The Joseph Kony “Threat” was Always Fake News

(Check out what I wrote about the Kony 2012 psyop way back in 2012 when it mattered. I even did a little graphic to make my point. Still quite proud of that one)

by Glen Ford, from BAR

The United States government is the biggest purveyor of fake news on the planet. In fact, most of U.S. foreign policy is based on lies and outrageous distortions that are methodically disseminated by corporate media in the form of fake news. Fake news is a weapon that has killed millions in Libya, Iraq and Syria, where the United States and its allies have armed and trained jihadist terrorists to wage a proxy war against secular governments, while claiming to be fighting these same jihadists. Every word that President Obama ever said about Libya and Syria has been a lie — a fake story.

The threat that Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army supposedly posed in central Africa was also fake news, a lie circulated in order to justify sending 100 U.S. Special Forces troops to the region, in 2011. Obama needed a villain, so he chose Joseph Kony, a guerilla fighter from the Acholi people of northern Uganda, as his nemesis. The Acholi had been defeated in a civil war by another guerilla fighter, Yoweri Museveni, who went on to become Ronald Reagan’s favorite African and a main puppet and hit man for the U.S. in Africa. He would play a key role in the genocides in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. But first, Museveni laid waste to the Acholi people’s lands in Uganda, massacred them by the thousands, and locked them up in concentration camps…

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13 Responses

  1. Remember Jason Russell, the main person behind the “Kony 2012” video? I am convinced that the reason why Russell flipped out in California was that the lies of “Kony 2012” unraveled. The film’s popularity skyrocketed, and then just as quickly plummeted as its nonsense was exposed. (It was made with U.S. government funding.)

    Russell was an aspiring filmmaker, and he had made four videos before he was suddenly thrust into the spotlight with “Kony 2012.” It and Russell’s “Invisible Children” campaign were designed to justify U.S. military support for Yoweri Museveni, the U.S.-puppet dictator who has ruled Uganda for 31 years. Russell loved being in the spotlight, but he exhausted himself trying to run around and put out the fires of questions and criticisms. This led to his public meltdown (15 Oct 2012) in which he tore of his clothes and stood naked on a San Diego street corner, screaming profanities at passing traffic until the cops hauled him to the loony bin. Russell has not made any videos since his meltdown.

    • I only mention this because I was delighted to see Russell “wig out” when his lies were exposed.

    • Russell was whacked out. High as a kite. Probably meth or bath salts. Meth is more like it.

      that’s what assets do because those are the kinds of people who they recruit to be their assets.

      Russell tried a comeback. He even got Oprah to try to help him remake his image. Oprah had the exact same explanation for his raving tweeker breakdown that you just gave, actually.

      Russell was a flake who suddenly had shit loads of money and what he thought was a “get out of jail free” card or at least one that told police “dont fuck with this guy” and for the most part he was right. The cops didn’t do shit to him because he was still valuable to someone big. However… that video of him during his tweeked out rampage brought his case before the public and as much as people tried to smooth it over for him, his “brand” was tarnished. Oparah sayin he flipped up because of “pressure” is like saying Building 7 collapsed into its own footprint because of office fires.

      for the record, I wrote my article about Russell’s tweeker freakout in March of 2012 so unless I’ve got some kind of superpowers, your date of Oct. 15 2012 is a little off.

      • Meth? I had not considered that.
        I think you are correct.
        You are also correct about the actual date of Russell’s meltdown.

        “Russell was a flake who suddenly had shit loads of money.”

        Yes, people sometimes flip out when they have sudden celebrity-hood. They are driven mad by the stress, combined with the refusal to let go of the stress. The result is abject substance abuse.
        Sometimes they self-immolate, such as suddenly shaving their scalp.

        Russell’s stress was caused by fame, combined with myriad criticisms of his lies. Even young people questioned his nonsense. I remember it.

        • did you ever see that South Park episode where the researchers did an experiment by giving a monkey a lot of money and he went crazy and screwed all the female monkeys until him wife came over and beat him in the head with the rolling pin? It’s kinda like that i guess. Course, I never had a lot of money, so it’s all speculation for me.

        • Someone I know suggested Britney shaved her head to eliminate cocaine use found in hair strand testing in relation to her custody battle

  2. A “classic” of mainstream media and NGO manipulation. back then, I sent critical links of this campaign to family and friends (like Vigilant Citizen’s surprisingly reasonable piece), but some predictably dismissed them as “conspiracy theories”.
    Are you assure Russel didn’t freak out because he got on the deep state’s bad side?

    • That’s what I assumed, the project was heading south so his handler slipped him something, and possibly drove him there, to give everyone a much needed reason to back away that didn’t involve acknowledging it was all bullshit.

      It is *possible* to have such a rapid and complete breakdown of your mental faculties without drugs, but the timing, as well as the apparent ‘accomplice’ are too curious. I never watched the video to the part where the milk fairy appeared, so I never saw him either, but you don’t have to wear a cheap suit to function as an intelligence handler, and Russell seems to accept this guys appearance readily, as if he knows him.

      I doubt Russell went un-filmed long enough for someone to spot him, go home and don a costume, grab a gallon of milk and return. This leaves the possibility he just happened along in the costume with the milk, or he was some kind of conspirator.

  3. What was the story with the other half-naked guy dressed in the fairy costume who jumps up from behind the hedge and hands him the gallon of milk? Was that his video partner? That guy was apparently lying down on the grass behind the hedge the whole time Russell was doing his tweak dance – perhaps even weirder behavior than Russell’s – what the heck was he up to? I forgot about that guy until just now watching it. They also may have been on acid instead of meth.

  4. For trivial amusement, below is the precise sidewalk spot were Jason Russell wigged out five years ago. Today the hedge in the video that hid the guy with the jug is gone, and the grass has been replaced with rocks. (It is expensive these days in California to water your lawn). Responding police strongly suspected that Russell was on drugs of some kind.,-117.2365095,3a,75y,20.39h,69.13t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sv4oulLrff1IXxwCaAsseSQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

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