US group accuses Kurds of keeping Yazidi, Christian refugees from their Iraqi homeland (it’s called ethnic cleansing )

(Ah the glorious Kurds. Our new “freedom fighters” made in the same mold as “al Qaeda” in Afghanistan, the “moderates” in Syria and the “Contras” in Latin America. Fighting for nothing more than truth, justice and the American way of “democracy” over in the Middle East. I mean… Kurdi Kimmie said so right? So it has to be true. Unfortunately for Kimmie and her new best friends the Kurds, Amnesty International has been detailing their ethnic cleansing operations in Iraq and Syria for several years (here and here) and it’s becoming more and more obvious that the glorious Kurds are nothing more than invading Huns raping and conquering with the help of Big Brother on their way to Greater Kurdistan. Hell, even the U.S. ambassador to Turkey, John Bass, said the Kurds were ethnically cleansing the areas they take over after “ISIS” is allowed to leave. And now Fox “News” admits as much as well?)

from Fox “News”

U.S. representatives of Iraq’s long-persecuted Assyrian Christian minority are blasting claims by the country’s Kurdish Regional Government that its refusal to let them return home aims only to protect them. But the KRG, which denies the accusation, cites unexploded roadside bombs left by now-expelled Islamic State forces as a key reason for — temporarily — barring the Assyrian Christians from their homeland.

The clash between the KRG and the American representatives of the Assyrians erupted earlier this week, signaling strains in what had been a solid anti-ISIS alliance of Kurds and Assyrian Christians. The other large Christian group in Iraq, known as Chaldeans, enjoys harmonious relations with the KRG.

According to a report from The Investigative Project on Terrorism, the KRG has blocked both the Assyrians and the Yazidis from returning to their villages across a broad expanse of northern Iraq known as the Nineveh Plain.

“It’s really been a case of adding insult to injury to insult again,” Jeff Gardiner, director of operations for advocacy and relief foundation Restore Nineveh Now, said to Fox News. “The Kurdish authorities did not protect the people of the Nineveh Plain. In a way, this was enabled by the Kurdish government. They really set them [Yazidis and Assyrians] up for this catastrophic outcome.”…

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  1. In your 7 April 2016 blog post you referenced a post in which Stephen Lendmen echoes the corporate media claims about the “dictator” Erdogan committing “genocide” against the Kurds. This again shows the power of media repetition. Repeat any lie often enough, and it becomes “true” –- in this case, lies about Turkey and the Kurds.

    I say that anywhere the Empire is making war (e.g. Iraq, Syria, etc) all claims by the corporate media outlets are probably lies, and are often the exact opposite of the truth. Strangely, even people who acknowledge that the media outlets tell nothing but lies about events today think the media outlets told nothing but truth about events in the past. Media lies about the Empire’s wars today are false, but media lies about the Empire’s wars seventy-some years ago are “true.” Weird.

    Anyway the Empire clearly intended to destroy Syria, and create Kurdistan from the ashes. But when Russia defeated the Empire in Syria, the Empire sent its own regular troops to accelerate the Kurdistan project.

    • By the way, in these surrealistic days of fake leftist warmongering and Russia-bashing, I notice that Fox, in opposing the liberals, has increasingly drifted toward logic and truth, as we see in the article above.

      Regarding the Kurdish claim that they are ethnically cleansing Assyrian Christians “to protect them,” this is like Israelis telling Palestinians, “We are stealing Palestine to protect you. I stole your land because it has land mines.”

      • During one of his talks posted by Creighton here last year, Michael Parenti also rehashed the narrative of “Turkey genociding the Kurds” (though this was back in the nineties, before Erdogan became president). You’re right in that we assume repeated facts, assertions, notions or anecdotes are always the truth.
        If more people had been aware of Great Kurdistan, and not smeared instead those like Scott or Penny who began discussing the issue, these events might not have happened.

  2. The Trump regime will no longer reveal the size and nature of U.S. military operations abroad. We will no longer know if there are 500 troops in Syria, for example, or 500,000. We will no longer know who the U.S. military is killing around the world. Trump will send any army of any size anywhere at any time, for any purpose, without anyone knowing among the public or the Congress. Trump says the secrecy necessary to maintain the element of surprise against “ISIS”™ worldwide.
    Reuters says that Trump may send 1,000 troops to Kuwait to fight “ISIS.”
    One news outlet says Trump has been leaning on Congress to formally declare war on “ISIS.”

  3. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s first visit to Turkey was a failed attempt to get the Turks to submit to a new Kurdistan. During the visit, Tillerson admitted that the Empire’s regime change operation against Assad is over, and that Assad’s future should be left up to the Syrian people. Everything is now focused on creating Kurdistan.
    Trump’s ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley confirmed the shift, saying that removing Assad from power is no longer “the priority” in Syria.
    Turkey says the USA is supporting Kurdish terrorists in Syria.

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