Interesting Reactions to Trump’s Illegal Attack on Syrian Airbase in Support of al Qaeda

by Scott Creighton

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Last night’s attack on the Syrian airbase has prompted some cliched responses from the usual suspects but it has also generated some rather interesting ones.

First of all, the “coalition” has responded positively. Germany, Britain, Israel (of course) and Saudi Arabia along with a few others have said this was the perfect response to the Idlib chemical weapons attack that no one knows whether or not it really came from Assad or was in fact a chemical weapons “attack” or simply an airstrike that hit an al Qaeda chemical weapons munition depot that stored the Sarin Hillary Clinton sent over from Libya years ago. In all likelihood, that is what happened.

On Fox News, the old neocon warmongers are literally giggling this morning as they report on big brave Trumpster because he “sent a message” and “reestablished American authority in the region”

(Of course these Fox guys are steadily running down the idea of “international law” and restrictions by the United Nations Security Council as limitations to be upheld by other countries, not by an Exceptional America.)

I’m sure Chris Mathews has a new stain in his pants. Though he suggest last night that Trump only launched the attack as cover for his being Putin’s Manchurian candidate, so there is that.

Rachel Maddow spent last night trying to sit squarely on the fence at one time wondering aloud if the strike was legal (it wasn’t) and at others helping the demiGod of Orange justify his crime of aggression.

All of these reactions were completely predictable. What wasn’t is the sudden inclusion across the board of commenters wondering aloud about what rises to power in a vacuum caused by Assad being forced from office. I have seen this question raised on MSNBC, CNN and Fox News this morning and in every occasion, they conclude it would be best if we:

  1. continue the fight against “ISIS”
  2. “stabilize” the country as best we can (breaking it up and handing pieces over to folks like the Kurds)
  3. and… using the coalition to bring about a POLITICAL regime change, not a military one

For those of you paying attention that is not only a STARK departure from what ALL of these outlets were saying just 24 hours ago… but it is EXACTLY what Rex Tillerson said in response to the Idlib “chemical weapons attack”

So it looks like the limited strike has satisfied the blood lust of the war-mongers and they are now willing to adhere to Trump and Tillerson’s policy prior to the airstrike which is a fascinating development. They didn’t go so far as to suggest the Syrian people had a right of self determination, but they did say a “political solution” is preferable.

So I wonder just how much of this strike was just for show or… for the benefit of American audiences more than anything else.

To that question, the Pentagon released a statement after the attack in which they admit they warned the Russians and the Syrians of the impending strike. That is why so few (if any) Syrian planes were hit during the attack.

There are conflicting reports regarding whether or not they warned Syria about the strike. But we all know they warned Russia and certainly everyone knew Russia would warn the Syrians so either way, they warned the Syrians.

The effect of this strike will be minimal. The airbase is one of 7 the SAA uses in their fight against our “moderate” terrorists and the CIA’s “ISIS” and at this point the Syrians have not given specific details regarding material destroyed during the attack.

It is said 4 to 7 Syrian soldiers were killed. Keep in mind, when Obama and Sec. of State Kerry had a deal with the Syrians and the Russians about a half a year ago, the Pentagon launched an “accidental” attack on Syrian soldiers to bust up that deal. That attack killed between 80 and 100 Syrian soldiers depending on who you ask. So Trump’s act of aggression pales in comparison really.

Also keep in mind, back then, the deal was, if they maintain the peace, the U.S. would share it’s intel on “ISIS” with the Russians which would have been a death sentence for the CIA’s destabilization forces. So that attack was indirectly designed to provide aid to “ISIS”, a terrorist organization.

Similarly, yesterday I wrote that Trump’s attack was in support of the local “moderate” terrorists whom the SAA was wiping off the map at the time.

Today, reactions from nations that are not members of the “regime change” coalition echo my conclusion from last night:

The Syrian military was decimating our “moderate” terrorists in their country. Damaging this airbase will reduce their capacity to defend themselves and their civilian population from this terrorist threat.

We all know, Obama and the Pentagon and the CIA put together these terrorists groups and unleashed them on Syria in an effort to bring about “regime change” in the country. “ISIS” is similar construct.

Since this attack will inhibit Syria’s ability to defend against terror groups we back with weapons and intel, it is clear it was conducted to that end…and not to punish Assad for something he likely had nothing to do with.

That means, yes, Donald Trump used America’s armed forces to assist al Qaeda (now called Jabhat al Sham and formerly known as al Nusra)

And as far as I know… if you or I provide material support to al Qaeda today, we go to jail forever. Right?

If you think our “enemies” in Syria are the only ones who make this connection, you would be wrong. By the way, how are the Russians our enemies in this fight if they are fighting “ISIS”?

Here is a statement by Tulsi Gabbard:

“This administration has acted recklessly without care or consideration of the dire consequences of the US attack on Syria without waiting for the collection of evidence from the scene of the chemical poisoning. It angers and saddens me that President Trump has taken the advice of war hawks and escalated our illegal regime change war to overthrow the Syrian government. This escalation is short-sighted and will lead to more dead civilians, more refugees, the strengthening of Al Qaeda and other terrorists, and a possible nuclear war between the US and Russia,”

So that’s how folks not paid to suck up to the Deep State see this event. How do the terrorists feel you think”

So it is clear, if you aren’t on the payroll of the Deep State like so many politicians and Mockingbird press members are, that this strike is not punishment… but rather the United States providing material support for “ISIS” and al Qaeda which is unfortunately, par for the course.

And speaking of par for the course, I wonder who really gave the order to strike:

Yep, two hours prior to the attack, Killary Clinton put out the call for the very same strike.

Russia has now suspended the memorandum of understanding we have had with them in Syria. That means they will no longer be sharing information on where Russian planes are flying and where they are being housed in the other airbases across Syria.

This is a big step. It keeps the Pentagon from launching further strikes against the Syrian air force in support of al Qaeda because they wont know where Russia’s military assets are and they wont want to risk a major escalation with a nuclear power.

It will also make it harder for the U.S. to target planes in the air with their radar systems because they will have a harder time differentiating between Syrian and Russia planes.

Russia has also announced that they are waiting for the United States to produce the evidence they claim to have that shows Assad and the Syrians used Sarin gas on that strike in Idlib. If it is anything like the evidence the US had that showed the rebels in Ukraine took down MH-17, the Russians will be waiting a long time and the “evidence” will be less than convincing.

Barbara Lee, Rand Paul and others in congress have condemned the attack as illegal, since Trump had no authorization from congress before launching it. They are demanding he come to them so they can have the debate before launching another. Of course, they leave for a 2 week vacation in a few hours.

There is a lot of reaction today as one might expect to Trump’s strike last night.

As I said yesterday, his actions were cowardly. He was either compelled by the Deep State’s bullshit “chemical weapons attack” story or he felt compelled by the Mockingbird press’ constant berating him on his lack of action yesterday. Either way, whether or fool or a coward, he committed a crime of aggression and a violation of both U.S. and international law and should face impeachment immediately for that action.

But we all know he wont be.

The good thing is, it was a manageable dog and pony show with limited adverse results. The Syrians didn’t suffer too much and thank goodness the Dr. Strangeloves in the Pentagon didn’t hit a Russian plane or pilot.

This does leave one to wonder just what the Deep State will do with their terrorists in Syria now that everyone knows the Trumpster will perform as they wish when they pull off their next false flag event in the country.

I only hope the GD monsters don’t figure it would be more effective if the next chemical weapons false flag attack were to hit a few of the 1,000 U.S. troops in country right now. Though I hate to say something like that… we all know these neocon fucks don’t have a problem targeting U.S. civilians or soldiers for that matter.

UPDATE: Russia is now bombing the crap out of the CIA’s terrorist “moderates” in Idlib.

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14 Responses

  1. TRIVIA: If we’re going to be mass murderers “for democracy,” then let’s learn how to tell time at least. The Pentagon statement says the cowardly cruise missiles were launched at 8:40 pm EDT which (the statement says) was 4:40 am in Syria. That would put Syria eight hours ahead of EDT. In reality Syria is seven hours ahead of EDT.

  2. I knew it was nit-picky before I wrote it, but the Pentagon’s killers and officers pose as consummate professionals. They can’t even read a wristwatch.

    • they may not be able to read a wristwatch but they can damn sure hire some crisis actors in Syria on the fly, can’t they? Strange how their priories are set, ain’t it?

  3. Some people are suggesting that Trump’s cowardly attack was more for show that for destruction. I say that 30 tons of high explosive dropped on one spot cause destruction. (Each cowardly cruise missile carries a thousand-pound warhead.) According to Fox News, “two senior defense officials with knowledge of the strike” said the Russians were advised an hour before the attack, and yet twenty Syrian jets were destroyed anyway. If true, this would put a dent in the Syrian government’s campaign against the Empire’s “moderate” head choppers. Perhaps that was the whole point.

    • if they hit those, which I doubt, those are the ones the Syrians left behind because either the Russians or the Pentagon let them know it was coming. Could have been those were grounded or they didn’t have enough pilots there to take em all and they left the older, cheaper ones behind.

    • ah, what did I say?

      “The Syrian army said the strikes led to “big material losses”, but Russia said they had “extremely low” military effectiveness with just 23 US rockets hitting their target and only destroying six planes in repair hangers.” Telegraph

      • So less than half the missiles hit the intended receiver? You’d think for a million bucks (and change) each we’d have better results.

        • ever heard of the F-35 or Haliburton? it’s amazing our ships float these days since no one really oversees our contractors anymore. I guess we’re just lucky the damn things didn’t blow up sitting in the ships.

  4. Just as Rachel Maddow is wavering, so too I notice your own wavering–between the Duke of Orange and the demigod of Orange.

    When I first read “the Duke of Orange” here, I had to choke back a mouthful of coffee to save my keyboard. And yet, I think the Earl of Orange might be more suitable yet.

    This guy. Wow. It’s like General Buck Turgidson (George C. Scott in Dr. Strangelove) got promoted to President. Brrrr. Scary stuff.

    Thanks for your coverage.

    • that sounds too much like a British tea. I’ll try to stick with Duke of Orange cus it brings to mind The Duke himself, John “lets kill sumpton” Wayne, my father’s personal hero.

      • Ugh. John Wayne’s personal political views were racist, ultra-right-wing, and pro-war. He produced and directed the 1968 propaganda movie “The Green Berets” to counter the growing protests of the war on Vietnam. If he had not died from five packs of cigarettes a day, and was alive today, he would be a neoliberal.

        • didnt that end with big bad Wayne being joined by some little Vietnamese kid walking off hand in hand or some shit like that? i can’t remember

          • Yes, while in the background played “The Ballad of the Green Berets,” which had been the biggest selling single for 1966. By 1968, however, with the military draft (disproportionately of Blacks and poor people) and My Lai Massacre, not all Americans believed the lie that the U.S. military was slaughtering foreigners to “bring them democracy.” Still, according to IMDB, the film was a box office success. The Pentagon helped Wayne make his film. Wayne plays a 60-year-old Green Beret colonel, while in real life, most colonels were only in their thirties during the war on Vietnam.

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