Madeleine Albright’s Super-Ego on the Use of Sarin Gas

Letter Reportedly from President Trump Promises Congress More Action Against Syria on Behalf of Our “important national interests”

“The United States will take additional action, as necessary and appropriate, to further its important national interests,” Donald Trump

I guess this means he doesn’t expect anymore convenient “chemical weapons attacks” in the future

Jan10 says: “We are going to war. That man is worse than stupid

Yeah, Nikki Haley is stupid. Donald Trump has gone full retard.

In Desperation Move, Tahrir al-Sham (al Qaeda) Kidnapped Civilians from Khattab Days Before Syrian Strike on Their Base – For What Purpose?

by Scott Creighton

The weekend prior to the Syrian air force attack on their base at Khan Sheikhoun, Tahrir al-Sham (formerly known as al Nusra and before that, al Qaeda) captured a large number of Syrians from the neighboring town of Khattab to the south and brought them back to their base where they were being held captive presumably when the attack took place.

The jihadist rebels of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham and Jaysh Al-‘Izza kidnapped the inhabitants of Khattab in northern Hama before fleeing the village this past weekend, a family member of the kidnapped told Al-Masdar News on Tuesday… “But the jihadists then took them all to Khan Sheikhoun,” he concluded.” AMN

Khan Sheikhoun has been under under control of Tahir al-Sham for a long time.

“… in 2014 fell to Jabhat al-Nusra.[12] Deutsche Welle reported: “Idlib province, where Khan Sheikhun is located, is mostly controlled by the Tahrir al-Sham alliance, which is dominated by the Fateh al-Sham Front, formerly known as the al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front.”[13]

Last week there was major fighting between these al-Qaeda terrorists (called “moderates” by the U.S.) and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in this area during which the terrorists suffered major losses in terms of personnel, material and ground.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) struck back against the jihadist rebels of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham on Wednesday, seizing several points in the northern Hama countryside.

Led by their Tiger Forces and 11th Tank Division, the Syrian Arab Army recaptured three crucial points inside the northern countryside of Hama, forcing the jihadist rebels to have to retreat in order to reinforce their positions.” AMN March 30th, 2017

The SAA was driving Tahrir al-Sham out of Hama. They had just pushed them out of Homs in a historic victory and retaken the city. The “moderate” terrorists (al Qaeda) were allowed to leave the city in buses, transported to other terrorist strongholds. Straight up M5 from Homs is Hama of which Khattab is a neighboring village. Straight up from there, is al-Sham’s stronghold where they took their hostages and where the “chemical weapons attack” supposedly took place.

The airfield President Trump targeted with his strike the other night was the one where the SAA’s air force was launching their sorties against the al-Qaeda linked terrorist in the Hama countryside. There are confirmed reports from both MSM outlets here in the states as well as from Ria Novostri that the Syrian air force has launched several air craft from that base since the cruise missile attack so it is still at least partially operational.

The battle for Hama and Khan Sheikhun is still raging. The “moderate” terrorists are at a disadvantage with air power from both the Russians and the Syrians raining down bombs on them relentlessly while Tahrir al-Sham chooses to continue to pick softer targets like civilians in the area.

“From its side, HTS targeted civilians in Fou’a and Kafraya with more than 30 projectiles on April 6. Local forces defending the villages responded with a counter-battery hitting militant positions near Ta’um and Sawwaghiya.

The Russian and Syrian air forces and SAA artillery units continue targeting HTS-led forces in the northern Hama countryside preluding the expected offensive operations in both Ma’ardes and Helfaya. On April 7, government forces will likely make another push to regain some of these areas from HTS militants.” South Front, April 7th

The very terrorists President Trump and the breathless MSM in this country have been screeching about being hit with “chemical weapons” over the past 4 days are currently back to their old tricks… killing civilians in an effort to depopulate the countryside so they can retake it for themselves. And Trump’s airstrike “for the babies” wasn’t about gassed babies at all… it was a desperation move to try to stop the Syrian air force from wiping out the CIA’s “moderate” al Qaeda terrorists.

But how did it start? Why did they take those hostages back to their base at Khan Sheikhun? What did they plan to do with them? And how did they end up being “victims” of a Sarin gas attack?

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