While Talking about his “beautiful piece of cake” Trump Lies About Success Rate of 59 Missiles “heading toward Iraq”

by Scott Creighton

This guy is an idiot and what’s more, it seems the Pentagon may have launched the attack without his approval.

In this interview, President Trump finally answers the tough question: what exactly was he doing when they launched missiles at Syria (a crime of aggression and unconstitutional)

He says he and the president of China were eating “the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake.” when someone leaned over to him and told him “the generals” said the “ships were locked and loaded. What do you do? And we made the determination to do it”

The idiot interviewing him is actually giggling about the situation. She’s gleeful. Like a kid talking to her parents about going to Disney World or something. It’s disgusting.

Notice right when he starts to talk about the “message”, he keeps looking off to the right as he recounts what happened. He doesn’t do that talking about the fucking cake. Just the “message”.

And notice he says the guy gave him a message. He doesn’t say he asked for his approval. He says he gave him a message.

That’s probably because the person leaned over and whispered in his ear “they just launched missiles at Syria”

Did Trump per-approve the strike? If he did, don’t you think he would want to be there watching the strike and commanding the situation… JUST IN CASE SYRIA LAUNCHED A RETALIATION ATTACK ON OUR SHIPS? Just in case we hit a Russian by mistake and WORLD WAR III BREAKS OUT?

Nah. Trump wanted some beautiful cake.

Talk about not answering the phone at 3am. He was asleep at the wheel at 8pm eating cake at a posh resort while his military waged war. That’s one hell of a Commander in Chief, right?

Now if the beautiful cake and the giggling, idiotic sycophant isn’t bad enough to make you vomit watching this crap, stay tuned until he starts lying about how 100% of the missiles “hit’

Yeah, 100% hit something. Hit the water. Hit a house somewhere in Syria. Hit a dirt hill someplace.

Fact is, only 39% of the damn things hit the air base. The thing was up and running within 12 hours after the strike. They didn’t hit the runway. They didn’t hit the taxis runways. They hardly hit anything. But Donald and his glorious generals couldn’t possibly say anything derogatory about Raytheon who made the damn things. Gotta keep up the illusion that we are #1

After that The Duke of Orange says “So what happens is I said “We’ve just launched 59 missiles heading toward Iraq

The guy is a moron. He then went on to pretend the president of China said it was “OK” because Assad attack “BABIES!” with “gasses”


It’s no wonder they have to get sycophantic vapid fan-girls to interview him.

14 Responses

  1. that reporter acts like she is at a party and she is already ‘high’.
    they are having fun…. making fun of Americans, I guess.
    yeah, Trump is not very bright. He just doesn’t care.

  2. Yup, that reporter seems to personify the fusion of a sexual coquettish like energy with the use of “sanctioned violence”. Sick stuff and it clearly reflects how ethically ungrounded we have become as a society. Totally mindless spectator sports on the way to the coliseum.

    • is ti me or is this a trend? Mathews getting tingles up his leg and slobbering when he talks about generals and war… Brian Williams waxing poetic with his bedroom voice talking about “beautiful rockets” … and now this? She looked and sounded like a school girl back in the 60s with a backstage pass at a Beatles concert. Their psycho-sexual affinity for war and war-mongers is beyond troubling. If we saw this crap coming out of North Korea or Iran, the press would go crazy. yet, here they are… making millions every year. just wow.

      • DeSadian morality play.

        I only say this because I once skimmed over the introduction of a Guido Crepax graphic novelization of ‘Justine,’ but quickly moved on to the hot stuff.

        Otherwise, no solid reference.

  3. It’s like when that one kid was reading a kids (goat) book to the other kids that one day in the classroom.

    I’ll tell you, when Don came out to give his acceptance speech on election overtime night, he didn’t look particularly thrilled to receive the honor. He looked like someone who had just gotten a talking to and came out to the stage as if with a gun in his back.

    Guy made a deal with a devil a long way back. An offer I would’ve refused, even if the other option was curtains

  4. How do we know that ANY of those “beautiful, beautiful” cruise missiles hit the Syrian airbase? How do we know they weren’t shot down by Russian defense systems?

    On 5 Oct 2016 Russia said its ships in the Caspian Sea had fired 26 missiles at 11 targets in Syria, 930 miles away. Russia said that all the rockets hit their targets. The USA claimed that none of the Russian rockets hit their targets, and some of them hit Iran.

    In wartime it’s not easy to distinguish fact from lies.

  5. It’s like the hiring standards rumoured for police forces, but in place of IQ it’s steps toward the memory care facility.

    How long until he “cannot recollect?”

    “Let Them Eat Jellybeans. Or This One Cake I Had That One Day”

    • Hey Bennie don’t use multiple names. If a comment gets eaten by WordPress like what just happened to Elizabeth, just let me know and I will find it. You’re not banned. I tell people if that happens. So if it happens again, just let me know, thanks.

  6. Maria the interviewer has been around a long time and she is capable, IMO she knew what style of questioning would get her the best interview. Not excusing her for acting like a teen in heat but it is not her usual style.

  7. I think with the exception of the info on the cake and Xi’s pause and request for a retranslation, the rest of his story is complete BS. I give him a year in office until he is either impeached or resigns.

  8. Isn’t it that Trump recorded his message for TV about the attack ahead of time before his meeting with the President of China?

  9. What about the picture with his staff allegedly watching the action? With Bannon there but w/o the director of CIA, btw.

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