Di$info Jone$ Apologizes for His Role in the PizzaGate Distraction Psyop

by Scott Creighton

Of course PizzaGate was a psyop. It was designed to distract alternative media sites from the real disclosures in the Podesta/DNC files. And of course, Di$info Jone$ and his merry band of complicit cognitive infiltrators bought into it hook, line and sinker.

“That’s right people. I’m an astro-turfer. I’m not here to help things. I’m here to make activists look like freaks. I take viable issues of real concern and make them sound as ridiculous as possible. Just like all the other bobble heads out there, I’m here to distract you morons and keep you fighting about nonsense… and I get paid to do it…. if you can’t tell this is all an act.. it’s a schtick. I NEED MONEY!!” Di$info Jone$ (sort of)

But now old AJ is bravely groveling before the man saying he’s sorry for saying they were serving up various flavors of pedophilia at Comet Pizza in their basement that doesn’t actually exist. AJ says he “doesn’t think” Comet Pizza has a legal claim against him for damages (liable?) but he’s sorry none the less and thinks everyone who took Di$info Jone$ at his word should quickly issue their own apologies before the lawsuits commence.

As many of you already know, Comet Ping Pong is owned by a particularly well connected freakish millionaire in D.C. One of his close friends is a political hatchet man named David Brock and I certainly wouldn’t put it past that guy to cognitively infiltrate the alternative media with the outlandish and cartoonish story of little kids being ordered by the Clinton elites like so many extra cheese pizzas on game night.

But oh wait… here’s a picture we can take out of context.

The coup de grace was the little actor flake who pretended to invade the pizzaria looking for teenie sex slaves. That was a nice touch, by the way.

Of course, the customers who were scared shitless by their little street theater performance didn’t get anything out of the deal, but Comet Pizza got a GoFundMe page and a cool $28,000 for their efforts.

Are some of these nefarious fucks pedos?


Are they morally bankrupt and willing to do anything that they can to get their rocks off?

Of course.

Are they ordering pizzas and virgins with a side of fries and a Pepsi from a Satan-worshiping pizza-man with a regularly stocked underage slave pit downstairs?

Don’t be stupid.

And more importantly, don’t try to make us look stupid by association.

But you notice how quickly everyone on the sites that picked up this shit story stopped reporting the real revelations from the Podesta files and the DNC leaks, right?

Anyway, here’s Barry Soetoro ‘s take on the whole thing including Di$info’s apology.

Are you kidding? There is a PizzaGate march taking place today being run, in part, by the former shill from the Huffington Post, the bobble-head who wrote All Your Favorite Conspiracy Theories Are Wrong, How to Be a Publicity Whore and Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz: How to Attract Massive Attention to Your Business, Your Product, or Yourself ?

This is literally what this disinfo asset said about his decision to turn to PizzaGate as a focus of his attention after being fired from the Huffington Post:

“Afterwards I was sitting in my apartment, had no one to write for, had people saying I was an idiot and a liar. So I figured, you know what, I’ll get back at this bitch,” he said.

“I’ll go through her emails. Because, of course, WikiLeaks had released the Hillary Clinton emails, and so with a beer and some spare time I just started going through them.”

He said he “didn’t go off the deep end” at first. But when Reddit and 4chan researchers started reading through Podesta’s leaked emails and incorrectly determined that words like “pizza,” “pasta,” and “hot dog” were actually codewords for prostitution and child trafficking, Seaman started making videos about the findings. He connected dots between Clinton and other super rich individuals and families often associated with conspiracy theories—like the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and George Soros—and sank deeper and deeper.” Daily Beast

Yeah, like all “conspiracy theorists” he’s just sitting around in his mother’s basement, drinking beer and fuming at the successful people of the world, blaming them for his failings, so he lashes out and cobbles together some bullshit to “get even”

Or so says the publicity whore who’s trying to attract massive attention to himself. And of course, serve as the pied piper for the shut down of the internet.

And people are showing up for this idiotic march? Run by these bobble-heads? Really?

19 Responses

  1. a bit off topic, but, not exactly- connected to Vanessa Beely/21st Century Wire..

    Did you know that Patrick Henningsen was with Infowars/Alex jones?
    I did not

    He is listed with the Guardian? I did not know that until today either


    “Patrick Henningsen is an author and founder of the 21st Century Wire news website, an Associate Editor of alternative news site Infowars.com and regular geopolitical analyst for Russia Today”

    The Guardian publish your work much Scott?
    As for Alex Jones… I’ll leave that one alone

    • Someone at Prison Planet used to repost some of my work years ago. I never gave them permission, but I didn’t care. They stopped when I started calling AJ “Di$info Jone$”. Imagine that. And no, I did not know Henningsen was a Di$ifo toady back in the day.

      If you look, you will find back in 2011, they did some good work exposing the invasion and regime change of Libya for what it was, but back then they only posted other people’s work. These articles that demonize Erdogan making ready for the regime change on the left, are all unsigned. So clearly they are being fed this shit from someone and they just post it without bothering to put a name to it. Very different approach and the tone of the work is pretty obvious as well. Sounds like Paul Joseph Watson is righting the crap.

      On a side note, one of Vanessa’s fans just blocked me because he said I lied when he asked why I said Vanessa was a shill. I told him I didn’t say that, I wrote “OR she MIGHT be a shill…” regarding how and why she reTweeted the regime change propaganda from 21st Century Wire but I said I believed she did it because she simply hadn’t read the article and didn’t want to piss off an outlet as big as they are. He came back with something like calling me a “tinfoil hat” conspiracy theorist or “you’re crazy” or some such shit and blocked me on Twitter.


      I tell you, it’s fucked up whats going on out there. really fucked up.

  2. From his bio..

    “Patrick worked in the graphic design and visual arts before moving into corporate communications, PR and events, working with clients the media, high-tech, finance, fashion and entertainment sectors.

    Sitting drinking too much coffee and wondering why it is Patrick Henningsen & Vanessa Beeley cause me discomfort?

    • get some fresh air. play with the kids. it’s the weekend. feed a squirrel.

      • Feed a squirrel- lol
        wish I could but it’s pouring rain here today
        However, I’ve piles of laundry that need doing- one last item, if I may
        Mr Henningsen on his own site does not mention his time with alex jones- though it’s at the Guardian profile. would it give too much away?
        Saw your comment about being blocked by Beeley and pal..
        no tolerance for the opinions of others, I guess?
        Or censoring lest you influence the thoughts of others?
        Anyway.. off to do laundry
        PS: I put up a third item on Raqqa- it seems Tillerson met in Washington with a bunch plotting the advancement of the war on IS- Canada was most certainly represented- and will expand it’s footprint in the region if ordered to do so. JTF2 is present in Syria and Iraq and that is very bad news for everyone concerned-except the PKK, because they are embedded with them.

  3. Scott, you really can’t deny the massive child traffficking ring among elites in the UK right under the BBC’s nose with Jimmy Savile. Before that was the Franklin Coverup in Nebraska. Something big is being covered up and it will be disclosed.

    • yes. of course. like I said, are there pedos mixed in with these assholes? yes. But you aint got to go all the way across the pond for that. Just head over to Hollywood. Or New York for that matter. The fashion industry is full of em as well. the point I am making is “I’m not here to help things. I’m here to make activists look like freaks. I take viable issues of real concern and make them sound as ridiculous as possible.” and that is what PizzaGate was. But yes, its a very real problem. Unfortunately, its harder to convince folks of that when all they hear is “hot dogs and cheese pizza”

  4. Point em to the UK, then Sandusky, Hastert and Weiner. Eventually the pattern might register. Bonus points if you can get them to see how DeLay kept his power after resigning by choosing Hastert as his replacement. More bonus points for pointing out the main Savile apologist/cover-up man at the BBC now runs that fake newspaper the NYT. That should get em thinking about the real repedopbublicrats instead of pizzagate – and all are more recent than Franklin (which nevertheless remains important).

  5. My mind is blown by the fact that Patrick Henningsen used to be employed by Infowars.
    Disinfowars used to feature good content before it went full neocon- I admit to following Jones avidly from 2007 until 2013. And outside of the Turkey issue, 21st Century Wire seemed decent to me until recently.
    Watch out for Global Research, too! The “Institute for the Study Globalization” has been suddenly posting press releases from suspicious-looking foundations, apparently because they package themselves as “green” and “progressive”. They’ve also helped set the stage for the left’s complicity in trying to destroy Erdogan’s government, one piece on Afghanistan contains Iranophobic sideswipes, they’ve also written in an unflattering tone about the less neoliberal Central Asian states, and they’re almost fully endorsing of the Malthusian-ish periphery agendas surrounding climate change.
    Is there any place without cognitive infiltrators today?

    • well, you just left a comment in one.

    • And you can leave a safe comment at my place- no cognitive infiltration there- so that’s two!
      I’m a one woman show- have been for ten years now- My hubby is my consultant- “Hey hon, what do you think of this?”

      There are others I know for certain are not cognitively infiltrated

      About two years ago I had a sort of angry awakening regarding many alternative sites… Sort of sad, but also valuable

      Re: Henningsen- yah him and infowars- associate editor too?
      Editor: Job description “Plan the content of publications according to the publication’s style and editorial policy
      Develop story and content ideas while being mindful of the audience”

      Background “corporate communications, PR ”

      What’s really interesting about the Guardian/ Info Wars/Henningsen nexus is that you wouldn’t think the Guardian would publish anyone associated with Alex Jones/Info Wars (the bio indicates PH was still employed by them at that time)- Two such distinct and divergent news outlets? Or maybe not so much?

      global research – I rarely, rarely read there anymore

  6. @Penny: I bet you could make a fortune starting a media company with a brand like Vice or The Exile’s, providing a limited hangout for Soros and Omidyar while posing as “so radically anti-establishment, dude”. (mwahahahaha).

  7. I feel that someone needs to point out that “coup de gras” is erroneous. The correct phrase is “coup de grace” which is roughly pronounced “coo de grass”. Someone, thinking that they were being clever, decided that the French don’t pronounce the terminal “s” so they started say “coo de grah”. Then someone else, also thinking that they were being very smart, decided that the “grah” must be written “gras” as in “foie gras”. The problem with writing, or saying, “coup de gras” is that it actually means “blow of fat” and, even though it is increasingly common, it doesn’t help a writer’s credibility to make mistakes like that.

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