Sean Spicer Accidentally Told Reporters the 1st Goal is to “Destabilize Syria”

by Scott Creighton

Don’t really need to add anything to this.. do I?

Confirmation from Raw Story

Unfortunately three positive things he said will be lost in this. 1. that the determination of Assad as a ‘war criminal” can only be made by a court of law and 2. yes, indeed, they can fight and defeat “ISIS” without having to “regime” change first and 3. “we wont become the world’s policeman”.

These statements make me wonder if Trump hasn’t figured out he’s been cucked by the 5 Eyed monster or maybe he’s just watched his poll numbers drop like a rock and figured he better get back to what put him in D.C. in the first place.

Maybe he means it, maybe he doesn’t. Maybe he saw the real intel and figured it out. Or maybe we are being set up for something bigger.

One thing was true though… the 1st goal is as it always was… destabilize Syria for the purpose of “regime” change.

11 Responses

  1. I used to have some hope that Trump would see through this nonsense and put an end to it. Now I see he too stupid or perhaps too cowardly (or both).

  2. “Uhh, homina-himina-homina….Weelll, let me see….hmmm, sufferin’ catfish….HMMM,
    Lemme see….’Defeat ISIS with Assad in power’….wait a minute, I got it….” And the nose grows, “dooooooooooo”

    I’m thinking the three young people on his right flank are his aides. At 53 seconds they wish they could disappear. The guy on the end is thinking, “He really didn’t say that, right?” The young lady in the middle is hollaring with her eyes, “You really are a mo-ron, aren’t you!” and the lady on the left is going into instant panic mode checking her messages to see if any of The Big Cheetos’ handlers have heard this yet, and the zombie press is unfazed and why shouldn’t they be?

    If this wasn’t so serious it would be hillarious. This is as close as anyone in this room will ever get to this war….their precious little nubbins will never set foot on the bloodied Syrian soil to report anything. A war that they are instigating and only need one side to believe, when daddy tells them bedtime stories.

    They are safe unless…someday Allepo comes to a neighborhood near them. There is a clip on YouTube: “Aleppo Before And After-Aleppo Now And Then” (disturbing images). Things change and the buildings that thrived with hopes and dreams become bombed-out skeletons bleeding into the streets and their neighbors who can’t carry so many hopes and dreams anymore are looking for a place to hide, and have little need for stories. Things happen, things change. These wierd bastards keep saying, “Terror-terror-terror” for a reason…. We are being led into the game of homicidal maniacs. The truth lies in daddy’s stories….and lies and lies and lies.

  3. If Spicer’s goof causes him to be replaced, the Trump regime will say that Spicer left to “spend more time with his granny,” or some such nonsense. However Spicer’s honesty will probably be ignored and forgotten, just like Mika Brzezinski’s assertion (22 Feb 2017) that it’s her job to “control what Americans think.” After Brzezinski made that goof, she tweeted that she did not say what she said. “Of course, that is obvious from the transcript, but some people want to make up their own facts.” Everything goes down the memory hole, just like the 239 people from 15 nations who vanished on Flight MH 370. Anyone who recovers facts from the memory hole is a “conspiracy theorist” who “threatens national security” with “fake news.”

  4. This «gang» or «Junta» that has settled in the White House is very incompetent to deal with a case like that of Syria. It will not take long and we’ll see another problem happen in another corner of the planet. As incompetent and demagogic as he is, Donald Trump will get in more trouble as his term moves forward.

  5. Of course, President KUSHNER and his faithful toady Trump will let Syria decide what to do, they’ll just give them some ‘friendly’ nudges with HE laden vehicles, cruise missiles, Special Op assassins, B-2’s dropping gifts on the heads of Syrian, even kids, and endless MSM propaganda.
    Then it will be on to Iran, fulfilling Oded Yinon’s plan for busting up the ME for the glory of Apartheid Israel.

  6. tRump’s a puppet, he’s not a coward or a fool, he hasn’t been duped or manipulated, he was ordered to bomb Syria, he did. He is no threat to the powers or to the deep state, he was selected because he will follow agendas, that’s all. Or to put it a simpler way: whatever Alex says is going on with Trump–is a lie.

    • “Trump is a puppet.”

      Yes, that seems true of all presidents. Our masters’ choice of puppet depends on the public’s mood. If the masses are in an angry, racist, hate-the-poor mood, then they get a right-wing puppet. If the masses question right-wing hate, they get a fake leftist puppet. Either way, the herd continues its stampede toward the neoliberal slaughterhouse. In the sky above, society’s masters watch the spectacle with delight.

      “If God did not want them slaughtered, then God would not have made them cattle, ha ha ha!”

  7. OFF TOPIC: What’s the difference between a fake video and an authentic one? A fake video is amusing to study as we note all aspects of its bullshit. An authentic video is difficult to watch, and makes us try to forget it. We never want to see it again. The Internet has many videos of actual beheadings, plus videos of the Empire’s “moderate” psychopaths using TOW missiles against Syrian tanks, and then, as the tank crewmen emerge, their burnt skin hanging in folds, gunning them down. (“Allah hu akbar!”)

    MY POINT is that the Empire always relies on videos that are comically fake. The Empire does not want people to see authentic videos — EVEN IF THE VIDEOS SUPPORT THE EMPIRE’S CAUSE — because authentic videos shock people awake. Authentic videos are etched onto people’s souls for life with only one viewing. Authentic videos make people think that maybe war is not like watching a football game on TV.

  8. Spicer’s comments were definitively of the cover-your-ass variety. Let’s break ’em down, shall we?
    1. “Assad as war criminal only in a court of law” Really? Except if you’re Trump and then you can magically hold law proceedings in a day or two, determine guilt, and break national and international laws and murder civilians by dropping bombs. Okay.
    2. “Defeat ISIS before regime change” Yes, so the President can illegally invade Syria, and fight a US/UK/Israel funded and created terrorist group, that is a “fake” terrorist group while they go around trying
    to get support from other countries to unseat Assad and blame Russia for the chemical attacks.
    3. “Won’t be the world’s police” No, we will only commit war crimes in Yemen, Syria , posture against Russia, and pretend that North Korea is a threat.

    Every single thing Spicer said was laughable, tragic, delusional,
    and deceptive—I don’t see Trump figuring out he was cucked in the Spicer statements. Sounds once again like they’re trying to look like the good guys while they really act like gangsters.

  9. Spicers slip was no accident. Its a technique they use to condition and desensitize us for their upcoming war/s. I’m surprised they have taken so long on Syria. Forget about Russia or China. They are just actors in the sicko drama that is being played out. Iran and Syria will be destroyed. China will continue its role as the supplier of junk for Walmart. Russia will be ever present as the “Bad Guy” that facilitates our perpetually increasing weapons budget. With reguards to Trump. Did he believe that the president actually was in charge and made the decisions. Really.. Could he have been around that long and really believed that. I dont think so. Another actor..playing his part.

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