Di$info Jones and Prison Planet Promotes Endless Stream of pro-GWoT Propaganda About “Islamists” and Muslims in Wake of St. Petersburg Bombing

by Scott Creighton

For anyone who still questions just how much Prison Planet carries water for the masters of the universe and their Global War OF Terror operations, I present the front page stories from Di$info Jone$’s website for your consideration. They haven’t put any videos up done by Rita Katz and her propaganda outlet SITE as of yet, but the day is still young.

Prison Planet once pretended to expose the inner workings of the deep state… now they serve their interests, first and foremost.

15 Responses

  1. Scott, what do you think about the huge cargo ship that went missing in the South Atlantic? I’m thinking we’re going to see some weird stuff surrounding this incident as well.

    • I don’t know. the whole “sudden liquefaction of iron ore” story sounds pretty bogus to me. The fact that China needs iron ore in a big way and the sinking of this ship will hurt their economy sounds more likely a cause that “liquefaction”


      but then again…

      • The “Stellar Daisy” freighter sank about 2000 nautical miles off the port city of Montevideo Uruguay. Residue has been located, along with some survivors.

        If the USA had accidentally sunk the 266,000-ton freighter in the South China Sea, them the thousand-foot-long ship would have “vanished without a trace,” including all residue and all survivors. A “search” would then be conducted for years in every place but the South China Sea.

        Eventually the whole world would forget that the sinking ever happened.

      • I sincerely hope we there is more of a balance of power in the future between separate regimes in the future. We can’t keep going on like this with the unhinged megalomania of the MOTUs. Who knows what they’ll think of doing next, and humanity needs solutions.

  2. If I were the company behind Tangy Tangerine, I would divest from Infowars right about now. They might risk losing their market when real truthers leve JonesCo in drove.

    • Yeah I wonder who they’ll replace Jonesnado with? Ted Nugent, Joe Rogan, Dr. Oz? I’d bet Hulk Hogan could sell some Tangy Tangerine.

  3. The Alternet article below is a classic example of fake leftist support for the Empire and its lies. Alternet does this all the time.

  4. A Swedish microchip is being injected into employees’ hand. It lets employers and politicians know the location of their slaves 24/7, how often they go to the restroom, what they eat and drink, who they are with (even at home), and so on. Slaves have been injected since Jan 2015, and they use the chip to buy things, open doors, operate cars, etc. A Belgian company also makes a slave chip (aka mark of the beast). It’s all about “convenience” (i.e. mass control).

    • By law, every child will receive a chip at birth. No one will be able to buy or sell anything, or fly, or drive, or go to school, or do anything else without government permission. Anyone found without a chip will be arrested, chipped, and imprisoned. Anyone who disappears from the global grid will be hunted down. Slaves will be told that the chip is necessary to “protect them from Russia.” Rich people will be exempt.

    • we haven’t quite gotten there yet, but what do you think those Fitbit things are? the monitary aspect aside, they track your movements, some calculate caloric intake and even in some cases, record conversations and broadcast all information to the glorious “cloud”. And there are major corporations that provide incentives for their employees to wear them… all the time. I think one of the big selling points of micro-chipping will be “its like a Fitbit you never have to take off and never have to worry about forgetting to put on”

      • If you object to slavery, then you object to “safety and convenience.”

        • @elizabethharris001,@willyloman: What is your take on transhumanism? I don’t support it personally. Heaven help us that chipping may become dead in the water.

          • The slave chip is already here, and its use will inevitably expand worldwide, just like the neoliberal plague. Regarding transhumanism, it will produce enhanced slavery as long as human society pivots on greed and selfishness. For example, the cell phone is technically a transhumanist device. It provides convenience, but it also provides an enhanced means of tracking slaves. The RFID slave chip will do the same, albeit much more ominously. The next step will be compulsory slave chips implanted in our brains for our “safety and convenience.”


  5. Alex Jones comes from a C.I.A. and U.S. Army intelligence family:


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