Sean Spicer: The First Goal is to Destabilize Syria (what was he really telling us?)

by Scott Creighton

For years Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton flat out denied that “regime” change in Syria was their top priority. Back then, under the protection of left cover, they were all about “ISIS” and humanitarian intervention and stuff. Suggesting anything different back then meant you would be labeled a “conspiracy theorists” and chastised in polite circles or on social media as soon as the trolls got wind of you. It wasn’t until a couple years ago that they started to let it out a little that they “might” have “regime” change in mind.

And as we all know, the first stage of that program is destabilization.

Every now and then, when you put unpolished people in front of the cameras, a little bit of truth accidentally creeps out over here in the Shining City on the Hill. Like a thousand monkeys typing for a thousand years… eventually you’ll get a masterpiece. It’s the law of probability.

If the people who voted for Donald Trump wanted him to come in and be a D.C. disrupter, a real one, not a phony staged reality TV star version of that, well they got a little taste of it yesterday if they were paying attention.

When answering questions about the riff growing in the White House over how to move forward in Syria after the staged false flag PR event that was the “chemical weapons attack” last week, Sean got all tongue-tied trying to explain how the “Assad has to go!” faction and the “Assad can stay!” faction were really saying the same thing. ಠ_ಠ (yes, it’s an old dated meme but I like it)

Why don’t they just fire Nikki Haley and be done with it?

Haley is actively undermining the stated policy of the office of the president and whether it is by design or because she’s taking her orders from someone else, it just doesn’t matter. She has to go. Especially when you consider she’s openly advocating for a more war-like posture against a sovereign state, which has yet to be authorized by congress.

That’s essentially treason on a number of levels.

But apparently undermining the president and advocating war isn’t an unprecedented thing as of late. The Pentagon and the CIA undermined Obama’s peace deal with Russia back before the election when they “accidentally” bombed the Syrian Arab Army for an hour and then when that didn’t work to kill the deal, the CIA got their “moderate” terrorists to bomb a UN aid convoy in eastern Aleppo and tried to blame it on Assad.

I believe the same kind of thing happened in Khan Sheikhoun last week or at least a variation of it. Tillerson announced a Russian reset of sorts and proclaimed the Syrian people would be allowed to determine their own fate at the election box and the intel community with their Mockingbird attack dogs in the press went ballistic. The fact that it had been exposed that an insider provided Devin Nunes with information about the 5 Eyes being used to spy on Trump during and after the campaign didn’t help either. Something had to be done and I believe it was done without presidential approval.

Months ago we all understood there was a war being waged within the intelligence community and I personally don’t believe that conflict has been resolved.

Someone hacked Clinton’s server (Guccifer) and Podesta’s email account (Guccifer 2.0) and someone else took the leaks from the DNC and made sure they got published immediately. Someone killed the leaker Seth Rich in which was probably an intel asset hit to send a message to others who were thinking of following in his footsteps.

And while all this was going on, we now know Susan Rice was busy unmasking names from scooped up surveillance and spreading that info around to various agencies so it could be used against Trump during the campaign and possibly leaked in the future to undermine his new presidency. That intel more than likely was collected by the British under the 5 Eyes agreement as a favor to President Obama because he wanted Hillary to continue his policies but also because the British absolutely hated the idea of Trump in the White House since he had spoken unfavorably of interventionism and favorably of Brexit.

In short, it served the interests of the British establishment to… INTERFERE WITH OUR ELECTION.

Whoa. Anybody thought of that? It wasn’t the Russians who destabilized our democratic process (or what we call “democratic” anyway) but in fact, it was our own intel services fighting among themselves doing it from within… and the GD Brits doing it from abroad.

Think about that. Using Russia to cover up for what our 5 Eyes partner did.

Today, some in the industry claim they have decided that Russia and Putin were behind the “chemical weapons attack” in Syria last week. Others say that is far from a unanimous conclusion.

Sound familiar?

We know, we “conspiracy theorists” that is, we know that destabilization and “regime” change has been the 1st priority of the Syrian manufactured crisis since Day One. Hell, it even goes back way before then.

In 2005, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour interviewed Syrian President Assad and said to him “Mr. President, you know the rhetoric of regime change is headed towards you from the United States….They’re talking about isolating you diplomatically and, perhaps, a coup d’etat or your regime crumbling. What are you thinking about that?” Consortium News

“or your regime crumbling” a.k.a. “destabilization” of the country via “moderate” terrorists and “ISIS”. That’s irregular warfare as described in the Special Operations manual. And who do we have over there “training” our “moderate” terrorists? Special Operations troops. That’s who. ಠ_ಠ (yeah, there it is again… deal with it.)

It’s painfully obvious that the 1st goal in Syria has always been destabilization with an eye toward “regime” change. It has been the understated policy for at least 12 years but people in the know like Christiane Amanpour and a couple “conspiracy theorists” let it slip every once and a while.

But none of them let it slip while standing behind a podium in the White House. And that sets Sean Spicer apart a bit in my opinion.

Yeah, he tried to cover up for his mistake by saying they were trying to “destabilize the conflict’ as if he wanted to make the “moderate” terrorist campaign worse or something… which might even be a more telling statement than his first slip-up.

If we take this statement as a confession, that’s one thing. But if we take it as an indictment of the previous administration AND as a possible clue as to what happened last week and what MAY happen in the future… then it takes on a whole different life of it’s own, doesn’t it?

Now, I’m not saying Spicer is in any way that clever or devious… but a truth slip is a truth slip and even if he didn’t MEAN to indict Obama, Clinton and all the intel assets that are STILL doing their bidding, it is entirely possibly that THAT is what he was saying to the press… because THAT is what he was THINKING.

This morning I have yet to see one single MSM outlet discuss his “slip” yesterday. It’s down the memory hole. The anti-Trump Washington Post mentioned it in passing way down at the bottom of this article saying they didn’t know what he meant by it. You would think they would harp all over that crap. But they didn’t. Of course, they were in the pockets of the Clinton regime during the entire election cycle and as we all know, the owner of that publication is DEEP in the pockets of the DEEP STATE… so I guess they figure the less people really think about that slip-up the better.

Which all goes to my previous conclusion.

In this business, sometimes you can make too much out of a line. But sometimes the whole world opens up like a book from just one, inadvertent slip. In this case, it’s obvious which side we should take on this one.

The first goal is as it always was and maybe, just maybe, it shouldn’t be.

35 Responses

  1. Human epistemology is entirely political. That is, “truth” and “facts” are products of social power. The more wealthy and powerful you are, the more your lies are “true.” The less wealthy and powerful you are, the more your truth is a “conspiracy theory.” A rich person’s lies are “true.” A poor person’s truths are “lies.” This bullshit continues because society pretends that the bullshit does not exist.

    Likewise, economics is bullshit, because economists pretend that economics is free of politics. Economists pretend, for example, that neoliberalism has nothing to do with widening the gap between the rich and the rest.

    Human society is a game of the emperor’s new clothes.

  2. This seems to be a rule…

    If a blog is run by one person (e.g. Scott) then the blog has a chance of remaining truthful and consistent. But when a blog becomes a committee project, the blog usually degrades into trash.

    For example, the “Counterpunch” blog continues to accelerate its neoliberalism and its warmongering. “Counterpunch” today has a number of posts which claim that the “gas attack” lies are all true. I won’t cite any links. You’ve heard it a million times.

    This phenomenon is evidently a fact of life.

  3. Robert Kennedy Jr wrote a beautiful overview of the Syrian situation.

    • If we think that the Syria project involves oil and gas alone, then we provide cover for the Empire. What about Israel 2.0 (aka Barzani-stan)? What about the Empire’s rivalry with Russia? What about the global campaign to crush all nations that are not neoliberal?

      Also, Mr. Kennedy thinks that “ISIS” opposes the Empire, instead of being armed and funded by the Empire.

      Never start by conceding the Empire’s premises. Never start with, “Yes, but…” Never start with “I agree that ISIS must be defeated, but…” Never start with, “Yes the gas attack was real, but…” When we start like this, we lose. We serve the Empire. We become fake leftists.

      And let’s never use the Empire’s vocabulary. For example, a proxy war is not an “intervention.”

      • Did you read the article? Here’s a quote from it:
        … “The Islamic State is a clear creation of the United States, and the United States is trying to intervene again using the excuse of the Islamic State.”

        In fact, many of the ISIS fighters and their commanders are ideological and organizational successors to the Jihadists that the CIA has been nurturing for 30 years.

        Over the past seven decades, the Dulles brothers, the Cheney Gang, the neocons and their ilk have hijacked that fundamental principle of American idealism and deployed our military and intelligence apparatus to serve the mercantile interests of large corporations and particularly, the petroleum companies and military contractors who have literally made a killing from these conflicts. It’s time for Americans to turn America away from this new imperialism and back to the path of idealism and democracy.

        • Admittedly the first time I read it my eyes glazed over when I saw (right at the start), “As we focus on the rise of ISIS and search for the source of the savagery…”

          This is a variant of “Yes, but…”

          When I see this, I regard everything after it as dubious. Still, although I skimmed the article the first time, I read it again just now more carefully, and I stand by my comments above.

          Also, regarding the “fundamental principle of American idealism” being “hijacked,” I do not believe that such a principle ever existed in the first place. Therefore it doesn’t look to me like we will agree on anything. You may have the last word.

          • I forgot to add that I switch off when I see someone use the Empire’s bullshit buzzwords, such as “intervention.”

            Anyway, have at me. 🙂

          • I’m on your side Elizabeth. Perhaps the article was too simplistic but I thought it a good overview at least for someone like me who only pays occasional attention to the workings of government.

            As far as hijacking American idealism … that is happening on every college campus in America right now. Convincing idealistic youth that they are not stealing oil but making the world safe for democrazy.

            • Actually I am a big fan of Kennedy. Elsewhere he has attacked Big Pharma’s horrendous price gouging for drugs, and Big Pharma’s toxic (yet mandatory) vaccination scam.

              • How can I know what pharmaceutical companies/products are less harmful? I was vaccinated abroad (probably not in the hands of the same companies, or I hope so), and I seem to be alright.

                • Never submit to vaccination again. It won’t help you, and it may harm you. Whenever a disease has been cured or eradicated, it was done through improved hygiene, nutrition, and sanitation. Vaccines are toxic snake oil. Big Pharma boosts its profits by bribing politicians to make vaccinations mandatory. Vaccines are designed to subvert the natural immune process, so that you remain sick, and therefore dependent upon Big Pharma.

                  If I start talking about this subject, I will never shut up. 🙂

                  • I need scholarship to support myself so I don’t look crazy.

                    • No one looks crazy as long as he is sincerely inquisitive. The crazy ones are the trolls who come here and never express confusion, or ask for clarification, or moderate their anger at other readers. The ones who are too “brilliant” to learn anything new. Like that one that Scott finally had to block. What was his name? “mrturdguy” or something.

                  • Properly made vaccines simply induce the same immune response as an actualy infection. Against many pathogens, this can induce immunity (eg, like getting chickenpox). The biological principle itself is sound. However, vaccination programs have been used as covers for experimentation on unsuspecting groups or even populations.

                    • BTW, I don’t get the flu vaccine. It actually did make me sick and it has only a certain probability of being effective in any given year, as it is not generally possible to properly predict the recombinant variant(s) of Influenza that will spread most quickly in the next year.

  4. EXAMPLE OF FAKE LEFT BULLSHIT: “Did Syria deliberately use chemical weapons on civilians? Does it matter?”

    This question comes from an article whose thesis is a variant of the “two wrongs don’t make a right” bullshit. Assad was wrong to “gas” civilians, but this did not make it right to retaliate with missiles.

    But what if Assad “gassed” no one? It doesn’t matter. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Therefore Assad did it.

    Imagine if every criminal defense attorney said of his client, “Did he do it? Is he guilty? Does it matter?”

  5. It seems that Trump has decided on a new war. According to his later «tweet», he says: «North Korea is looking for trouble. If China decides to help, that would be great. If not, we will solve the problem without them! U.S.A.» What a stupid man!

    • Trump has never been much interested in the Middle East. His personal nemesis has always been China and (by extension) North Korea.

      Perhaps he tried in the past to swindle a Chinese firm or a Chinese government official, and was outsmarted, such that Trump lost a lot of money.

      • The “anti-war” clowns are supporting Trump in this. They are tired of hearing about the Middle East, and they want a fresh new war. They call North Korea a “hermit kingdom” and a “dictatorship” that “threatens world security.” They want Trump to blast North Korea with cruise missiles. They are panting for war, and they believe everything (EVERYTHING) the corporate media outlets tell them about North Korea.

        Until now, these “anti-war” people haven’t gotten their fresh new war, since Israel doesn’t seem much interested in North Korea. What they need is for South Korea to arrange for a false flag “gas attack” with ordinary bug spray (which Trump will call “nerve gas”) combined with some pictures of South Korean babies (“BABIES!”).

  6. FAKE LEFTIST IN ACTION: In the video below, filmmaker Michael More supports the destruction of Syria.

    At 03:33, Moore channels M.K. Gandhi by urging the Empire’s bloodthirsty “moderate” head-choppers” to “Be brave. Don’t give up. History is on your side. Every dictator, despot, and bad person in history has gone down in flames. I’m so proud of you!”

    When the Common Dreams web site presented this video, I criticized Moore. In response, Common Dreams purged all my previous comments, and banned me for life.

    • Michael Moore has gone down the drain, for many, many people. His support for Hillary Clinton was a nuisance and this video seems just a desperate attitude to hang on for something (attention? who knows).

  7. Ha ha ha! This one might finish Sean Spicer.

    Today he said that Assad is worse than Hitler, since Hitler didn’t gas people.

    Jews exploded. “What? Hitler gassed six million of us!” Spicer’s face wet white. Perspiration gushed out of his forehead. His mouth went dry. His jaw trembled. “I, ah, I meant that, ah, Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons on his own people in the same way as Assad.”

    Eyes stared at him like daggers. Silence filled the room. Somewhere in the distance, a dog barked.

  8. Establishment Democrats are attacking Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii) for questioning the Empire’s lies about Assad’s “gas attacks.” Howard Dean tweeted, “This is a disgrace! Gabbard should not be in Congress!”

    Neera Tanden wrote, “People of Hawaii’s 2nd district – was it not enough for you that your rep met with a murderous dictator? Will this move you?” (Tanden is tight with Hillary Clinton.)

    Gabbard, an Iraq war veteran, responded, “Those who’ve declared Trump a habitual liar now vilify those refusing to blindly follow Trump into another regime change war. Hypocrisy.”

  9. Black Sabbaths’ “War Pigs,” from 1970’s Paranoid album. 47 yo and still relevant.

    Back during cosmic touring days, when this song came on the album, my L–s—D cruiser was already in warp drive, heading into deep space.

    With lyrics, so put up with the babbling at first during the song’s opening…

  10. Good song. Back to 1970 with that one.
    Here’s an anti-war song from 1980. One of the actors in the music video is British billionaire Richard Branson.
    “General and majors always seen so unhappy ‘less they got a war…”

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