Why Wont the MSM Publish a Recent Arrest Photo of Khalid Masood? One 40-year-old High School Photo Revealed

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: It is being reported that Metropolitan Police have released this photo of “Khalid Masood” or Adrian Elms. The quality of the photo is extremely bad and there is no guarantee it is him. it appears to be a booking photo and since he hasn’t been arrested for a while, it would be about 13 or so years old. Looks an awful lot like Abu Izzadeen, doesn’t he?

Image result for adrian elms police photo

UPDATE: A new 40-year-old photo of Adrian has emerged from his days at the same school.

This is the first picture of the Westminster ISIS-inspired fanatic Khalid Masood while at school in Tunbridge Wells

So what about that suspect in the recent London attack?

Well, now his name isn’t “Khalid Masood’ it’s Adrian Russell Ajao or maybe it’s Adrian Elms. And he has a wife and a family with 3 kids and he was born on Christmas day in ’64.

It is being reported that he was born Adrian Elms and then changed his name to Adrian Russell Ajao after his step-father. Also said he also has gone by Khalid Choudry and Adrian Ajao.

This is his mother, Janet Ajao, who claims she is too upset to talk about this right now.

Khalid Masood’s neighbour Iwona Romek said she lived next door to him for five months and he appeared a “normal family man.”. Picture: AP Photo/Paisley Dodd.

He was brought up in East Sussex in a nice little $300,000 house and has a couple half brothers named Alex and Paul. When he was about 20 he moved with his family to Tunbridge Wells, Kent. In the past five years he and his family moved several times living in Luton, Forest Gate and Birmingham.

He was “radicalized” they say, but they don’t know how or when. They say he “may” have been “radicalized” in prison.

They say he acted alone with no direct connection to either “ISIS” or al CIAduh but in spite of that there have already been 10 arrests made in connection with this event after a string of raids all across Birmingham.

If he acted alone, why are they arresting people they associate with him?

As the story starts to slip to page 3 and page 6 of the various publications still covering it, it’s worth noting not a single MSM outlet, in print, television or online, has published a single photo of “Khalid Masood”, Adrian Ajao or Adrian Elms. Not one that I have found anyway. Well, not until about 5 minutes ago.

And that is VERY odd considering the nature of his crimes… and his previous arrest record.

Even in Britain, when arrested, booking photos are taken. Those photos remain part of the public record forever. So it would not be difficult for mainstream journalist with all the resources available to them to find and publish a photo of this guy to go along with their reports about him. But none have to my knowledge.

In 1983 when Adrian was 18 he was arrested and convicted as an adult for criminal damage.

In 2000 when 35 he slashed Piers Mott across the face with a utility knife after a confrontation in a bar. He had gone out to slash the guy’s car seats and when Piers came out to confront him, Adrian waved the knife around in Piers’ face, slashing him once, perhaps by accident. But still he did two years for that.

A couple years later he cut some guy’s nose with something. That’s when he was charged with being in possession of an “offensive weapon” and he did 6 months in lock-up.

All in all, Adrian should have a LOT of booking photos available for journalists to choose from:

Masood served time in Lewes jail, East Sussex, Wayland prison in Norfolk, and Ford open prison, West Sussex. It is quite likely he was radicalised during a spell in jail.” Telegraph

That “quite likely” by the way is the only evidence the Telegraph offers about how and when Adrian was “radicalized”. That’s literally the extent of their knowledge on that subject.

Adrian also taught English abroad in Saudi Arabia which is not part of the EU to my knowledge so my guess is he would have to have had a passport which also requires a photo.

And, in order to get qualified to do that, he needed and received a TESOL certificate which means he had to study somewhere, which means a school and some form of school ID. Which is another photo record of him existing somewhere.

He was married in 2004. I’m sure someone took a picture of him then, right? Perhaps his mother had some more recent pictures of her son? Perhaps?

(just found the FIRST image of him published by the Telegraph at 7:36am eastern)

None of these more recent photos have been published as of writing this article and they should be terribly easy to find for organizations with the kind of resources the MSM enjoys these days.

But the Telegraph just posted a pic of “Khalid” from what appears to be a high-school soccer team. Keep in mind, he was 18 in 1983 so that means the photo they published of him is at least 35-years-old. In fact the Telegraph says he was 14 when this was taken which makes the picture 40-years-old. Even better, right?

Khaldid Masood, circled, during his school years

This is supposedly “Khalid” who was Adrian back then. It’s some kind of sports photo. Maybe basketball, maybe soccer. I don’t know. But there it is.

Keep in mind: everyone says “Khalid” was some kind of fitness nut later in life. A “body builder” they said. Also said he was a “nice guy”

Here’s the photo from Westminster. Does this guy look like a bodybuilder?

Maybe if he was building his body with shakes and cheeseburgers perhaps.

We are sure to get more photos of this guy in the next few hours if not days but at the same time the story will be replaced soon enough on the front pages with something else.

I still think my previous comparison between the guy on the gurney and the first guy named as the assailant holds up.

Ears are like fingerprints, one reader wrote in a comment, and he is absolutely right.

There is a reason they aren’t showing current photos of “Khalid” and there is probably a reason Adrian’s mother refuses to talk to reporters right now. The FBI and GCHQ are probably still “explaining” all the possible ramifications to her of giving “confusing’ information to the press. They’re good at that.

So we still don’t know why he gave up his life with his wife and children to do this. We have no idea about any “radicalization” he was part of. And honestly, we don’t have a single up to date photo to compare with that guy on the gurney.

But we do have a 40-year-old picture to compare it to so I guess that is something, right?

6 Responses

  1. Hello Scott,

    I haven’t had access to a computer;
    I’ve been in bed getting over an intestinal
    bit. But I did research via mobile after I
    saw you mentioned the London attack
    happened a year to the day 3/22 2016
    of the Belgium False Flag attack.

    I came across a photo of the Skull
    and Bones society, and under their logo
    photo is the number 322.
    All the Best
    Paul Meuse

  2. Two words, Manchurian candidate springs to mind

  3. We also know that Adrian Russell Ajao’s mother is white and paints her hair black. We have a photo of her talking to a celular and she seems worried.
    Just a small question, how much did this phoney woman receive to interpret the part of the terrorrist’s mother?
    The english power structure is really going down. The script for this «false flag op» must have been made by the some guy who did «Eastenders» or worse.

    • I think they did it on the fly when Nunes announced he had files that I think are going to tie back to the Judge Nap. story about GCHQ being involved in the “wiretapping” of Trump’s people. They got desperate for a big story to cover the Nunes thing, so they launched this thing in a hurry.

      What really gets me is the first guy who was announced as the “stabber” is a perfect match and right now a perfect candidate for them to patsyfy but unfortunately it would require them admitting they gave him early release, so their politicos cant have that. so they had to change the story.

  4. GCHQ is sigint, they’re not going to be persuading anyone’s mother of anything.

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