New Book Reveals Clinton Campaign Hatched Russia Hysteria To Cover For Losing

In this video, Jimmy makes a very good point about how the Clinton team decided to accuse Trump and his associates of colluding with Russia as cover for Hillary and Bill taking millions from a Kremlin-linked bank to OK the sale of uranium. Imagine if Trump had done something like that.

But what he misses is just as big, in my opinion.

Jimmy always points out, rightly, what a corrupt war-monger Hillary is and says that’s why he voted for Jill Stein as if she’s that much better.

In this video he talks about the book Shattered and mentions how the Clinton team was setting plans to discredit the vote tallies less than 24-hours after Hillary conceded. One of those plans was the “Russian hacking” bullshit…

… but another had to be getting Jill Stein, Dore’s candidate of choice, to mount a recount campaign in the 3 swing states that cost Hillary the election. My evidence showed over the course of my research that Jill got her marching orders on that one directly from Podesta and in fact some funding came from the Hillary camp.

Jimmy fails to mention that little tidbit of information, that Jill Stein did what she could to get Hillary Clinton to usurp the freely elected president.

Zombie Trump Now Says “I’m a nationalist and a globalist” as he Reassures his Base he is the “decider”

by Scott Creighton

Image result for zombie trump

Saying you are “a nationalist and a globalist” is like saying you’re alive and dead at the same time.

Not only is it nonsense, but if you believe it, it makes you a zombie: a soulless Walking Dead prop of a character with no past or future, just an incessant need to feed the basest of your human instincts right now in this moment.

“I don’t think (Trump) is ideological. Ultimately he is pragmatic in that way.” President Obama Nov. 14, 2016

A zombie is the ultimate pragmatist. All they focus on is feeding. Nothing else comes into play. Men, women, children… it doesn’t matter to the zombie. They are all merely food sources some faster, some slower, some stronger, some weaker. But they all serve to fulfill the same burning desire for more which is the only human desire a zombie knows. All they have left.

No remorse, no pity, no empathy, no guilt. Whatever is in the way is merely an obstacle to overcome so one may feed that desire. Capture, consume and continue.

The perfect neoliberal vulture capitalist businessman and the politicos who serve them are zombies. The Wolf of Wall Street. Gordon Gekko. Bub the zombie. Milton Friedman. Maggie Thatcher. Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama. Emmanuel Macron. Gary Cohn. Steven Mnuchin. And yes… President Trump.

These are the zombies we have to deal with everyday. Some fictional. Some “real”. But all are zombies… in every sense of the word.

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Turns Out Nikki Haley’s Colin Powell Moment was Her Going “Off the Reservation” (Possibly Taking Orders from Someone Else?)

by Scott Creighton

“The people of South Carolina are embarrassed by Nikki Haley!” Donald Trump, Oct. 2016

A little while ago after the White Helmets (formerly known as the Islamic State Fire Brigade) staged a little street theater claiming Assad used chemical weapons against civilians in Syria, Nikki Haley pulled a Colin Powell at the UN Security Council where she directly blamed Assad and called for regime change action based entirely on the ham-handed false flag op and the subsequent propaganda produced by “ISIS” and al Qaeda.

At the time I thought she was going off in her own direction because the State Department and Trump had just said they had decided to let the Syrian people decide Assad’s fate and that regime change was no longer their priority in the country.

Of course I was ridiculed for coming to that conclusion.

Then this happened…

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Obama’s New Job: Guardian of Official Lies

(If you heard the discussion last night between Tom Kiely, Gilad Atzmon and myself, this idea from Glen Ford might sound a little familiar because we discussed a similar topic quite extensively.)

by Glen Ford, BAR

The ruling class is seriously rattled over its loss of control over the national political narrative — a consequence of capitalism’s terminal decay and U.S. imperialism’s slipping grip on global hegemony. When the Lords of Capital get rattled, their servants in the political class are tasked with rearranging the picture and reframing the national conversation. In other words, Papa Imperialism needs a new set of lies, or renewed respect for the old ones. Former president Barack Obama, the cool operator who put the U.S. back on the multiple wars track after a forced lull in the wake of George Bush’s defeat in Iraq, has eagerly accepted his new assignment as Esteemed Guardian of Official Lies.

At this stage of his career, Obama must dedicate much of his time to the maintenance of Official Lies, since they are central to his own “legacy.” With the frenzied assistance of his first secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, Obama launched a massive military offensive – a rush job to put the New American Century back on schedule. Pivoting to all corners of the planet, and with the general aim of isolating and intimidating Russia and China, the salient feature of Obama’s offensive was the naked deployment of Islamic jihadists as foot soldiers of U.S. imperialism in Libya and Syria. It is a strategy that is morally and politically indefensible — unspeakable! — the truth of which would shatter the prevailing order in the imperial heartland, itself…

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An Answer To Cornel West – A “Peoples Party” Won’t be Imposed From Above

by Bruce Dixon, BAR

We agree with our good friend Dr. Cornel West that the Democratic party is the craven servant of privatizers, gentrifiers and Wall Street at home and of vicious empire abroad, which explains why it’s pretty much useless to those who seek justice and peace. But we are deeply skeptical of Brother West’s latest project, something called the Peoples party, not incorporated or on the ballot anywhere, still a gleam in the eye of some folks who used to work for Bernie Sanders, one of whom was interviewed with West on Democracy Now this week.

Their big insight was that local Democratic politicians run local and state parties. But if their new Peoples Party can steal away some of those Democratic politicians, provided they can find some local Democrats not already bought by telecoms, privatizers or charter school sugar daddies, then the Peoples Party will get millions of Democratic voters, and they’ll become big players. And they want to start by recruiting Bernie Sanders.

In the manner of outfits that don’t have local roots anywhere they hung a petition on the internet hoping for millions of signers, maybe the beginning of a list they can use.

This is wrong-headed on multiple levels.

First, Bernie has decided what he is, and that’s a Democrat, often a pro-war Democrat. Those who believe otherwise delude themselves or others. Bernie will be 77 when the next grueling yearlong presidential campaign begins, not when it ends..

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Trump Leaks Operation Condor-Era Declassified Docs to Argentina

from TeleSur

Entitled “Secret/Exdis,” the declassified documents provide new insight into U.S. support for human rights abuses in South America.

U.S. President Donald Trump met with Argentine President Mauricio Macri on Thursday, handing over 931 declassified Department of State records related to Operation Condor.

Operation Condor was a Cold War-era campaign of violence across Latin America that resulted in tens of thousands of activist deaths. Throughout the operation, the U.S. government teamed up with right-wing military dictatorships to extinguish leftist movements.

Trump’s leak falls in line with former President Barack Obama’s promise to release intelligence documents about human rights abuses committed by the Argentine military dictatorship during the 1970s and 1980s.

Entitled “Secret/Exdis,” the declassified documents provide new insight into U.S. support for human rights abuses in Argentina and neighboring countries. Here’s what the reports divulged.

They describe Operation Condor as a trans-border, multinational effort by Southern Cone secret police services to “track down” and “liquidate” regime opponents, the National Security Archive reports.

They detail the role played by the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, the Defense Intelligence Agency, DIA, and other intelligence agencies in purposefully ignoring human rights abuses committed by the military dictatorship.

They reveal that the orchestrators of Operation Condor considered establishing “field offices” in the United States and Europe…

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Colombia Violence Spirals on Despite Peace: Yet Another Social Leader Killed in Cauca

from TeleSur

The victim’s body was found with stab wounds. The case is just the latest in a string of dozens of attacks and murders of human rights defenders.

Yet another Colombian human rights defender was found murdered Thursday in the southwestern department of Cauca, one of the regions hardest hit by the country’s more than half century-long civil war and ongoing violence against rural social leaders.

Diego Fernando Rodriguez, a legal representative for a local community council in the Gana Plata area in Cauca’s Mercaderes municipality, was found dead Thursday morning with stab wounds.

The coordinator of the Human Rights Network of Southwestern Colombia, Deivi Hurtado, stated that Rodriguez was found dead with “signs of violence that indicate it was an assassination,” Colombia’s W Radio reported.

According to Caracol radio, authorities have already launched investigations into the Rodriguez’ case…

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