Frankenstein Vs Mocking-Mothra: How Morning Joe Justified their War Against Trump and their Hatred of Democracy

by Scott Creighton

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The other day Mika Brzeninski let it slip that she believes her job is to control what you think. That is partially true. The other aspect of her job, the one she is paid considerably well for, is to lie, spin and obfuscate about various political figures on behalf of her owners and the “national interests” they represent.

Today the MSM news outlets do anything but reporting news. They are weapons of mass destruction targeting whatever they are told to target like pit-bulls raised by animals to fight whatever is put in front of them on their behalf.

Joe Scarborough said as much this morning when talking about, of all things, President Donald Trump.

Though Trump has been a target of the vitriol of the complicit media for the past 6 months or so, let us not forget… they made him.

During the Republican primary season the MSM provided him with record amounts of coverage which was unlike anything ever seen before in presidential campaigns. One organization tallied the amount of free press they gave him and estimated the equivalent airtime if he had to pay for it would have cost his campaign something like 2 billion dollars. They would literally show empty podiums waiting for Trump to speak at some rally someplace for hours while the commentators chatting, often favorably, about candidate Trump. This went on and on throughout the Republican primary and only ended after Hillary Clinton stole the nomination from Sanders. And then, it was a completely different story.

Once the general election took off, Trump suddenly became a raving:

  1. liar
  2. racist
  3. mysoginist
  4. tax cheat
  5. xenophobe
  6. and Russian agent (traitor)

The turn was instantaneous and quite obviously orchestrated from someplace high above feeding the same talking points, day after day, to the press in order to INFLUENCE OUR ELECTION.

What is it that we accused the Russians of doing? I can’t remember…

The turn was so clearly choreographed it became obvious very quickly when you considered all the time they spend promoting him, that they did that so that Hillary could beat him. They built him up so they could tear him down.

Now he’s become Frankenstein’s monster and the masters of the universe who backed Clinton in her bid to occupy the Oval Office are having to unleash Mocking-Mothra to bring him down.

Pardon the reference to the old stylized films of the 60s if you will. Maybe it will make sense in the end. Let’s see.

This morning watching Morning Joe (I hate myself) he was a little more transparent than usual in his adoration and support for the neoliberal status quo. So much so, he let his slip show.

He said, and I paraphrase here, that The Donald was learning a harsh lesson. You don’t attack the intelligence industry and not expect them to “leak” information about you to get even. He also said you don’t attack the press without being taught a serious lesson by them as well.

Basically Joe said you don’t mess with the Washington Establishment without paying a serious price and he was literally gloating over the fact that this is what is happening to Trump.

If you read into that what you come up with is this: the CIA will use it’s powers to destabilize a seated US president if he doesn’t bow down to them and the press will lie, spin and obfuscate to the best of their abilities to help them do just that.

It was a confession made by a tool of the establishment and it was an unveiled threat that this behavior from them would continue until Trump took a knee.

Could you imagine if Putin had said something like that?

When you break it down, Trump did not “attack the media” … he punched back. He did so during the election as they were slandering him to the point of liable every day during the general election.

In fact, the MSM pressed so hard on the “Trump is a racist” thing (based ENTIRELY on his support of the Obama birth certificate question) that the country became a tinder box of racial discord culminating in one poor disabled white kid being tortured for a day by 4 young black people who kept accusing him of “voting for Trump”

That kid should sue MSNBC, CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times. But that’s another discussion.

Trump punched back against the complicit Mockingbird press as they did their level best to put the genie they made back in the bottle. But they couldn’t and the more it became clear to them that Trump’s phony populist message was resonating with the people, the more they were seen as attack dogs for the establishment, the more desperate and vicious they became.

And Trump didn’t attack the intelligence agencies until one of them released information they shouldn’t have on Trump in order to discredit him. That’s when he made the comment about “McCarthyism” and so forth. That’s what started that.

Scarborough’s gloating statements this morning are indicative of a deeper seated hatred than anything he has toward Donald Trump. He and Mika both say they would like to see the Trump they know in private be the Trump in the White House.

They like Trump.

What they don’t like is democracy.

Donald Trump didn’t put Donald Trump in the White House. He was made by a combination of neoliberal presidents dating back to Slick Willie and their complete disregard for the working class of America. He was put there by the Mockingbird press who figured he was the only “republican” who could lose to Hillary Clinton who had been slated for a coronation because… it was her turn and because the left cover of ObamaGod needed to continue as long as possible.

Trump was made by deep current of anti-establishment fervor which has been growing in this country for a long time and it was that more than anything else which put him in the Oval Office.

In the end, those who thought they could create a life and then control it and cast it aside at will came to understand that Frankenstein’s monster, the will of the people, isn’t that easily controlled.

So they attack Trump at every turn in spite of the fact that he is steadily bringing their preferred version of fascism to America. Which makes you wonder, why they are still doing it.

And the answer is simple: it’s not an attack on Trump.

Trump did not win in November. Populism won. And populism is the great arch enemy of the masters of the universe.

They cannot allow the people of this country to believe they have a real choice and that they can resist the wishes of the MOTU when they have made their decision about where this country goes next. It sets a bad precedent.

That’s why we have all the discussion about “fake news sites” and why BOTH the unDemocratic Party AND the Republicans hold up the mythology that the Russians “hacked” our election.

The plebes cannot think they won.

Therefore, Trump has to be tamed publicly. He has to be put in his place as a kind of offering for the masters that lets the rest of the slaves know who really calls the shots on the plantation.

The intelligence agencies, out of the closet, using all their might to destroy a president is not “news” anymore to folks like Joe Scarborough. Admitting the press will punish the POTUS if he dares call them “fake” is not beyond the pale of accepted behavior anymore.

As Trump is nailed to the cross, it is not for his sins, it is for ours.

And if anyone doesn’t know how difficult it is for someone like me to write that, you haven’t read anything I have ever written about The Donald.

What you have to understand is I am not defending Trump with this article. I am defending democracy and calling out infiltrators and traitors as I see them. Just as I expose the globalist’s hatred for democracy overseas, I am bound to do so here as well.

The lesson being leveled by the likes of Mika and Joe is not at Trump but at us.

They make democracy in their image and we shouldn’t dare think we have a say in anything that even closely resembles self determination. They don’t allow it abroad and they damn sure wont allow it here.

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7 Responses

  1. Back in 2016, Mexican business magazines published cover stories comparing the least neoliberal candidate of the 2012 elections, Andres Manuel, to Donald Trump, labeling both “the populist menace”. The same media that cries so much about democracy, shows nothing but contempt for their own population. How could anyone still believe them?

  2. Democracy coupled with Capitalism, does not and can not work given the current zeitgeist. The spiritual consciousness of man at this point in time is not “high” enough to turn things around. We shall continue our descent into chaos until the inevitable “re-set”. And then the cycle will start again.

  3. I agree. The attack on Trump is actually an attack on populism. Trump himself is a neoliberal (not a populist), and yet neoliberals hate him because he cannot provide them with fake leftist camouflage like Hillary could have. Hillary could have dismissed all questions as “sexist.” She could have privatized Social Security while diverting public attention to “important issues” like the “right” of males to force their way into women’s dressing rooms. She could have focused on “immigrant rights” while she exterminated foreigners. It would have been perfect, but it was ruined by the hated rabble (i.e. average Americans).

    As Scot says, the endless attacks on Trump are a middle finger thrust at democracy.

  4. Comment eaten by WordPress (111 words)

  5. I don’t think populism or democracy was involved in the last election. I was on board with the Trump Recall hypothesis but lately I’ve been seeing it differently.

    The mockingbird attacks on Drumpf are not intended to hurt him. They’re designed to generate support from reasonable people, and reinforce the loyalty of his supporters (who might be wondering when that swamp gonna drain). For starters, they don’t need the full power of mockingbird (turned up to 11) to convince the public that Donaldo is a pendejo, and a gilded Quisling holding the backdoor open for the sturmtruppen. And as you pointed out, the media love him dearly.

    Secondly, I don’t think the WWF style trash talking between Trump and the Company is anything more than Lansdalian theatre. I know Trump had proposed making changes at Langley, but rearranging the cubicles is not an existential threat to the MOTU.

  6. Lastly, if you believe Binney, the election results were probably well known to someone well in advance of November. Even without spying and fancy metadata analysis, it didn’t take a palantir to see that Killary had little chance of winning.

    The MOTU chose overt fascism over cryptofascism/neoliberalism. Now they’re trying to get us on board with the new paradigm.

  7. “Trump did not win in November. Populism won” -I’m still not convinced what happened.

    PBS The brain with David Eagleman Episode 4: How Do I Decide?
    This show details the scientific understanding of decision making, willpower, and the sub/unconscious. If you can find it it’s worth a watch. People’s response to media predicts their political affiliation. People exposed to vulgar, offensive and immoral material swing to the right in a consistient and predictable manner. They specifically stated this was true to the point of reliably predicting the outcome of elections. (It would be one of many ways to predict and manipulate elections) It describes willpower as a finite resource which can be controlled and manipulated. It’s a fascinating subject. If I’m learning this on my television on pbs, it’s already well understood by those who pull the strings. I’m of the belief that, generally speaking, these studies and laboratories are only funded and/or commissioned by those with an interest, and these results, this type of information, is only openly disseminated when those who funded them feel they already have a comfortable advantage and there is little risk in doing so.

    Here’s an excellent documentary on the history of behaviorism as a means of control to the detriment of the population
    I don’t know who funds Eagleman or his contemporaries, but I imagine under the surface you’ll find the same names and groups you’d find a hundred years ago funding guys like Watson.

    We are pieces being nudged around the chessboard in subtle and unpredictable ways by an invisible force with a masterful understanding of human behavior, by studied people, using the scientific method, with the benefit of a century or three of esoteric knowledge and experience, treading in waters no ordinary person would even consider stepping and cannot defend against.

    If the goal was not to encourage everyone to get base, indulgent, ugly, and tribal, make all rational discussion impossible, cause everyone of reason and intelligence turn away in disgust and defeat, and cut the final threads restraining total corporate takeover of the government, I’d say yes, TPTB failed against populism. Regardless of what Chuck Schumer and Donald Trump have to say about one another, I fail to see how we continue to do anything but lose to a group of monsters.

    I can’t disagree with anything edgar eugene bradley just said.

    (slandering him to the point of *libel* -your spellcheck must be overheating)

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