Chris Mathews Drools Over a “Real Leader”… Jordan’s Dictator, King Abdullah II

by Scott Creighton

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Last night, Chris Mathews was talking about President Trump’s meeting with King Abdullah the 2nd of Jordan because during that meeting, Trump said he had gotten his mind right on the subject of Assad and he went on to talk about the killing of “little babies. little babies. babies”

During his meeting and their press conference, Trump didn’t mention, nor did Mathews for that matter, how many “babies” he’s killed as his bombs rain down on civilians in Iraq, Yemen and Syria. Nor did he mention his SEAL Team 6 raid in Yemen which killed an 8-year-old little girl along side a number of other innocent children and women for that matter.

None of that was discussed last night by Chris “Scoop Jackson” Mathews.

Instead, Chris showed a bunch of clips were Trump said “crazy” things (according to Mathews) during the campaign like he would rather see Assad in charge of Syria than “ISIS” or that the problems in Syria were Syria’s issues to deal with.

Most folks would think that was a logical approach to the subject. In fact, it was probably a selling point for some of his voters.

But it’s “crazy talk” to a sycophantic shill for the Deep State like Chris Mathews.

Then Chris played the clip of Sec. of State Tillerson committing the ultimate sin: he said the fate of the Syrian leadership was up to the Syrian people.

Holy shit. That is outrageous. Self determination cannot be allowed. You should have seen the overblown, overacted ranting from Lawrence O’Donnell last night on the subject of letting the people decide the fate of their own country in Syria.

O’Donnell actually said that statement was the REASON Assad dropped chemical weapons on babies. How fucking insane is that? The U.S. says nations can decide their own fate and that somehow unleashes chemical weapons attacks on babies. That’s pure Joseph Goebbels nonsense right there. Straight up Orwellian “freedom is slavery” But, it was prime time MSNBC in the Shining City on the Hill last night. Draw your own conclusions.

You know, it wasn’t that long ago, in case you forgot, that the Obama administration was denying they were focused on forcing a change in the leadership of Syria. They kept saying they were just there to “fight ISIS”… remember?

Now you have these clowns openly demanding “regime change” by force from Trump.

Used to be only “conspiracy theorists” said Obama wanted regime change and that’s all this was about from the start. Now that truth is plain too see.

Last night, while chiding Trump to drop the bomb on Assad and the Syrian Arab Army, slobbering Chris Mathews remarked of King Abdullah, “now there’s a REAL leader”. You could see the tingling going up his leg to his crotch like he used to get when they cued up a video of Dick Cheney.

All this time Mathews has been complaining, literally frothing at the mouth, about what a dictator he thinks Trump is trying to be. Yet, Chris idolized King Abdullah? Chris hates Assad because he claims he’s a brutal dictator and yet he gets all wet in the pants when talking about Abdullah?

Oh wait… you don’t have any context for my sarcasm. Here’s some

  • Jordanian law criminalizes speech deemed critical of the king, government officials, and institutions.. (talk about a “war on free speech”)
  • In October 2012, Jordan’s parliament approved amendments to the Press and Publications Law that require all independent news websites operating within the country to register with the Press and Publications Department, and empower the director of the press department to close down or censor unregistered sites.
  • The amendments also make an electronic publication’s owner, editor-in-chief, and director responsible, along with the author, for comments or posts that users place on its website
  • On June 2, 2013, the director of the Press and Publications Department ordered the blocking of over 260 news websites…
  • .. prosecutors continued to charge protesters with participating in “unlawful gatherings” under article 165 of the penal code…
  • … authorities did not permit entry to all those fleeing Syria’s conflict. In particular, they denied entry, in breach of international law, to Palestinian and Iraqi refugees residing in Syria, single males of fighting age, and people without documents (that’s Trump’s “enhanced screening” order that Mathews calls a “Muslim ban’)
  • … Hundreds of foreign migrants working in the duty-free Qualified Industrial Zones and in agriculture and domestic work complained about labor violations, including unpaid salaries, confiscation of passports, and forced labor (using the goddamned refugees as fucking slaves. SLAVES Chris… the fucker uses refugees as SLAVES in FORCED LABOR CAMPS)
  • … sometimes even detaining workers for “escaping” employers (can’t let the FUCKING SLAVES get away, now can we Chris?)
  • Jordan’s personal status code remains discriminatory (toward women) despite a 2010 amendment (really? King Abdullah rules over a sexist nation and Chris Mathews calls him a “real leader”?)
  • Perpetrators of torture or other ill-treatment continued to enjoy near-total impunity. Credible allegations of torture or other ill-treatment are routinely ignored… To date, no police or intelligence officer has even been convicted of torture (torture of dissidents is ok in Jordan, where the “real leader” King Abdullah leads his people)

Jordan got mad about two years ago when it was revealed they were helping the U.S. train “moderate” terrorists in their country. They shouldn’t have. Everyone already knew King Abdullah is a tool of the west. He was educated in the ways of neoliberal fascism in England and served in the military in the U.S. He is a tool of the State Department and the CIA.

But he did oppose the illegal invasion of Iraq because he said it would destabilize the Middle East, as if that was hard to figure out. But to his credit, he did try to take a stand on that one.

Other than that, Chris Mathews’ “real leader” is actually what Chris and other slobbering war-mongers claims Bashar al-Assad is. Ironic, right?

And King Abdullah is exactly what Mathews and folks like Rachel Madcow are worried that Trump will become.

The irony is thick with this one. Almost as thick as the dried drool on Chris’ lapel.

Sometimes I wonder if Chris Mathews is a bottom who likes to be dominated by strong young methed out party boys wearing Dick Cheney masks. And yeah, that’s a tasteless image for me to you leave you guys with, but I will tell you, watching his quickening slide to the ultra-far-right fascism of Henry Jackson and Joe McCarthy is troubling in that it seems so damn sensually satisfying for him while doing it. He’s looking like some kind of freak coming out of the closet with a dead house cat and a stain on his pants.

King Abdullah is a “real leader” Chris? Yeah, maybe to Pinochet, Papa Doc or Suharto he is. Not to me and probably not to a whole bunch of real liberals you try to sell you show to.

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15 Responses

  1. Wild images, second to last paragraph

    • There’s a reason I come here first for news; well, a few reasons.

    • sorry bout that. wanted to leave a lasting impression. perhaps wrong choice. accurate, but wrong.

      • Picture perfect. Don’t even have to bother tuning into the telly

      • It’s a strange phenomenon of self loathing closeted homosexual fascist dudes… Hoover, McCarthy, Cohn, the lil’ Austrian corporal, Bannon, you name it. Worthy of mockery IMHO.

      • LOL! Let’s not forgot Matthews is the kinda guy who gets a tingle up his leg from male politicians, especially loving those with “gravitas” and the bracing smell of men’s cologne. His manlove issues have been pretty out in the open to anyone paying attention.

  2. “Jordan got mad about two years ago when it was revealed they were helping the U.S. train ‘moderate’ terrorists in their country.” ~ S.C.

    The first terrorist mercenaries in Syria came from Jordan, not Turkey. The Empire’s killers (backed by Jordan) went up Highway 25 to Deraa, just two miles from the Jordanian border, hid on rooftops, and shot demonstrators who peacefully marched below. The Empire claimed that its own snipers were sent by Assad, and the proxy war was afoot. This is a standard false flag trick: shoot peaceful demonstrators, while claiming that the shooters work for the “dictator” that the Empire wants to remove. Variants of this trick include gas attacks, for example.

    • By the way, during the first six months of the Empire’s proxy war, Assad personally went to the homes of each family member of the Empire’s sniper victims, to console them and to distribute financial help. Because…dictator.

      • and during it, he won a free and open election. Because… dictator.

        (you know Wikipedia has scrubbed his election history from their page on him? because… dictator. but of course he won an election in 2014 by a wide majority)

        • But, but…Wikipedia doesn’t censor things! That’s what their editors are always saying anyways. Riiiight! 😉

          P.S. Yes, you painted quite a picture regarding sycophantic fan boy Matthews and his slavering love of war pigs and dictators. Oh and of course, those furtive meetings with paramours bedecked in Cheney masks. I just wish I hadn’t just finished dinner. Ewwww…:)

  3. Forced labor by persons deprived of their liberty; restrictions on press freedom; failure to end discrimination against women; impunity for torture. Pretty dismal, but very similar to the US pattern of rights derogation. He’s not a dictator, he’s a traditional US-style DCI.

    Also to Abdullah’s great credit, Jordan was one of the Small Five countries that proposed UNSC reforms in 2005. That would have put an unprecedented crimp in veto impunity for aggression, without the need for treaty renegotiation subject to a US veto. The US squelched it with machinations in the Secretariat. But it was diplomatic virtuosity of historic importance in an ongoing campaign against impunity.

    So Abdullah v. Obama or Bush; I’d trade. He is a step up in important respects. Clearly Matthews fellates strongmen. At least he seems to realize they’re more appealing at a distance.

  4. The AP says that native Syrians used “sharp tools” to kill 33 Barzani-stan killers (all male) near the town of Mayadeen in northeast Syria, close to the Iraqi border. (CNN say it was in the city of Deir Ezzor, 20 miles to the north.) The Empire calls the native defenders “ISIS,” and says that their actions, plus the false flag “gas attack,” makes it a “moral imperative” to bomb Syria to rubble. Trump is vowing to take military action, but he will not give specifics, since he has not yet received his orders from the Deep State. Some politicians say we must bomb Syria to “defeat ISIS.” Other politicians say we must bomb Syria to defeat the government. Either way we must bomb. Looking at the map, it seems to me that the western boundary of Barzani-stan will be the Euphrates River. I doubt that the Barzani-stan project will succeed if the Empire tries to expand the border beyond the river.

  5. “King’ Abdullah? What a joke, he’s just another Zionist poodle, wagging his tail and hoping he’ll get some more $$$ instead of being cast as the next Hitler.

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