Poll: Who is the Biggest Beneficiary of the Chemical Weapons False Flag in Syria?

by Scott Creighton

Answer after the break.

The correct answer is Susan Rice, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Remember right before the false flag took place and before The Duke of Orange let his generals take it upon themselves to launch an attack against a sovereign state that had done nothing to us, Susan Rice had been exposed as the person who took the intel generated from spying (most likely by the Brits through the 5 Eyes program), shared it around and made sure it would be available were anyone interested in leaking it to the press.

What she did was against the law and it looked as if, no matter how much they tried to spin it, she was going to be forced to testify before congress about what she knew and when she knew it. And they couldn’t have that.

The fact is, the unDemocratic Party stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders and then they used the power of the global intelligence community to try to find dirt on Trump or his people in a desperate attempt to secure Hillary a seat in the Oval Office.

And somebody blew the whistle on them.

You can understand that because somebody, probably in the intelligence world, leaked/hacked incriminating information about Hillary, the DNC and Podesta before the election. The civil war waging in IntelligenceLand is well known and thoroughly documented by better writers than myself.

As they were still trying to unseat Trump via the whole “He’s a Russian Agent” thing, someone decided enough is enough and they fed intel to various individuals like Judge Nap on Fox and Devin Nunes which proved the spying had nothing to do with a Russian hacking investigation and showed exactly who did what.

The scandal threatened all sorts of folks.

It threatened Hillary and Obama as well as the entire 5 Eyes program itself. I mean imagine what would have happened had that investigation not been side-tracked with the chemical weapons false flag and if it came to be known that Britain spied on Trump as a favor to Obama on behalf of Hillary Clinton and her minions.

There would be millions of Trump supporters in the streets demanding that program was ended immediately. Not to mention arrests to follow.

Possibly even Hillary’s or Barack’s.

Do you wonder why the unDemocratic Party is foaming at the mouth to push this further and further along? Why people like Howard Dean are ranting about Assad being Hitler over and over again whenever and where ever he can?

Why do all the Dems suddenly have enough faith in the man they all wanted out of the office a month ago to be pushing for war with him in charge? Why did they squeal in delight when he launched a missile attack on Syria, a violation of both federal and international law all based (if you read the 4 page report put out yesterday) on nothing more than propaganda put out by al-Qaeda and “ISIS”?

Did they suddenly turn into raving war-mongers, every single one of them with hardly an exception?


They demanded it be front page everywhere because the longer this story permeates the headlines, the farther they get from a real investigation into Susan Rice and precious ObamaGod’s illegal spying on Trump.

So who benefited the most from this false flag attack?

Trump didn’t. Raytheon’s stock went up some. Israel still wants Golan and the airbase we hit is where the Syrian army defends themselves from Israel’s terrorist friends. Sure al-Qaeda and “ISIS” were getting their asses kicked before the false flag, but they are back to losing ground in a big way in Hama right now as Russian and Assad have stepped up their attacks in retaliation for this BS.

So that leaves… Susan, Barack and Killary. They were and are the big winners from the Syrian chemical weapons false flag event.

If you want to prove me wrong, be my guest but keep in mind, with all the attention focused elsewhere, they have already begun fixing her reputation.

10 Responses

  1. I think you are correct. My compliments. The scandal is that Susan Rice was personally involved in a project (perhaps even the leader of it) to use various intelligence agencies to spy on Trump, and on everybody associated with him. The plan was to dig up dirt, which the corporate media outlets would broadcast, so that Hillary could have “her turn” in the White House. This was highly illegal. The scandal started to explode on 2 April 2017, and it had reached crisis levels by 5 April. Therefore the following day (6 April) the “beautiful, beautiful” cruise missiles were fired at Syria, causing the scandal to magically vanish. Trump could put a lot of people in prison if he wasn’t so spineless. Rice, Obama, Hillary, a lot of them.

  2. OFF TOPIC – On 7 Nov 2017, New Jersey will elect a new governor. Primary elections will be 6 June 2017. Term limits prevent Chris Christie from running again. Candidates include five Republicans and six Democrats. One Democrat, Philip D. Murphy, wants New Jersey to have a state-owned (i.e. public) bank like North Dakota has, so that New Jersey is not a slave of Wall Street and private banks. The private banks will do everything possible to stop him. This could be interesting, since Murphy himself is wealthy, and he spent 23 years at Goldman Sachs before retiring from there in 2006.

  3. CORRECTION – -Today (12 April 2017) Trump signed the ratification for Montenegro joining NATO. That makes 29 nations in the imperialist alliance.

    Previously I had claimed that Belarus was now the only European nation that was not part of NATO. In reality there are ten European nations still not part of NATO.

    Bosnia and Herzegovina

  4. In this poll, most people are able to suss out who benefits and the majority say Israel benefits.

    ‘Deep State’ is synonymous with Israel, ‘the nation of the jewish people’. Trump has been their puppet for decades. The BIS and Feral Reserve are also synonymous.

    Here is how the global lender of last resort/world war scheme works-


    Ivanka and Mr. 666 Fifth Avenue visited Schneerson’s grave the week of the election. Here Schneerson and Netanyahu confer on what’s taking so long to bring on the baphomet-

  5. ABC News says that U.S. troops have occupied Syria for the Barzani-stan project since early 2016, and that the number is now at 900. The Empire claims that they invaded Syria to “fight ISIS.” Many U.S. troops have surrounded the city of Raqqa, and are preparing to move in and slaughter whoever the Barzani gangsters want slaughtered. Additionally, the Barzani-stan project has entailed over 7,800 U.S. airstrikes in Syria as of 28 March 2017. http://abcnews.go.com/International/us-troops-syria-heres-theyre/story?id=46020582

  6. Yeah I noticed how that big story vaporized

    • so I just looked at MSNBC, CNN and Fox News. They all focus on Trump’s swing from fake populist to full on neoliberal… not a one of them has anything about Susan Rice or the spying story on their front page. Not a one. We’ve moved off the bombing story and the chemical weapons false flag and moved onto something else and POOF the 5 Eyes got us to look the other way.

      • It vanished from the larger corporate media outlets, but a handful of smaller outlets are now defending Susan Rice, saying she was “just doing her job.” Some Blacks are also defending Rice, since Black lies matter. Actually I don’t think the Rice scandal will go away. The FBI’s necks and the Intelligence Agencies’ necks are on the line. Hence they have been stonewalling Congress about Rice. Congress is on its Easter break until 24 April (House) and 25 April (Senate). Fox News says that after the break the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation of Rice will expand, and the Senate will become involved, and that the Trump regime is also involved.

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