Evidence Suggests Syria Gas ATTACK Is False Flag

This is a comparison between two chemical weapons response teams. One group is wearing protection rated for Sarin gas the other is wearing gear rated for a spray booth in an automotive repair shop. Don’t be fooled by a hastily constructed psychological operation.

Here is Jimmy Dore’s video. He touches on some of this.

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  1. The pictures of the victims clearly show ‘chemical weapons’ used. Russia and Syria have stated was a hit on an ammo storage depot which apparently held sarin gas. And we know from previous sarin gas usage it was done by US allies ‘moderate rebels’.

    So anyway, we are in a war torn city where running water is highly unlikely, where even getting drinking water is probably a chore. Then all of a sudden at least 2 pressurized hoses appear with masses of water, then we see exactly what needs to be done for a chemical attack performed almost within seconds.

    Now how likely is any of this in any particular block of any war ravaged city? Like impossible.

    BUT, if you are running an ammo depot which ALSO is storing, transporting sarin gas, you better have plenty of hoses and everyone trained to do exactly what is needed in case of a spill.

    So, all sides agree victims are real. Clear evidence of chemical weapons attack on victims via pictures all agree on.

    It seems to me the ONLY scenario for what happened when ALL is considered. The hoses with running water with significant pressure available, and almost instant recognition of sarin gas effects along with multiple, fast, exact counter measures could only be satisfied by those used to working with sarin and making sure, if there was a leak or spill, EVERYONE was prepared and ready to go. Again, in the middle of a war, on the edge of a war ravaged city.


    • if they are washing, wiping Sarin gas off victim’s skin with their bare hands, what happens to those first responders?

      • Water neutralizes Sarin and lots of chemical weapons as long as hands in water flow probably safe. But, no water flow – see dead guy. So you don’t think the moderate rebels are keeping hostages for slaves and protection, or had family close? #DrEd

        • any of those is possible as is a curious revelation I heard about the rebels in that area taking hostages from a nearby countryside just the week before. Could be them we see. Could also be though, if you recall, a social media propagandist for these groups reported via Twitter a couple hours before the strike about a future report that would include a Syrian strike on that area where they had just taken hostages from the week before… and it did mention “possible use of CW” by Syrian army.

          It is entirely possible that the Syrian army got wind of a pending staged CW attack, in that area, and that these animals planned to use the kidnapped hostages as the “victims”… so the SAA hit that location before it could kick off.

          Now, Bellingcat, that Russiaphobe piece of shit, has been reporting that it couldn’t have been a Syrian army attack on STORED Sarin gas because it is stored in two parts and only mixed right before use.

          That, he claims, is proof positive it had to come from the sky because it was already weaponized.

          What if, we are both right… of sorts.

          What if, the terrorists had their victims ready to go, mixed the Sarin, had the trucks in the yard ready to transport the victims/bodies… and that’s when the air force hit them?

          I don’t know. I know one thing, those White Helmet assholes are acting in those videos and not doing a good job of it either. There are at least one where a victim is seen smiling after the camera passes by and he thinks he is no longer in the shot.

          I don’t know what happened. I know I looked at the Sarin gas victims from the Tokyo subway bombing and couldn’t see any real defining characteristics that would separate Sarin gas attack victims from someone who had a heart attack or was suffering from chlorine gas exposure, which we all know the terrorists have used many times.

          I noticed none of the Tokyo victims that I saw had that clean white frothing at the mouth that looked oddly like a bicarbonate soda tablet. Very dramatic though, right?

          So I don’t know. Need more information and investigation in my opinion. But bad acting I know… and there are tons of it in those videos. Why they are acting? Because the victims aren’t real? Because they gasses them themselves? Dont know… but I also know, Assad didn’t do it. And that is the important thing.

          • There’s more going on than meets the eye for sure. Lots of stuff still coming out. BUT, as for the ‘HAD 2 be mixed before is a complete lie’. The gas is stored in 2 EQUAL parts, it’s a 50-50 mixture. So 1. they are saying they are shipping the separate containers and having someone on the front line mix and send them? Insane crap 2 me.

            And 2. If you blow equal parts of the separate containers you MAKE sarin gas. I want see some POS live after 2 small canister of separate components of sarin gas in a big room and see that scamming POS die. #DrEd

        • if they are probably safe handling Sarin gas victims with their bare hands, why were the Tokyo first responders dressed the way they were?

          • Syria war ravaged town is now Tokyo at peace. Ridiculous as to be absurd, sure the more gear the better. Gee why didn’t send in some robots. In a warzone some things may not be available. No it’s not good even with water and bare hands, but when your kid is dying you don’t go to the store and get gloves, you make do with what you have and it either works out or it doesn’t. There are dying people in the videos, it’s hard to fake end stage cheyne stokes breathing. are they really from this particular bombing? Who knows.

            • so you really think those are the fathers of those kids in the videos? the fact that we have already seen one girl at least used in several different videos being whisked off by different White Helmets guys and fathers… that doesn’t bother you? all the other White Helmet videos were staged… and yet this one, the most important one… is real?

              • Father, brothers, cousins, but apparently if you only had readily available copious flowing water, you’d just let a friend rebel, or relative die. But nice to see you punted without comment on the ludicrous Japan in peace middle of major city, compared to bombed out Syria in the middle of warzone BS.

              • Have stated will state again. LOTS going on, more than what we have seen. It’s hard to fake end stage respiratory failure. Stated don’t even know for sure the videos are from the area in question. So real war doesn’t exist anywhere, it’s all the white hats and fake videos which there most assuredly are. But, now you want to scam there is more white hat psyops scam video of war kills than actual war kills from that psyops? I pretty sure millions of dead would like to disagree with you.

              • Bottom line, US nazis have shown pressurized water hoses with the exact needed response for a chemical weapons contamination carried out by many people with precision within seconds of response. And they expect us to believe that is this is standard for every block of a bombed out town in the middle of a warzone.
                The only way those series of events could happen is if ALL had been drilled and educated on what needed to be done with chemical weapon contamination. Copious water, strip em, get em out.
                End stage respiratory failure can NOT be duplicated by a conscious person, let alone an infant or small child. The respirations are too shallow and too infrequent for consciousness.
                The nazis want to give us all we need to expose them. All the nations agree – sarin gas. Are you saying Russia is cutting it’s and Syria’s own throats as part of this ‘white hat conspiracy’?
                So we have actual facts that indicate rebel ammo depot with sarin gas storage AND the expertise and equipment to combat chemical weapons quickly available in this particular area as clearly seen on the supplied videos. AGAIN, in the middle of a bombed out, warzone.
                Now if there are some actual facts, other than they did it before and they did it again – and they for sure are AS the US wants to keep hiding the ‘ammo depot with sarin gas information’, I’d like to see them. But spare me the godzilla comparisons and were they fathers garbage.
                Strange the one thing US denies and tries to keep hidden seems to find the need to be ‘fake video’, same thing that happened on 9-11.

                • you being the preeminent 9/11 researcher that you are, right? that is what you wrote isn’t it? all that work you did on the Twin Towers being brought down by… nuclear bombs. right? you and disinfo asset James Fetzer who pushed that “tv fakery” thing you just referenced disparagingly. You wrote a book with him, right?

                  • I wrote no book with Fetzer which would make you both lying scammer POS. As for nukes Still waiting for your to enlighten me with your knowledge and show ANY incorrect referenced fact in more than 100 refernces you no fact PSYOPS POS. Warzone Syria compared to downtown tokyo as some kind of proof.

                    • well now Ed, that is just rude.

                      Jim Fetzer wrote this about his book “America Nuked on 9/11” and you posted it on your website:

                      America Nuked on 9/11: Compliments of the CIA, the Neocons in the DoD & the Mossad

                      The contributors include some of the best students and scholars of 9/11:
                      * Ed Ward, M.D
                      . * Jeff Prager * Susan Lindauer * Preston James,
                      Ph.D. * Dennis Cimino * Jack White * Nick Kollerstrom, Ph.D. *
                      * Mike Palecek * T. Mark Hightower * Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. * Steve
                      Fahrney * Aeronautical Engineer * Joshua Blakeney * Don Fox *

                      Gee, that looks to me like you did a book with well known disinfo asset James Fetzer. And you are so proud of it to.

                    • As I told fetzer POS my stuff is open source, the only thing required is noting the source and link. STILL WAITING for your to enlighten me with your knowledge and show ANY incorrect referenced fact in more than 100 refernces you no fact PSYOPS POS. Warzone Syria compared to downtown tokyo as some kind of proof.

                    • wow. such language Ed.

                      Fetzer a POS? Yet, you proudly displayed his book on your website and said it was “about time” you got some recognition for your “work” on 9/11, right? So you are promoting it and proud of it. Right?

                      As for your constant demand about proving your “100 references” wrong… well that’s just silly.. as was the “mini nukes” disinfo distraction. make to make us look silly, right? I mean, after all, that’s what Fetzer has been about since he worked with Reynolds, Wood and Jones… right?

                      And now he works with … you.

                      One more thing. I noticed on your site, long ago, you seemed to have a habit of screening comments, Like Laura’s for instance, and refusing to publish them because they contradicted what you wrote and you thought they were beneath the standards of your website. isn’t that right Ed? You did do that right? Quite often from what I gather reading your website.


                      we are done here Ed. You seem to be having some kind of episode so, that’s it for you. have a good one.

                • “It’s hard to fake end stage respiratory failure.” Yes, but it’s not hard to fake photos and videos of end stage respiratory failure, especially when the images purportedly come from foreign lands. “All the nations agree – sarin gas.” And all the nations agree that a handful of Arabs with box-cutters did 9-11. That doesn’t make it true. “So we have actual facts…” Whoa, FACTS??? The facts are that the Empire made accusations. That’s it. That’s all. For you the accusations are true and correct. Clearly your intellect dwarfs my feeble gnat-brain. Here’s a news site with your style of “facts.” http://www.theonion.com/

            • The “They didn’t have time to prepare because immediate assistance was required” argument is absolutely ridiculous, those first responders are the only disaster management agency personnel left in that war torn country. It’s nonsensical to believe that they were willing to put themselves at serious risk of death or at the very least serious illness by disregarding proper protective measures in order to save those civilians who were in the “Red Zone” where the blast went off knowing that there survival chances were slim to known. Here’s the CDC’s guidelines for emergency personnel in the US when responding to a chemical attack (Note: You’ll see that they cover what to do in cases where the proper equipment is not readily available below – which is basically do not enter the impacted area since those poisoned are more than likely going to die even with the proper treatment (atropine is the only thing that can save an individual who has come in immediate contact with a large amount of the nerve agent and must be administered within seconds or else it is too late and effects cannot be reversed)

              Medical Management Guidelines for Nerve Agents: Tabun (GA); Sarin (GB); Soman (GD); and VX

              – Persons whose skin or clothing is contaminated with nerve agent can contaminate rescuers by direct contact or through off-gassing vapor. Persons whose skin is exposed only to nerve agent vapor pose no risk of secondary contamination; however, clothing can trap vapor.

              – Nerve agents are readily absorbed by inhalation, ingestion, and dermal contact. Rapidly fatal systemic effects may occur.

              General Description

              – Nerve agents are the most toxic of the known chemical warfare agents. They are chemically similar to organophosphate pesticides and exert their biological effects by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase enzymes.

              Routes of Exposure
              Nerve agents are readily absorbed from the respiratory tract. Rhinorrhea and tightness in the throat or chest begin within seconds to minutes after exposure. Nerve agent vapors are heavier than air. Odor does not provide adequate warning of detection. The estimated LCt50 (the product of concentration 50 times time that is lethal to 50% of the exposed population by inhalation) ranges from 10 mg-min/m3 for VX to 400 mg-min/m3 for GA.

              Skin/Eye Contact
              Nerve agent liquids are readily absorbed from the skin and eyes. Vapors are not absorbed through the skin except at very high concentrations. Ocular effects may result from both direct contact and systemic absorption. The nature and timing of symptoms following dermal contact with liquid nerve agents depend on exposure dose; effects may be delayed for several hours. As little as one drop of VX on the skin can be fatal and 1 to 10 mL of GA, GB, or GD can be fatal.

              Prehospital Management
              Victims whose skin or clothing is contaminated with liquid nerve agent can contaminate rescuers by direct contact or through off-gassing vapor.
              Nerve agents are extremely toxic and can cause loss of consciousness and convulsions within seconds and death from respiratory failure within minutes of exposure.
              Atropine and pralidoxime chloride (2-PAM Cl) are antidotes for nerve agent toxicity; however, pralidoxime must be administered within minutes to a few hours following exposure (depending on the specific agent) to be effective. Treatment consists of supportive measures and repeated administration of antidotes.
              Hot Zone
              Responders should be trained and appropriately attired before entering the Hot Zone. If the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is not available, or if the rescuers have not been trained in its use, call for assistance in accordance with local Emergency Operational Guides (EOG). Sources of such assistance include local HAZMAT teams, mutual aid partners, the closest metropolitan strike system (MMRS) and the U.S. Soldier and Biological Chemical Command (SBCCOM)-Edgewood Research Development and Engineering Center. SBCCOM may be contacted (from 0700-1630 EST call 410-671-4411 and from 1630-0700 EST call 410-278-5201), ask for the Staff Duty Officer.

              Rescuer Protection
              Nerve agent vapor is readily absorbed by inhalation and ocular contact and produces rapid local and systemic effects. The liquid is readily absorbed thorough the skin; however, effects may be delayed for several minutes to up to18 hours.

              Respiratory Protection: Pressure-demand, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is recommended in response situations that involve exposure to any nerve agent vapor or liquid.

              Skin Protection: Chemical-protective clothing and butyl rubber gloves are recommended when skin contact is possible because nerve agent liquid is rapidly absorbed through the skin and may cause systemic toxicity.

              ABC Reminders

              Chemical casualty triage is based on walking feasibility, respiratory status, age, and additional conventional injuries. The triage officer must know the natural course of a given injury, the medical resources immediately available, the current and likely casualty flow, and the medical evacuation capabilities. General principles of triage for chemical exposures are presented in the box on the following page. There are four triage categories: immediate (priority 1), delayed (priority 2), minimal (priority 3), and expectant (priority 4). Clinical signs and effects of nerve agents associated with each of these categories are presented in Table 2.

              Before transport, all casualties must be decontaminated. If needed, consult with the base station physician or the regional poison control center for advice concerning management of multiple casualties.

              General principles of triage for chemical exposures

              Check triage tag/card for any previous treatment or triage.
              Survey for evidence of associated traumatic/blast injuries.
              Observe for sweating, labored breathing, coughing/vomiting, secretions.
              Severe casualty triaged as immediate if assisted breathing is required.
              Blast injuries or other trauma, where there is question whether there is chemical exposure, victims must be tagged as immediate in most cases. Blast victims evidence delayed effects such as ARDS, etc.
              Mild/moderate casualty: self/buddy aid, triaged as delayed or minimal and release is based on strict follow up and instructions.
              If there are chemical exposure situations which may cause delayed but serious signs and symptoms, then overtriage is considered appropriate to the proper facilities that can observe and manage any delayed onset symptoms.
              Expectant categories in multi-casualty events are those victims who have experienced a cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, or continued seizures immediately. Resources should not be expended on these casualties if there are large numbers of casualties requiring care and transport with minimal or scant resources available.
              1. Immediate: casualties who require lifesaving care within a short time, when that care is available and of short duration. This care may be a procedure that can be done within minutes at an emergency treatment station (e.g., relief of an airway obstruction, administering antidotes) or may be acute lifesaving surgery.

              2. Delayed: casualties with severe injuries who are in need of major or prolonged surgery or other care and who will require hospitalization, but delay of this care will not adversely affect the outcome of the injury (e.g., fixation of a stable fracture).

              3. Minimal: casualties who have minor injuries, can be helped by nonphysician medical personnel, and will not require hospitalization.

              4. Expectant: casualties with severe life-threatening injuries who would not survive with optimal medical care, or casualties whose injuries are so severe that their chance of survival does not justify expenditure of limited resources. As circumstances permit, casualties in this category may be reexamined and possibly be retriaged to a higher category.

              ABC Reminders
              Quickly ensure that the victim has a patent airway. Maintain adequate circulation. If trauma is suspected, maintain cervical immobilization manually and apply a decontaminable cervical collar and a backboard when feasible. Apply direct pressure to stop arterial bleeding, if present.

              Administration of antidotes is a critical step in managing a nerve agent victim; however, this may be difficult to achieve in the Hot Zone, because the antidotes may not be readily available, and procedures or policies for their administration while in the Hot Zone may be lacking. If the military Mark I kits containing autoinjectors are available, they provide the best way to administer the antidotes. One autoinjector automatically delivers 2 mg atropine and the other automatically delivers 600 mg 2-PAM Cl. Otherwise, administer antidotes as described in Table 3.

              Victim Removal
              If victims can walk, lead them out of the Hot Zone to the Decontamination Zone. Dependant upon available resources, triage of remaining victims should be performed. Victims who are unable to walk may be removed on backboards or gurneys. If these are not available, carefully carry or drag victims to safety. Should there be a large number of casualties, and if decontamination resources permit, separate decontamination corridors should be established for ambulatory and non-ambulatory victims.

              1. 2-PAMCl solution needs to be prepared from the ampule containing 1 gram of desiccated 2-PAMCl: inject 3 ml of saline, 5% distilled or sterile water into ampule and shake well. Resulting solution is 3.3 ml of 300 mg/ml.

              2. Mild/Moderate symptoms include localized sweating, muscle fasciculations, nausea, vomiting, weakness, dyspnea.

              3. Severe symptoms include unconsciousness, convulsions, apnea, flaccid paralysis.

              Decontamination Zone
              Rapid decontamination is critical to prevent further absorption by the patient and to prevent exposure to others. Decontaminable gurneys and back boards should be used if possible when managing casualties in a contaminated area. Decontaminable gurneys are made of a monofilament polypropylene fabric that allows drainage of liquids, does not absorb chemical agents, and is easily decontaminated. Fiberglass back boards have been developed specifically for use in HAZMAT incidents. These are nonpermeable and readily decontaminated. The Chemical Resuscitation Device is a bag-valve mask equipped with a chemical agent cannister that can be used to ventilate casualties in a contaminated environment.

              Rescuer Protection

              Personnel should continue to wear the same level of protection as required in the Hot Zone (see Rescuer Protection under Hot Zone, above).

              ABC Reminders
              Quickly ensure that the victim has a patent airway. Maintain adequate circulation. Stabilize the cervical spine with a decontaminable collar and a backboard if trauma is suspected. Antidote administration may be required to allow ventilation. Suction oral and bronchial secretions. Administer supplemental oxygen if cardiopulmonary compromise is suspected. Assist ventilation with a bag-valve-mask device equipped with a cannister or air filter if necessary. Direct pressure should be applied to control heavy bleeding, if present.

              Administer antidotes if they have not been administered. If possible, a system should be employed to track antidotes administered. If atropine was previously administered and signs and symptoms have not diminished within 5 to 10 minutes, give a second dose of atropine (2 mg for adults or 0.05 to 0.1 mg/kg for children) (see Antidotes under Hot Zone, Table 3).

              Basic Decontamination
              The eyes must be decontaminated within minutes of exposure to liquid nerve agent to limit injury. Flush the eyes immediately with water for about 5 to 10 minutes by tilting the head to the side, pulling eyelids apart with fingers, and pouring water slowly into eyes. There is no need to flush the eyes following exposure to nerve agent vapor. Do not cover eyes with bandages.

              If exposure to liquid agent is suspected, cut and remove all clothing and wash skin immediately with soap and water. If shower areas are available, a thorough shower with soap and water should be used. However, if water supplies are limited, and showers are not available, an alternative form of decontamination is to use 0.5% sodium hypochlorite solution, or absorbent powders such as flour, talcum powder, or Fuller’s earth If exposure to vapor only is certain, remove outer clothing and wash exposed skin with soap and water or 0.5% sodium hypochlorite. Place contaminated clothes and personal belongings in a sealed double bag.

              In cases of ingestion, do not induce emesis. If the victim is alert and able to swallow, immediately administer a slurry of activated charcoal.

              Transfer to Support Zone
              As soon as basic decontamination is complete, move the victim to the Support Zone.

              Support Zone
              All victims must be decontaminated properly before entering the Support Zone (see Decontamination Zone, above).

              ABC Reminders
              Quickly ensure that the victim has a patent airway. If trauma is suspected, maintain cervical immobilization manually and apply a cervical collar and a backboard when feasible. Ensure adequate respiration; administer supplemental oxygen if cardiopulmonary compromise is suspected. In a severely exposed casualty (unconscious, gasping, or not breathing), the antidotes will be required to allow ventilation. Suction oral and bronchial secretions. Maintain adequate circulation. Establish intravenous access if necessary. Attach a cardiac monitor, as needed. Direct pressure should be applied to stop bleeding, if present.

              Administer antidotes if they have not been administered (see Antidotes under Hot Zone, Table 3). Administer atropine (2 mg for adults and 0.05 to 0.1 mg/kg for children) every 5 to 10 minutes until dyspnea, resistence to ventilation, and secretions are minimized.

              Additional Decontamination
              In cases of ingestion, do not induce emesis. If the victim is alert and able to swallow, immediately administer a slurry of activated charcoal if not given previously.

              Advanced Treatment
              Intubate the trachea in cases of coma or respiratory compromise, or to facilitate removal of excessive pulmonary secretions. When the patient’s condition precludes endotracheal intubation, perform cricothyrotomy if equipped and trained to do so. Frequent suctioning of the airways will be necessary to remove mucous secretions. When possible, atropine and 2-PAM Cl should be given under medical supervision to symptomatic patients who have known or strongly suspected nerve agent toxicity (see Antidote sections, above).

              Patients who are comatose, hypotensive, or seizing or have cardiac dysrhythmias should be treated according to advanced life support (ALS) protocols. Diazepam (5 to 10 mg in adults and 0.2 to 0.5 mg/kg in children) should be used to control convulsions. Lorazepam or other benzodiazepines may be used but barbiturates, phenytoin, and other anticonvulsants are not effective.

              Transport to Medical Facility
              Report to the base station and the receiving medical facility the condition of the patient, treatment given, and estimated time of arrival at the medical facility.

              Multi-Casualty Triage
              Consult with the base station physician or the regional poison control center for advice regarding triage of multiple victims.

              Patients who are seriously symptomatic (as in cases of chest tightness or wheezing), patients who have histories or evidence of significant exposure, and all patients who have ingested acrolein should be transported to a medical facility for evaluation. Others may be discharged at the scene after their names, addresses, and telephone numbers are recorded. Those discharged should be advised to seek medical care promptly if symptoms develop (see Patient Information Sheet below).

    • if that is the case and all the victims are legit… why were children and babies in al Qaeda’s storage facility?

      What if this happened… what if they hit the storage facility, like I have said over and over again, the gas was released, some terrorists were killed.

      But then they figured, they needed a big event to demonize Assad so they got a bunch of families and children and such, brought em over, staged the little scene and presto.. wont somebody think of the children and Trump screams about “BABIES” during his press conference.

      One thing does not have to exclude the other. Could have been, probably was a strike from Syrian air force hitting al Qaeda’s gas and they lept into action to stage a dramatic scene since no body is going to get behind a couple dead al Qaeda guys killed by their own Sarin gas.

      • Interesting #DrEd

      • ‘In the storage facility’? Looked like the streets and plazas around storage facility. Suspect very little left of storage facility. Weapons storage depot has to be MEGA guarded 24/7, rebels need to be close. It’s not like they clock out at 5, get in their cars and drive to the burbs, they are kinda in the middle of a warzone. Rebels, hostages, family support would need to be close by. Or, at least if I’m a rebel, that’s how I’d do it, anything less would be insane and likely to get you snuffed by anyone of your rebel buddies with half a brain.

    • “The pictures of the victims clearly show ‘chemical weapons’ used.”
      I say the pictures prove that Syria was attacked by UFO death rays. This is undeniable. The pictures show people lying around, plus the sky, dirt, buildings, and cars. What else do we need? Any attempt to show that I am wrong is a conspiracy theory.

  2. I also feel that, after the complete and utter failure of the 2013 staged chemical attack, this time they concocted a plan where real people were exposed to gas.

    If that is true, the only remaining question is who did it and how. My “pudding” test is how the MSM and the warmongers react to it, and how quickly they react to it. Judging by the reaction and the retaliation speed without needing any kind of investigation, the way ALL newspapers published close up photos of children only, the way the same exact photos were used by Nikki the newly appointed war sales person, this was planned by our “folks”.

    I have a question for Ed Ward MD if I may:

    There is no doubt that being exposed to sarin and other chemical weapons results in a very painful, horrific death, or life threatening injuries, or permanent damage to one’s body. But, even within the parameters of propaganda, I am failing to understand how dying by explosions caused by drone attacks, or with more modern radioactive weaponry that Israel is said to have used on the palestinians which is meant to literally rip the flesh out of the bones off the victims, is any better than this sarin business. I am quite certain the 30 civilians we killed just last week in a drone strike, countless people who are wounded, maimed, and permanently disabled, their grieving loved ones, or the governments of their nations do not feel there is a great difference.

    Doctor… are you able to shed any light onto this fallacy? what is the logic in all this? Why are chemical weapons the red line? How is it different than any other mass murder weaponry?

    • I personally think it is a pure social conditioning thing. They state that one way is a terrible way to kill humans, but on the other hand they have some exceptions written down in the “laws of war” and “rules of engagement” and so on. In their minds this makes them considerate and moral killers. By creating these artificial rules they can convince others that it is acceptable to shoot people or blew them to pieces , but not to gas them or use biological agents. Without those artificial rules it would impossible to wage war and this is the only “logic”. But I’m no doctor and I am only a ordinary man with bad grammar.

    • Conventional weapons have always produced far more casualties than chemical weapons, but chemical weapons are sexier for propaganda purposes. During World War One the total amount of killed, wounded, and vanished on all sides was 388.8 million. Of that, only three tenths of one percent were gas casualties (1,230,853) of which 3% were fatal, 2% were disabled, and 70% were fit for duty again within six weeks. The real killers were machine guns, compared to which gas was negligible. If a gas attack kills five people, it’s a “WMD.” If bombs kill 50,000, it’s “humanitarian intervention.”

      • Yes of course. Because conventional weapons are allowed by the artificial rules and the rules was my point.

      • 388.8 million? Where did you get this number from?

        • I meant to say 38.8 million casualties. 190,000 tons of chemical weapons caused 90,198 gas fatalities, which was only two tenths of one percent of all war casualties. Gas weapons might be useful against tightly clustered and unsuspecting civilians, but in war they are much less useful than are other weapons.



          • yeah I figured 388 million was a little high 🙂

            • Just a little (like ten times too high!) My main point is that the Empire calls chemical weapons “WMDs” no matter how little destruction they cause. Of course, the Empire’s own nukes and chemical weapons are not “WMDs.” Ultimately “WMD” is a propaganda hot button, a label, a bullshit buzzword. But since gas weapons capture the public’s imagination, the Empire pretends that a tiny bit of gas damage is infinitely worse than total damage by conventional munitions. For instance, the Empire’s weapons caused mass destruction in Libya, but they were not “WMDs” because…dictator.

    • Dead is dead. If someone comes over and kills you right now, what are you going to be pissed about? Being DEAD, or I wanted to be killed this way. Yes, Sarin is a horrible way to die. Being blown up is a horrible way to die. Being shot is a horrible way to die. It’s Not Brain Surgery. #DrEd

      • Actually we don’t know for sure if anyone was killed at all, or even if there was an actual “gas attack.” By the way I see that you put an “MD” after your name. That explains a lot.:-)

  3. I suspect that the Russians account is correct, namely that the Syrian military targeted a building full of “moderate” head choppers, not knowing that it contained canisters of chlorine gas like those used by the U.S.-backed terrorists for their “hell cannons.” The Empire portrayed this as a Sarin attack, and much of the world fell for the lie (only this time the lie did not include the “six million” figure). I doubt that the Empire’s head-choppers have the proficiency to handle actual nerve gas (or mustard gas, or phosgene for that matter), whereas chlorine is routinely used for myriad different chemical processes.

  4. Comment eaten by WordPress (twice). 102 words

  5. If the Empire says the “dictator” perpetrated a gas attack, then it’s a “fact.” The Empire never lies. Nor do videos.

  6. STILL WAITING for your to enlighten me with your knowledge and show ANY incorrect referenced fact in more than 100 refernces you no fact PSYOPS POS. Warzone Syria compared to downtown tokyo as some kind of proof.

    • tell you what… you go back to your quiet little website and post some more “work’ on those magical “mini-nukes” that brought down the Towers or maybe tell your readers again about the “murderous Nazis” that keep you down and I’ll hang out here and we wont have any more issues, hows that?

      • STILL WAITING for your to enlighten me with your knowledge and show ANY incorrect referenced fact in more than 100 refernces you no fact PSYOPS POS. Warzone Syria compared to downtown tokyo as some kind of proof.

      • Hey isn’t it time for you to beg for some money so you can keep posting your PSYOPS disinfo crap? STILL WAITING for your to enlighten me with your knowledge and show ANY incorrect referenced fact in more than 100 refernces you no fact PSYOPS POS. Warzone Syria compared to downtown tokyo as some kind of proof.

  7. Just to clarify, I am not dismissing the ugliness of chemical weapons. I’m only saying that because chemical weapons pique the public imagination, they lend themselves to distortion and propaganda. Actual nerve gas is horrible to be sure. Have you ever had a “charley horse” or a super-bad night-cramp in your calf? Nerve gas makes you cramp-up like that, all over your body, such that your diaphragm becomes paralyzed and you suffocate in agony. Still, regarding the recent Syrian event, I would need a lot more information before I could agree that it involved nerve gas.

  8. I enjoyed seeing Scott unmasking Dr. Ed. Unbelievable, but these people pop up all the time.

  9. Question….. it has been said that sarin gas kills on contact…
    so why are they even bothering to hose down victims? and unless the hose was already hooked up and laying next to the future victims, the time it took to gather hose and hook up and move victim to area of water hose would have killed victim …..
    or does the gas take a long time?

    • I imagine it depends on the level of exposure. Notice if you look at the photos from the Tokyo subway attack, which is an undisputed Sarin gas event, none of the first responders were “hosing down” victims. Truth is, exposure through the skin is not extremely likely. Very low absorption rate unless you have a cut or open wound and if that’s the case, it is deadly quick. In that case, hosing people down might be the wrong thing to do. The water would move the chemical around and even possibly get it in a victim’s mouth while the hosing is taking place. It’s dramatic. Probably why they did it.

      Could have been that if the strike hit a weapons depot with the components of the gas, then they WOULD want to hose those off the victims and dilute the ingredients. One necessary component for making Sarin is ethyl alcohol. If that was dispersed and ended up saturating victims, yes, they would want to wash them off because it’s highly flammable and a skin irritant. If that were the case, then what we saw makes perfect sense.

      But yes, it does seem odd they would wash them off. the water could transfer the toxin from their clothes to an open part of their skin which would be lethal. Certainly spreading it around with their hands on the victims is the wrong thing to do if it was Sarin gas.

      Are they ignorant of what to do? Was it components and materials used to manufacture Sarin? Was it completely staged? I don’t know.

  10. Dont know what to believe but am wondering why no one is calling for an inspection of the chemical stores at the air base. Assad should want it to prove his innocence & Trump should want it to prove Assad “did it”.

    Why has neither side asked the UN or some such to go there?

    • Because no proof is necessary. The whole world knows that Assad is guilty because…dictator. Whatever Assad does to prove his innocence is a lie, because…dictator. Average Americans don’t ask for proof because…dictator. Please stop thinking with logic and common sense. What are you, a Russian agent?

    • Russian journalists have already gone there and found no chemical weapons. at least that is what they say

      • Wow. Hadn’t heard any talk of inspecting, let alone one was done! thx…will check out

        • there are videos of them driving around the site. that is why the Pentagon says they deliberately avoided hitting the “stockpiles” of Sarin… since it was clearly not there when the reporters were.

  11. All I needed to see was the Oscar winning White helmets in the frame to know it’s bull sheet. Debating whether actual gas was involved gives those swine too much credit. Much simpler for them to fake it entirely.

  12. https://www.voltairenet.org/article195904.html

  13. Meant to say: If you want to see a really convoluted analysis, see the above link

    • Yes, that blog post is tortured guesswork. Thiery Meyssan speculates that Trump ordered the cruise missile attack, and the Russians let it happen, so that Trump could swing more people to Trump’s (supposedly) pro-Russian and pro-Assad side. After all, Trump gave advanced warning to the Russians, the airbase was evacuated, and the Syrians and Russians did not use their S-300’s and S-400’s to shoot down Trump’s cruise missiles. Okay, but I could just as easily speculate that Trump wanted to do something symbolic for the war hawks while not endangering Russian personnel, and the Russians let it happen so they would have a pretext to end their communications with the U.S. military in Syria. This too would be mere guesswork (on my part).

      • My problem is that Thiery Meyssan does not explain how Trump (supposedly) thought that by agreeing to a cruise missile attack, Trump would swing people over to Trump’s (supposedly) pro-Russian and pro-Assad views. Nobody knows what Trump thinks, least of all Trump himself. All we know for sure is that Trump can applaud before Congress and the nation when Navy SEALs kill babies (“BABIES!”) in Yemen.

      • they warned the Russians because as crazy as the Pentagon shot-callers are, they know damn well they dont want to start a shooting fight with them. Even if it doesn’t escalate, we will be driven out of Syria along with al Qaeda and ISIS and that doesn’t server the interests of our national interests.

        • They’ve started a potential escalation that could lead either or both sides feeling that they cannot get out clean and save face. A very dangerous position they are putting most of the world in when the lives of millions hang in the balance of the egos of a few.

        • And … comment eaten (it was short, too)

  14. On Sarin Gas, it seemed that the same chemical was used in Waco (Texas) on the Branch Davidian religious sect of David Koresh. In those days, the same rule was applied as here. FBI and mainstream news accused the sect of killing its own. In the end, FBI and the NFA used chemical sarin gas to kill all inside the compound.

  15. test

    • The “test” always goes through – it’s when you write an actual comment that it gets eaten by wordpress.

  16. I’m realizing that the Syrian government showed great restraint in not bombing Fort Hood when Janet Reno burned people live in Waco.

    • Yeah, and various allies have been quite forgiving each time the US sacrifices a few of its own citizens for the greater good – as a justification for legislation or illegal invasions to support national interests, ie business profits.

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