The Deep State Demands Satisfaction: Launches (or stages?) Yet Another Deal-busting “Chemical Attack” on Civilians in Syria

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: RT reported they hit a “moderate” terrorist chemical weapons depot in that area on that day so this could simply be an attempt to cover that fact by the terrorists and them using it as an opportunity to spin the story to their favor.

Last week Sec. of State Tillerson said the Syrian people would decide the fate of their leadership and the course their country would take in the future. John McCain was outraged. That statement smelled too much like “self determination” to the Deep State (7th Floor Group?) and thus, yet another brutal attack has taken place and as usual, without evidence, the international complicit Mockingbird media has immediately leapt to the aid of the CIA by casting blame squarely on President Bashar al-Assad.

It wasn’t that long ago that President Obama and Sec. of State Kerry cut a deal with the Russians to bring peace once and for all to the people of Syria. They had a deal in which there would be a cease fire for 8 day and at the end of the eighth day, if all went well, the Pentagon would hand over all it’s information on “ISIS” to the Russians and we would start working with them to put an end to the destabilization campaign.

The Pentagon “accidentally” opened fire on the Syria Arab Army for over an hour killing 100 Syrian regular army soldiers. We said “oops” but that didn’t put an end to the cease fire. So the CIA got their “moderate” terrorists to launch an attack on a U.S. aid convoy on the last day and that did end the cease fire. The attack on the aid convoy was initially blamed on Assad of course.

The Pentagon and the CIA and the 7th Floor Group couldn’t hand over their files on “ISIS” because they own and run “ISIS” and because they aren’t done with them yet. They drop them weapons, they watch as Israel provides them medical assistance, they target bridges in cities to keep the Syrian army from advancing on them and they allow them to leave Syrian cities unmolested after they terrorize the population and drive them out of their homes so the Kurds can move in and claim the land as their own.

There have been several instances where the Deep State has taken their own actions inside Syria with the purpose of prolonging the war and trying to force a president’s hand when it comes to escalating the conflict. You can go here to read a good analysis of that history.

It should be noted for the record that President Trump (as much as I dislike him and his actions thus far) and Rex Tillerson cleaned house on the 7th floor of the State Department, a.k.a. the 7th Floor Group, not that long after taking office. This caused a great deal of anger in the Deep State as those 40 or so employees they booted out were the lifers who have been running operations on behalf of our “national interests” for decades.

The timing of this highly questionable “chemical weapons attack” could not be more obvious.

Not only did Tillerson announce a new direction for U.S. policy regarding Assad and the Syrian people, but on April 4th, the Brussels Conference “Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region” kicked off. This is a meeting hosted by the UN featuring representatives from 70 nations, the IMF, the World Bank and various business leaders discussing what should happen to Syria in the wake of the horrific Obama regime change operation that has been going on for 6+ years now.

Here is how various regime change agents at the conference reacted to the news of the “chemical weapons attack”

What timing, right?

The “White Helmets” leader has urged the conference members to reject any form of peace deal with Assad as a result of this.

Assad is said to be allowed to stay in power and so immediately, on the opening day of an international conference on what to do about Syria… he decides to launch a chemical weapons attack against civilians in his own country.

Nothing suspicious about that right?

The New York Times is busy doing their “Iraq WMDs” thing again laying the blame on Assad himself, with absolutely no evidence. Without the slightest modesty they state:

“But only the Syrian military had the ability and the motive to carry out an aerial attack like the one that struck the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun.” New York Times

The motive is clearly lacking as I have already pointed out. In fact, with recent developments, the only motive that is out there is one held by our regime change terrorist mercenaries and the treasonous Deep State actors who own them. As for the ability, it is well known that our Wahhabist terrorists in Syria have used chemical weapons in the past and at times, on areas they themselves control in efforts to frame the Assad regime for the attacks. Obama’s “red line” situation from back in 2012 comes to mind right off the bat, but there have been others.

As Tim Anderson points out, Assad certainly has no motive here, but our al-Qaeda certainly did:

The Times also accompanied their ridiculous regime change propaganda with a nifty “hearts and minds” photo which looks rather suspicious to me.

Here we see another al-Qaeda “White Helmets” actor carrying another of their “suffering children” props. They do this all the time. Over and Over and Over again.

But the question is: why did someone bomb what appears to be an excavation site? Why is there a cave dug in the side of that wall?

Here’s another photo of the scene:

Image result for Khan Sheikhoun

Why are civilians and children hanging out in what appears to be a “moderate terrorist” bunker?

And, doesn’t this look a little staged to you?

In this shot, al-Qaeda’s “White Helmets” pretend to be treating children by holding them down on that flatbed truck and torturing them by shaking them around and spraying them with a hose.

Image result for Khan Sheikhoun

The “opposition’ controls the health services in this area of Idlib and they say 69 people died as a result of this attack.

The opposition-run Health Department in Idlib Province, where the attack took place, said 69 people had died, providing a list of their names.” New York Times

So the only confirmation of the casualties comes from opposition members who wish to see a regime change in Syria? That’s a trustworthy source, right? And they just happened to receive gas masks from the British government the day before the attack.

Another “coincidence”? Man, they are stacking up now, aren’t they?

As @Partisangirl points out later, this “doctor” was stripped of his license to practice medicine after it was revealed he helped take part in the kidnapping of journalists back in 2013. I guess they weren’t from CNN. Dude is a total terrorist. Another Twitter user confirmed this:

And he apparently has his priorities straight…

I’ll delve deeper into the staged quality of the “chemical weapons attack” later.

But for now it’s enough to point out the timing of this thing and how obvious it is that it serves the interests of the Deep State and all the actors who have been deliberately undermining the policies of this and the previous administration for their own purposes.

This is treason folks. Demanding war, possibly against the Russians and Iranians as well, when it seems peace could be within reach.

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21 Responses

  1. [1] The (alleged) chemical event could have been a deliberate terrorist attack, or an accidental Syrian army hit on a terrorist stockpile of chemical munitions, or a deliberate hit by U.S. and / or Israeli warplanes – ASSUMING ANYTHING HAPPENED AT ALL. Contradictory bullshit is rampant. Some people claim that the Russian and Syrian outlets deny any involvement. Others claim that the Russian government says that Syria hit a terrorist stockpile. Regardless, NO ONE is offering ANY proof WHATSOEVER to support ANY of his accusations against the Russian and Syrian governments.

    [2] As Scott says, note the timing.

    [3] The Empire’s media outlets are challenging Trump to “prove he’s a man” by carpet-bombing Syria as Obama did Libya. They want Syria destroyed “for the children.” They say it’s “Ghouta” all over again (referring to the 2013 false flag attack by the Empire’s terrorists).

    [4] I was curious to see what the “Moon of Alabama” blog says, only to find that they echo the “ISIS” crap, and are oblivious to the Empire’s Kurdistan project.

  2. Has to be staged.
    That gas kills on contact with skin or through the lungs. it is odorless, so you would not realize you were entering a gas filled area. So what is that man doing to a child already exposed to the gas? Rubbing him? wouldn’t that put the chemical on the man also? just too many odd things going on.

    • You’re talking about nerve gas. Ironically, all the idiots screaming for war admit that they do not know what chemical agent was involved (if any). Maybe it was nerve gas, or chlorine, or methyl isocyanate insecticide (i.e. Bhopal redux). Maybe someone was careless with paint while spraying his car. Maybe nothing happened at all. At this point all we have are the Empire’s baseless and contradictory accusations.

  3. I notice that readers of “progressive” blogs like Common Dreams are a mix of true leftists and fake leftists. For example, the true leftists question the Empire’s accusations regarding this latest so-called “chemical attack.” Meanwhile the fake leftists (i.e. neoliberals in human clothing) defend the Empire’s claims, calling Assad a “dictator,” “butcher,” and so on. From this we see that the Empire’s the goal is to seduce only half of the peasants with lies, so that they bicker with the other half, rather than all of them comprising a united front of resistance.

  4. I also notice how logic can be twisted to suit any claim. Example:

    Q. Why would Assad gas his own people right after Trump and Tillerson said they would not remove him?

    A. Precisely because Trump and Tillerson said they would not remove him. This encouraged Assad to resume mass-gassing his own people to prevent Democracy. We must liberate Syria like we liberated Libya. (And Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan, etc.)

  5. Discredited doctors entering an area with seemingly nonexistent sarin gas. Many completely fictional films feature higher production values than this photo operation by the White Helmets and the complicit MSM. We don’t need computers to be immersed in virtual reality.

  6. Something else stinks. The Russian government owns the Russian News Agency TASS. Below, TASS says the “gas attack” happened when Syrian government troops destroyed a terrorist chemical weapons depot in the town of Khan Shekhoun. Why would the Syrian military bomb a chemical weapons dump, knowing that bombing it might spread chemical agents? Did the bombing actually spread chemical agents? Did the terrorists release a chemical agent to frame the Syrian military? Did any chemical agents get spread at all?

    • RT says the same thing. I posted a link to that article as an update

      • It still stinks. Why would a factory in Western Syria be making chemical weapons for shipment to Iraq? Where in Iraq are these chemical weapons supposedly used? Who uses them? (RT says “terrorists” whatever that means). Why would the Syrian military bomb a supposed chemical weapons plant, knowing that the bombing might spread deadly vapors? We may never know what really happened (if anything). All we know is that the Empire’s minions are howling for war.

        • maybe the Iraqi death squads bomb civilians in Mosul with them? Maybe in Iraqi Kurdistan on the people who don’t back Barzani? I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s accurate either.

  7. I think when Tillerson said the Syrian people would decide Assad’s fate, he was referring to our moderate rebels and glorious Kurdish freedom fighters. Perhaps he’s also including KBR, SAS, JSOC, and IDF in a broad definition of ‘Syrian people’? As in people or corporate personhoods who are physically in Syria.

    • or “people of corporate personhoods who would LIKE to be in Syria when the fire sale kicks off” that could be his definition of “Syrians” as well I suppose… or his statement could simply have been an attempt at creating preemptive plausible deniability on behalf of Trump.

      • Or Tillerson could simply have meant, “Our regime change project failed, so now we are focusing on our Kurdistan project.”

        • By sending the 7th Floor mid-level management folks to the basement (and taking their staplers) I’d guess Tillerson is indicating they’re downsizing the proxy force strategy and switching to a good, old faschioned military attack. Like, why pussyfoot around with meth-addled teenage geehawdys when they’ve got perfectly good armored divisions to close out the Kurdistan project?

  8. NPR DOES IT AGAIN: In the late 1980s, Zionists like David Horowitz were outraged that NPR questioned Israeli atrocities. Zionists told Washington politicians, “Cut NPR’s federal funding, or we’ll cut our bribes to you.” NPR responded by becoming more neoliberal with each passing day, until NPR became a textbook example of fake leftism. Now with this alleged chemical event, NPR is criticizing Trump for not destroying Syria as Obama did Libya. This kind of filth is what makes NPR the darling of “sophisticated progressives” (i.e. neoliberals in human clothing).

  9. Listening to talk radio this morning en route to work and the narrative of immediate military action was being pushed. I felt it was scripted, no questioning of the facts….I dont have television but ill bet it is the same.

  10. RT and Sputnik as usually inept, indolent and no match for the anglo-zio propaganda machine.

  11. The British guy could barely contain his need to scream out his self-delusion while he accused the Baathist government of staging the attack without evidence.

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