Why Wont They Release Brighton Hotel Security Camera Footage of Khalid Masood Taken Just Hours Before Attack?

by Scott Creighton

I’ve been wondering why they will only show 40-year-old photos of Khalid Masood (a.k.a. Adrian Russell Ajao, Adrian Elms, Khalid Choudry and Adrian Ajao). My theory is the guy looks nothing like the dude on that gurney who ran over some folks and stabbed a cop in London the other day.

He’s certainly got more recent photos of him (12 years ago) from booking photos and perhaps wedding photos or even school photos from when he attended school so he could teach or even some from when he was teaching.

Lots of more recent stuff to choose from.

But I missed something. Something big.

They HAVE to have a video of the guy at that hotel he stayed at the night before the attack. They have images of this guy from literally HOURS before the event. Hell, he should be wearing the same clothes right? Same haircut, same beard, same little ears… right?

You should read the stupidity in the comments.

He stayed at Preston Park Hotel in Brighton. They certainly seem up to date enough to have a security camera or two.

In fact, I found a picture of the lobby looking at the reception desk, where “Khalid” would have checked in and out. I guess what I found?

Looks like a good place for a security camera to me and in fact, it looks like someone put one there. It’s focused right on the front desk to give us a full frontal view of “Khalid’ as he checked in and out.

3 Responses

  1. Duh. Every hotel/motel has a security camera on the front desk. I used to work in one and I live in one now. To not have a security camera in a motel is like not having one in an all-night convenience store.

  2. All this surveillance is conveniently unable to produce evidence in cases of political importance to the ruling class. I wonder why.

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