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  1. Jimmy Dore correctly says the corporate media outlets are all worthless. My question for everyone is, if you don’t believe the media lies about one topic (e.g. war), then why do you believe the media lies about another topic (e.g. that the U.S. government is ‘insolvent,’ and that taxes must be increased if we want Single Payer)? If you don’t believe the nonsense about Syrian military “gas attacks,” then why do you believe the nonsense about the U.S. government’s “debt crisis”? If you don’t believe Rita Katz’s fabricated images, then why do you believe the “national debt clock” farce? If you don’t believe the media lies about today’s events, then why do you believe the media lies about past events? I myself cling to fairy tales just like everyone else does. I’m only asking that we be aware of it.

  2. “The Democratic party is the soft and fluffy arm of the military industrial complex.” ~ Dave Reinitz

    There was once a time when Democrat lies differed in style from Republican lies, but today, most Democrats love to murder people as much as Republicans love it. Some Democrats love it even more (e.g. Howard Dean) while some Republicans are anti-war (e.g. Ron Paul). This is what happens when Empires are in their twilight. Everything becomes more warped, inverted, and surreal than usual.

  3. FAKE LEFTIST ALERT. “Cost-sharing reduction payments” (CSRs) are federal subsidies that reduce ObamaCare deductibles and co-payments for lower-income people. CSRs are discretionary with politicians — i.e. the ObamaCare law does not mandate CSR subsidies. Trump is threatening to cut CSRs as a means to get Democrats to the negotiating table on repealing ObamaCare. Fake leftists blogs, plus Democrats like Chuck Schumer, are panicking, since they know that if Trump pushes hard enough, the masses may wake up and start to demand Single Payer. This would dry up the ocean of bribe money from the private insurance industry. Therefore Schumer is screaming that “Trump wants to destroy your health coverage!” That is, Trump wants to KILL YOU ALL!!!

    • the “single payer” I believe they have in mind is one similar to Israel’s. Its 4 insurance companies, you pick which one you want to use (choice?) and they are paid through an “insurance tax” taken from your pay every week. It’s a horrible plan. But if they do away with the “across state lines” restriction, you can bet this is what they are shooting for. It’s another version of mandated insurance. And clearly, it’s fascist, as the government serves to mandate the payments, collect the money as a “tax” and they work exclusively to make sure the plans are profitable for the companies.

      • That’s already starting to happen at the state level. The insurance industry and its puppet politicians know that most people respond to the term “single payer.” Therefore the insurance thieves are setting up programs that include mandatory taxation to pay to the private insurers at the state level, and falsely calling it “single payer.” Most people don’t mind being shafted, since most people think in labels, slogans, and buzzwords. As long as their slavery is called “single payer,” they are happy, even when they know that the label is false.

        • The Empire will not necessarily expel a nation that has Single Payer (e.g. the U.K. and Canada) as long as the nation supports Israeli atrocities, worker abuse, and endless war. If a nation fails to do these, the Empire calls it a “rogue state” and a “sponsor of global terrorism.” Incidentally the only way a true Single Payer system could work at the state level is if a state had its own public bank like North Dakota has. Such banks create money out of thin air via ledger entries, just like the U.S. government does. Granted, banks create money as loans, but banks can adjust the interest rate and repayment terms (and can “forgive” the loan principle) so that loan money effectively operates like federal money. Naturally the private banks and their puppet politicians fight to their last breath to prevent public banks. Politicians would lose some of their bribe money. Can you imagine trying to survive on only a six-figure salary (plus the bribes you get from other industries such as weapons makers)?

          • What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander. Switzerland implements many nice-sounding laws internally, but isn’t very equitable in its economic treaties with other countries.

        • The easiest way to turn the tables is by demanding the public have access to the same plans the politicians do and at the same cost. Watch how the political prostitutes, pedophiles and parasites twist and squirm trying to avoid that obvious demand!

  4. Watched some BS show with two vapid heads babbling about the needed ‘soft transformation’ of power in Syria.

    Soft transfer? Hey, here’s an idea, why not let the Syrians vote on who they want, or is that too soft?

    Q. What’s the fav desert of WAR CRIMINALS?

    A. Chocolate cake topped with a cruise missile!

    The banksters and Israel want Assad gone and Syria destroyed and they usually get their way. If we dawdle too much, they might ‘gift’ the US with another False Flag, bigger than 9/11, all done by Syrians, Yemeni and Iranian people.

  5. Goddamn morons are getting closer to that ‘smoking gun’ Rice fantasied about:

    US drops biggest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan targeting ISIS caves

    “At 7.32pm local time today, US Forces – Afghanistan conducted a strike on an ISIS-K tunnel complex in Achin district, Nangarhar province, Afghanistan, as part of ongoing efforts to defeat ISIS-K in Afghanistan… The strike used a GBU-43 bomb dropped from a US aircraft,” the statement said.

    The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB), nicknamed the ‘Mother of All Bombs’, is a 21,600-pound, GPS-guided explosive. This is the first time that the US has used the MOAB bomb in combat.

    Pentagon spokesman Adam Stump said the bomb, which contains 11 tons of explosives, was dropped on a cave complex believed to be used by IS fighters in the Achin district of Nangarhar province, very close to the border with Pakistan.


    Bet Russia appreciated that back-door knock. The next one will be used in Syria?

    Hope it didn’t harm any poppy fields!

    • Russia has a system they call “The Father of All Bombs,” which they claim is four times as powerful as America’s GBU-43. Supposedly it is equal to a small nuke, but without the radioactive mess. (Great taste; fewer calories.) Incidentally, when the U.S. claims to have dropped a GBU-43 “MOAB” bomb, how do we know it wasn’t a B-61 Mod 11 nuclear “bunker buster”? Warmongers have been itching to use the latter since 1997, and the Pentagon has requested billions of federal dollars for the Pantex Plant in Amarillo TX to manufacture more. If the “beautiful, beautiful” B-61 was dropped, and it left massive radioactive debris, anyone who mentioned the debris would be dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist.”

      • Hopefully not. That would put radioactive waste into Pakistan. Not the only reason it would be very bad, but this would not be good either.

    • In connection with this, I just added a satirical images to my old blog.

  6. IN CASE THE SUSAN RICE SCANDAL FLARES UP AGAIN the Deep State has positioned two ships with cruise missiles off the North Korean coast. Trump says he may use the missiles to stop the North Korean “threat.” NBC News says that heavy bombers from Guam may also attack North Korea, plus fighters from the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier. Since the average American cannot read Korean, and knows less than nothing about N. Korea, he believes whatever lies the Empire tells him about N. Korea. And he calls you insane if you suggest that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un just wants to avoid ending up like Saddam, Gaddafi, Noriega, etc.

  7. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (an arch-neoliberal) says Japan is “under threat” from a “sarin nerve gas attack” from N. Korea.

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