8 reasons why White House “evidence” confirms Assad was NOT behind Idlib chemical attack

from the Duran

The White House has finally released some “evidence” they claim shows Assad carried out last week’s chemical attack, and the “evidence” was mostly derived from social media accounts, sprinkled with the standard…”we have more intelligence, but we cannot release at this time” rhetoric.

For his part, Secretary of Defense James Mattis looked to quickly quash doubts over which party was responsible for the “sarin gas” attacks, saying there was “no doubt” that the Assad regime “planned it, orchestrated it, and executed it.”

We should, of course believe the Generals and military men…they could not possibly benefit from more war, and the US Pentagon has never doctored evidence in past conflicts (Iraq, Serbia, Vietnam, Libya, Ukraine).

Much like with MH17, we have social media, from “trusted” social media accounts, being used by the White House to assign blame to Russia.  The report released blames Assad for the chemical weapons attack, but the real evil in the report is Russia and Putin.

To hell with evidence, The New York Times is happy with social media tweets and FB status updates to come to a final judgement. It’s called journalism in a millennial age…

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2 Responses

  1. OFF TOPIC: I notice that with a local incident such as a domestic shooting, the media outlets cite all their sources. “Military records confirm.” “Police records show.” “Courts records show.” “The forensic report reveals…” “Autopsy results prove…” “Local police said.” “The Police Chief said.” “Mr. Baker told reporters that…”

    However when it comes to justifying the Empire’s wars, the media outlets cite unnamed “senior officials” and “insiders with knowledge of the operation” and “experts not authorized to speak publicly.”

    Lies, distortions and fabrications. If you question them (or if you simply ask for evidence or hard proof) you are a “conspiracy terrorist.”

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