CNN Says It’s OK for Business to Hire Nothing But Refugees Because Americans are Junkies

by Scott Creighton

This morning on CNN they did a 20 minute segment about how businesses in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio and elsewhere are hiring more and more refugees because, as they put it, American job-seekers are addicts.

This is remarkably obtuse propaganda. Even by the segment’s own inflated numbers of job-seekers who flunked pre-employment drug screenings (20% according to Sterling Technologies) they report that 80% of job-seekers passed the drug tests yet when they showed the inside of the manufacturing facility the owner proudly stated 100% of the workers on the floor were Syrian.

Truth is, refugees are cheaper than American workers. Businesses don’t have to pay certain benefits for them and I am sure they get some kind of tax-breaks for hiring refugees. Plus, they will work for less and put up with more.

That’s what explains the 100% refugee staff on that shop floor. It has nothing to do with Americans being junkies.

CNN had also just done a segment where GE’s CEO talked about his opposition to Trump growing more and more vocal. He opposed his travel ban and Trump’s position on the “Global Warming” hoax but mostly, he didn’t like the new president’s position on cheap illegal immigrant labor, though he didn’t put it quite that way.

The CNN interviewer didn’t bother asking the CEO if he had a problem with Trump looking to walk back the build-up of the New Cold War since that would cost GE, a major defense contractor, a lot of money.

But of course, his main problem with Trump was his stance on illegal immigration. i.e. “cheap labor”

The segment about Americans being junkies and that explains why refugees don’t find it hard at all to find a job was particularly offensive because I for one know what some of these “refugees” are.

Why do you think so many State Department and CIA officials opposed Trump and did what they could to undermine him once he took office? The travel restriction he put in place from those 7 countries was entirely justified.

It was justified because the State Department and the CIA has been hiring mercenary thugs from places like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan and other Middle Eastern shit-holes run by dictators who are friendly with the U.S.

And how do you think the recruiters hire them? By telling them they should go to places like Yemen, Libya, and Syria to destabilize the country by murdering, raping and pillaging… risking imprisonment, torture and death, because … what? A caliphate? That’s the bullshit they tell us. A paycheck? How big does the paycheck have to be to motivate them to do all of that?


That is NOT what the big part of the deal is.

The BIG part of the deal is… a future.

Work for the empire for 3 years/4 years whatever it is and then when it’s all said and done, when your tour of duty is over, you will be sent to the U.S. or Britain or Germany and set up with some start-up money, a guaranteed job and… a future.

That’s why when Trump initiated the travel restrictions from those nations the CIA sends hired thugs to, the intelligence community rebelled against him and the complicit media followed suit.

If you take away the most important part of the contractual agreement between spook central and their vicious contractors, what you are left with is pure, unadulterated CHAOS. A bunch of angry terrorists who might just turn their weapons on you or, even worse, start telling their stories to the papers about who hired them and for what duties.

What Trump wanted was simple: greater scrutiny of refugees from these 7 countries in order to fully investigate who they are and where they are really from but that couldn’t be allowed, now could it. Because part of the deal was that once these monsters finished their tours, they would be allowed to come on over as a “refugee”, no questions asked, and move right into a place with tons of other “refugees” where they start new lives with good paying jobs (in their minds) and a future in the land of milk and honey.

Keep in mind the kinds of shit-holes these thugs are recruited from. What kind of future do they have back there? They certainly can’t stay in the countries they’ve been terrorizing for fear of being recognized by some woman they raped or some kid who’s parents they burned alive. So they have to leave and they are not going back home.

Then Trump came along and said he would be taking a close look at everyone coming out of those countries to see who they really are with the expressed purpose of “keeping terrorists out of the country” and the CIA/State Department and complicit press went crazy… instantly.

Refugees are big business. They’re good for Big Business because they are cheap. And more importantly, without that deal to offer these thugs, the entire “New Middle East” plan is destabilized.

Do you have any idea how many of these “moderate” terrorist mercenaries are addicts while they do their dirty deeds in foreign countries? There are a lot of em. The Syrian army finds stashes of all sorts of hard-core narcotics and other various designer drugs every time they clear out a hole of these “moderates”

So saying they “can’t” hire Americans because so many are addicts is ridiculous. Not only did their stupid 20 minute propaganda piece make that clear with that “20%” number (which certainly was inflated” but they also just published a report in which the most studious sources say about 1.09% of whites “tried” heroin from 2012-2013. That’s the big number that is supposed to justify the new government thing Chris Christie is heading up these days. Some billions of dollars being handed over to a couple Big Businesses to cure addition. But aside from that non-sense, truth is, addiction is up… but for a reason:

“Heroin use also increased significantly among those with a high school education or less, as well as those who lived at less than 100% of the federal poverty line. The authors of the new report write “these trends are concerning because increases in the prevalence of heroin use and use disorder have been occurring among vulnerable individuals who have few resources to overcome problems associated with use.”  CNN

Unemployment, depression and self medication. Escapism. Drug addiction increases with the localized poverty level. Unemployed people seeing jobs that they could do and apparently WANT to do go to illegal immigrants or “refugee” thugs from Syria tend to find outlets of their desperation… and a cheap, readily available one right now is heroin.

What a catch 22 right?

And the funny thing is… if we hadn’t bombed the shit out of Afghanistan there would be far LESS refugees who want to come to Erie, Penn. for some shit job and there would also be FAR LESS HEROIN since the Taliban eradicated the poppy fields before we took over and planed all the heroin plants back where they were.

Funny how that works, aint it?

These employers are using the current heroin epidemic in America as an excuse to hire cheap labor, either via illegal immigrants or “refugees”. This creates more anger, depression and drug usage among native American working class folks trying desperately to survive in an environment that is increasingly hostile toward them.

CNN is doing their level best to help business owners white-wash the glaring truth of their greedy decisions. And in doing so they have come up with a new excuse as to why Americans are hired less and less these days while illegals and Wahhabist thugs are steadily cashing in: Americans are junkies.

So now we’re not just lazy or spoiled or entitled… now they have a new slander to level at the working class Americans … we’re all a bunch of junkies to boot. And who can blame Big Business for not hiring junkies? Illegal MS-13 members and al-Nusra terrorists… that’s alright… but junkies? Can’t have junkies.

American business has to have it’s standards.

p.s. Obviously not all illegals are MS-13 members and not all refugees are al-Nusra. And in fact I have written in the past that in many ways the least we can do for refugees AND illegals after our glorious leaders have decimated their countries with shock and awe, terrorist mercenaries and / or neoliberal economic austerity measures imposed the the World Bank and the IMF is to open our arms to them and welcome them in.. via legal channels.

But that said, when business and government collude with one another to use immigrants and refugees as weapons of economic regression for everyone else other than the Business Class and Wall Street and when they literally insult us EVERY FUCKING DAY to justify what is happening AS IF ITS OUR FAULT (remember when the crash happened and everyone tried to blame the homeowners?) it is sickening and it makes folks ANGRY. It is literally adding insult to injury.

So pardon me if I focus on the very real inclusion of Mexican gang-bangers and mercenary thugs in these waves of cheap laborers being shipped into the country these days. It is a fact. And yes, some more adequate screening of refugees from places like Iraq and Syria would be a good thing.

Do you know why?

Because REAL REFUGEES wont have a problem with it… because they have a history in that location and they AREN’T FOR-HIRE TERRORISTS. The only ones who will have a problem…

Please help keep AE up and running if you can.

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Thank you all so much

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61 Responses

  1. Thank you Scott. It’s pure Wally World out there now. Thanks for offering a place of sanity and for telling it like it is.

    • hey, I’m glad to do it. its nice knowing I’m not the only one out here stunned by the Bizarro World we live in. this website is like my answer to a guy on a deserted island sending messages out in a bottle. only difference is, I get some back. I also get the occasional sharknadotroll (like mrtrollguy?) stopping by as well, but… you take the good with the bad I guess.

      • Actually, I thought the arguments between you, Elizabethharris and mrtapeguy were entertaining and even a little informative. Instead of banning him, maybe people could just stop responding once the argument drops to nothing but insults. Just because people here don’t agree with him doesn’t mean it’s not worth listening to a different opinion and simply disagreeing with it. It’s healthy to get a couple of different opinions in here once in a while because your group tends to be so aligned in their thinking to the point of being dogmatic.

        • No offenses, but Tape Guy was in it to antagonize us in the most uncivil manner that isn’t outright aggression. He disguised his strawmen and epithets with polite language to give himself a cover of plausible deniability. As recently as yesterday, he still insisted on pestering this blog’s user base over the Jimmy Dore minimum wage video. His blog is a “Big Mac” iteration of his nonsense obfuscations for Zionism and neoliberalism that ignores much relevant information to either validate his own prejudices or push an agenda for an institution. “American Everyman” is 1,500,000 times better researched than “Mr. Tape Guy’s Blog”. Scott has even tolerated libertarians in the comments section, if you comb the archives.

          • Fair enough. I was just finding some of the discussion interesting – up to the point of the back and forth insults that is.

  2. Hmmm. They don’t appear to be suggesting any interest in getting those “junkies” help to kick their addictions. I wouldn’t think keeping more people unemployed would lead to a decrease in drug addiction. I remember the good old days when politicians and business leaders at least tried to pretend (publicly anyway) to care about the citizens of the country. They’re getting more bold these days.

    • well that is the other part of this propaganda. Chris Christie has just been put in charge of some multi-billion dollar fund Trump is going to set up to “fight addiction” or something like that. Of course that has to be approved in the budget when they allocate less and less for public schools and less and less for public services… stuff like that. I think it’s funny Trump picked Christie. The man is a gangland thug himself. You would be hard pressed to find a more mobbed-up politician outside Florida. Plus, the guy has ZERO empathy for people. Now he did talk about addiction way back during the primary and did relate to folks due to a family member suffering from it… but aside from that, Christie screwed the people of Jersey over whenever he had the opportunity, not just with BridgeGate… so it’s funny he’s Trump’s pick… that tells me this thing is going to be a crooked slushfund of some sort which will eventually turn out to be a huge scam wasting the money… kinda like the pallets of hundred dollar bills that got flown over to Iraq and lost after the invasion.

      • Oh, I agree there. It seems that the new administration is just a little more openly Mafia-style organized thug crime than the previous, sneakier, global terraforming with intellectual top cover variety.

  3. The CIA’s terrorist recruiting program is ultimately a fake leftist program. Fake leftists include the ACLU, about a third of states, and many universities, plus washed-up former celebrities like Tom Hanks and Alec Baldwin. They all oppose Trump’s partial and temporary travel ban because Hillary lost. Where is their opposition to the CIA’s terrorist recruiting program? Where is their opposition to the military and economic wars that create refugees in the first place? Where is their opposition to the U.S. government’s secretive and ever-growing travel ban for U.S. citizens (i.e. “no-fly” list)? Where is their opposition to the neoliberalism that — to some extent — makes refugees of us all? Fake leftists don’t care about refugees. They only care about maintaining their self-righteous left-cover. They’re fine with privatizing Social Security, for example, but they scream about “social justice warrior” issues like “gay rights.” Fuc*k ’em.

    • except for the fact that the current terrorist recruitment program started under Cheney/Bush and it was in response to 9/11 which had very little to do with the fake left. That said, the fake left has been using “freedom fighters” since Carter (Mika’s daddy created “al Qaeda” dont ya know) and Slick Willy continued the trend in Yugoslavia when he was told to bust up that country. Of course, Bush the 1st did it as well.

      But in fact, if you want to go further back, didn’t we do something similar in Vietnam? In fact, wasn’t this kinda like Gladio? And as we know, Gladio had NOTHING to do with the left at all, except for planning to use stay behind terrorists to kill them.

      So you are right to point out this program or similar ones have indeed been a mainstay of the fake left. And the hypocrisy of it all is staggering… but I would need a much better education than that which I have too say “ultimately it is a fake leftist” program. It’s been a thing we have done since before Killary and ObamaGod and in fact, you might even trace it’s roots back to before the CIA. Personally, I think it goes back at least til the time when the fucking Brits hired various Native American tribes to fight and attack colonists when they decided to rise up against the empire… but what do I know.

      • Heck, terrorism and false flags go back to the Roman Empire and probably before.

      • My comment was poorly written. I didn’t mean the CIA is fake leftist. I meant the CIA’s terrorist recruitment program is legitimized by fake leftist culture in our society, as much as it is legitimized by right wing culture. And yes, the recruitment of terrorist mercenaries has existed since the dawn of human civilization. Every empire has done it worldwide, including Native American empires.

    • Actually, they only care about themselves and, by sheer necessity, their group, the collective that jointly support their personal interests.

  4. As much as it pains me to say it I don’t doubt CNNs 20% junky figure one bit. As you pointed out, smack production has been subsidized by 16 years of military action in Afghanistan. It’s dirt cheap and everywhere. Even in the middle of nowhere you can find piles of needles. Unless Sasquatch is hooked on smack I’d say we have a problem even worse than meth or corn syrup.

    And to be the devils advocate, if I was running a widget factory and I had a choice between an American dude with an AA, and a Syrian dude with a Ph.D in engineering I’ll probably take the Ph.D. I suppose that’s one of the perks of invading countries with well-educated populations. Achtung Iranians!

    • Well, it does hinge on exactly WHO is applying for WHAT jobs, doesn’t it? If the numbers from that study hold up, then we are looking at about a .85% rate of addiction in the country and I guess that could be more prevalent in the part of the population that is out of work. It could also be a higher percentage of the uneducated population who look for the unskilled labor jobs. All true. Could also have a GREAT DEAL to do with the area in which the jobs are located. What’s the addition rate there? Is it higher than the national average? Could be.

      But that’s not my point. My point is, if they gave a number in this piece, I bet it’s inflated because of the nature of the piece itself. Also, it doesn’t matter when that same guy who said “20% of white guys” who applied for jobs were testing positive for drug use because he then showed his manufacturing floor which he later proudly announced was “100% Syrian”

      There are 80% of those “white guy” applications missing someplace in his equation.

      Let me ask you this: in the crappy manufacturing processes that I saw during the CNN story, truly unskilled workers, what is the need for a Ph.D. you think?

      And lastly… you’re talking to “an American with an AA”. You got a problem with my credentials or is the AA all you see?

      • “I never let college interfere with my education.”

        • That’s a good attitude to have, because it will definitely do that to the lazy-minded. The most important set of things that college is supposed to teach is what many professors in universities unwittingly shut down in their students:

          1. Learn to think for yourself.
          2. Examine facts and opinions and evaluate them based on evidence.
          3. Look for evidence if none s presented before accepting something as true. Never accept anything solely on authority.
          4. Understand the questions before trying to answer them – an answer to a misunderstood or ill-posed question is worthless.
          5. Don’t accept dogma in any form. Anything can be written. Doesn’t make it true (redundant with #3).
          6. Most important: Understand the assumptions when forming or evaluating any theory. A solid logical or mathematical case built on tenuous or faulty assumptions will work mathematically or by the formal rules of logic (think General Relativity) but may or may not be true in the physical world based on the underlying assumptions.
          7. Non-falsifiable hypotheses and theories are not worth much. If it cannot be tested and dis-proven (or fail to be dis-proven), it cannot be shown to stand up to scrutiny and therefore cannot be confidently accepted.

        • Aww shucks. I left what I thought was a positively-reinforcing comment and it was eaten just like your Afghan heroine.

    • and let me just say this as well… the stigma of addiction should be a thing of the past. We’ve come a long way since Bill W. and folks should be aware enough these days to understand that people who suffer from addiction suffer from a physical condition, not a lack of will power or character. So, your comment about rather having someone with a Ph.D. than an AA is an old insult, but one I personally have learned to deal with long ago. Frankly, I would hire a successfully recovering addict before I would hire some fresh faced kid from college because I know the man in recovery has already overcome something most never can or could and plus, I know the prejudice that might be held toward him at the next place he goes to seek employment. You should also be made aware, you don’t have to be a recovering addict to understand what I am saying. Ask the loved ones of one and they will probably tell you the same. I would take an AA over a Ph.D. all day long because quite honestly, if someone is successful in their program, its harder and rarer by far. And you talk about character. You beat serious addiction, that’s take rare character.

      • Agreed. Not trying to demean junkies, Floridians, guys with AAs, Ph.Ds, WWF fans, or unskilled workers, or any combination thereof. I blame the Company for our shitty healthcare and educational systems, not the victims of them.

        Just saying if all other things are equal, and I’m a capitalist pig factory manager instead of a ditch digger, I’m going to hire the Ph.D willing to work for $9/hour…not only can he assemble widgets, he can design a better ICBM or a GM corn variety that doesn’t require water. That’s value. Not saying I support that sort of thing. Only that it would be tough to convince a profit motivated square type of guy to ignore a highly trained, well-educated applicant whose willing to work for nothing.

        • No, you wouldn’t. If you were actually the manager, you would know that the PhD will be looking for another job day one. It’s actually difficult to get a job making less than your previous job because most people hiring want to find someone who is suited for the job, will likely stay in it, and will work hard, not feeling the job is beneath them.

          • BTW, this is something personal to me, having been in a very high paying job and facing the prospect of having to try to find another one.

          • I was turned down from a job (informatic contracting in this case) in an Ivy league university for being “over-qualified”. Employers genrally want a good fit.

            • it’s probably your internet history. you know, I have said for years they already have a corporate do-not-hire list. I guarantee you they do. sorry to hear about the job. you should reapply. I hear the Ivy League schools get billions from the government these days to subsidize the neoliberal education of the elite’s children.

              • My reply was eaten again.

              • The corporate do-not-hire list occurs at all levels. I personally know a guy who was about to hire a job prospect, but then he turned her down because he didn’t like her progressive political opinions on her Facebook page. She never knew that he search her name. Also, anyone who uses his or her real name while questioning Israeli atrocities gets blacklisted. It’s the same everywhere. In Mexico, if you are fired from a sweatshop, you are put on a permanent national do-not-hire list. It’s all about worker submission.

              • Funny thing though – I’ve had to hire several people and have never been given the list. The closest thing I’ve come to is HR asking me (without using the words) is a minority because they had an unspoken quota to fill.

                • brain race left out a few words:

                  The closest thing I’ve come to is HR asking me (without using the words) is if a particular candidate is a minority because they had an unspoken quota to fill.

          • Sure. Assuming the Ph.D. has a choice in the matter and they don’t have to worry about being deported back to their depleted uranium-dusted homes. I have no idea how it works. But I would not be surprised if corporations were intentionally exploiting well-educated refugees. Didn’t Cunnilingas Rice write a paper about it?

            • Sure they are, but they are doing things like handling and working in IT departments for major corporations, fulfilling contracting jobs for genetic engineering, doing software development for medical devices, etc. – and doing better work for lower salaries than might be demanded by their equivalently-trained and less disciplined American colleagues.

            • and Killary spoke about that aspect of “the New Middle East” back when she hosted a bunch of CEOs in Baghdad and told them it was time for Big Business to cash in on the Iraq invasion and occupation. She pointed out the fact that Iraqis were the best educated people in the whole of the Middle East and right now, they could be got on the cheap. REAL CHEAP. Like a slave auctioneer or something.

          • plus the Ph.D. could easily be a junkie waiting to happen… especially if he is only offered low-skilled sub-minimum wage jobs. Tends to work your nerves, you know?

            • Absolutely. I worked with a PhD in a lab who made his own drugs and injected himself with them. Education is not an inherent defense against addiction.

              • I had an education. Not a Ph.D. but an education at two decent universities. I attended a meeting once with a woman who used to spend her lunch working at the Governor’s mansion in Richmond smoking crack in her car. She eventually got busted. She was Ph.D. Respectable job as well. Addict. Clean and sober for a couple years when I met her. But she had been through some shit and it only really started for her when she got fired that day. Addicts go through a lot of shit and if they come out sane on the other end and manage to maintain their sobriety… you should hire the shit out of em when you can. Not an easy thing to overcome. something like 5% success rate overall nationwide I think. Not good odds.

                • The only difference between a PhD and anyone else is the amount of time spent in an institutionalized program. The only difference between and addict and non-addict is what they are addicted to. Whether food, alcohol, some sort of drug. We are all addicts of one sort or another. We’re addicted to survival and the opposite of pain and decay and anything that seems to support survival and lack of pain. The trick is to redirect an addiction, not try to beat it. Some people get addicted to each other, to the idea of helping each other. That is perhaps a healthier addiction than shooting up into oblivion. Physical addictions to drugs are borne out of the need to keep the dopamine response in a state that makes us feel like everything’s fins and we are surviving.

        • well, “willing to work for nothing” now we are getting to the real bottom of the barrel… prisoners and apprentices. Did you know they are locking up illegals and keeping them in for profit prisons so they can work for even less than if they let them roam the streets? And, they are picking up dudes for smoking weed and giving them long sentences at those places as well. And, since we are “sharing”, did you know some politicians are pushing for a “refugee apprentice program” where they can teach the refugees a skill, working them for nothing, while the government pays their room and board? That’s the best fascism can get, isn’t it? And it’s all brought to you by fake leftists who say it’s all about taking care of the children.

          • Well, I’d say the best fascism can get is to do those things and then convince reasonable people to blame the ‘left’ and not the goddamn fascists that are actually running the show.

      • I could not agree more with this.

    • Having a PhD myself and working many years in a position that requires it, I can tell you that the population that is producing 20% positive drug tests (if that is a real figure), or even has to have a drug test is generally not PhD or MS holders with sought-after skill sets. Employers are not looking for Syrian PhDs to employ in warehouses and factories at minimum wage, and PhDs moving into director and VP positions in biotech and medical companies are generally not taking drug tests.

  5. “If we hadn’t bombed the shit out of Afghanistan there would be far less heroin, since the Taliban eradicated the poppy fields before we took over and planted all the heroin plants back where they were.” ~ S.C.

    As I see it, the Empire’s troops are in Afghanistan to maintain the production and distribution of heroin. For pictures of this, do an image-google of the words “Afghanistan poppies troops.” The war on Vietnam was, in part, a cover for U.S.-managed heroin production in the “Golden Triangle.” Today the “war on the Taliban” is cover for U.S.-managed heroin production in the “Golden Crescent.” Those two areas are the only places in the world where the soil and the weather allow for the mass cultivation of opium poppies. If one poppy-grower or drug lord in Afghanistan crosses another, or annoys the Empire, he and his entire village get drone strikes as a warning to all. These facts are widely known, but the Empire’s citizens live in collective denial.

  6. Comment on Afghan heroin eaten by WordPress. (166 words)

    • An Afghan heroine was eaten by WordPress? The poor woman! Oh the humanity! (sorry, couldn’t resist – it’s just what my dyslexic brain saw at first glance).

  7. OFF TOPIC: Ecuador’s presidential election is today. The Empire is cheering for candidate Guillermo Lasso, a neoliberal banker who has vowed to slash taxes (on the rich only), boost foreign investment (i.e. hand public assets to global corporations) and “stimulate job creation” (i.e. increase corporate profits at worker expense). Mr. Lasso is “business-friendly” (i.e. worker-hostile) and “conciliatory” (i.e. he will rally the rich against the rest). He will cut government spending (on social programs for the poor, while he increases spending on the rich). He will also repudiate Ecuador’s debts to China, while honoring all claims by the Empire (i.e. Wall Street). He is beloved by former reader “mr-troll-guy.”

    • sounds like The Donald to me

    • That same stuff is happening in Mexico, too: Inverted taxes, treating workers worse than cattle, self-congratulating oligarchs who will use the weakest justification for their exploitation. But we have a long way to go before most people learn not to be victimized, nor mislead by the mercenary or elite-controlled press.

      • Each year on 16 September the Mexican government celebrates Mexico’s independence from Spain in 1821. Mexico calls the historical freedom fighters “insurgents.” Most Mexican cities have streets named for them (e.g. Avenida de Insurgentes). However the Mexican government does not celebrate the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920) since politicians do not want the people to get ideas. Revolution Day (Nov. 20th) is not government-sponsored.

      • Speaking of Mexico, there is racism in the USA, but even so, here in the Southwest, Latino immigrants quickly learn that Gringo employers are more generous to their Latino employees than are Latino employers. And Gringo policemen are generally much more lenient with Latinos than are Latino policemen. Most Gringos would feel ashamed to do to Latino employees what Latino bosses do to them. For Gringos you are a worker. Para Latinos tu eres un esclavo. So when you here about immigrant slave labor in a factory, for instance, check who is the owner. Here in the Southwest, chances are the employer is a Latino. Paisanos no son amables.

        • Perot, Nader, Stein and others could have boosted their electoral popularity by promising deportation in exchange for harshly pressuring/sanctioning Mexican businesses to adopt “Western” (pre-neoliberal) standards in employment, wages and working conditions. There, the immigration problem would be solved faster than you can make a sandwich. No one ever discusses the real BACKGROUND of migration. I wonder why?

  8. OFF TOPIC: Nikki Haley (Trump’s ambassador to the U.N.) says, “Certainly I think Russia was involved in the election. They need to address Russia, they need to act, and they need to make sure they’re loud about it. We don’t want any country involved in our elections ever. We cannot trust Russia.” Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) says that, “Russia is the elephant in the room.” Do average Americans actually listen to such trash?

  9. The New Zealand government, with the enthusiastic help of the corporate MSM, have just trotted out the exact same accusation to justify it’s open-door immigration policy ie; that domestic workers can’t pass a drug test. (The failure rate is around 1%) Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  10. Thank G-d that the Oxycontin folks and the street dealers have access to an abundance of Afghan heroin, being protected by US troops!

    A ‘win-win’ situation for the company and the dealers. As for the broken families and deaths, well, there’s a war going on and you’re going to have collateral damages.

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