Russia vs. USA: Who is the Threat, Who is the Aggressor? (Putin is the New Goldstein)

read this from 2012 on Kony, the last Goldstein

“Goldstein Effect: “the ability to intensify public concern by giving a definite face to the adversary, specifying a human source of the underlying threat.” Cass Sunstein

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    Trump will create a new office headed by his son-in-law Jared Kushner, 35. The “White House Office of American Innovation” will report directly to Trump. It will present ideas for fighting addiction to the endless tons of opiates that the U.S. government grows in Afghanistan. It will also recommend the privatization of most federal government functions. Kushner says, “The U.S. government should be run like a great American company.”

    NEWS FLASH: The U.S. government is not like a private company. Any attempt to make it so is insane..

    REASON: A private company must have an income and make a profit. By contrast the U.S. government has no need for profits (or savings or revenue) since the U.S. government creates its spending money out of thin air. Anyone who says otherwise is a moron or an Ayn Randian (same thing).

  2. I’m surprised to hear Paul “Cheonan” Jay spout mostly common sense in this video.
    Rachel Maddow is such a joke. She even sounds like a chicken when she talks. A ‘progressive’ who sounds like a mix of Free Republic (the hard-right hawkish, anti-gay Internet forum) and The Economist during the Bush Era. I agree that American politics could be accurately characterized as “center-right or far-right, with little else” (according to some writers).
    I hope Russians are able to elect someone who does decent work for the majority of the population.

    • I say that the spectrum of American politics ranges from extreme right to hyper-ultra-extreme frothing-at-the-mouth / bat-shit-insane right. The latter denounces the former as “extreme left.” The former camouflages itself with politically correct social justice warrior bullshit (e.g. “gay rights”).

      Amid both of them, the wars continue and the neoliberal beat goes on.

  3. ID politics, the new opiate. I’ve got a better example: Jacobin Magazine (one of those sleazy, pseudorebellious “new left” publications) currently features an ad for an advocacy group called “The New Arab” with the slogan “End legal misogyny in Palestine!” I’m all for equal representation, protections against violence/abuse/etc., and being allowed to wear thongs, but I think the Zionists’ attempts to purge Palestine from existence are just a little bit more important, or am I wrong?

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