A Few Reminders about FDR and Henry Wallace

by Scott Creighton

Sometimes looking back is the only way forward. Or at least a better way to understand where we are right now.

Why did Hillary Clinton lose this past election?

Franklin D. Roosevelt Letter to the Democratic Convention

July 18, 1940

Members of the Convention:

In the century in which we live, the Democratic Party has received the support of the electorate only when the party, with absolute clarity, has been the champion of progressive and liberal policies and principles of government.

The party has failed consistently when through political trading and chicanery it has fallen into the control of those interests, personal and financial, which think in terms of dollars instead of in terms of human values…

Until the Democratic Party through this convention makes overwhelmingly clear its stand in favor of social progress and liberalism, and shakes off all the shackles of control fastened upon it by the forces of conservatism, reaction, and appeasement, it will not continue its march of victory

Let us not forget the principles that the old Democratic Party stood for. The ideals that got FDR elected to the office of the President of the United States four times in a row.

FDR’s Vice President for the first 3 terms in office had a clear understanding of what we were fighting against then and what we are still fighting against now.

Image result for fdr's letter to the democratic convention july 18 1940

Wallace understood that German/Italian fascism was not only threatening our borders from without, but was already entrenched in the thinking of America’s business interest at home. He knew that was the greatest threat to our Grand Experiment and so did Franklin…

Image result for fdr's letter to the democratic convention july 18 1940

“Small government”. “Limited government”. “Statists”. A weakened democratic State made ready for vulture capitalists to swoop in and privatize it until nothing remains that can defend the people of America. “public/private partnerships”… “controlling private power”… do you understand?

On Jan. 11th, 1944, FDR committed the greatest sin against the establishment business class that once ruled America. He announced:


The right to healthcare, good paying jobs, a secure retirement, a decent home and a good education. This was the kind of thinking that corporate America could not have spreading to the population.

These days, FDR is reviled by the leadership of Republicans, Democrats and the Libertarians equally even though it is quite ironic that Bernie Sanders won the Democratic Primary running on FDR’s platform (he did win. Hillary and the fascist Dems stole it from him) and… well… you be the judge…

Who else ran this year? Who ran on an “America First” platform?

Trump also said he wouldn’t touch Social Security and Medicare and said he believed everyone should have access to healthcare, didn’t he? And didn’t he also talk about how the Clinton team broke up Glass-Steagall and brought about the Crash of 2008? He opposed free trade agreements that hurt American workers… all in all, it sounds like Donald Trump ran and won on a platform crafted by FDR and Henry Wallace.

And we shouldn’t be at all surprised at that. After the banksters destroyed the economy and set us into the Great Depression, it makes perfect sense that people would tend to gravitate toward more socialist programs, steering clear of the corrupt technocrats and Business Firsters who would drag us further and further into the murky depths for their own profit. It worked for Trump and Bernie just as it did for FDR way back then. The only difference is… FDR meant what he said.

In fact, the voting wasn’t even close:

1932 EC results

1936 EC results

1940 EC results

1944 EC results

Today we face the same struggle and we have not lost, not yet anyway.

It’s the same foe fighting for the same control they wanted when they tried to hire Smedley Butler to overthrow FDR and install a fascist, business friendly government right here in America in what was later called the Business Plot of 1933.

We could learn a lot today from what FDR went through back then. Especially the unDemocratic Party. But anyone really.

Yes, America has been hijacked by fascists. But it’s not the first time they tried and it isn’t too late to stop them.

39 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, FDR appears to have been a participating member in the PTB’s agenda. His actions, as in all administrations, were a result of the strategy in order to fulfill the ultimate goals of the agenda. It’s not too late to stop them, but the “political” and “legal” methods used so far have been unsuccessful. Time for a new method.

  2. My grandmother loved FDR….. she had a framed picture of him hanging in her room.
    Enjoyed reading this article…….. let’s find another FDR.


    Off topic…

    Trump has named New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to chair a federal commission on opioid overdose — the supposed cause of over 50,000 U.S. deaths in 2015. Today Trump convened a roundtable discussion at the White House that featured testimonies from those who have suffered from the opioid crisis.

    Does this mean the U.S. government will stop producing opioids in Afghanistan and the “Golden Crescent” for distribution in the West? No, the U.S. production of illicit opioids will continue to set new records for tonnage every year.

    Chuck Rosenberg, acting Administrator of the DEA, claims that most of the heroin comes not from Afghanistan, but from (wait for it) MEXICO! Trump says this is proof that we need a bigger wall on the border.


  4. FDR was a disgrace and a globalist puppet. Find out what happened before, during, and after WWI before you fall into the the “Wallace understood that German/Italian fascism was not only threatening our borders from without, but was already entrenched in the thinking of America’s business interest at home. He knew that was the greatest threat to our Grand Experiment and so did Franklin” mantra repetition.

    I’d recommend Mike King’s books on Roosevelt and WWII, but they have been banned by Jewish interests who are dedicated to the preservation of the mainstream lies about the era.

    • Jim, I am curious about these all powerful Jewish interests you’re referring to. How are we supposed to read Mike Kings books when they’ve been banned? Did the jews burn all Kings books? Did you manage to save a copy or two from the bonfire? It’s crazy that people would want to burn books just because they don’t agree with the content, right?

      Also, hypothetically speaking, if you had a choice between FDR and Prescott Bush as President who would you pick?

  5. I will not address the above item except to say

    [1] Our opinions on FDR do not align.

    [2] I do not agree that the USA fought “fascism,” since the USA has itself been fascist from the start. Federal buildings across the nation have always had fascist symbols on them, especially in Washington DC and state capitals. The U.S. House Chamber has two big faces just behind where the Speaker sits. “Fascism” simply means an alignment of government, business, culture and most other aspects of society. One for all and all for one. Stronger together than individually. And so on. The goal of this alignment can be benign or malevolent. If we lived in a heavenly abode where everything was geared toward love, then this would be a form of fascism, i.e. social alignment. Of course, people today use “fascist” in whatever way they like. Whatever progressives don’t like is “fascist.” Whatever right-wingers don’t like is “communist.”

    • I meant to say two big fasces.

      Fascist symbols were even on the U.S. ten-cent dime from 1916-45.

    • Definition of fascism

      often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

      : a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control
      early instances of army fascism and brutality — J. W. Aldridge

      You need to understand that fascist always suppresses the poorer population and diverts power and money to the controlling few. FDR did not do that.
      Scott said that the Fascists were already within our borders….. ??? and we have been fighting against it.
      It does not mean “stronger together” unless you refer to big business is stronger together while they trample the poorer population or middle class.

      • You need to find out what actually happened in Germany and Italy under fascism.

      • I don’t know where you get your definitions of fascism, but I do not agree with them. As I noted above, the goal of fascism can be benign or malevolent, depending on the situation. The USA is malevolently fascist, in that most aspects of society and the federal government are geared toward promoting neoliberalism. However, if you like, you can continue to live in a dream world on which the USA has always been a force for goodness, and remains so today.

        Regarding FDR, his crimes were massive. For example, by 1936 the U.S. economy had largely recovered from the Depression, but FDR, in service to his rich cronies, suddenly imposed severe austerity on the nation, plunging the economy back into a severe recession. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recession_of_1937%E2%80%9338
        FDR also maneuvered Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor, and knowing that the fleet was coming. he let the attack happen (3,000+ Americans killed) so he would have a pretext to go to war against Japan and Germany. I do not have the space here to discuss all his crimes.

        • The Depression was not caused by FDR and he did not completely end it…. he did improve the living and working conditions for workers and imposed banking laws that protected the average consumer…
          and the facts about the Japanese attack on Hawaii is mixed. Most Historians agree that FDR did not realize what day an attack would occur.
          You have a strange definition of fascism….. never seen one like it.

    • Well, I have been VERY clear about Germany’s fascism from the 30s and beyond when I write about it being completely backed and even created by US and British monied interests. And obviously, FDR’s battle against fascism here at home makes that particularly clear. Did FDR make mistakes? Of course. He should have rounded up the Business Plot creators and put em in prison for life, but he would have unleashed a holy war between his administration and Big Business back then and the only people to suffer would have been the Americans who were already suffering thanks to Big Business, so he cut a deal with them: stay out of the way of the New Deal and I wont put you away for life. And I don’t give a shit who you are, that was the deal he struck for better or worse, say what you will. and you certainly will.

      And no, I don’t call everything I don’t like “fascism”.. its amazing you have such a low opinion of what I write here that you are still here. I call obvious Business Firsters and fascists “fascists” because they are. FDR was right. Henry Wallace was right. And I am right. But surprisingly you don’t hear talk like this from the “progressives” like Hillary Clinton or anyone else in the DNC and do you know why? Because they are bought off corporatist FASCISTS that’s why.

      Lastly, the bound reed symbol, fasces, dates back to pre-Roman times and it indeed symbolizes strength thru unity. Of course, that pre-dates corporations, doesn’t it? The symbol’s use in the design of our capital reflects on the notion of the REPUBLIC… strength thru the UNITY of the PEOPLE via their ELECTED representatives. That’s why it was put there. Not as some kind of secret society message that America is owned by Big Business, which is what fascism really is.

      Now, we can go back and forth on the roots of fascism starting with East India Trading Company if you like. They certainly predate the United States and in all likelihood, they had influence on the creation of this country to some degree. And yes, there were fascist back then, some of the founding fathers, who pre-dated Mussolini’s apt definition of the term that stands as the standard today (though many fascist minded “thought leaders” try their best to redefine it for the mud people like myself)

      Yes, the founders made the Senate, the house for the rich, more powerful. And yes, they set up a system of elections by which they could more easily manipulate the votes in an attempt to keep populists out of office. So you see, it’s always been a PLUTOCRATIC system.. but that’s not fascism. Not pure fascism the kind Mussolini set up and the kind the Japanese set up and the kind the US and Britain are trying to set up across the world.

      And the proof is right in front of you, were you to care to see it.

      If the founders designed a fascist system from the start, why the hell would ALEC be trying the level best right now to get the 6 more states they need to hold a constitutional convention so they can make it into a purely fascist system?

      • Like I said before, I don’t think it’s possible for two or more people to agree on absolutely everything, since we are not robots. That’s a good thing. We can use alternative opinions to refine our own opinions, or else we can (as I have often done) try to shout the other side down, telling them (like you told me above) “I don’t give a shit who you are,” and insisting that “I am right.” Often, I and the other party agreed on 95% of things, but our hostile emotions made us both think that we disagreed on 95% of things. We had a falling out over the 5%, and we rationalized this by saying, “That 5% is the only important thing!” All of us do this to varying degrees. And many (most?) of our disagreements are the result of misunderstandings or miscommunication.

        Anyway we agree on 95% of things. If everyone here agreed on everything 100%, like an echo chamber, life would become boring. Take it easy, have fun, and thanks for reading.

        • By the way, one reason why misunderstandings arise is that here in the comments section, space is very limited. Anything over 170 words gets eaten by WordPress. Therefore it is not possible for readers to explain their full opinions in logical and cogent fashion. When my own views are attacked, I sometimes respond, but other times I think, “I’ll just let it go, since there is no space to give an adequate response.” It’s part of the VoW factor (Vagaries of WordPress).

        • agreed. but to clarify, when I said what I said about not giving a shit “who you are” what I meant was, it doesn’t matter what school of economic ideology you belong to and therefore what interpretation of FDR’s final decision regarding the Business Plot you adhere to, it doesn’t matter because what I know happened happened. He could not wage war on the people who tried to wage literal war on him and the government of the United States because, as he even admitted later in life, they were too influential and entrenched in the American economic system… and they were also brutal and selfish enough to tear the whole temple down around their own heads in order to keep from being punished for their treason.

          that statement had nothing to do with you personally. I should have made that clearer in my comment but if you go back and read it, you will understand i think. and no, you are correct, I don’t want this to become an echo chamber. I didn’t leave comments open for all these years or refuse to set it to approve comments before publishing because I hate echo chambers. Like you said, they bore me.

      • Yep.

    • do you share F.A. Hayek’s view of fascism?

      • No I am diametrically opposed to Friedrich Hayek in all aspects, especially his “Austrian economics.”

        • looking at your website I have come to understand we do agree on a lot. just not this. not entirely anyway. and that’s ok. Sorry bout your house.

          • By the way, how’s your health? Get this…nine weeks ago I fell and hurt my foot. The pain eased after six hours, but then it flared up to the point where I was crippled, and I had to crawl to the bathroom on my hands and knees. The pain was so bad that I could not sleep, or do anything else for EIGHT WEEKS. I had suicidal thoughts. On 22 March 2017 at 3:00 am I was reading on the Internet and I discovered that I had…GOUT! I had never had gout, nor had anyone I my family, nor anyone I know. Therefore I had not recognized it. Anyone who has had an acute attack knows that the pain is excruciating. So last week I went to a doctor and got some drugs (no insurance; had to pay out of pocket) and although I am not fully recovered, I am on the way. Now I sometimes stand outside and just look at the trees, grateful to be able to be alive again. Wow. An experience not to be missed (or repeated).

            • thats horrible. mine isn’t gout. its still swollen but that is because of the poor circulation in my foot due to DVTs. doesn’t hurt that much and I can still walk on it. I can empathize though about the crawling from when I had the clot in my greater saphonous vein. that pain was excruciating. couldn’t walk. couldn’t sit. couldn’t lay down. couldn’t sleep. come to find out, there are people who have to deal with that every day. no wonder they are addicted to pills. glad to hear you are better now.

    • let us keep in mind FDR’s opinion of fascism which is in the article above. Then you tell me how far from this definition our country is today. Tell me how either the dems or the republicans dont qualify under this interpretation of fascism.

      “Marxists argue that fascism represents the last attempt of a ruling class (specifically, the capitalist bourgeoisie) to preserve its grip on power in the face of an imminent proletarian revolution. Fascist movements are not necessarily created by the ruling class, but they can only gain political power with the help of that class and with funding from big business. Once in power, the fascists serve the interests of their benefactors (not necessarily the interests of capitalism in general, but the interests of those specific capitalists who put them in power).”

      Communist opposition leader Leon Trotsky noted: “The historic function of fascism is to smash the working class, destroy its organizations, and stifle political liberties when the capitalists find themselves unable to govern and dominate with the help of democratic machinery.”

      What part of our history since 1980 does not bear this out to be true? Perhaps even way before, I’ll give you that. But do you not see Clinton’s campaign and Trump’s new administration adhering to this definition?

      Fascism is always right wing. It is always a hierarchical system that rewards nepotism and the monied class above all else.

      It is nationalistic in its worship of war and those who conduct it and the wars are always for our “national interests” not democracy or freedom on any other such lie they create to move the masses

      fascism loathes the notion of equality. they hate the idea that there are rights of individuals to things like good jobs, healthcare and a secure retirement.

      fascism is always reflective of the worst kind of capitalism. savage capitalism. the kind the IMF and World Bank demand when they make their loans to other nations.

      The term fascism has been deliberately muddied so that Americans and Brits wont fully understand that their system is the same system the world and indeed their own grandfathers fought against in WWII. Thats deliberate. Many influential “thought leaders” of the past and present do all they can to make the term apply to “socialism gone bad” or the “epitome of socialist ideology” because the fascist hates socialist ideology more than anything else in the world. Socialism and of course.. the dreaded “STATE”

      The fascist hates the state but ultimately knows that it will be the state that empowers the fascist in the end. The whole idea is to CAPTURE the state and remake it in it’s own image.

      Why? Because the POWER OF THE STATE.. the banded reeds if you will… PEOPLE COMING TOGETHER IN A FREE AND DEMOCRATIC STATE AGAINST THE RULE OF THE PLUTOCRATS AND THE CORPORATIONS is the ONLY thing that can defeat ultimate fascist rule. Just like FDR did way back when.

      That’s fascism.

  6. It’s also helpful to bear in mind that while the US oligarchy fought to stamp out the idea of economic rights, the rest of the world took it and ran with it. Now 80% of the world’s population lives by it, with the USA and a few of its most servile satellites left in the dust.


  7. Scott, Trotskyites are rotten apples. Their history proves it. Most neocons and libertarians since the 1980s, have been former Trotskyites.
    One notable example is Christopher Hitchens, the piece of shit who called for an extermination of West-Asian Muslims in the name of secularism- never mind that Saddam Hussein’s government could actually be considered less influenced by religion than the Bible Belt in America. Like Assad, Saddam was a Baathist centered more on pan-Arab nationalism than religion.
    The World Socialist Website posts good domestic criticism of the E.U. and Washington, but has never mentioned the influence of Israel, to my knowledge. And it issues blanket condemnations of literally every single regime on the planet because no one follows their ideology (like libertarians, to a degree, anarchists, and hardcore environmentalists). They even retroactively cheered on the Catholic Taliban known as the “Cristeros”, because the old Revolutionary Institutional Party in Mexico was ‘too capitalist’ for their tastes (never mind that it was genuinely committed to national development instead of neoliberalism, and it passed necessary reforms to modernize the nation).\
    You can thank the Trotskyites for Franco’s dictatorship, too, since they committed acts of violence against religious devotees, weakening support for the Spanish Republic from many groups of people

    • Some quick thoughts

      [1] Hitchens was anti-war, but his anti-religious views led him to become anti-Muslim, which in turn led him to do an about-face, and support war.

      [2] Baathism is a secular pan-Arab nationalist movement that rose to prominence after WW II. The Empire sought to defeat it by supporting Islamic fundamentalist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood among others.

      [3] The World Socialist Website often critiques Israeli atrocities and apartheid. Perhaps you are confusing it with a different blog called Socialist Worker, which is fake leftist.

      [4] The Mexican Cristeros were an example of why socialist revolutions have often had to outlaw churches. In Mexico (and throughout Latin America) the Roman Catholic Church was allied with the Mexican upper class, and with U.S. imperialists. The Cristeros were the church’s assassins and commandos who sought to restore the brutal oligarchy (“in the name of God”). They were defeated in 1929. The one exception to the Catholic Church’s evil in Latin America are the “liberation theologists,” who represent the poor, and are therefore considered apostate by the church.

      • Yeah, we are taught “Plutarco’s troops slaughtered the Cristeros!”, but we aren’t told about what they would’ve done if they had succeeded. Rafael Azul ]posted a whopper of a review for the movie “For Greater Glory” here,which falsely misrepresents the early-to-mid-twentieth century PRI party. That same party offered their idol Trotsky asylum in Mexico, and diminished the influence of the barons from the 1800s. Just saying.

      • In 1947 an American movie (in English) titled “The Fugitive” vilified the Mexican Revolution. It was about a priest on the run from the Mexican government in the state of Tabasco. Naturally the movie ignored “La Cristada” while portraying the Mexican government as evil, the church as innocent, and the priest as being persecuted “for his faith.”

        Bullshit. All wars are political. All wars are struggles for power, or to avoid being overpowered. Sometimes the struggle has a religious veneer, but to call it a struggle for one’s “faith” is nonsense. If you are at war, then you are fighting for power, or else for freedom. Religious claptrap is mere window dressing.

        Below is a short clip from “The Fugitive” (1947).

    • I had not heard about that movie. It looks nauseating.

      By the way, before the Revolution, the Catholic Church was in charge of education in Mexico, and they programmed school-kids to believe it was “God’s will” that they were poor, and the landowners were rich. If school-kids obeyed the church (and the rich landowners) then the kids would get a “heavenly reward” when they died.

      The Revolutionaries said “pendajadas” to that.

      Today the neoliberal Empire portrays the Cristeros as heroic, spiritual, and innocent.

      In reality they were thieves, bandits, and bloodthirsty terrorists “for God.”

      • sounds like the Spanish inquisition, the Knights of Malta, Colonia Dignidad (Paul Schäfer) and the Crusades. You could toss in the Tonton Macoute.

      • It was like that here too. Joe Hill wrote a great song about it:

        “Work and pray
        Live on hay
        You’ll get pie in he sky when you die”


        • the gates are made of pearl, the streets are paved in gold. You get everything you want after you die, if you live the right way, they way you’re told to live. You get all that in the afterlife which seems oddly materialistic for a religion based on a guy who ran through the temple turning over the tables of the money-changers… you get all that… after you’re dead… so shut up, work hard, accept the status quo and live your life in poverty while making someone else filthy rich… someone like the glorious captains of industry Ayn Rand worshiped.

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