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  1. You could still create more variation on that cartoon because of all the different circumstances. It’s priceless.

    • I do. I’ve used it for a while. I just cut the text and add new stuff. sadly, our “leaders” use this tactic over and over and over again.

      • Much so-called “left” and “anarchist” media has had a love affair with Kurdistan since the 2000s, at least. Kimmy is only the latest chapter in rebranding this ethnic cleansing-cum-war-cum-wealth theft as a “progressive utopia”.

  2. OFF TOPIC – The “news” channels and blogs have lost much audience share because of their non-stop Trump-bashing and Russia-bashing. The problem is not that people like Trump, but that people are tired of empty bullshit.

    Meanwhile Fox News has — comparatively speaking — become much more reasonable and informative, and its ratings are climbing.

    Fox’s competitors in their envy claim that Fox is a hotbed of sexual harassment. This has no effect on ratings, since viewers are not interested in such sewage.


    • Kurt Nimmo, although not perfect, is starting to look more reasonable to me than a lot of the left or alt-right. It’s hard to believe he was employed by the boisterous, aggressive Alex Jones.

  3. OFF TOPIC — On 15 Aug 2008, leftist / populist candidate Fernando Lugo won the presidency in Paraguay, breaking 61 years of neoliberal tyranny by the Colorado Party. On 21 June 2012 the neoliberals struck back, removing Lugo via a coup, and reuniting Paraguay with the Empire. This week Paraguay’s neoliberal Senate passed a Constitutional amendment that removed term limits for their puppet president. (Presidents had been limited to a single 5-year term.) Paraguay’s Constitution says that amendments must pass both houses, and then be put to a national referendum. The neoliberals ignored this. Yesterday protesters broke through police lines and set fire to papers and furniture in the Congress building. Police drove them back with rubber bullets and water cannons, killing one of them. Back in 2009, some media outlets called the Honduras coup a “coup,” but “corrected” themselves days later. The media is now doing the same with yesterday’s coup in Paraguay.

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