Unbelievably, Noam Chomsky says Trump Might “change the country instantly” with a False Flag Because… He’s Feeling Unpopular

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: (H/T Greg) Alex Jones has gone full fascist with his reply to this ridiculous statement from Chomsky. Not only does he support the notion of “crazed Muslim terrorists’ committing acts of terror here in the states but he then goes so far as to try to link “the left” with the “Islamofascists”

“The real false flag is opening Europe up to Islamic invaders and then using that crisis to revoke the liberties and freedoms of the people in those nations who are fighting for their very survival. The real false flag is allowing thousands of unvetted Islamist “refugees” into the United States with the same aim – to merge the left with Islamofascism.” Di$info Jone$

Benjamin Netanyahu could not have said it better.

Personally I have gone back and forth on Noam Chomsky’s stance on false flags in the past. It’s not like he doesn’t know of their existence and the long history of the use of such tactics in the past, but he’s been very critical of individuals like myself who raise serious questions about the official story of 9/11 and the events that led up to it. Which is the purpose of a controlled opposition asset like Chomsky.

I don’t hold people to some litmus test like others do. Chomsky had a very long career of activism spanning decades before 9/11 and was one of the first pro-Palestinian activists in this country to take a public stand against the apartheid state of Israel. He has been a staunch anti-empire/ anti-war activist, researcher and writer since before I was born and he stood up to the globalization movement before it had a name and long before most current activist’s parents were born.

All that said, I have recently been very disappointed in his behavior. This is my disclaimer I guess.

As you can tell, my objections to Chomsky’s actions are primarily based on his tacit support of current or previous regime change operations. I didn’t really apply a litmus test to the man after he dismissed legitimate questions and research from the Truth community about 9/11 which show, in my opinion, that 9/11 was the ultimate false flag.

And even though I don’t suggest that every activist must share my conclusions about 9/11 before I consider them to be authentic, I did take exception to Chomsky’s categorization of those of us who question what happened that day and his overly simplistic dismissal of the mountains of evidence collected by various researchers over the years.

Seven years ago I reminded Noam and his detractors that he hasn’t always had such an opinion on 9/11 and in fact, it may have changed altogether.

So Noam hasn’t always been what he is now: a shadow of his former self. And perhaps I give him too much credit for the man he once was like a football fan backing his team’s aging star quarterback long after father time has rendered his unavoidable verdict.

That said, yesterday Alternet reported on an interview they did with Chomsky in which he said Trump might stage a false flag because his popularity rating is going down. Of all the ridiculous regime change backing crap I have heard from Chomsky over the years, this one takes the cake… and unfortunately it’s our country he’s helping destabilize.

“I think that sooner or later the white working-class constituency will recognize, and in fact, much of the rural population will come to recognize, that the promises are built on sand. There is nothing there.

And then what happens becomes significant. In order to maintain his popularity, the Trump administration will have to try to find some means of rallying the support and changing the discourse from the policies that they are carrying out, which are basically a wrecking ball to something else. Maybe scapegoating, saying, “Well, I’m sorry, I can’t bring your jobs back because these bad people are preventing it.” And the typical scapegoating goes to vulnerable people: immigrants, terrorists, Muslims and elitists, whoever it may be. And that can turn out to be very ugly.

I think that we shouldn’t put aside the possibility that there would be some kind of staged or alleged terrorist act, which can change the country instantly.” Noam Chomsky

As much as I have come to dislike Noam Chomsky due his irresponsible tacit support of various regime change operations of the past decade or so, I believe this state of his is perhaps the most unbelievably duplicitous support he has ever given one.

Yes, the deep state (which contacts MIT, Noam’s employer, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars every year) is running a regime change op against Donald Trump. Running one of their standard hearts and minds operations right here in America because Donald Trump doesn’t share entirely their hegemonic world view.

And Noam’s suggestion that The Donald (as much as I dislike him and his reactionary neoliberal policies) might set off a false flag because he’s feeling unpopular plays right into their demonization campaign which is eerily similar to the ones they are running against Erdogan, Assad and Putin at the moment.

Frighteningly enough, its the deep state that runs false flag ops and Noam’s suggestion that if one is carried out here in the states (again) then it’s Trump that did it, sets the real perps up with a rather convenient scape-goat or patsy, now doesn’t it?

What is especially retarded for a deep thinker like Chomsky is the fact that he says it will be Trump’s ego after all that triggers the event.

Trump couldn’t care less what his base thinks of him because he doesn’t give a crap about them. He is there to help bring about the transition of this country into something else and as long as he holds his little rallies and keeps support of something like 30% of the population, he’s just fine with that. If he leaves office in 4 years like he is sure to do, his efforts will earn him a special place in the annals of those who really run this country.

As one might expect, Noam’s statement is making the rounds of the fake left thought leaders putting in their minds the notion that evil Trump could light a match if things go to bad for him which is patently ridiculous. Especially when you consider it would have to be the agents of the deep state that carry it out like they did on Sept. 11th, 2001. And if he tried to pull one off by himself, he is CERTAIN they will expose it and him immediately.

What a transparent contrivance from Mr. Chomsky, a man who once said Cheney and his neocon “crazies” didn’t do 9/11 even after calling for a “New Pearl Harbor type event” a year before because… they would have to be crazy to do so.

So I guess we can assume Noam thinks The Donald is crazy while folks like Rumsfeld and Cheney were not? That’s a rather Pollyanna view of the deep state if you ask me and one I doubt Chomsky is naive enough to believe.

Looks like Noam is back to his old tricks, backing regime change ops by helping demonize unwanted leaders of countries that “voted the wrong way”

Unfortunately, he’s working on ours these days.

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40 Responses

  1. Maybe once ‘noticed’, the notice will bend the thinking.

    If that’s how it works, I hope you never get that kind of notice, Scott

  2. But Andre Vltchek is still best-friends-for-life with him, not realizing his pied piper nature.

    • I generally like Andre Vltchek. To me he seems to be a humanitarian. But yes…to use an analogy from the game of bowling (“bolos” en Español) Vltchek often throws some real “gutter balls.”

      As for Chomsky, many Jews (most?) become more Zionist with age. (Chomsky is 88.) For example, in movie director Steven Spielberg’s youth, Spielberg directed fantasies like “Jaws” and “Close Encounters.” Later Spielberg started directing militantly pro-Israel movies like “Munich” and “Schindler’s List.”

      Age-related sclerosis is not limited to physical arteries. I have an 81-year-old neighbor who I used to consider intelligent. A year ago I realized how closed-minded he was. “Wow!: I thought. “This geezer is unwilling to learn ANYTHING new.”

      Clearly he is dying.

      • Munich: A story about poor overlords who can’t bear a challenge from the underdog (don’t take this as to justify murder or terror).
        @Edgar Eugene Bradley: Jay Dyer joined Alex Jones in the Tronald cheerleading squad, after seeming so thought-provoking on philosophy and geopolitics. Well, he was already a blowhard Orthodox Christian fundamentalist who zealously strawmanned other beliefs, points of view and homosexuals to begin with (the same goes for the Saker, to be honest).

  3. I haven’t put any stock into Chomsky’s mind-controlled spewage since before I smartened up.

  4. Noam Chomsky is one of the most amazingly intelligent, stupid people on this little round world. He lost his fastball about two decades ago….not surprisingly, when we needed him the most.

  5. El Donaldo doesn’t need a false flag attack to advance imperial objectives because he is a walking false flag. No Pearl Harbor 5.0 required.

    • Agreed. False flags are no longer needed. For instance, no false flag was needed to justify the invasion of Syria, or the siege on Mosul.

      The warmongers still rely on lies (they are “fighting ISIS”) but soon they won’t even need to lie.

      Sixteen years ago, politicians and the Deep State feared that the peasants might actually question the planned War of Terror. Hence the U.S. government (with Israeli help) perpetrated 9-11.

      Today the peasants believe whatever they are told. If the government nuked Russia and China to “fight ISIS,” the peasants would believe it, and they would attack skeptics as “conspiracy theorists.”

      • If all of us peasants were that gullible, TPTSB wouldn’t be investing so heavily in domestic counterinsurgency.

        And I’d say they’re were false flags used to justify the slow draw invasion of Syria et al. Pulse, San Bern…you name it. Of course these were just small scale ‘maintenance’ attacks, not PNAC blockbusters.

        I suppose i meant that Tronald is a readymade false flag in the sense that he’s a Company tool that has been Piped in. Fake alt right, if you like. Using alt right cover, they’ve forged an unholy alliance of Christian fascists, ALEC, and Disinfo’s disciples. Worse yet, they’ve convinced many people that Big Orange is a rebel fighting the Company. The mockingbird attacks on El Donaldo only serve to strengthen his support amongst the brownshirts (no offense intended).

        • exactly. we are in BOTH Syria and Iraq because of “ISIS” which has been one BIG false flag from the very beginning.

        • By “peasants” I don’t mean anyone who visits this blog. For me, being a peasant is a state of mind. A peasant can be penniless or affluent.

          By “false flags” I mean events like the attack on the USS Cole (27 Americans killed) or 9-11 (over 3,000 Americans killed). Such events no longer seem to be necessary, unless Washington wants to start a major new war (with Russia for instance).

      • but you are wrong. there have been SCORES of “ISIS” false flag attacks across Europe and even some “linked” to “ISIS” here in the states, long after our regime change plan started in Syria. And in fact, would we BE in Syria right now if they didn’t say they were “fighting ISIS”? So on that point, no, you are wrong. We would not be invading Syria right now were it not for SCORES of “ISIS” false flags. Do you think the American people would get behind the “bust off a chunk for the Kurds” plan or the “go get Assad for nothing” plan? of course not.

        Mosul is the exact same thing. “ISIS”. Remember?

        • No I am not wrong. There have been countless false flag operations in the past, but no specific false flag was needed as a pretext to invade Syria. False flags that kill Americans are no longer necessary, since war mania is at a fever pitch. The warmongers still use lies, but as I said, they will soon no longer bother to even use lies. Everything from Russia to extraterrestrials is blurring into “ISIS.”

          No I am not wrong. Unless we are talking about starting a major new war (e.g. with Russia) false flags that kill Americans are no longer necessary. The warmongers do whatever they want, whenever they want.

          It’s all “ISIS.”

          • and what do you think the chemical weapons attack was that supposedly “crossed the red line”? for that matter, what do you think about the Aurora massacre at the Century 16 theater?

            • Yes I forgot about that chemical weapons attack in Syria that killed Americans.

              Oh wait…

              As for the Aurora shooting, that was five years ago. If you think that now and into the future U.S. government will continue having to stage bloody false flags against Americans in order to justify its foreign wars, then I disagree. What specific false flag that killed Americans was used to justify the destruction of Libya, or to launch the proxy war on Syria, or the U.S.-assisted war on Yemen?

              We don’t agree on everything. Just most things, which is enough for me.

              • let me just say so you understand. A false flag event does not have to take place here inside this country. Maybe we are talking about two different definitions, but that is how I see it. And yes, there have been false flag events, tied to “ISIS”, here in the states. One was the Pulse nightclub. another was San Bernadino. Both were supposedly carried out by folks “radicalized by “ISIS” and supposedly doing it on behalf of “ISIS”. Aside from that, the whole fake video thing was all about getting Americans behind Obama’s renewed aggression in Iraq and justifying his hiring of “moderate” terrorists in Syria. And yes, most people in Iraq and Syria would call these things wars. So yes, there were false flags, conducted specifically against an American audience, that were used to justify wars of aggression in foreign countries.

          • Elizabeth… Can I remind you of the head-chopping, cage burning ISIS videos? Or the countless “shootings” here by “self-radicalized” patsies? Or the Boston Bombing? Are they not false flags? No matter who or what the patsy was, they always tied it to “Muslim Extremism”, even if they retracted that later, leaving the false claims as residual fear in the minds of American people, who seem to have an attention span of 7 minutes or 140 characters, whichever comes first.

            And, all this, was simply to have some support for helping, arming, providing logistical support for the so called moderate terrorists… So we, the public, were moderately terrorized. Had they intended, or had they seen an opportunity to put official boots-on-the-ground, the false flags would have been different.

            I disagree that “war mania is at a a fever pitch”… The majority of US citizens are worried about their livelihood, their disappearing entitlements, their health insurance (or the absence thereof)… And, as our new Dear Leader bumped the Pentagon budget by a few gazillion dollars, the “muslim boogieman under the bed” story has lost its grip on the people’s psyche…

            • The “ISIS” videos were not false flags that killed Americans. Domestic shootings by patsies are not designed to justify new wars abroad, but to boost police powers at home. My assertion is that there is no longer any need to stage 9-11-style scams (3,000 Americans killed) to justify the endless “war on terror. We might need another 9-11 to justify a direct war on Russia, but for smaller things like the invasion of Syria? No.

              As long as we are “fighting ISIS,” the masses are okay with endless small wars and invasions.

              • do you not know who Steven Sotloff was? Peter Kassig? James Foley? all killed in faked “ISIS” videos.

                How about recently? “VIDEO: ISIS suicide bomber strikes American base in Jordan: 6 soldiers killed

                And what about that domestic shooting over in Orlando at the Pulse nightclub that was supposedly ordered/inspired by “ISIS”?

              • The victims of the isis photo-chopped head videos included three US citizens, 3-4 (I’d need to look it up) British citizens, one Australian, one Japanese, and a bunch of other nationalities like Croatians etc. that don’t mean anything to the average American. Also, if you quickly go down the European staged terror attacks, (lately, Australia has joined in) you will see that there is barely a single event, from Bataclan to the doughnut man in Melbourne, to the most recent Westminster event, where Americans were not included in the lists of victims.

                As for ‘war’… I suppose war is in the eyes of the beholder. I can assure you that what was happening in Syria, southern Iraq and southeastern Turkey was a real war for the people of the region. The false flag dosage is administered on a need to basis.. There is definitely a method to this madness.

                Also… I can’t disagree that all the moves being taken by the empire indicate that they are all in, and they are itching to have a hot war with Russia. But, in the global chess game, this could also be seen as posturing, maneuvering and showing teeth. That is exactly how we spent the second half of the 20th century… US and USSR threatened and scared everyone for decades, but the people to die and suffer for it has always been the proxy client states and their citizens of various skin colors. And, we can never rule out that, at the top top level, US and Russia might very well be playing a different game, and could easily be in cahoots with each other to that end.

                If only I did not know their deep desire to greatly reduce the planet’s population in a very short time, I could argue about this point further. But I have to hold back. Because I feel the f*c*ers might really do it… I know that you know what I mean by ‘it’..

                • Leave us not squabble over unimportant distinctions – the basic methodology behind all of them appears to be false flag, patsy, or whatever term one chooses; they all basically appear designed to fix blame elsewhere than on the actual perps.

                  Elizabeth may turn out to be right about not needing one for current matters or she may turn out to be wrong – we’ll have to wait and see. I might expect one where people are NOT expecting one, say in The South China Sea, Xinjiang, maybe Belarus.

                  David Hazan’s speculation that Russia may be one of our deep assets is very smart thinking, not be taken lightly. Several events around Syria and Turkey have suggested such a possible relationship. Antony Sutton’s research, though his John Birch Society associations are troubling to many, is worth noting. Few people adequately consider the little-known story of the “Harvard Boys” in Russia under Yeltsin. To some it looked like western interests had in fact taken over Russia at that point but kept it on the low-down to maintain both the illusion of adversarials and to provide an enormous and unparalleled leverage/false flag capability. It would be an extremely excellent plan for world oligarchs, and there has been almost NO coverage of exactly what the Harvard Boys may have actually achieved in the totally crashed country that was post-Gorbachev Russia.

                  Who sent Lenin to Finland Station? Workers? Nope.


    Gen. Curtis M. Scaparrotti (head of the U.S. European Command) is a four-start general with little to do. Yesterday, testifying before the House Armed Services Committee, Scaparrotti demanded more troops, more planes, and more warships with which to threaten Russia. He wants more armored and mechanized brigades. More surveillance. More tactical nukes. More everything. He wants units permanent units on the Russian border, as opposed to the rotating units of today. He wants another star on his shoulder, with more pay, more perks, and more prestige. He told Congress that Russian troops occupy Ukraine and Georgia without invitation, and that Russia is guilty of cyber-attacks and election rigging throughout Europe and North America.

    Gen. Scaparrotti will get what he wants, since for Republicans and Democrats alike, if you oppose war with Russia, you are a “Russian agent.” If you don’t want to die in a nuclear war, then you “work for Putin.”


  7. Layla Anwar in her “An Arab Women Blues”blog said the same about Noam Chomsky. He is a sort of distraction for some people who think they are «left-wing».

    • Now if only Ms. Anwar would update her understanding of “ISIS.”™
      She thinks that “ISIS” still refers to the Empire’s terrorist mercenaries.
      In reality, since the liberation of Aleppo, and the siege on Mosul, “ISIS” has referred to any non-Kurd (except Jews) in an area the Kurds want to steal.

      If you are am Armenian child in Raqqa, or a Christian infant in Mosul, then you are “ISIS.”

      Anyone in the way of the Kurdistan project must be liquidated as “ISIS.”


      • Kurds can be considered traitors and attacked by the Kurds as well. Those are the ones who don’t want to separate from Syria. The ones who have lived there their entire lives and see themselves as Syrians. The power-hungry Kurds hate those guys like the Zionists hate the “self hating Jews” so they get ethnically cleansed along with all the other Syrians.

        • Okay I’ll give you that.

          I will amend my statement to read, “Anyone in the way of the Kurdistan project (including uncooperative Kurds themselves) must be liquidated as “ISIS.”

  8. Chomsky almost single handedly gave credibility to the “green revolution” which alleged that the 2009 elections in Iran were stolen.

    It seems that he believes conspiracy theories as long as there is no evidence whatsoever to support them, and also they have to support a narrative that furthers Zionist aims.

    • I had forgotten about that.

    • Aletho, I did not know about Chomsky’s support for the failed “green revolution” against Ahmadinejad. Just now I did some checking, and I learned that you are correct. Wow. Whatever value Chomsky might have had decades ago, he is a slime-ball today.

      • By the way, the failed “green revolution” against Ahmadinejad was mounted by the U.S. and by rich Iranians who wanted Ahmadinejad (a populist) and the Guardians of the Revolution out of the way so that Iranian oligarchs could impose neoliberalism on the Iranian masses. The oligarchs had to wait until Hassan Rouhani (a rich oligarch) took the presidency in Aug 2013. Even then they were disappointed. The Empire’s refusal to lift its sanctions against Iran has strengthened Rouhani’s political opponents, thereby slowing the neoliberal plague in Iran.

        • My (Catholic) grandmother instilled in me a fascination with Persian culture. I’d cry like a bitch if the country ended up with the status of El Salvador or neighboring Afghanistan.

          • Where I live in the Western USA there are many immigrants from Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras, but none from Nicaragua.

            Reason: Nicaragua’s government has not fully succumbed to the neoliberal plague. Nicaragua has rich and poor people, but the government has not wiped out the livelihoods of millions of people like the Mexican government did via NAFTA, for example (although Nicaragua is part of CAFTA). The government does not use the “drug war” as a class war, nor seek to privatize all social services, nor reduce average citizens to toiling in foreign-owned sweat-shops.

            For me, all immigrants from Mexico and Central America are war refugees (from economic war).

            • Mexico has a delirium in that the low-income population goes along with the same zillionaires who profit from treating them worse than dogs, whenever they criticize anti-immigration laws in other nations. The same state and private sector who act “so concerned” about the rights of Hispanics abroad, brutalize them at home. You’re right that words matter more than actions.

            • How many bucks would you bet that despite the similarity of their economic and infrastructure policies, many “Bernie Bros.” bought into the hate for Mahmoudy Boy?

  9. Watch this movie…it has a Chomsky aspect that ruined the movie but made me very suspect.


  10. Another fine deconstruction article on Chomsky.

    • thank you. over at Di$info’s spot he takes it to mean the dreaded lefties are plotting with the “Islamofascists” to attack us and blow us up.

      • yes, saw your update! haven’t been there in years, but it’s good you’re keeping an eye on him. you were the first to warn about jones, that i heard.

  11. For years Jones told his readers that 9/11 and the entire “war on terror” was a hoax.

    Now he’s ranting against “islamofascists” and so on?

    A full 180-degree turn. Remarkable.

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