On Behalf of al Nusra, Donald Trump Just Launched an Illegal and Unauthorized Military Strike Against Syria

by Scott Creighton


While meeting with the president of China, the United States launched an illegal and unauthorized attack on the Syrian military targeting the Ash Sha’irat airfield in Homs province, western Syria.

It is being reported that 50 cruise missiles targeted the airfield where Trump believed the Syrians launched their “chemical weapons attack” 3 days ago.

Trump had no authorization from congress to use military force against the Syrian government or it’s military.  In fact they are still investigating the “chemical weapon attack” and as of his attacking Syria, it has not been proven a chemical weapon was even used, much less, who used it.

Earlier, Sec. of State Tillerson, after the attack in Idlib, made a statement that has been grossly taken out of context and was being reported as if he said we were putting together a coalition to attack Syria. That is an absolute lie. This is what he said:

“With the acts that he has taken, it would seem that there would be no rule for him to govern the Syrian people,” Tillerson told reporters. “The process by which Assad would leave is something that I think requires and international community effort, both to first defeat ISIS within Syria, to stabilize the Syrian country to avoid further civil war, and then to work collectively with our partners around the world through a political process that would lead to Assad leaving.”

A week ago the Secretary of State said that the people of Syria would decide the fate of Assad and that our efforts to force regime change were over.

On the day of the attack, an international coalition of parties was meeting for the first day of a two day conference to hash out a final agreement on what to do with Syria. The statement made by Tillerson in Turkey about leaving Assad promised to factor in heavily in their discussions.

The Syrian Arab Army has been winning their war against our “moderate” terrorists and the regime change destabilization campaign known as “ISIS”

With all of these things taking place, how much sense does it make for Assad to launch a chemical weapons attack against anybody? All it would do is provide those who wished all along to force a “regime change” with all the ammunition they needed to justify a renewed attack on the Syrian government.

It is the most obvious thing in the world who benefited from this attack… if an attack even took place, which we don’t know for sure that it did.

The masters of the universe and their goons at the CIA and MSM strongly rejected that notion of self determination for the Syrian people by Sec. Tillerson in no uncertain terms. So they either took advantage of a strike on an al Nusra base which happened to house some of the chemical weapons Hillary Clinton sent over to Syria from Libya… or they used some of those weapons on civilians in an area they control or … they staged the whole thing.

Over the past two days, there has been a growing awareness of the absurdity of the official story of what happened in Idlib. Hours before Trump launched this illegal attack, #SyriaHoax was #1 on Twitter and it stayed there until well after the attack.

Ron Paul even mentioned how obvious this bullshit story was during an interview on the radio. A congressman dared to wonder aloud during an interview on CNN about how stupid it was to believe Assad would do something like this … right at this moment when he had won.

And then Tillerson said they were going to continue with their war on “ISIS” and THEN with coalition partners, use a POLITICAL PROCESS to facilitate Assad LEAVING… not blowing him up.

At that, it seems the war-criminals in the Pentagon decided they couldn’t wait around for more Americans to figure out it wasn’t Assad that launched an attack on Idlib and they decided to attack the airbase before their story fell completely apart.

The Pentagon is now saying they announced to “several countries” that they were going to launch the strike before they did so. Russia, they claim, was one of them.

Syria says the strike is a criminal act of aggression and they are correct.

The U.S. has been backing the “moderate” terrorists in Syria since Day One. al Qaeda became al Nusra and the White Helmets, their location that was hit by the way, not a city but a bunker of theirs, the White Helmets are al Qaeda propagandists. They were the ones hit at that al Nusra base in Idlib outside Homs.

Truth is, someone probably hit an al Nusra base which had a stockpile of chemical weapons sent over to them by Hillary Clinton when the terror destabilization campaign began. The strike on their base crippled their fighting capabilities and someone immediately saw the dispersing chemical agents as an opportunity.

They launched their hearts and minds campaign and the Mockingbirds in the media gladly helped promote it.

The end result of course is a weakened “moderate” terrorist force in the area and as we all know, the Syrians have been kicking their asses for a year or so now.

So when Trump and his aging, war-mongering generals decided to strike before the story fell apart, what they were actually doing is… helping al Nusra in the area by serving as their air force.

Trump helping al Qaeda by providing them with air support.

Kinda reminds me of the Bay of Pigs when I think about it.

Except Kennedy wasn’t stupid enough or cowardly enough to go for it.

In fact he fired the bastards who tried to make him do it.

Kennedy was a man of principle. Trump is “pragmatic” and looks out for his own interests.


However you look at it, whether you think Trump is saving face or if you think he’s acting on “bad intelligence” like we supposedly did when we attacked and invaded Iraq back in 2003, it doesn’t matter.

Trump used military force without congressional approval in a situation that had nothing to do with protecting U.S. lives or our precious “national interests”

According to the story, he did so solely for the purpose of punishing the legitimate government of Syria for an attack that we don’t know Assad ordered or Syria carried out.

Whether Trump is stupid, gullible, cowardly or power mad, makes no difference.

Donald Trump is not qualified to serve as president of the United States by any stretch of the imagination and he should be removed from office immediately.

I understand how this plays into the hands of the sickening batch of Clintonites and the Deep State that has been framing him and hounding him since before he even took office and I hate to write this. But the facts are what they are.

Unless Trump cleans house and fires everyone of the MFers who talked him into this war crime, he needs to be removed from office immediately before we find ourselves in a shooting war with Russia, Iran, Syria and China all at the same time. He is a loose cannon and must be cast overboard if he can’t right his own ship on this one.

30 Responses

  1. I have an important question I think. Was Bannon sidelined before the news of the chemical weapon attack in Syria or after?

    Bannon obviously would be against any shenanigans they are doing in Syria now. Bannon arranged a meeting of Tulsi Gabbard (who has a very strong anti intervention and anti meddling in Syria position) with Trump. Bannon loves Tulsi Gabbard, so he tried. But Trump opted for individual of Nikki Haley ilk instead. What a shame!


    So my thinking is that if they took Bannon out of the loop before the gas attack they knew of the gas attack ahead of time.

    • they got rid of him before Trumps bombing but after the chemical weapons false flag… and they say they went back to the Bush/Cheney set up of the national security council with all the war mongers sitting at the head of the table.

      • Thanks for the answer. Somehow I thought it happened before the so called gas attack by Assad. I am trying to figure out how rotten Trump really is. Did he know of the gas attack ahead of time or the Deep State keeps such operations compartmentalized?

        • no. I don’t think so. I think it was an accident. The Syrians hit a bunker manned by al Qaeda.al Nusra and the “White Helmets” and inside it were Hillary’s old chemical weapons. I think they spun the whole thing up on the fly, which is why the videos look so stupid wiggling little kids around on the back of that flatbed truck like they’re handling Thanksgiving turkeys at a slaughterhouse. Anyone ever ask what “babies” were doing at an al Qaeda weapons bunker?

    • I didn’t realize Bannon was a pacifist. Assumed they kicked him out of NSC because he couldn’t keep his hands to himself.

  2. Comment vanishing?

  3. The “higher ups” behind the scenes wanted this done and Trump had no disagreement so they did it. The agenda continues no matter who sits in the White House. The psychopathic warmongers are hard at work and do not care in the least that the people are not on board. Impeach Trump? Yes. But then what do we do when we’ve got Pence next in line? Somehow we have to figure out how to disqualify all of the psychopaths and warmongers.

    • impeach Trump and when Pense does something similar, impeach him to and keep on going.

      had we impeached Bush and Cheney and prosecuted them when we should have long ago, I bet you this shit wouldn’t have happened. Had we impeached President Peace Prize, it’s the same. if they don’t think there are consequences, they will do anything. I don’t care if we end up with a White House janitor sitting behind the oval office, they MUST be held accountable for crimes against the state and against the world and if they are not, then we are a fucking nation of spineless shit and we deserve whatever it is we get.

      • Who should do impeaching? Congress? It’s full the Deep State operatives.

        • the first step is us demanding impeachment. that’s the first step. from there, yeah, congress, but you are right. Even the fake dems wont support that. But that is a different discussion… I said he SHOULD be impeached.. I didn’t say he would be.

      • “They MUST be held accountable for crimes against the state and against the world and if they are not, then we are a fucking nation of spineless shit and we deserve whatever it is we get.”

        My opinion exactly.

  4. The cowardly cruise missiles were launched at 2:45 am Syria time. Fake leftists are popping the champagne corks, as are warmongers, Israelis, and the stockholders of companies that make the cruise missiles (General Dynamics, Raytheon, and McDonnell Douglas). One of Scott’s readers says that Trump’s fans will now call for Trump’s impeachment. I say no, Trump will now be cheered, since most Americans live for war (as long as they don’t have to pay any price for it). Most Americans see war as a sport, like football. Most Americans don’t care how many people Trump murdered in Syria. Most Americans are assholes.

  5. Could not have said it better! I actually almost had a panic attack when I heard the news!

    If we don’t deal with these warmongers once and for all, we are absolutely fucked!

  6. please Russia ! Do away with this evil murdikan malignancy.

  7. Check out the MSM and you’ll see some of the same war mongers cheering on Trump that cheered on the illegal invasion of Iraq:

    The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history. Two of them, journalists William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer, say it’s possible.

    This is a war of an elite. [Tom] Friedman laughs: I could give you the names of 25 people (all of whom are at this moment within a five-block radius of this office) who, if you had exiled them to a desert island a year and a half ago, the Iraq war would not have happened.


  8. Arrest Trump and Hilliary….

  9. I think Tillerson’s statement about letting the people of Syria decide their leader was just lip service, or playing possum–it created the illusion of the US as good guy–coincidentally stated just before the chemical attack. You interpret it as if they caused the attack in reaction to Tillerson’s remarks, I don’t, because now they have a narrative ready: “Hey we were GOING to let the people decide, but NOW, well….” So now they look like good guys yet again, because they are helping the Syrian people remove their “devil leader”–or so the narrative will go, I imagine. And many don’t visit a lot of these sites or read for that matter, and even with Twitter ablaze with false flag information, I really wonder if most will just support
    the US “retaliation”, we’ll see how mainstream media reacts, because their overall message is unfortunately what will sway the majority of Americans…..

    • possible. I don’t know. but today the narrative is exactly what he said yesterday before this attack, so… I don’t know. for the record, I just finished writing that the MSM’s narrative right now is that we should fight “ISIS”, stabilize the country and then use the coalition to forment a political transition, not a military one. big shift from yesterday morning and its exactly what Tillerson said.

      • Perhaps Trex was speaking in Clausewitzian terms? War as politics by other means. When I hear words like defeat, stabilize, and forment political transition I picture Iraq in ought three…

        • i know they never expect the people to vote against assad. especially now after he’s stood up to the empire’s terrorists for 6 long years. but they might think they, with the help of the russians, can get him to accept being head of a somewhat smaller state as opposed to being wiped out. but like north korea and china, that all depends on what kind of faustian bargain they can cut with Putin and Russia. maybe they figure that. maybe reximus maximus thinks hes that good cus we know the Duke of Orange thinks he is.

        • i gotta get away from this shit for a little while. you guys feel free to bash the trolls once they start showing up.

  10. all depends on what evil Sabbateans Jared Kushner wants done, as soon as i heard Bannon was removed from his position, i knew evil is going to happen, this is the motto of Sabbateans “Blessed is he who permits the forbidden”

  11. Eretz Israel??? Oded Yinon??? Defending the Realm??? PNAC??? Sorry to be such a bore.

    • that’s perfectly reasonable right now, that’s for sure. Israel wants what it wants and will do whatever it takes to get it. So, yeah, a good possibility much of this comes straight from Tel Aviv.

  12. You are right of course but the depressing thing is that nothing will happen. The people of this country have been programmed to cheer on any act of aggression so there will be no repercussions. I held a slim hope that Trump would actually stick to his promises to not meddle in Syria but as you mentioned, he has no principles.

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