Greater Kurdistan has a New Manufactured Hero: YPG Combat Media Team Member Kimberley Taylor or “Kurdi Kimmie”

by Scott Creighton

Kimberley ‘Kimmie’ Taylor

I would die for this” says the PR front-woman Kimmie from her latest photoshoot

Oh the Kurds are so wonderful, aren’t they? They’re so democratic. They’re just bringing all sorts of democracy to Syria, it’s wonderful to watch.

This is the message of the latest manufactured hero, Kimberley Taylor, a British citizen (why is it always the Brits?) who has decided what the whole world needs is Greater Kurdistan.

“In Europe everyone’s depressed or has money problems or is losing jobs. Life is losing its meaning because of the capitalist system. But Rojava is an example for the whole world to follow. When I first arrived I thought: ‘I have to be here. I have to learn everything and be part of it’.”Guardian

Rojava is Syria, actually. It’s the part of Syria that the Kurds want to bust off for themselves and add it to Iraqi Kurdistan to make half of Greater Kurdistan.

“Kimmie” has been “training” with the Kurds for some time, 11 months to be exact. She’s been learning regional politics and combat tactics.

“Known as Kimmie and also by the name Zilan Dilmar, she told the Guardian she had spent the past 11 months learning Kurdish and studying regional politics, weaponry and battlefield tactics at the YPJ’s dedicated military academy.”  Guardian

Of course, she wont need those battlefield tactics. Though there are pics of her with various forms of weaponry, in reality she’s nothing more than propaganda. A new “liberal” hero for young Brits to get behind as she promotes the Israeli/U.S.-backed Greater Kurdistan nation building exercise. What Condi Rice once called the “New Middle East”

Taylor is part of the YPJ’s combat media team, with whom she moved to Raqqa last week. Her primary job is to record the militia’s operations, writing battlefield reports and taking photographs and video of the action.” Guardian

Kimmie said in an interview that she would die for this. She also says she was primarily motivated to join the cause by the “enslaved 5,000 Yazidi women” propaganda that started with a photograph of chained women being led down the street by a guy with a comically huge sword.

Then there were other images of the same ilk.

Image result for enslaved 5,000 Yazidi women story propaganda

Turns out, like the “Kimmie Warrior for Freedom” story and the “incubator babies of Kuwait” tale, it was all bullshit. These images are from the Shite ceremony of Ashura in 2011. That explains the big plastic sword and the plastic chains on the women’s arms. I tell you what though, it is almost impossible to find a link to this deception’s correction via Google or Yahoo. But I found it.

Not only did I find it, I wrote about it two and a half years ago. The article I linked to said there are no actual photos of “ISIS” chaining up women, but “its real” they claim.

Of course, in my article I pointed out a little hypocrisy seemed pretty obvious to me.

Here in ‘Merika! we really do chain up women and make em march down the street when they behave in morally unacceptable ways.

So Kimmie bought into the bullshit and went to study with the Kurds and decided the whole world needs to be like “Rojava”. Funny, a bunch of others feel the same way.

The timing of this manufactured hero story couldn’t be more obvious. The U.S. got mad because they weren’t allowed at the table for the recent talks about what to do with Syria after “ISIS” and our “moderate” terrorists fall so The Donald allowed his war-mongering generals  to air-drop some soldiers and Kurdish ethnic cleansers near the dam upstream from Raqqa so they could threaten to demolish it and force a place for their terrorist asses at the big table.

Kimmie loves the Kurds. She says they are all about “democracy” and stuff.

Funny… they’re also being charged with ethnic cleansing of Syria so they can bust off a piece of that country for themselves (see here, here , here and here)

In Jan. of 2017, the National Interest magazine wrote about how Trump should give the Kurds a nation of their own because they deserve it after all the good work “bringing democracy” to Syria.

Inside Syria Media Center has recently joined the ranks of the very few online journalism outlets (like myself and Penny for Your Thoughts) by outlining the grand plan for the New Middle East as the Greater Kurdistan project. They said they have documents that prove the Kurds and the Americans have been in negotiations over just how much of someone else’s country they will steal for themselves. So far all they have shared with us is a map.

But if you look back over the years you will find Penny and I have been writing about this and PROVING it’s existence as a foreign policy agenda for a very long time. I mean hell, that article I wrote about the Sulaimani Forum is two years old. And those guys were holding the forum for the expressed purpose of discussing how much land they can steal from the Syrians the Kurds displace from their homes. So I’m not exactly sure what “news” the Media Center is breaking here.

All that said, dear little PR asset Kimmie is still in Syria, somewhere near Raqqa as we have been told.

She’s the new liberal pitchman for the Greater Kurdistan project and I hope she has a good insurance policy.

Hey, you guys remember the last PR guy from Britain involved in public relations over there? Was it John something?

Image result for british guy isis spokesman

Yeah, that’s him.

Now they got Kurdi Kimmie

Image result for Kimberley "Kimmie" Taylor

Gee, I wonder if she’ll be a rallying cry like all those incubator babies or the Gulf of Tonkin or something.

16 Responses

  1. @Penny/Scott/Elizabeth: Is Kimmy just a (relatively innocent) useful idiot, or willfully conspiring to become a local “war mistress” who will receive some of the juicy Barzani treasure? We truly live in Bizarro World from the Superman comics if ethnic cleansers, drug/human traffickers, warlords, Sunni sectarians and neoliberal clans looting their region’s wealth qualify as “peaceful” and “progressive”. I wonder if most so-called “independent journalists” inject corn syrup and alcohol into their brains daily. How come no one stops to ask if Mossad/Wall Street/CIA assets endorsed by the likes of Rolling Stone can be bona fide “heroes of the people”? This is madness!

    • No “Kimmie” will not get any Barzani treasure, but she is making female friends the she will remember fondly when she returns to the U.K.

      “Kimmie” is a lonely, unemployed, alienated, vaguely suicidal Brit who hates her family, her life, and herself. She has no boyfriend, and (because of neoliberalism) no career prospects. Her fate was to be a single Mum, toiling for sub-minimum wage in a retail store in a dreary land where nothing ever changes, and no one ever talks to strangers, or to neighbors.

      But now she “matters.” Now “Kimmie’s life has “meaning” and “purpose.” Now she is “making a difference” and “spreading democracy” and “fighting terrorism” and fighting for “women’s rights” and for “anti-capitalism.” Now she is a celebrity (for a few minutes anyway).

      If “Kimmie” had been raised Muslim in the same material and social circumstances, she would have approached her local CIA front and signed on to be a head-chopping terrorist mercenary for the exact same reasons, once again becoming a “freedom fighter.” Once again a “warrior for God,” just as she is now. A loser that the Empire will use and discard.

    • I find it hard to believe that anyone who has been over there and seen who the Kurds are really shooting at could possibly believe the propaganda we are being fed over here. Her cute little “hipster girl next door” appearance is probably very deceiving but I’m not going too say one way or the other that she’s in on the scam. maybe she’s a useful idiot. But like Nurse Nara (whatever that daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador’s name was) I’m guessing Kurdi Kimmie has some acting training to go along with what she got in terms of regional politics.

      Folks will do anything these days to make a name for themselves. look at what the father of Malala did. Look at what all the recent phony activists do. Shit, becoming a fake liberal activist is a career choice these days. They practically teach it in college. I don’t know if she believes that crap or simply doesn’t care what product they hired her to sell. Does an actor care if he’s selling toxic soap or GMO poison when he gets the call to be in the Super Bowl ad? Couldn’t care less. They get a ticket to the capitalist gang bang and that’s all that matters.

      • “Kimmie” has no idea who she is “fighting.” She just enjoys hanging out with the “sisterhood” who sit around talking about having a wondrous “homeland” where everything will be idyllic with a nice house, a handsome husband, and healthy kids.

        Such childish fantasies have strong appeal to foreigners who are lost, lonely, and depressed.

        For Kimmie, the Judeo-morphic Kurds have “authentic values.” In Syria she has “friends” at last. And since Kimmie can return to the U.K. whenever she likes, her sojourn is a form of dress-up “cosplay.” For her, Syria is like going to a Star Trek convention or a Renaissance Fair, or even Disneyland.

        She’s just like T.E. Lawrence (“of Arabia”).
        Kimmie of Kurdistan: One Woman’s Fight for Freedom and Democracy

  2. Why Brits? My guess is overcrowding on their island. There’s a finite mutton supply. They need young, pale, adventurous Crusader types to leave home and go someplace warm and exciting…permanently.

  3. She’s fighting “ISIS.”™
    She is “willing to give her life to end extremism.”
    Ha, ha, ha!
    That’s a knee slapper.

    “Kimmie” says the ideology of Kurdistan (i.e. Israel 2.0) is “feminist and anti-capitalist.” In one sense she is correct. Jewish terrorists who invaded Palestine after WW II where socialists and kibbutzim. By slaughtering the natives, they paved the way for Jewish gangsters and warlords in Palestine, just as “Kimmie” is paving the way for Kurdish gangsters and warlords in Syria.

    Instead of sex tourism, people like “Kimmie” enjoy terrorist tourism. Soon “Kimmie” will lament that the “glorious Kurdistan revolution” was “betrayed.” In reality the Kurdistan Project has followed the Empire’s script from Day One.

    The “ISIS” terrorists that “Kimmie” opposes are ordinary Syrian natives that the Empire’s proxy
    war forcibly drove to Raqqa. The Kurds want them out, just as Jews wanted the natives out of Palestine.

    “Kimmie” reminds of Maryam Rajavi (darling of Hillary Clinton) and her “MEK” cult. They too were feminists and pro-Israel, and claimed to be “anti-capitalist.” They too were “freedom fighters” (against the Iranian government). They too attracted losers and neurotic freaks from the U.K.

    • SPEAKING OF THE U.K., for all you Americans who think that a British accent makes you more “sophisticated,” have you ever visited the U.K.? Have you ACTUALLY BEEN THERE???????????

      I lived in the U.K. for six months.

      Remember the “Lurch” character from the old “Adams Family” TV series? The groan that Lurch often made? I continually groaned like that while I experienced the U.K.


      I seriously wondered how those people were able to find their way out of bed each morning and tie their shoelaces without help.

      When I visited Spain (I speak fluent Spanish), I was once again Lurch, shaking my head as I looked around.


      • I cant understand a GD thing a real Brit says. Unless they are in the media, it’s fucking gibberish. Its like a nation of Ozzie Osbornes. I cant see how they get anything done. I mean, we fuck up the language ourselves, I damn sure do writing everyday. But the Brits? We should stop calling it “English”. I don’t know what they speak, but it ain’t English

        • In England the only people who are able to enunciate are professionally trained stage actors. Everyone else is crippled.

          Americans don’t believe this until they actually go there.

          I once knew a Russian (and later a Kuwaiti) who said that when they tried to learn English from English people, they almost gave up. They did not attain a grasp of English until they came to the USA.

          Likewise, if you want to learn Spanish, learn it from Mexicans (like I did). All other Spanish speakers are crippled. Indeed, soccer players from various Latin nations often spend time in Mexico to improve their Spanish.

          American English is universal English. Mexican Spanish is universal Spanish.

  4. Now WordPress is recommending to me “Witnesses to the Revolution in Rojava” from Pluto Press, and “Turkey: Why Yet Another Country Invaded Syria”, from Reese Erlich. I never knew computer algorithms could have a sick sense of humor. I’m sure Kurdish/Israeli bankers and big businessmen really want a hipster utopia in the region. Poor Middle East.

  5. By the way, how are Brandon’s pathetic troll attempts going along? HE is the on who resembles a whiny girl from middle school. From “cutting-edge critical thinker” to throwing logical fallacies and gratuitous, bigoted insults with the kitchen sink like it’s going out of style. What’s next? Tarpley and Cartalucci filming porn with Kurdi Kimmy?


    This Sunday (2 April 2017) Ecuador will hold its run-off election for the presidency.

    The choice is between [1] blatant neoliberalism, represented by Guillermo Lasso, and [2] neoliberalism with fake leftist cover, represented by Lenín Moreno.

    Guillermo Lasso (a corrupt banker) has vowed that if elected, he will impose savage austerity on the masses, and will enact sweeping privatization and deregulation. Lasso has also vowed to boot Julian Assange from the London embassy.

    I predict that he will lose to Lenín Moreno who, like Hillary Clinton, ominously says he is “pragmatic” and “knows how to get things done.”

    No matter what, Rafael Correa will be out, and the Neoliberal Empire will be in. It’s only a question of how much.

  7. “Kimmie” claims that her family is being threatened with prosecution. She says that “counter-terrorism police” have visited her mother, father, step-father and sister, seizing all their phones and computers. She says her family is “afraid for their own safety.”

    Anything for that 15 minutes of fame, aye?

    Numerous British males have gone to Syria to fight for Kurdistan. One of them,
    Ryan Lock, 20, was killed on 21 Dec 2016 while trying to evict non-Kurds from Raqqa.

    HERE’S THE DEAL >>> if you are a Syrian (or an Iraqi) in an area that the Kurds want, and you are not a Kurd, then you are “ISIS.”™

  8. The fake left Counterpunch blog continues its lies, claiming that the Empire’s target in Mosul and Raqqa is “ISIS.”

    They’re really laying it on thick, justifying the Kurdistan Project, and the Empire’s attack.

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