relating to the plot. Edmonds concluded that documents clearly showed that the Sept. 11 hijackers were in the country and plotting to use airplanes as missiles. She said documents also included information relating to their financial activities.” Chris Strohm, 2004

            Yeah. She’s disinfo.

            • I see. A disinfo clown makes some claim about Edmonds, which you present as proof that everything Edmonds says is proof that she’s is a disinfo agent. Many thanks for getting my mind right. 🙂

              • I see… he’s a disinfo clown.

                “President Bush said they had no specific information about Sept. 11, and that’s accurate,” says Edmonds. “But there was specific information about use of airplanes, that an attack was on the way two or three months beforehand and that several people were already in the country by May of 2001. They should’ve alerted the people to the threat we’re facing…

                .. “I’m hoping the commission asks him (FBI director Mueller) real questions — like, in April 2001, did an FBI field office receive legitimate information indicating the use of airplanes for an attack on major cities? And is it true that through an FBI informant, who’d been used [by the Bureau] for 10 years, did you get information about specific terrorist plans and specific cells in this country? He couldn’t say no,”” Sibel Edmunds, 2004

                Specific “cells” as in terror cells… info on using planes as weapons and them planning to target large skyscrappers… should have issued a terror alert… As in they “Let It Happen On Purpose”

                Right from her own mouth.

                “At the very least, as early as May/June 2001, we could have issued a red code alert to the public, and we would have issued this very urgent warning system, which would, in return, have increased our Airport and INS security. Could we have prevented in 100% certainty? I don’t think anything is that certain. However, we would have had a very, very good chance for preventing it. And agent Smith and I, we crossed the same person, because my case has to do with Dale Watson too.” Sibel Edmunds, 2004

                So that guy is a disinfo asset according to you? And not her?

                Let me ask you a question: what do you think about 9/11?

                • You seem annoyed. This was not my desire or intention. Anyway I promise I got my mind right. 🙂

                  • You’re ignoring the evidence relating to Sibel. It’s right there in front of you. She said it herself… no “disinfo clown” needed. and you ignore it… and my question.

                    • I have not ignored your question. On the contrary, in my comments here, I have repeatedly expressed my views regarding 9-11. I note that the comments section of blogs, many disagreements stem from basic misunderstandings. For instance, when two or more parties continually argue about whether someone is a “disinfo agent” (to cite one example) it’s usually because they falsely assume that they all agreed on the definition of “disinfo agent” in the first place. Anyway, praise the Lord, I now got my mind right. Sibel Edmonds is a disinfo agent of the Deep State.

                    • I’m not arguing. When she came out saying she intercepted communications between the patsies which, she claims, they were talking about hijacking commercial airliners to use as missiles to take out large skyscrappers, she’s disinfo because that didn’t happen. They weren’t even on the planes. And if you think they informed those idiot drug addict mercs about their plans, you are extremely naive. They were brought here to serve as patsies. that’s it. So, what she said… is bullshit. That’s why she was featured on the cover of TIME magazine and that is why she was allowed to testify in congress. Her BS LIHOPy story is the basis for the official story about the intelligence agencies “not communicating or sharing info with each other” which is the official, official story of 9/11.

                      That’s not an argument, those are facts. Indisputable facts. Which of course you said came from a “disinfo clown” who wrote about it. Well, the quotes I left show the same story comes from her mouth.

                      Here is a 2009 report from James Corbett where he says Chomsky admits LIHOP is possible. In that, Corbett writes about the sworn testimony of Sibel Edmunds as some of the evidence that Chomsky should not ignore in terms of the Bush administration letting it happen on purpose.

                      “After spending several minutes repeating his tired arguments about the impossibility of 9/11 as an inside job, Chomsky then concedes that the notion that the Bush Administration knew of an impending attack and let it happen on purpose is “conceivable.” James Corbett

                      And here she is saying certain elements of the government “let it happen” on RT with Abby Martin.


                      I wonder how those dreaded 19 terrorists got into Twin Towers and rigged them for demolition along with Building 7 prior to the 11th and how they were able to kick of their destruction after flying those planes into them? Pretty remarkable for a bunch of idiots who couldn’t fly planes. But hey, they found their passports in the rubble with barely a scratch on them, so who could argue with that.

                      uh yeah, it’s not a debate. She is certainly disinfo and her Newbud is pure limited hangout.

                • I’d like to respond, but just now WordPress is eating my comments.

                  • Being a frequent observer of this comment section, I’ve noticed that WordPress absolutely loves the taste of your replies Elizabeth. Since I tend to enjoy their flavor as well, I was wondering why you don’t copy & paste them to notepad before clicking the Post/Eat Comment button. I’d much rather read about your insights on a topic than the total number of your lost words gobbled up by the evil WordPress monster.

                    • her comment was found and published as they always are.

                    • I’m sorry to disagree, but my comments are NOT always published. Some have vanished forever. (Damn. Just when I thought I had my mind right.) Anyway, I write all my comments on Notepad before pasting them here. Perhaps there is a faulty adjustment in this blog’s anti-spam filtration settings.

                    • Really? When ever you’ve commented that one is missing, I have gone and found it. Sometimes you leave duplicate or slightly altered versions of the same comment and I don’t publish multiple copies of the same one, but as far as I can see from the “trash” section where they go, sometimes, there are none that are still there. If you know of some that never showed up, certainly let me know.

                    • The comments that vanished were, for the most part, comments I did not follow with “Comment eaten by WordPress.” I didn’t push it, because I figured they had vanished because I had accidentally touched a nerve. Would you like to see one example? Regarding my own nerves, the only person here who has ever truly twisted my nose was that “mrturdguy” whose entry pass you eventually had to revoke.

                    • oh. you think I sensor comments?

                    • I only know that some of my comments vanished, and they were not duplications. This does not bother me, since the comments that vanished were not connected with topics I regarded as highly important. When I used to comment on other blogs, fully half of all my comments were censored (deleted). Often I was banned altogether, for saying the exact same things I say here. Indeed the reason I leave so many comments here is that I refuse to leave comments anywhere else. They all censor me. And I was far more mild and diplomatic elsewhere than I am here. Oh well. As humans, none of us like having our divinity questioned. 🙂

                    • One person (a one-time visitor) claimed that both Trump and Putin work for the Jews. I responded by disagreeing. That person’s comment vanished, along with my response to it. This was no big deal, since I didn’t like his comment, and upon reflection I didn’t like the wording of my own comment either.

                    • It wasn’t my intent to make accusations or stir the pot. My only issue with either one of you is you don’t write enough to keep my mind occupied 24/7. I was merely leaving a helpful suggestion. Sorry, just tied a personal best in the drinks/hr marathon at my family’s Easter celebration & should probably shut up until Monday.

    • All controlled opposition have to tell a lot of truths with their lies. I have listen a little and she is a well articulated women but the ex FBI thing is a red flag. In the same manner Putin’s ex KGB affiliation and “ex” (cough) Mason thing is. I don’t think it is anything like a ex alphabet-soup agency agent. In those criminal gangs it’s blood in – blood out, and if you leave in a bad standing you bleed out. They have the same creditability as an ex pedophile being credible as the daycare worker of the year.

  4. The article doesn’t say whether or not ALL of the weapons were recovered.

    We’re about due for another Allahu Akbar™ FF special, Easter Sunday would be a good day for lighting up some peons, if Herr Trump doesn’t give the Easter Bunny a radioactive roasting.

    • North Korea here we come. Each day the corporate media outlets claim that North Korea has made yet another nuclear threat. No one knows where these supposed North Korean “threats” come from. They are like the fabricated “statements by ISIS.”

      North Korea’s “nuclear threats” might as well be made by invisible extraterrestrials.

      • Yeah, but it serves to distract the rubes from the USG war crimes against Mosul and the illegal attack against Syria.
        Keep the sheeple scared and bawling for help…from the same psychos who are prancing around in the wolf costume.

        Like the saying goes, You can shear a sheep many times, but butcher it only once.

  5. I don’t think Trump have “turned around”. I think he is doing what he was selected to do and “Make America Great again” was just an empty bait as meaningless as “Change” and “Yes We Can”. You don’t get selected president without being a part of the agenda. And the agenda is to herd us towards a One World Government. Politicians in my country is acting insane to and that goes for the whole of Europe and USA. They want us to get tired of our politicians and the whole current political system. They have to corrupt it so their shitty One World Government seems like a better option. On the way to their main goal the greedy SOB:s make a lot of money while consolidating their power. There is no solution in any individual politician or in the political system at all. Our only possible salvation is us, the people. And that goes for all the people. It’s not enough with a little “awaken” clique because everybody have to see the light. And I have difficulties seeing that happen. A lot of people I have talked to rather continue believing lies than to admit they have been fooled.

    • Possible, but … once the CIA briefs you on how much power they have, gives you a few demonstrations of that power, then suggests your children and grand children just might .. well … LIVE … well, you know, it then becomes much easier to choose to become part of the swamp …

      • You judge a man by his actions, not his motives or the underlying reasons. As I wrote. You don’t get selected president without being approved. As long as people put their trust in the system then these charades will continue. And Trump was a part of the swamp prior being selected president. Admitting to yourself you have been fooled is quite liberating.

  6. I think this article explains what or somewhat trump is really about. I can’t speak about the credibility of the website though.

    Now who they actually referring to be “america first” in america is another discussion.

  7. North korea to me is being extreme (of course). But they don’t want to end up like iraq, libya or a repeat of the korean war or even worst. Thing about NK and Iran they have bad “PR” internationally and they make it hard for others to defend them. To me the two governments behave strong-arm for their populations and government. But I am definetly not envious to be a citizen of either. People really believe that when NK and Iran truly join the club like pakistan, india, israel etc. They are actually going to nuke the planet which is crazy to me. They oppress their populations because foreign countries meddle and create traitors in their populations.

    • North Korea is extreme? How do you know? We only have claims by the corporate media outlets, which rarely tell the truth. If the outlets claim that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is a dictator who oppresses his people, and wants to nuke America, then how do we know it’s true? Until I see official pronouncements by the DPRK government, I decline to believe the propaganda.

    • The US could resolve the NK issue by not conducting provocative military exercises every year and relaxing the sanctions (economic warfare) that hurt NK’s ordinary citizens more than anyone else.

      It won’t do so because the tension suits ruling class interests.

      • Empires must have a perpetual “enemy” and a “threat.” If no threat exists, the Empire creates one, or fabricates one. All Empires do this (no exceptions). It was true millennia ago, it is true today, and will be true forever, unless human nature changes.

        • Mike King of ‘Tomato Bubble’ has an accurate reading on N. Korea. Israel hates them because they’ve sided with the Palestinians and Syria, so they must be destroyed.

          And if the USA stopped all its murdering, False Flagging, invasions, bombings, wars etc, the economy would drop like a rock in water.
          We live on blood, the blood of others.

          • Zionism (i.e. Jewish supremacy), neoliberalism, imperialism, militarism and racism are all manifestations of the same evil, the same hydra that hates any nation which resists any one of its many heads. N. Korea is not neoliberal. Therefore N. Korea is hated by Zionists, racists, neoliberals, and all other heads of the hydra. N. Korea has sent troops to defend African nations from neoliberalism. N. Korea’s fighter pilots have even defended Syria and Egypt from Zionist aggression. Clearly N. Korea is a threat to the evil hydra, and is therefore a “rogue state” that must be destroyed.

          • “If the USA stopped all its murdering, False Flagging, invasions, bombings, wars etc, the economy would drop like a rock in water.”

            I think the economy would be unleashed. We would be free to engage in productive enterprises, rather that wasting all our energy toiling for our owners. The body politic would no longer be dedicated solely to feeding the cancer.

          • Incidentally, I do not agree with people who say that Jews control the USA. I say that Zionism, neoliberalism, imperialism, etc. are all heads on the same hydra. Many people hate one of the heads (e.g. hate Zionists) while they favor other heads (e.g. militarism). Fake leftists are notorious for this. They condemn racism, for example, but they favor imperialism and Zionism, which are other heads on the same hydra. I say that if you favor ANY of the heads, you favor them all. For example, if you are a neoliberal, then you are also a Zionist, regardless of what you claim. Likewise, if you truly oppose one of the heads, then you oppose them all. If you oppose only some of them, you worship the hydra.

  8. Elizabethharris001 yeah very true. Language divides us .

  9. Hey Willy and company- again apologies for the off topic, though I will say, wrt Sibel Edmonds- I would not rely on her as a sole resource.
    I would rely on no one as a sole resource preferring multiple resources always and then making up my own mind- James Corbett does some good work too- but I don’t agree 100 percent with all he states.
    Pretty sure it would be unrealistic and highly unlikely that we, any of us, would ever agree 100 percent with on another-

    But, that’s not why I stopped by- Scott the 5 eyes media is spinning the Turkish referendum is to close to call/neck in neck and other such drivel. However I found a fellow in Turkey, (suspect he’s reporting to superiors on the on the ground situation in Turkey) he’s got the poll running about 60 percent yes/40 percent no

    not neck in neck at all
    check this out, please and thanks

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