Presenting the British Intel “Chemical Weapons Attack” Psyop: Everyone is Either al-Qaeda or “ISIS”

by Scott Creighton

And suddenly no one is talking about the Brits spying on Trump for Obama… are they?

You meant to tell me our goddamned “intelligence” services cant figure this out!

Everyone taking part in the “chemical weapons attack” psyop in Khan Sheikhoun is either al-Qaeda, “ISIS”, MI6 or the damn CIA. Every single one. And with just a little research you will find they all connect back up, not so long ago.

First of all, Tahrir al-Sham (formerly known as al Nusra and before that, al Qaeda) occupies Khan Sheikhoun, where the chemical attack supposedly took place. They kidnapped over a hundred civilians from Khattab just to the south of them 3 days before the event. Those are the bodies that everyone claims were the victims of the “chemical weapons attack”

Videos of the aftermath of the attack featured the White Helmets quite heavily. They were practically in every shot.

This morning I proved they used to be called the “Islamic State Fire Brigade” that is, I proved they are “ISIS

That’s John Cantlie (“Can’t Lie”). He was supposedly captured by an “extremist” group back in 2011. At the time of the “abduction” he was working for USAID which is well known to be a CIA front. He’s been making propaganda videos for “ISIS” ever since. John said those guys in that video from way back when were the “Islamic State Fire Brigade”. He was reporting from a town “ISIS” controlled saying how wonderful it was for everyone living under “ISIS” and complaining that the Syrian AIR FORCE bombed some of his “ISIS” buddies.

Oh yeah… John Can’t Lie is British.

The “Islamic State Fire Brigade” was there to try to save “ISIS” terrorists.

As you can see… it’s what is known as the White Helmets today. Ergo, the White Helmets are “ISIS”

A week ago, the official word that Sarin gas was used came from a doctor who examined them. That doctors was Shajul Islam who is a member of… “ISIS”

Photo published for Why Is Media Citing Man Accused of Kidnapping Journalists as Credible Source on Syrian Chemical...

“ISIS” doctor, kidnapper and the source of the confirmation of cause of death of all those Syrians al-Qaeda took hostage 3 days before the strike.

Islam is British as well and he lost his license to practice medicine in Britain because, he helped a “radical Islamic group” kidnap a couple guys, one British and one Dutch, and they were tortured and abused and the good doctor didn’t do crap to help them. He just kept them alive supposedly so they could be tortured some more.

And guess what?

“John Cantlie, one of the journalists Islam was accused of kidnapping, was unable to appear at the trial because he was still a hostage. He had been briefly freed in July 2012, but was soon kidnapped again — this time by ISIS. Cantlie was held with James Foley, the American journalist who was beheaded on camera by Mohamed Emwazi, an ISIS foreign fighter from London.” AlterNet

That’s right… the British guy the British terrorist doctor helped kidnap and torture turned out to be John Cantlie… a guy who ends up making a series of propaganda videos… for “ISIS”

So, the al-Qaeda terrorists got together and worked with the “ISIS” propaganda team know as the White Helmets and they staged a chemical weapons attack to blame on Syria and Assad and when it was all over, they handed over the bodies to an “ISIS” doctor who confirmed it was Sarin and it must have been Assad.

You with me so far?

The Brits arrested “ISIS” doctor in England and he was set to stand trial for terrorism and kidnapping… but you know what happened? They let him go and he went back to Syria to do more work  for “ISIS”… and since it’s a family affair… his brother went as well.

“Islam’s younger brother, Razul, reportedly entered Syria to volunteer as a foreign fighter in the ranks of ISIS.

Sometime in 2016, Shajul Islam smuggled himself back into Syria and is now working in Idlib.” AlterNet

You can’t make this stuff up folks. You just can’t.

So President Trump illegally attacked a sovereign nation in order “to keep peace from breaking out” (Ron Paul said that) based on the say-so of a terrorist doctor/kidnapper who is clearly “ISIS” and because he saw some videos made by the White Helmets… which are also “ISIS”

And he did all of that in order to help keep the Syrian Arab Army from completely destroying al-Qaeda in that area.

It’s no damn wonder that the head of the CIA wasn’t in that stupid staged publicity photo the Trump team took of them huddling around trying to figure out what to do next.

How the hell does our “intel” services miss this? How does our MSM? If some stupid little blogger like myself can figure it out… holy crap.

So it looks like the Brits decided to stage a little emergency motivation exercise in Syria to try to help their “moderate” terrorists and give President Trump the much needed cover for his abandoning his promise to not invade Syria on continue with Obama’s terrorist regime change operation.

One more thing, since we are talking about it… anyone remember the story about the spying on Trump’s transition team and how it was going to be shown to track back to British intelligence via the 5 Eyes program?

Remember that?

That story dried up and went away in a hurry didn’t it? And it’s all because of some British-linked terrorists and a British doctor and their British propaganda outlet, the White Helmets.

Oh, did I forget to mention the Brits fund the “ISIS” White Helmets?

The Deep State intelligence community runs the world or so they say. The 5 Eyes is key to that control. The whole point was to be able to spy for each other on each other’s citizens and politicians when asked. But they know if it’s exposed as being used as such, it would end in a heartbeat. So when someone from the inside leaked intel proving the 5 Eyes were peeping at a political candidate both before and after a contentious election, they went into panic mode. They cobbled together a plan that would help their situation in Syria with their failing “moderate” terrorists and at the same time be a big enough story to wipe everything else off the front pages for a week or two at least. They drudged up their assets, had al-Qaeda kidnap some victims, called their “ISIS” propaganda video team known as the White Helmets and put their kidnapper/terrorist doctor on stand-by so he could make a few videos and the pronouncement of the causes of death.

Then they bomb the hospital to make sure the bodies were never checked again.

Maybe this is why obvious disinfo sites like Veterans Today published a BS story about Turkish intelligence and Erdogan being behind the attack. They want to deflect blame and muddy the waters so folks don’t start putting two and two together and coming up with 5.

The 5 Eyes that is.

That’s who did this. And that is why.

13 Responses

  1. wow, Scott! you can really unravel the connections…. great work!

    • Yes. It takes time and effort to dig up and assemble facts like these. Much appreciated.

      Which brings up the question: when blogs like Veterans Today spew nonsense, are they disinfo agents, or are they just lazy (or stupid)?

      • oh, he tells you right in the article when he mentions having intel assets on his staff. And, don’t forget, Gordon Duff told a reporter once in an interview that 30% of what he says and 40% of the work on his website is complete bunk. He said he “had” to do that for fear of his life… whatever that means… I guess the implication is that the intel assets will do away with him if he tells “too much” truth. What it really means is, if he doesn’t produce disinfo, his QUALITY of life will suffer when they reduce his pay.

        • I e-mailed Stephen Gowans over his jumping on the anti-RTE hatebandwagon, but so far, no response. 🙂
          Would you consider Kevin Barret, Lasha Darkmoon and Gilad Atzmon to be disinformation assets, since their columns are published by Veterans Today?Yeah, Gordon Duff is a fan of bizarre and illogical rants with a paper-thin coating of factuality. Either last year or in 2015, I remember him running left cover for the Democratic Party.

  2. Dr. Shajul seems kinda reminiscent of the late Dr. Manuel Artime of Umbrella Man notoriety. Not the kind of doctor you want treating you.

    • Dr. Mengele maybe or Dr. moreau?

      • Yeah but I put Mengele and Moreau in the pro category…big league evil genius types. Artime and Shajulio are just Bush© league, second rate sociopaths.

        Wouldn’t be too surprised if they gave Shajul his own daytime, medically related talk show. He could wear scrubs and get paid in crystal meth.

  3. Well done Scott. You are right that it’s so clear but people don’t see it (or pretend they don’t).

  4. The New York Times (of Judith Miller fame) says that any questioning of the government’s “chemical attack” lies is a “conspiracy theory.” The NYT concedes that the Russians were given advance notice of the cruise missile strike, but the NYT says the Russians did not tell the Syrians. The article is garbage from top to bottom.

    In 1904, Longacre Square in New York was renamed Times Square in honor of the shitty newspaper.” It should be renamed Lies Square.

  5. Don’t worry. After some time ISIS will be our ally and Al-Qaeda will once again be our enemy. This will always have been so. Then it will reverse, and again it will always have been so.

  6. Let’s keep reminding people not only of the despicable liar for war (Judith Miller); let’s also remind people the NYT is now managed by the very weasel who covered up Savile’s child abuse at the BBC. Wonder what he’s covering up now at “all the news that’s fit to slant”.

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