So They Just Pulled the Plug on TrumpCare

by Scott Creighton

It would appear the libertarian/neoliberal side of the Rethuglican branch of the One Party System (the Business Party) didn’t get enough promises about screwing over the poor and the working classes for Little Entitled Randie to change his vote on TrumpCare in the House of Representatives and so The Donald seems to have decided to pull the bill from the floor rather than letting his first big initiative go bust 60 days into his rule.

“President Donald Trump announced Friday afternoon that the House of Representatives would postpone a planned vote on the American Health Care Act, the Republican bill to repeal Obamacare.

The news was first reported by Robert Costa of The Washington Post, who spoke to the president directly.” J. Cohn

The so-called “Freedom Caucus” had wanted even more brutal austerity for the working poor and the totally poor while standardized Republicans wanted more big money giveaways for their friends in Big Business so I guess the abject greed at the feeding frenzy blew the plan apart and Trump finally pulled it.

Don’t worry Ayn Rand fans, the great industrialists who rule the world will get em all back on the same page in no time and soon enough you’ll be able to feel better about yourselves cus you have some shitty insurance you pay WAY too much for and can’t use… but the mudpeople wont have shit… and that’s good enough for you, ain’t it?

Meanwhile… Ayn Rand used Medicare and Social Security til the day she died poor (cus back then people were smart enough to see what a load of crap her theories were) and your heroes like Trump and Little Entitled Randie (and their families and their families’ families) will continue to enjoy good health via a socialist program PAID FOR by YOU, the voting tax-payers.

But for now, TrumpCare is being taken off life support. They’re gonna defund the big ebil gubmint next via TAX REFORM (read as “big giveaways to billionaires and BIG BUSINESS”)

Oh.. and just for the record… if you think Trump, Ryan and Rand are anti-establishment, anti-Washington Consensus… think again.

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  1. Scott, have you considered fundraising for medical tourism abroad? I admit to not being a good planner, but if this were pulled off well, it would give you much needed help. Seriously, for those of you can, try to obtain medical car in Havana, Tijuana, or other potentially much cheaper markets. It goes without saying that American healthcare, prisons, insuranceeducation, and other goods, are managed as overpriced pyramid schemes designed to coldly profit politically connected privatizing companies with the needs of the population, to the biggest extent possible.

    • Sadly, I hear they’re building a wall to try and keep Americans from using Mexican healthcare.

      • CARTOON: Two white guys are standing before a security wall. One guy says to the other, “The wall protects us by keeping out undesirables.”

        The next frame shows that the two white guys are standing inside the wall of a concentration camp. On top of the wall, guards in watchtowers point rifles at the two white guys below.

  2. I suspect that the insurance industry staged this entire circus in order to enhance public submission to Obamneycare.

    “What are you complaining about? At least you were spared Trumpcare.”

    And so the Deplorable Car Act will continue t screw workers. Democrats will call this a “triumph” for workers.

    Incidentally, federal tax dollars don’t pay for Trump’s and Little Entitled Randie’s health care. Federal tax dollars don’t pay for anything at all. If we believe otherwise, we submit to the lie that this or that federal program is “insolvent.”

    • For example, “The Hill” blog (which is pro-neoliberal) is portraying this as a triumph for Bernie Sanders (who now opposes Single Payer).

      Fox News is praising it as “the latest example of Sanders’ soaring popularity.”

      “The consistently high ratings for Sanders, and the consistently low ratings for Trump, show that the real majority in America is the genuinely progressive and genuinely populist view of Sanders, not the phony populism or warped conservatism represented by Trump.”

      All this warped and surreal bullshit is designed to make the peasants think are actually benefitting from the lack of Single Payer.

      • I’ll be honest, I don’t think they wanted to repeal and replace ObamaCare. Look at what happened. No one had to vote on it, there is no culprit, no bad guy to suffer come election day, and ObamaCare which was HORRIBLY unpopular after the election is now suddenly enjoying a new life of popularity because of all the scary stuff we heard about the possible replacement.

        The Dems are helping the Rethuglicans by diverting the left from Trump’s shit overseas and his executive orders by screaming “Russia!” at everything and the republicans just helped them bolster the approval rating of ObamaCare… and lets face it, the ONLY people helped by ObamaCare are the insurance company stockholders and owners… but they contribute to the republicans as well and remember… it was a republican plan before it was ObamaCare.

        So I don’t think they ever had any intention to do away with it. They could repeal it tomorrow if they wanted to. But they dont. Like Trump said… let it get worse and worse … and I guess he means after that the American people will let them do anything they want after that, including privatizing everything AND keeping the mandate.

        • “ObamaCare is now suddenly enjoying a new life of popularity because of all the scary stuff we heard about the possible replacement.” ~ S.C.

          Exactly. The insurance industry, using their puppet politicians, staged this circus in order to shore up popular support for ObamaCare. The masses think they dodged a bullet, when in fact they continue to be screwed. Bernie Sanders is calling it a “victory,” and indeed it is a victory for the insurance thieves that Sanders represents. Fox News is so happy about the continuation of ObamaCare that they’re actually Sanders.

          “It was a republican plan before it was ObamaCare.” ~ S.C.

          Yes, that’s why I call it Obamneycare.

          Anything other than Single Payer is theft. The U.S. government can fully fund Single Payer without raising taxes by one penny, or lowering other federal sending by one penny.

          • I agree. It should be against the law for a government to force its people to pay privately held companies anything. Those privately held companies have no public oversight, and that’s taxation without representation.

            • The following vital services should never be privatized. At the minimum, the public should always have a choice between a simultaneously existing private service and a public one.

              Police and fire departments.
              Hospitals and medical services
              Schools and prisons
              Roads and highways
              Medicare and Social Security
              Utilities (gas, water, electric, etc)
              The military

              When these vital services are privatized, they become a cancer that consumes and eventually kills their host societies. Everyone knows this, but most people pretend they don’t know it, so that people can righteously condemn “ebil soshulizum.” This mass pretense is why there is mass poverty.

  3. Bernie Sanders says we should praise Democrats for having saved ObamaCare (i.e. for saving privatization). Sanders says we should now work to “further improve Obamacare” (i.e. work to further enhance the insurance giants’ freedom to steal).

    Trump is likewise crediting the Democrat minority with saving ObamaCare.

    Both are dedicated to preventing Single Payer. Both (plus Obama) supported Single Payer before they opposed it.

    WHAT TRULY PREVENTS SINGLE PAYER is the average person’s refusal to accept the truth that the U.S. government creates its spending money out of thin air, simply by crediting accounts. The federal government can no more “run out” of money than a scoreboard can “run out” of points. Or a Monopoly board game can “run out” of scraps of paper.

  4. California governor Jerry Brown is attacking Single Payer on the grounds of “How will you pay for it?”

    Single Payer can never work at the state level, since state governments cannot create their spending money out of thin air. However Brown is talking about the federal government, which DOES create its spending money out of thin air.

    Brown gets away with his lies because average Americans (most of them) are liars — just like Brown. Average Americans (most of them) are toadies for neoliberalism. Just like Brown and Trump and Sanders and Hillary and Obama and all the rest.

  5. California governor Jerry Brown is attacking Single Payer on the grounds of “How will you pay for it?”

    Single Payer cannot work at the state level, since state governments cannot create their spending money out of thin air. Brown. However, is talking about the federal government, which DOES create its spending money out of thin air.

  6. Obamacare is a backdoor tax on the American people the politicians have established so that we can pay back all the money the insurance companies give to the politicians.

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