Developing: St. Petersburg Metro Explosion Kills 10

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Remember a few days ago… ‘Trump not stopping me from beating up on Russia’ – UN Ambassador Haley

UPDATE: Sputnik is reporting a homemade device was found in another location and disarmed. They provided a photo of it.

UPDATE: RT is reporting a secondary device has been found and disarmed at a nearby subway station. This is now officially a terrorist attack

UPDATE: RT is streaming live coverage

Extremist groups, will continue to exploit the vacuums that are there in Syria to expand their operations to include, no question, attacks against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities...” US Spokesman under President Obama, Sept. 2016

St. Petersburg Metro blast

A few minutes ago reports started surfacing of an explosion on a subway in St. Petersburg. The photographs above are reportedly from that event. From the way the door is blown outward, it would appear that the explosion took place inside the passenger section of the train as opposed to under it which was the case with 7/7.

We know very little about what caused it and the numbers of the dead and wounded right now stand unofficially at 10 and 20 respectively. RT is running a page with constant updates.

I certainly hope for our sake this is not terrorism. I say for our sake because…

In a veiled threat against the Russians, US State Department spokesman John Kirby warns Russia of ‘more body bags” and “attacks on Russian cities” if the Russians will not cooperate with them in SyriaGeopolitics

It is well known the Trump administration has been handing over more and more power to the Pentagon in terms of which targets they chose and which course of action they follow. Trump has also unleashed the CIA to make their own calls as well. The result has been a large increase in civilian deaths in places like Raqqa and Mosul.

Trump’s Sec. of Defense, James Mattis, is a long-time war-hawk when it comes to Russia. In fact he and CIA head Pompeo recently announced they were taking aim at Russia.

I will provide more information as it becomes available.

How long do you think it will be before the likes of Di$info Jone$, Paul Joseph Watson,Brandon Martinez and their new best buddies Rachel Maddow and John McCain blame Putin for this?

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6 Responses

  1. Recall immediately preceding the obviously US backed coup attempt in Turkey, certain groups immediately said it was Erdogan, employing simplistic logical fallacies.

    I expect the same persons will engage in the same types of disinfo.

    • I would be willing to bet this is the first time Rachel Maddow talks about “potential false flag operations” on her show, unless she said that about the Turkey coup. But they are already blaming “ISIS” in the MSM and on disinfo sites like Prison Planet, of course, they aren’t mentioning the fact that we run “ISIS”

  2. I’m waiting for the cyber False Flag that will crash Wall Street, along with all that toxic junk they’ve sold since 2008, and blame it on Russia.

    Two birds, one stone.

    They get the war with Russia they’ve been foaming at the mouth about and the toxic slop Wall Street has infected the world’s economy can be mysteriously ‘disappeared’ by the same gangsters that stole those missing Pentagon trillions.

    Much more safer than crashing a jet into a Black Rock.

    • A kinder gentler Northwoods perhaps? They do seem to favor twofers’. But I’d guess this is just more of the same bear baiting we’ve been seeing the last few years. Unless they’re planning on a General Ripper style attack, they’ll hit Iran first, then Barbarossa.

  3. We are making a real progress. It seems that accusing Russians for false flag terror acts by liberal media is OK now.

    Louise Mensch of News Corp just twitted:

    Putin has zero compunction about killing Russians to serve his own ends. Ask Vitaly Churn

    and then

    Russia paying Swedes to riot. Russia killing their Ambassador in Turkey.

    My opinion? She can be right. False flag is Okhrana and NKVD 2nd name. CIA and Mossad are late comers in that game through by now they might be better than their teachers.

    Anyway, It is good that FALSE FLAGS are being talked about in media.

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