Bernie Sanders, A Neocon in Sheepdog’s Clothing, Backs Syrian Regime Change Whether You Admit It or Not

by Scott Creighton

Today, real progressive minded liberals like myself are being presented with two main alternatives to political engagement.

  1. the “Justice” Dems who pretend to be an alternative to the corporate unDemocratic Party and want us to come back to the fold
  2. the “Draft Bernie” movement looking to start a new political party with our hero, Bernie Sanders, at the helm

Both are sickening options because BOTH want to drag you back into the warm, cozy embrace of feel-good party of endless wars of aggression and regime change for “BABIES!”

Cenk Unger, or whatever his name is, a supporter of every liberal regime change that has ever been and a guy who you can find Youtube videos from when he was on MSNBC promoting such, heads the “Justice” Dems movement. They say they want to bring up a bunch of new New Dems to run against the old New Dems (neoliberal corporate dems) so we can slowly take over the corrupt to the gunnels party and make it glorious again.

Of course, what Cenk really wants to do is make himself a nifty political following so he can run for office and secure for himself the ultimate prize… a nice cushy well paying job for life that he can turn into all sorts of money on the back end when he sells out.

If you fall for that crap, you are an idiot.

Option 2 revolves around running the same guy who turned a blind eye to his nomination being stolen by the Clintonites who then turned around and threw his support for Hillary Clinton, practically begging his supporters to vote for the wretch that stole the nomination, wages war like Dick Cheney, used a private email server so her crimes wouldn’t be recorded, lied constantly about it and sold her soul to Goldman Sachs for about $250,000 a speech. Speeches she NEVER released to the public because CLEARLY the bitch told the masters of the universe that she worked for them. That was her “private voice” and she didn’t want it to conflict with her “public voice”, the two faced lying wombat.

Option 2 also involves putting all our efforts into a guy who when offered a chance to run at the top of the Green Party ticket, a move that would SURELY have resulted in his victory… declined to do so.

Then he took off some time to move into a nifty lakeside cabin “someone” helped him purchase while Hillary coughed her way toward the general election.

You with me so far?

Now, Bernie has never been a real socialist. He says as much himself to people who are educated enough to know what the term means. He pretends to be a socialist to everyone else.

Bernie is also not anti-war. He wears his vote against the Iraq war like a cloak of invincibility but again, a little education goes a long way:

The attack on Kosovo is hardly the extent of Sanders’ hawkishness. While it’s true he voted against the Iraq war, he voted in favor of authorizing funds for that war and the one in Afghanistan. More recently, he voted in favor of a $1 billion aid package for the coup government in Ukraine and supported Israel’s assault on Gaza. At a town hall meeting he admitted that Israel may have “overreacted,” but he blamed Hamas for the entire conflict. When an audience member asked why he refused to condemn Israel’s actions, he told critics: “Excuse me! Shut up! You don’t have the microphone.” AlterNet 2015

Not that long ago in the run-up to Hillary’s disastrous Libyan regime change operation, Bernie called Gaddafi a “terrible dictator” and cosponsored a resolution accusing him of crimes against humanity while calling for regime change:

On March 1, 2011, the Senate approved a resolution “strongly condemning the gross and systematic violations of human rights in Libya.”

The Senate approved the resolution by unanimous consent, so senators never actually voted on it. But Sanders showed his support by joining in as one of 10 cosponsors. The resolution called for peaceful regime change… ” PolitiFact

Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya and the regime change in Ukraine. The Bernie has been on board every one of these “regime” change for profit operations. And when faced with the expectation that ‘socialist” and “anti-war” Bernie would stand up for the Palestinians being slaughtered in Gaza by the IDF, Bernie’s response was basically “shut the fuck up you peasant”

This is all indicative of the same character flaw Sen. Sanders suffers from and that is, he knows what side his political bread is buttered on.

Sanders serves a distinct function in this WWE styled political system we have. He pretends to be a far left-leaning advocate for what real progressives feel in America while at the same time, helping to instill in them the disinformation necissary to keep them from physically opposing the wishes of the Deep State. When the left thought about really opposing Hillary’s invasion of Libya, they were slowed to react strongly to it because, deep down, they saw Gaddafi as an “evil dictator” and tacitly acquiesced to the wishes of their masters.

Of course, Sanders was wrong. Gaddafi was neither a dictator nor a mass murder and in fact he enjoyed massive support from the people of Libya but that didn’t matter in the eyes of most liberals because, ultimately, if “thought leaders” like Bernie Sanders said it was true that he was evil and should be “regime” changed in the end, then it must be true and they remained silent.

It is kind of a progressive cover of the left cover if you will and it works. Sanders blamed the leadership in Ukraine for being corrupt when they weren’t, he blamed Hamas for the crimes of the IDF and he blamed Gaddafi for the bankster’s “regime” change operation in Libya and the growing progressive wing bought into it hook like and sinker.

Because he is that influential? No.

Because they wanted to.

True to form, Bernie is helping the neocon “regime” change operation in Syria in much the same way.

“In a world of vicious dictators, Syria’s Bashar Assad tops the list as a dictator who has killed hundreds of thousands of his own citizens to protect his own power and wealth. His regime’s use of chemical weapons against the men, women and children of his country, in violation of all international conventions and moral standards, makes him a war criminal.” Bernie Sanders

This one paragraph, the opening paragraph of his statement, is so full of lies it’s hard to know where to begin.

Assad is not a damn dictator. He’s an elected official who, like Gaddafi, enjoys massive support from the Syrian people.

He has not killed “hundreds of thousands of his own citizens” he has been fighting our “regime” change contractors, al Qaedda, al Nusra, the Kurds and “ISIS” who are determined to drive in from power, on behalf of their paymasters at the State Department and the CIA and turn the whole of Syria into a broken failed state like they did in Yugoslavia and Libya not that long ago.

Assad has not used chemical weapons “against the men, women and children of his country” our ‘moderate” terrorists have. He is literally fighting two supposed declared enemies of America, al Qaeda and “ISIS” and all we want is to ground his air defenses and force him from power, the same goal al Qaeda and “ISIS” proclaims as theirs.

It is OUR mercenaries that have killed hundreds of thousands of civilians as they try to depopulate the region so they can take over. They are committing ethnic cleansing on a massive scale and now we provide them cover from the air with our air force.

Assad is not a war-criminal while in fact the woman Bernie Sanders backed for president last year clearly was. As was Barack Obama as was George W. Bush as was Bill Clinton… president’s who’s illegal actions across the world Sen. Sanders supported one way or another.

In fact, what Sanders said about Assad is almost identical, IDENTICAL, to what he said about Gaddafi on Fox News prior to Killary’s invasion:

“Look, everybody understands Gaddafi is a thug and murderer,” Sanders said to Fox News. “We want to see him go, but I think in the midst of two wars (in Iraq and Afghanistan), I’m not quite sure we need a third war, and I hope the president tells us that our troops will be leaving there, that our military action in Libya will be ending very, very shortly.” Politifact

What Sanders is doing with this support of the neocon “regime” change war-monger’s propaganda is helping set the stage for the next false flag event that is apparently now a foregone conclusion.

There is no evidence anywhere that Assad or the Syrians used chemical weapons on that al Qaeda/al Nusra stronghold in Syria last week. And in fact, evidence shows that the “moderate” terrorists, in all likelihood, used chemical weapons deliberately on the kidnapped victims they took 3 days prior to the Syrian air strike and they did that so they could blame Assad for it and prevent the nations of the world from reaching an agreement at the conference that started the very same day the attack took place.

The Trump administration claims they have the evidence… but of course, it has to remain a secret because of … stuff.

Trump’s illegal attack on a sovereign nation that did nothing to us and presented no imminent threat to us should have prompted an immediate call for his impeachment. But what has Sanders done? Nothing.

What he is doing is helping the neocons set the stage for the next chemical weapons false flag attack or another brutal slaughter of innocent civilians in Syria. This will be the “last straw” and Trump will once again, attack Syrian forces with fear of reprisal by the fake anti-war crowd back here in America.

And that is in no small measure, thanks to liars like Bernie Sanders promoting the neocon propaganda that paints Assad as a dictator and a mass murderer of his own people.

Bernie Sanders is a soulless, greedy, self-serving fuck who needs to be challenged in a primary first chance we get. But it wont matter, will it? They rigged it against him last time and he got on his knees and kissed the ring of the monster, so my guess is they will fix it in the future on his behalf.


Because Bernie, Mr. “anti-establishment” has proven he can be a good little lapdog.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again… Fuck Bernie Sanders.

So that’s our choices. Cenk who backs regime change for the masters of the universe while seeking a seat at the Big Table and Bernie who does the same thing to keep his. Both offer you a chance to feel good about joining the dark side. A kinder gentler “regime” change to be sure. But it’s still forced acquiescence to the masters of the universe for every little nation not powerful enough to withstand our humanitarian democracy building.

Those are the two choices they want you to believe you have if you, like me, lean far to the left and oppose neocon pursuit of hegemony via brutal “regime” change though violence.

There is a third choice of course. Tell em both to go fuck themselves. That’s my choice. Hope it’s yours as well.

Please help keep AE up and running if you can.

I could REALLY use the help right now

Thank you all so much

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8 Responses

  1. The “sheepdog” image of Bernie Sanders was coined by Bruce Dixon of Black Agenda Report on 6 May 2015. Sanders would rally progressives like a sheepdog, and then suddenly withdraw from the campaign while he urged his sheep to support the wolf (Hillary). We didn’t know that Sanders’ withdrawal would occur as rigged primaries by the DNC, but Sanders fulfilled his sheepdog role anyway. After such behavior, it was delicious to see Hillary lose. Regarding Sanders’ comments about “dictators,” on 14 Sep 2016 Sanders called the democratically elected Hugo Chavez a “dead communist dictator.” As for the “dictator” Gaddafi, he had already retired from politics when NATO destroyed Libya. Sanders is a neoliberal in progressive clothing.

  2. OFF TOPIC: I notice that when Trump vows to take military action, he declines to specify what actions he will take, saying he does not want to give advance notice to Russia, for example. But when Trump does attack, he gives advance notice to Russia.

    Clearly the enemy he does not want to tip-off is the American people. As the saying goes, “It is easier to get forgiveness than to get permission.”

  3. OFF TOPIC: I notice that for the corporate media outlets, only sarin is a “chemical weapon.” Chemical weapons are not “weapons” if the Empire uses them, no matter how many people they kill. Depleted uranium, Argent Orange, white phosphorous, chlorine – none are “chemical weapons” as long as they are used by the Empire and its proxies. On 2 Dec 1943 the U.S. ship “John Harvey” blew up in Bari Italy while carrying 70 tons of mustard gas intended for use in the war. Casualties from the chemical weapons were enormous, but the mustard gas was not a “chemical weapon.” In human society, power largely derives from control over public discourse and vocabulary. Whatever “they” do is a terrorist attack. Whatever the Empire does is an “intervention.”

  4. Bernie needs to spend more time at his recently purchased $600,000 lakeside cabin.

    Maybe invite over Jill ‘Dollar’ Stein and they can both laugh about how they conned Americans desperate for change and TRUTH.

    Just another phony POS who is a traitor.

    • Obscure Californian spiritualist writer Norman Livergood, at least last year, continued praising them as “true progressives containing the capitalist cabal”, while promoting the constructs surrounding deindustrialization and climate change. By contrast, he isn’t very positive about Tehran, Pyongyang and Beijing. Strange, because he wisened up to most regime change operations, Democratic Party deceptions, and similar affairs in the past. The power of repetition, the power of repetition.

      • Industrialization has been working out so well these last few hundred years I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to criticize it?

        • Technology has both good and bad sides. Both arguments are too large for this comments section. From my side, I’d argue that it’s helped some of us live more comfortably (we’re communicating made possible through five centuries of development), and that ancient and medieval societies also developed, then used, machinery, although to an often more limited extent. Tools and systematized knowledge are what’s kept humanity sin ce the discovery of agriculture.

  5. Got seem to be a Russian troll. Our art the least, a “useful idiot”.

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