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  1. Yes it does………and the fake Putin plays along screwing his people just as Trumpbamabushclinton screw their people. With lots of help from filthy scribes who promote the big lie. Scribes like you.

  2. Roberts says Russia could retaliate for sanctions by ceasing to carry U.S. cargo and personnel into space. I’m surprised that Russia-bashers have not (yet) whined that Russia now charges $81 million per seat. Now U.S. space companies will begin to lobby for more federal dollars. (SpaceX, Boeing, Sierra Nevada Corp. Lockheed Martin, Blue Origin, and Orbital Sciences.) They will charge ten times what Russia charges, and they will produce no workable goods or services. Instead, they will deliberately cause cost overruns in order to draw out the gravy train forever, just like military contractors. For example, the government has paid trillions for the F35 over 20 years, and the fighter is still not operational. This theft continues because the thieves kick back some of the loot to politicians.

    • Corporate media outlets will soon begin speaking with pride about past U.S. accomplishments in space. They will call for a new U.S. space program. Of course, any such program will be a scam to boost the profits of the corporations involved. It will be a boondoggle; a way for the private corporations to get federal dollars while producing nothing.

      The USA will never again have an authentic space program, since the USA has become too corrupt.

      • If by authentic space program you mean the war criminal relocation program called Paperclip, then yes, party’s over I guess. Regrettably NASA ran out of NAZI rocket scientists a few years back.

        • Is that when they decided to privatize the whole thing? Those guys at Space X could have used some Nazi rocket scientists, that’s for sure. Shit, they blow up more crap on the launching pad than the North Koreans… lol (I made myself laugh)

          • You bet. Perhaps they’ve got a Werner von Braun cloning program in the works? Hey why dick around with amateur rocket scientists when you can get the original Mack daddy? Ol’ Werner could sure help Space X figure out a final solution to their rocket problems.

  3. Hi Willy
    earlier today there were claims the Tabqa dam was collapsing etc
    originating with ISIS – people began to flee- The Kurds and the US took the desired airport and the other day some news that the Kurds and the US have made a deal for Greater Kurdistan- Syrian territory all agreed to- including Lake Assad and the dam- which is nearly all the drinking water for Aleppo city

    Of course I mentioned you, the only person who along with me, said this was the plan- it was not- let’s make a deal for Raqqa it was the plan


    • The Empire is spreading rumors that the Taqba Dam is about to “collapse” in order to evacuate people from the city of Raqqa, 25 miles downriver, so the Empire can capture an abandoned Raqqa for the Kurds.

      I doubt that the Empire wants to destroy the dam outright, since the hydroelectric facility will let the Kurds control much of Syria’s electricity, plus the vital water of the Euphrates.

      As Penny noted above, today U.S. forces and a Kurdish militia seized part of an airport near the dam. Fighting continues.

      Currently Raqqa is held by Syrians who fled the Empire’s proxy war, just as Mosul in Iraq is held by Iraqis who fled the Empire’s occupation. In both cases the Empire is working to annihilate the natives, and therefore brands them “ISIS.”™ Standard imperialist bullshit.

      It’s all part of the Kurdistan Project.

      • That is, annihilate the natives so that the local Israelis (i.e. Kurdish gangsters and warlords) can move in and take over.

      • Elizabeth- where have you been, for so long, I felt so alone talking about the creation of Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0. Then someone let me know Willy/Scott was talking about it and now you- It’s so nice to read a comment that doesn’t contain attacks against the person telling truth

        Jo at my blog let me know that at Syper someone commented about how long I’d been on that news and how right I had been, but was always shouted down-

        It’s just so nice 🙂

        • Sadly, most people are brainwashed by the Empire’s lies. If the Empire says its wars are to fight “ISIS,”™ then the masses believe it. Even “progressives” and “anti-war” people believe it. Most people believe the Empire’s lies about World War II, and the lie that the U.S. (or Canadian) government is “insolvent” and needs tax revenue. Most people believe whatever the Empire says. Oh well.

          BY THE WAY…I just watched a video about the transition of ancient Rome from a republic to “dictatorship.” Nonsense. The Roman republic consisted of oligarchs who stole the land of millions of average Romans, leaving them begging on the streets. Only the so-called “dictators” brought relief to average Romans. The Gracchus brothers (Tiberius and Gaius) tried to give the masses back their land, but the corrupt oligarchs (i.e. senators) had them assassinated.

          Rule by one man is dictatorship, but rule by a handful of oligarchs is not? Please.

        • good for you. I mean that. It means a lot to get a little well deserved recognition when you’ve been working on something as long as you have.

      • control of the dam is a threat. It means they can and will pull the temple down on all their heads if they dont get what they want. The US was kept out of the latest round of discussions about what happens next in Syria and so they teamed with their KurdISIS and took the damn. Of course, Obama couldn’t have done that because Trump is literally invading Syria, slowly, but still invading, and Obama didn’t have enough cover from the left to get it done. Now the complicit media spend all their time screeching about Russia to do two things: distract from what Trump is really doing over there and set the stage for a potential confrontation with Russia if it goes bad.

        • “Control of the dam is a threat. It means they can and will pull the temple down on all their heads if they don’t get what they want.” ~ S.C.

          Absolutely. The threat is as much to Iraq as to Syria, since the Euphrates serves both.

          On the other hand, if the Kurds go too far, Turkey could block the Euphrates at its source in the north.

          If the U.S. and / or the Kurds do decide to destroy the Taqba Dam, the corporate media outlets will blame it on “ISIS,” ™ claiming that “jihadists” had rigged the dam to blow up whenever U.S. missiles blew it up.

          And most of the world will believe the absurdity.

          • Technically speaking, Turkey already blocked off the upper Euphrates with a metric shitton of dams. What’s released to “serve” Syria and Iraq is just sewage and salt water. They’d be better off irrigating their crops with Brawndo.

            • That’s not actually correct- The deals for water have been in place and Turkey has for the most part abided- Not sure where you’ve gotten that info from- but it’s not correct or accurate..

              Lake Assad if absolutely full of water.. Iraq has not reported water shortages..

              • Yeah, they’ve got water, but it’s salty. Irrigating with salt water causes soil salinization. It’s been a problem for like 8,000 years down there. I believe not that long ago Iraq (Saddam?) threatened to blow up the Taqba dam because of soil salinization issues.

  4. Before the liberation of Aleppo, the Empire used “ISIS”™ (or “Daesh” or the “white helmets”) to refer to the Empire’s own mercenary terrorists.

    Today the Empire uses “Daesh” to refer to any Syrians who are not Kurds, and to any Iraqis who are not Kurds or Shiites.

    RT and the “Sputnik” use “Daesh” for the same purpose. In so doing they promote the Empire’s lies, out of complicity or perhaps sheer incompetence.


    “Earlier this week, US and Syrian opposition forces were air-dropped to Syria’s Raqqa province to conduct a joint operation to liberate several villages in the vicinity of Syria’s northern Al Tabqah town from Daesh.”

    Sputnik then admits that “Syrian opposition forces” (or “Syrian Democratic Forces”) means Kurdish militias.

    Sputnik is a tabloid. All its claims must be double-checked.

  5. Al-Diyar (“The Home”) is as an Arabic language tabloid published in Beirut. It is the third best-selling newspaper in Lebanon.

    According to Israeli media, Al-Diyar claims that Assad told Russia that if the Israelis continue to bomb Syria, then Assad will retaliate with barrages of Scud missiles.

    This sounds like total bullshit by Israeli media.

    Nonetheless it has fulfilled its purpose, which is to whip average Israelis into a frenzy of rage.

    (How DARE the Syrians retaliate for our repeated attacks on them?!)


    The trashy Sputnik tabloid is echoing this silliness.


    Many U.S. bloggers say they hope that Israel “wipes Syria off the map.”

  6. off-topic sentence: P.J. Watson is now hyping himself up as “silenced by YouTube censorship” (you want a cookie, Paul?).
    Elizabeth Harris: Education is also transforming into another gravy train for politically connected corporations. I’m taking remedial mathematics at my public university, and you would think concepts in arithmetic, algebra and geometry would be explained by a professor with a blackboard, right? But no- due to underfunding, we now have to pay McGraw Hill dozens of dollars per semester for the “privilege” of an online click-on-icons-to-solve-operations app that’s simultaneously condescending (it’s full of “Great job, X!”-type messages) yet opaque (aka vague and limited) in its explanations of procedures or formulas. It omits the context of say, equations, where one variable is fundamentally different from the previous types you worked on, and it ocasionally glitches out, refusing to recognize CORRECT answers (or maybe it isn’t glitch, but the program will be bitchy about small technicalities with otherwise accurate answers). I have to press through either way, but better this than eevul soshulisum, right?
    Yes, I agree that the notion of every single system except for “capitalist liberal democracy” automatically becoming “one man with all the power” is simplistic nonsense. A bad systemic pattern will remain if you only get of one or a handful of the hydra’s heads. I have far more respect for an Otto von Bismarck or Erich Honnecker than an Obama or Enrique Peña Nieto. Both are hated in Anglo-American historical circles, but Bismarck united the sectarian dukedoms of Germany into an advanced, prosperous new nation where Protestants and Catholics wouldn’t be at each others’ throats (sound familiar?), not to mention the achievements of that era. Honnecker inherited the wreckage of the Allied bombings, not to mention the tense cold war, yet his regime rebuilt the Eastern Germany into the showcase of the Warsaw Pact. The WSJ, of all places, wrote this description in 1989: “GDR has no debt problem. The 17 million East Germans earn 30 percent more than their next richest partners, the Czechoslovaks, and not much less than the English. East Germans build 32-bit mini-computers and a socialist ‘Walkman’ and the only queue in East Berlin forms at the opera.” I’d bet we are also much more surveilled these days than under those regimes.

    • I’d also bet we’re under more surveillance now than the East Germans were. But only because the Stasi lacked the technology to collect and analyze massive amounts of data.

  7. Stasi aside, I’d still argue GDR did well in education, arts, infrastructure, manufacturing, etc. The phenomenon of “Eastalgia” or “Ostalgie” is real and documented in Germany.

    • Indeed the Berlin Wall was built because East Germans lived in East Germany, where they enjoyed free education, free healthcare, subsidized housing, and so on, while they worked in West Germany, where they enjoyed higher wages, and a wider variety of consumer goods. Each day they migrated back and forth. This situation caused a labor drain for East Germany.

      On one hand, East Germans professed dedication to each other, and they enjoyed the advantages of a sharing society. On the other hand they quietly screwed each other by working in West Germany. As a result they secretly envied and resented each other, and even spied on each other. If I could get you arrested as an “enemy of the state” in East Germany, I night be able steal your nice job in West Germany. The Berlin Wall was intended to get some control over this.

      Occasionally an East German (denounced by others for having screwed them) would try to escape to West Germany. The West played this up for maximum melodrama, using it to denounce the USSR while praising the wonders of Western greed, selfishness, and neoliberalism.

    • Sure, I’m a fan of.the DDR’s Sauerkraut Westerns like the next guy. But saying ‘Stasi aside, they were cool’ is kinda like saying ‘CIA aside, Hollywood is cool’. Point being that when art (or the public in general) is managed by creepy intelligence agencies it’s not what it should be.

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