Washington’s ‘Greater’ Middle East Project – An Interview With a Syrian About the Kurds

(Title slightly modified by me. Please remember, this is what Condi Rice was talking about when she went to Israel and gave a lecture about “the birth pangs of the New Middle East” in 2006.  Greater Kurdistan was Bush’s objective, Obama’s objective, Clinton’s objective and now it’s Trump’s objective. It is the single most influential and important foreign policy objective to the whole of the globalist community and no one, I mean NO ONE with a few notable exceptions, has been talking about it. Now it is slowly coming out of the closet as the U.S. tries to justify busting off a piece of a sovereign nation to hand over to the Kurds who are a minority in the region.)

by Sarah Abed & Mark Taliano from Global Research

The US-led coalition of war criminals is using elements of Syria’s Kurdish population to achieve the U.S Empire’s goal of destroying the non-belligerent, democratic country of Syria, led by its hugely popular, democratically-elected President, Bashar al-Assad.

Empire seeks to create sectarianism and ethnic divides in a country that, prior to the Western-launched criminal dirty war, had neither…

Syrian-American Sarah Abed, was born in Al Qamishly and has lived in both the USA and Syria throughout her life. She makes frequent trips back and forth. Sarah is in direct daily contact with family and friends that reside in different parts of Syria. Sarah conducted and translated an interview with a close family friend, “Samir”, who lives in Syria and is well informed about the conditions on the ground.

Samir’s commentaries are consistent with President Assad’s assessment of the Imperialists’ strategy of “divide and conquer”: (full interview after the break)

Question: What was life like in Al Hasaka prior to the launch of the dirty war on Syria?

Answer: Life was great. The diversity was a positive attribute to the area. Al Hasaka is influenced by the Turkish, Syrian, and Kurdish cultures. You would see Turkish soap operas on local TV. , hear Turkish music, along with Merdali, and other types in the streets, blaring from the speakers of cars. I used to go to the music shops and pick up the latest Turkish songs. There were many restaurants, hospitals, hotels, and outdoor parks. Kurds had assimilated into the culture. They were considered Syrian citizens. Many of the Christians had family in Sweden. They would come for the summer.  There were good relations between all of the different ethnicities and religious affiliations. It was hard to distinguish who was who in the streets. There was a bustling social life and people were generally content with their lives.

Question: Did the Kurds have equal opportunities for education, healthcare, and work?

Answer: Since the 19th century when most of the Kurds came into Syria there was a peaceful coexistence. Kurds lived and interacted with Muslim and Christian Syrians. Yes, they had equal rights in every sector. They attended schools with the Syrian government approved Arabic curriculum.  They had access to free education, free healthcare, must like their Syrian counterparts. They were in fact Syrian Kurds and were not treated any differently.

Question: Are the people in Al-Hasaka well educated?  Well informed?

Answer: Yes, they were considered to be among  the most educated people in Syria. They are also very conscious of what is happening in their country as well as abroad. Education was very important and they took pride in it.  Many had completed college.  Kurds represent about 30% of the population in the Al-Hasaka governorate.

Question:  How does the rest of the population feel about Kurdish aspirations for independence from Syria?

Answer:  Syrians are not entirely surprised by these recent demands by the Kurds for autonomy. They are however upset by it. Syrians feel that the Kurds were allowed to come in and have lived in Syria for centuries and were treated fairly therefore the need to now take a part of the country and claim it as their own federation is quite frankly an insult to the hospitality they were shown. They feel as though the Kurds are being unappreciative and are only looking out for their own interest and not taking into account the Syrians that live in the area. Kurds are the minority yet their demands for autonomy and to take over the areas  that they have alleged are now their property is very unfair to Syrians in the area. Kurds moved into Syria and called it home, but now they are acting like the Syrians in their areas are living in their federation and need to abide by their rules and share their views and follow their commands or else they will be driven out of their homes. This is a very harsh and criminal way to treat others. Lest we forget that  Kurds are ultimately nomads and their alliance lies with Israel.

Question: Do all Kurds in the area want independence from Syria?

Answer: In the beginning of the war the Kurds fought alongside the Syrian army, they were paid, armed, and trained by the SAA. When the USA came in and basically created the SDF Syrian Democratic Forces that’s when the Kurds became more adamant about wanting independence and autonomy.  This is a very important point that needs to be made clear, The USA’s involvement in Syria led to the Kurds demanding autonomy.  Had the US military not given them weapons, training, armed vehicles, and most likely paid them wages as well there is a good chance that the Kurds would not have made these demands. Not all Kurds want independence but those who speak up against it  are silenced and told to not say anything or else they will be sent out of the country. They have received threats that saying anything negative about the Kurdish desires for autonomy will have negative consequences.

Question: Why do they want independence?  Did Assad government not treat them well?  Did the U.S government promise support and democracy and other lies?

Answer: They have always wanted to establish Kurdistan, that has been a life- long desire of theirs stemming from centuries ago. They are originally nomads that moved into countries such as Syria, Iraq, Turkey but their origins are in Iran. It was brought up from time to time but recently it has been discussed more openly and adamantly. It has now become a demand and one they will stop at nothing to achieve. This is quite problematic and many people in the region are waiting to see how this will unfold. It is surely a battle, the end results are unknown. The Kurds were treated well and did not have any issues with the Syrian Government. They had equal rights, free education, free healthcare like the rest of the Syrians.   Many do not have a passport which makes traveling legally an issue but it doesn’t seem to be a big concern for them.

Question: How have the illegal Western sanctions on Syria impacted the Al-Hasaka area?

Answer: The illegal sanctions have had a detrimental affect on the entire country. Due to its location in the North East of the country at times it felt like the Hasaka province was cut off from the rest of Syria. It was not receiving any sort of shipments from the other parts of Syria and had to rely on goods coming in from Iraq that were originally made in Turkey and Iran such as food, oil, rice, sugar, sanitary products, children’s items such as diapers and formula. At some points during the war the only thing they were receiving from inside of the country was Medicine coming from Damascus, even this was cut off during certain periods. Medical concerns and issues have multiplied and caring for illnesses and health conditions has become a big concern. It is both very expensive and also very difficult to find medicine and items such as infant formula. Another concern is that medical equipment has now become outdated and most of the machines do not work. Spare parts to repair them are unavailable. Most people with severe health conditions have had to move out of the area. The price of everything has multiplied. In 2015-2016 people had to rely on whatever products, food, healthcare, medicine, and everyday products that were already in the stores.. nothing else was being brought in. The demand was still there but the supply was dwindling and that of course caused severe economic turmoil and inflation.  Another issue related to the sanctions is that right now there are no exports from Syria, which in turn made the price of the dollar rise which then had a negative effect on everything else. For instance the price of infant formula had reached 5,000 syp which is about 10x what it was worth before.. some people were stating they are willing to pay 10,000 syp for a few days of formula but even that was difficult to locate in the stores. For the past few months they have been receive more medicine.

Question: What do other people in the governorate think about the Mandatory Self-Defence Duty and the prospect of killing Syrian soldiers?

Answer: In Al Qamishly they have had a few conflicts between the SAA and the Kurdish soldiers.  The last one was nine months ago and it lasted for four days. Right now they are not having any issues, but there is tension and it could break out into a fight at any time.  Last time they killed four Syrian soldiers, and at that time there were Arabs who said they would no longer fight against the Syrian army, and they gave up their weapons and left the SDF. They refused to fight against the Syrian soldiers.

When they are taking over new areas they are forcing the people in the new area to fight along with them.  There were a few families in the villages that refused to fight along with them and they kicked them out of the villages and claimed that their homes now belong to the Kurds and they are not to return and claim their properties in the future.

Question: What happens if citizens refuse to fight the SAA? Are they threatened?

Answer: See above yes, they were given an ultimatum either fight with us or you will be forced to leave and forfeit their properties. Usually they would then move to other villages or the city where they are not forced to fight alongside the Kurds.  Once you start fighting with them, you are forced to fight whoever they need you to fight against and that includes the Syrian Army. You become trapped and ordered to follow their commands

Question: Do some people have no option?  (ie fight against Syria or starve? Fight or go to jail? )

Answer: As mentioned previously yes, the ultimatum is either fight with us or you will relinquish your property and move out of town. They have already done this numerous times.

Question: Which country is paying the Kurdish soldier wages?  How do they receive payment? Are they paid better than SAA soldiers?

Answer: Initially when they were fighting alongside the SAA it was the Syrian government that was paying their wages. Then the USA got involved and they formed the Syrian Democratic Forces on October 10th 2015.  Right now we are not certain who is paying their wages,  but it is rumoured that the U.S is the one providing them with money since we know that they are providing them with weapons, training and  armoured vehicles.

 Question: Are some of the Kurdish leaders criminals?

Answer: Many of the local leaders didn’t hold any titles or ranks before the war, they didn’t have any army or political experience.  They were not educated or well to do and most of them were in fact troublemakers with prior criminal convictions. These are on the local level. A differentiation needs to be made between the local leaders and their followers and the ones that came from Qandal Moutains in Turkey. On the local level yes they were smugglers and it’s been said that some are in the drug business. They loitered and stole items from the shops and homes in the areas they took control over. They were considered thugs. The ones that are coming from Qandal mountains have political and military experience.

Question: Can you tell us about the SDF?

Answer: First, I want to say that it’s not what the USA is trying to make it out to seem. The USA needed to support a group of people in Syria that did not have direct ties to terrorist groups. They did this after their union with the Free Syrian Army and “moderate rebels” fell through when it became clear that these were nothing less than terrorists and had ties to Al Qaeda and Daesh. The allies of SDF are the USA, France, UK, and a number of other smaller groups. Their headquarters is in AlQamishly. They state that they have about 50,000 fighters but we are unsure of that. They are mostly Kurdish and recently just a few days ago a large number of fighters defected from the SDF. They are led by the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and their goal is to create their own federation in the NE of Syria.  There are US forces embedded with the SDF forces. The Pentagon confirmed the arms, ammunition, rifles, mortars, and ammunition it sent to them. The USA is heavily funding them and recently stated that they would continue to train and equip forces of the Manbij Military council.


Sarah’s interview with Samir was a process that extended over a period of time, and she has amplified and clarified some of his commentaries.

What is clear is that the US and its allies, in particular Turkey in this case, are committing crimes of aggression against the sovereign state of Syria beneath the Big Lie of combatting terrorism.  The real plan, which is self-evident in this overview of the Kurdish issue, is to divide, conquer, and destroy Syria through economic and armed terrorism.

When a family chooses to leave, terrorists are quick to occupy the house, and to claim ownership.

Please read

The Donald Sends More Troops into Syria to Defend Land-grabbing Kurds on Behalf of Greater Kurdistan Project Mar. 9, 2017

20 Responses

  1. Good post. A couple of things stood out.
    [1] Kurds are traditionally nomads, and comparatively recent arrivals to eastern Syria
    [2] Kurds enjoyed equality and hospitality in Syria
    [3] Kurds helped the Syrian government resist the Empire’s terrorist mercenaries.
    [4] The Empire’s mercenaries retreated to Aleppo, and were defeated when Aleppo fell.
    [3] Kurds now claim northeastern Syria as “theirs,” and the Empire is helping them to ethnically cleanse the area of its native majority, which the Empire calls “ISIS.”

    By majority, I mean that northeastern Syria (Al-Hasakah Governorate) is 70% non-Kurdish. The majority includes Christian Armenians, Christian Assyrians, Christian and Muslim Arabs, and quasi-Kurdish Yazidis. All are “ISIS,” and must be purged, pacified, or liquidated. When they resist being slaughtered, the corporate media outlets say there have been “terrorist attacks by ISIS.” Kurds who decline to help in the cleansing are also “ISIS,” and must be purged.

    Most Kurds (not all) think and act like Israelis, and they consider Kurdistan their Palestine. “God gave them” the land, and they are exterminating the natives with “God’s blessing.”

    • I’ve seen many reports out of northern Iraq (called “Iraqi Kurdistan”) from Kurds living there who HATE… I mean HATE living under Barzani. They say Israelis are everywhere and Barzani is corrupt to the core. They say, almost to a man, that it’s like living under the U.S. occupation after Saddam was driven from power. Of course, American reporters who go to Erbil which is in “Iraqi Kurdistan” NEVER interview average Kurds on the street. They essentially created a new Saudi Arabia with the royal family living in splendor and everyone else living in squalor. And they want to bring that system to pieces of Syria, Turkey and Iran. It’s disgusting.

      • EXACTLY!!!!!!!!! The Empire is creating Kurdistan not for average Kurds, but for gangsters and warlords like Barzani who steal all the oil wealth, and live in luxury. Average Kurds who want to be rid of the gangsters are included among “ISIS.”

        It’s Palestine 2.0. The Jews who first invaded Palestine after WW II were not average Jews, but gangsters and terrorists. Before WW II, Jews had been peacefully living in Palestine. They and the Arabs cared for each other’s children. When the Ashkenazi gangsters arrived, they told the native Palestinian Jews, “Support our terrorism, or we will ethnically cleanse you along with the Goyim.”

        • yeah. Irgun, Lehi, Stern gang… terrorists go in, chase out the population, claim the area is “lawless’ and without people and they take over and claim it for themselves.

          • The way I see it, from 1900 until WW II, Zionists were simply Jews that wanted to stop being nomads and have a place to call home. They considered many places, but they eventually focused on Palestine, because they thought its Biblical connotations would be helpful. These Zionists were not gangsters or terrorists, but they eventually used the terrorists for their project, since average Jews did not want to move to Palestine. Half of the terrorists who arrived in Palestine during and after WW II had been living in Shanghai China. When they took over, the meaning of Zionism changed from “Jewish homeland” to Jewish supremacy.

        • I have talked to many Arabs, and they all tell me that Muslims and Jews had no problems with each other until WW II, when foreign Jewish gangsters began to arrive in Palestine, and were resisted by Amin al-Husseini, the “Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.”

          Today’s Zionists claim that the Koran preaches “anti-Semitism.” Muslims tell me this is not true. Indeed, verse 9:97 says that of all peoples, “The Arabs are worst in disbelief and hypocrisy.”

          Muslim-bashers (like Robert Spencer of Fox News) regard Muslims as apes and pigs. They project their hatred onto Muslims by falsely claiming that the Koran refers to Jews as apes and pigs.

  2. “Kurds are ultimately nomads and their alliance lies with Israel.” ~ Sarah Abed

    Jews too were essentially nomads until the Empire gave them Palestine. Today they rule many aspects of the Empire. To some extent they ARE the Empire. That is, the Empire is quintessentially Judaic (in my opinion). For me “the Empire” includes everyone in the world who directly or indirectly supports neoliberalism. This includes 80% of all governments. Any government that resists the Empire (Cuba, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Bolivia, Nicaragua, etc) is a “threat” and must be eliminated.

  3. HOLD ON

    The Global Research article says, “The US and its allies, IN PARTICULAR TURKEY, are committing crimes of aggression against the sovereign state of Syria beneath the Big Lie of combatting terrorism.”

    That was true until the fall of Aleppo, when the Empire’s terrorist mercenaries were defeated. Since then, however, Erdogan of Turkey has opposed the Empire’s Kurdistan project.

    Three days ago, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke with Erdogan in Ankara, trying to convince Erdogan to support greater Kurdistan. Erdogan said no deal; the Kurds (or at least the gangsters among them, the PKK and YPG) are terrorists.

    Again this shows the power of media repetition. Mark Taliano of “Global Research” has been seduced by the Empire’s chants of Erdogan-dictator, Erdogan-dictator, Erdogan-dictator.

  4. Regarding Condi Rice’s “birth pangs” comment, I remember that. Israel had been carpet-bombing Lebanon for nine days, and Israeli continued bombing for another three weeks.

    When Israeli soldiers invaded on the ground, Hezbollah treated them to the “birth pangs” until the Israelis ran away.

    On 14 July 2006 the Israeli warship INS Hanit felt the “birth pangs.”

  5. The Kurdistan project includes the forcible seizure of places like Kirkuk, the center of northern oil production in Iraq. Kirkuk, 52 miles south of Erbil, is multi-ethnic (pop. 1 million). Barzani gangsters have placed the Kurdish flag atop all government buildings in Kirkuk, and have been terrorizing the locals since 2014. This annoys Erdogan, since Turkey sees itself as the protector of Kirkuk’s Turkomen (ethnic Turks). Therefore Erdogan is supporting Barzani’s rival, Jalal Talabani.

    The Barzani gangsters steal everything, and they live in splendor at the expense of the locals. They claim that before the Syrian “revolution” of 2011 (i.e. before the Empire started it proxy war) they were severely persecuted “second class citizens.” They claim that they were not allowed to own the land (that they stole) or speak Kurdish, or wear traditional Kurdish garb. Nonsense of course.

  6. Damn. I tried to make another comment about the Kurds but it vanished (twice). Oh well.

    • damn Russians hacked my website and took your comment. trying to undermine our democracy again. damn commies. I got Rachel Madcow and Sen. Bomb Iran McCain to get it back for you.

    • I have to admit, your comments have been more educational than some entire documentaries and books. Godspeed to you, Harris.
      Are we finally free of “Mr. Tape Guy” and his passive-aggtressive, condescending shilling?
      The history of dirty politics and economics tearing apart the fabric of societies is so sad.

      • “Mr. Tape Guy” has issues. He needs help. He is not to be hated, but pitied.

        • Why did he suddenly get the urge to argue with everyone on this blog?

        • like I told him. I don’t hate him. I feel sorry for him. He was born without something and his life is all the more empty without it and what’s really sad is, he thinks it’s a strength. To me, he’s like Barney Fife. He thinks he’s Andy. He thinks he’s in the Big Club. How can anyone hate Barney Fife?

          • I never expected you to reference “The Andy Griffith Show”.

            • surprised ya huh? I try to do that every now and then. Did you know Don K. won something like 5 or so Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actor in that role? “While Barney was forever frustrated that Mayberry was too small for the delusional ideas he had of himself, viewers got the sense that he couldn’t have survived anywhere else.”

              Like I said, who could hate Barney Fife? answer? only Barney

  7. Oded Yinon? Defending the Realm? Eretz Israel?

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