Trump’s Attack on Syrian Airfield to Support al Qaeda Terrorists killed 4 Babies… “BABIES!”

by Scott Creighton

God I hate Donald Trump.

Last night during his horribly wooden and yet strangely melodramatic announcement of his illegal attack on Syrian air force in support of our “moderate” terrorists linked to al Qaeda in Syria, The Duke of Orange said something a kin to “Assad killed innocent men, women and children… BABIES!… BABIES!” as his justification for the strike.

I have been reading in various news sources that of the 57 missiles launched, only about 23 hit the air field. A large number of the rest did not and what happened to them I am unsure.

But it’s being reported now by several of those sources that a number of civilians (nine) were killed last night by these cruise missiles that were sent, supposedly, to save the “BABIES!”

According to reporting from the Telegraph, of those, 4 Syrian civilians killed by the Duke of Orange…. were babies…. BABIES!

Four children among nine civilians killed – claims

The Syrian state news agency says that the US attack killed nine civilians, including four children, in areas near the base struck by missiles overnight.

Russian officials have said that four servicemen – none of them Russian – have been killed by the strikes and two are missing, meaning the death toll currently stands at an estimated 15 people.

This news is in fact a headline at the Telegraph right now. Watch it disappear down the memory hole.


Gee, if only Trump had known this kind of thing would happen before he pulled the trigger.

uh… but… BABIES!

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40 Responses

  1. How should some Americans who voted for Donald Trump be listening to all the lies he said to win the election?

    It has already been confirmed that the Pentagon has trained mercenaries and terrorists fighting against the Syrian army to use chemical weapons.

    The same terrorists of the so-called “ISIL” who Trump swore to fight, have already gained new positions and are heading back to Palmyra.

    Trump is a fool with no idea what it’s like to be president. He is a perfect puppet in the hands of the Pentagon.

    • he’s worse than just a fool, which he is. he’s a fool with zero self confidence as is evidenced by his ridiculous combover. he’s a fool with a silver spoon in his ass who never amounted to anything other than being a reality TV star. and he’s a fool with a billion dollar “brand” that makes it very easy for people to threaten him into doing what they want him to do. Either he complies and they turn him into a trillionaire by time he leaves office… or he resists and they bankrupt his business and his children. he’s a perfect Manchurian Candidate for the New World Order and nobody saw that coming?

      • I kind of feel sorry for him. Maybe he should look for business outside the Westernized block if he does the right thing.

        • I don’t feel sorry for him, at all. He lied to the people who voted for him. He has no moral decency and, yet, in his stupid little «tweeter» acts like he is decent.

    • The Trump supporters I know maintain the same mentality that led them to vote for him. They refuse to face objective reality and instead staunchly pretend that everything is going according to plan because they gave up on thinking and effort and decided that a radical change would solve everything – just like it did in Germany in the late 1930’s.

  2. “The President must get Congressional approval before attacking Syria-big mistake if he does not!”

    Tweet from President Chump to Obama on 30 August 2013…I’ve kept a screen shot, imagine this will get dumped down the ‘Memory Hole.’

    30 or so cruise missiles either weren’t launched, failed or Russia/Syria were able to jam them and make them fall in the Med?

    • i would not put it past them to dump 30 in the drink on purpose so they would have to be reordered from the manufacturer.

      • They might have dropped a few in the mediterranean on Osama’s body for good measure

      • The weapons makers collect $1.6 million for each Tomahawk missile, times 60 missiles = a $96 million re-order request from the Pentagon. Sweet.

        • hi. I dumped that asshole’s video. he’s apparently some kind of ex-jarhead white nationalist who talks about how he hates seeing black men with white women on his other videos. apparently he also wants to run for some kind of office somewhere so he’s doing all of this for attention and votes. scumbag in other words. he hangs in uniform on the wall in the back of all his vids cus I guess he thinks that grants him some kind of authority or something… kinda like Cartman.

    • Lucky they didn’t tomahawk the wrong country.

    • Is assholes like Nikki Sick born a homicidal maniac with no grip on reality or is that some kind of training they go thru?

      • My guess is they are all whores… (irrespective of gender) This one is a big enough whore to not mind going in front of the entire world and lying through her teeth, with zero consideration for the repercussions of this act… She was the governor of So Carolina for F’s sake… Recruited to sell a war… like the kuwaiti whore with the incubators, or the Powell whore with the WMD. Sociopaths and psychopaths, all of them!

  3. Hollow man = hollow President.

  4. These power freaks don’t care about killing children—none of them.

    I might as well have voted for Hillary

    • I voted for Trump also, Roy. Can’t feel guilty about it. I did not want Hillary to be president….. she would have been worse,
      We were tricked…. same as people were tricked by Obama….
      betrayed…… we should impeach Trump.

      • That was my first vote in many years, Jan. It will be my last, ever.

        He should be impeached, for sure, but I doubt if that will happen—not for something like this bombing, anyway

        • Just curious if you guys knew about the Pied Piper plan before voting for Trump? Personally, I’m glad somebody voted for him because he’ll speed up the imperial train wreck.

          • like I said many times, he’s better than Killary because at least the left is mobile again. People are protesting “hands off Syria”, getting arrested, fighting with agent provocateurs.. they would never have done that if she had won. Never. Ever. Ever. And when she signed new austerity measures into law, they would have grumbled and said “at least she’s not racist like Trump is”

            so, yeah, as bad as it is and as bad as it will get, keep this in mind people who voted for Trumpster… if we have any real hope at forcing real change, it’s not because of him but in spite of him and as reaction to him.. but it would would never ever ever have happened under Killary. and that’s a fact.

            so if you voted for Trump, you voted for change. One way or the other.

            • “People would never have done that if Hillary had won.”
              Exactly. Trump deprives neoliberals of their leftist camouflage. That’s one reason why Trump is so hated by Democrats, by most Republicans, and by the corporate media outlets. With Hillary, any questioning of her crimes and atrocities would have been dismissed as “sexist.”

            • Yeah. I’m not knocking people who voted for the lesser evil. What baffles me is why anyone is disappointed in the Douche of Orange, given all we knew about him last summer? Good god, anybody with a library card should know that America First literally means American Fascism. No surprises there.

              And I wouldn’t go so far as to say that hypothetical President Killary would’ve been able to maintain left cover forever. We can’t know that with certainty. I think the assumption that she’d enjoy left cover forever gives Mockingbird too much credit…and doesn’t give the voters enough credit. She ain’t that popular on a good day. And she’d be even less popular as the Emperor implementing austerity. Oprah on the other hand…

      • Not worse probably, but not better either, probably. I wrote in a candidate. A lot of good that did. No voter can blame themselves for the evil intentions of those who place themselves in power against our will.

  5. What you said hit me in my soul, Roy. No matter how I try, with knowing better, with empirical proof of inexcusable inhumanity, no matter my pretensions of awareness and enlightenment, there is always that malignancy in my brain that says, “When we, the US, bomb someone, it is justified. When others do it, they are barbaric.” It’s no wonder we have become such a death culture….and such a thrilled to death, dying culture. It’s as American as Mom’s apple pie, baseball and bombing people….we don’t know who they are or why were doing it, but what the hell, we’re exceptional.

    • Hi, Joe

    • “When we, the US, bomb someone, it is justified. When others do it, they are barbaric.”
      Does this apply only to our crimes and atrocities today? Or does it equally apply to our crimes and atrocities of the past? If the latter is the case, then perhaps we have been lied to about the ebil World War II Nahtsees (for example).

      • yeah, I’m sure all us stupid leftists think it was just neato keen that we fire bombed Japan for 30 days before dropping two nukes for no reason at all and wiped Dresden off the map because we wanted to send a message to the rest of Europe and of course we all just love the fact that we installed stay behind terrorists in several countries under the Gladio program to make sure they didn’t go all “commie” after we left…

        yeah, we leftist with that “wrong” understanding of WWII feel just like that Liz.

        and oh yeah, lets not turn every thread into a repeat of this, OK? ok

        • Interesting that atomic bombs were used on Japan rather than Germany, considering the circumstances.

          • they had already fire bombed 60 wooden cities in 30 days in Japan. Killed 10 times more people during that than they did with the two atom bombs. Truth is, they wanted to test the two different types they had in the real world and didn’t want to do it in Europe which was already suffering after the war so Japan made more sense as a test range. It was a populated island and they could justify it with the war.

            • I don’t know what’s worse, the monsters who orchestrate these things, the sycophants who worship them, or the brain-dead well-meaning folks who apologize and rationalize and come up with moronic praisings and “reasonable” explanations of how barbaric actions are in reality selfless sacrificing “tough” decisions executed for the good of humanity and posterity.

        • Agreed. Let’s avoid mentioning this other topic in any form, since most people are not able to discuss it rationally. I would prefer that everyone stick to current events.

      • Maybe we’ve been lied to about a lot of things all our lives and forever and even though we know better, and thought they were done, the lies, like a cancer, have lives of their own. You have to be vigilant or you doubt yourself. And it gets trickier when you try to end these lies in others yet respect their integrity.

        I’m not going off on the Nazi thing, but, yeah, as someone once said, they were “the best enemy money could buy.” We just change the names and ethnicities and it’s the same old horseshit….just new horses.

    • You forgot hot dogs, as a phallic symbol of exceptionalism, and who we’re trying to f**k with them.

  6. It can be the culture of strength, recognized by weak people who understand this mode of power. It was also used by the Roman Empire. They fought everywhere to show that they had strength and power. History has shown that Rome lost its power and strength as its system become corrupted. The same will happen with the US as an empire. However, you have very good people and capable of making this a better world to live. For that to happen, you must take up arms against the power structure of this accursed Trump.

    • Hi Roy. Jorge, you’re right, and it has always been a strong culture and still is….deep down. This is by way of an apology for the gloom and doomsville above. I will never believe it has to be….that we have to be such a death culture. But there’s a contagion of deathiness in the way people talk, carry themselves, and behave all of a sudden. Of course those with great power of attraction and persuasion want death….the White Hateful Anti-American Corporate Kultcha (WHAACK) have ruined their world and are so ugly within themselves they don’t care any more. Rather than swallow their pride and poison their sick egos by cooperating with the rest of us who want to live, to love, to help each other do the same….these emotionall disturbed “leaders” use all their power to promote death. And their sickness is catching. We used to protect each other. We used to be for the underdog. Now, there is a concept that went out with the coonskin cap. We were a culture of strength, and still are but need a little more more respect for life.

      Fuck Death! Holy Cow, there will be plenty of time for that. It’s nothing to be focused on….it’s like graduating from high school, like taking the ultimate shit, and when it happens you’ll be the last one to know about it. At least the old nihilists put some humor and poetry to it. And I don’t mean the “Death-hop” snarled about by little flannel mouths today that ain’t old enough to have attitudes. Even the old “I hope I die before I get old, ” we all knew was bullshit. Life is where it’s at and live it up! It will help us….give us strength and hope to stop WHAACK from their ministry of death. And we need real life kicking in on all gears to stop this monster.

      I always say, there’s nothing like getting your ass kicked to give you religion. And, brother, my cheeks are sore, lately. So, the hot tip of the day is “keep the faith.” I believe that God (as I call Him) is driving the bus, so who am I to be bitching about the visibility out the window. Man, lately it’s like Christmas morning when I wake up on this side of the lawn and my feet are pointing in the same direction.

      • Got some dementia starting. Find it hard to write or track anything beyond a couple of lines. In fact, this post might just do it for me.

        Thanks for yours

      • My personal feelings on the US military are the same as when Custer fought the indians at Little Bighorn and said something like: “I guess we’ll get through with them in a day.”

      • Well, I don’t believe in any god, but I do believe in what you are saying! Keep saying it!

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