Yesterday’s Very Odd, Fast Paced Events: Question – Was Judge Nap Right? Are the 5 Eyes Now Spying on Devin?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: There was a counter-terrorism drill held on the Thames river in East London on this past Sunday which involved simulating a “marauding” terrorist attack. See here and here. Reports said it was “terrifyingly realistic”

(This is just a “what if” theory here, so don’t kill me you 5 Eyes intel fascists out there…)

How often are there terrorist attacks in Britain? I’m not talking about the financial terrorism London conducts on the rest of the world, I’m talking “Global War OF Terror” stuff. You know, “ISIS” inspired things conducted by folks ALWAYS known to intelligence agencies, ALWAYS with little or no motive and ALWAYS happen at a time that is very beneficial for various deep state institutions. You know.. terrorism.

How often?

In 2013 Lee Rigby was killed in Woolwich. In Dec. of 2015 there was a stabbing event on a subway or something. Last year Labor MP Jo Cox was killed by someone yelling “Britain first” in order to demonize Brexit. But that’s about it, right? Of course there was 7/7 where some locations were bombed that just happened to be the exact same locations where they were having “counter terrorism” drills. But that’s about it, right? Doesn’t happen very often.

So yesterday’s seemingly hastily constructed terror attack at Westminster is not a regular occurrence by any stretch of the imagination. And as it just so happened, it took place on the very same day Devin Nunes found out there was a lot more to this “Trump surveillance” story that he and we have been told.

Nunes said he had been approached by someone with clearance and provided access to “dozens” of files regarding surveillance of the Trump transition team. He said someone watched the congressional hearings on Monday and felt compelled to come forward with this information.

Nunes held two press conferences, one at 3:00pm yesterday afternoon and one earlier I’m not sure at what time.

Important to this story is something Nunes said but the complicit media seems to be refusing to mention and that is he said he “first went to the heads of the NSA and the CIA with this information and he tried to communicate with the FBI but was unsuccessful and THEN he went to the Speaker of the House who told him to take this information directly to the White House” or something to that effect.

It was then that Nunes spoke to the president at the White House and afterward he held two press conferences. He said he did that because information he saw with his own two eyes involved conversations the then president-elect had conducted with unnamed individuals.

He had to tell the president at that time because he was in possession of information that made the president the victim of a crime. Nunes also said the recordings had nothing to do with Russia and were therefore outside the scope of his current House Intelligence Committee investigation.. inspite of what the desperate Mockingbirds at CNN and MSNBC are screeching about this morning.

Here are his two pressers for you to judge for yourself what he actually said and how he said it because that is important.

Notice that the last press conference took place at 3:05pm Eastern time. That means all of this other stuff happened before that.

  • He was contacted and met with the whistle-blower.
  • He contacted and talked with the head of the NSA.
  • He contacted and talked with the head of the CIA.
  • He tried to make contact with the head of the FBI.
  • He contacted and talked with the Speaker of the House.
  • He contacted and talked with the president at the White House.
  • He held press conferences to inform the press that something new had been discovered in the investigation.

All of that took place prior to 3:05pm yesterday. What time in the morning he spoke with the whistle-blower and what time he made contact with all the heads of the various agencies, we do not know.

But this groundbreaking story took a back seat and that was only because a bigger, hotter story took over the international airwaves. And that may not have been by accident.

At 2:55pm Greenwich Mean Time, shots rang out just outside of Parliament. The shots were the last stage of a terrorist attack which we know was conducted by someone “known to MI5” and someone who was of British heritage.

The entire attack probably took less than 2 minutes. The assailant drove down the street across Westernization Bridge running over some people along the way. His rented car crashed into the fence at Westminster and a couple seconds later the assailant lay dead on the ground after stabbing an officer.

Very quick. Very hasty. Not much “terrorism” planning involved in this attack at all which stands in stark contrast to the attacks of 7/7 that is for sure.

Anyway, 2:55pm GMT translates to 10:55am Eastern.

If Nunes’ morning started off with meeting the whistle-blower prior to 11am, depending on just how long prior to 11am it was, I wonder if the timing of this hasty attack isn’t a clue in and of itself.

Lets not forget:

Three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command,” Napolitano said. “He didn’t use the NSA, he didn’t use the CIA, he didn’t use the FBI, and he didn’t use the Department of Justice.”

Instead, Napolitano said, Obama used GCHQ, a British intelligence and security organization that has 24-7 access to the NSA database.

“There’s no American fingerprints on this,” Napolitano said. “What happened to the guy who ordered this? Resigned three days after Donald Trump was inaugurated.” Fox News Mar. 14th

We know that Obama, after his hand-picked successor Hillary Clinton lost in November, changed the law to allow many other agencies access to raw data that had been picked up in various intelligence operations.

But in terms of the 5 Eyes and our ‘special relationship” with British intelligence, Obama didn’t really have to change the rules for that one, did he?

“Another allegation, reported by The Guardian newspaper, is that the Government Communications Headquarters, the British surveillance center, tapped fiber-optic cables carrying international telephone and Internet traffic, then shared the information with the N.S.A. This program, known as Tempora, involved attaching intercept probes to trans-Atlantic cables when they land on British shores from North America, the report said.” New York Times, 2013

What if the 5 Eyes were focused clearly on Nunes because he was the head of a congressional investigation into potential spying on Trump’s campaign and they got wind of some new whistle-blower getting involved yesterday morning with “dozens” of files showing how “someone” was tapping the Trump campaign and the Trump transition team on behalf of the then US government’s established power structure?

What if those calls took place in the early morning, say at 8 or 7am and GCHQ knew that perhaps one or more of Judge Napolitano’s sources had decided to go to Nunes this time instead of the press?

What if someone figured out quickly that if it gets out that Britain, via the 5 Eyes agreement, spied on Trump before and AFTER the election on behalf of the same establishment the majority of Americans rejected this past November. How would that play out in terms  of public opinion you think? You think our “special relationship” would be over? You think the Trumpsters would be all over the streets raging against the Brits and ready for a second revolutionary war?

Nunes said he wasn’t going to say it was “one person” who gave him the information. What if it wasn’t? What if it was three? And, according to Nunes, the wiretapping was “legal”… and yes, the 5 Eyes agreement is “legal”. Not moral. Not right. But “legal” and I think that is also what Nunes spoke to yesterday.

What if someone contacted one of their assets in London, told him to get down to Westminister for a big event, hijacked his rental car and steamrolled over a bunch of pedestrians on the bridge, wrecked his car right there and then had a couple local police assets ready and waiting to shoot him and throw themselves on the ground claiming they were stabbed then an asset in an ambulance to scoop him up and whisk him off to early retirement.

How long would that take to organize you think?

Of course, the problem is, the asset they had available to them was supposed to be in prison. Maybe he was in prison.

Of course, they got someone to cobble together a quick story about prisoners being released. Did that on the fly as well.

You have to understand, the 5 Eyes program is key to London maintaining control over our government and by extension, this country. It’s a key part of fascist globalization. And if all those Trump supporters found out the Brits were spying on their hero before and after the election.. there would be hell too pay, wouldn’t there?

They couldn’t allow the 5 Eyes to be poked out because some whistle-blower exposed their dirty little dealings so they cobbled some crappy “terrorism” together and stole the headlines until they could find a way to fix the intel Nunes had seen.

All of this is just hypothetical of course. But the timing is very odd isn’t it?

11 Responses

  1. very odd
    How could we have allowed 5-eyes to be legal? Even the name sounds evil. We are a bunch of dumb hicks !

  2. I don’t support this abominable attempt at a coup for TPP/WWIII Hillary, but my mind is boggled by what people like PC Roberts or Lionel Media see in Donny to continue white-knighting for him after the reversal of virtually all his policy promises (even if it was the deep state who forced him). Earth calling Paul and Lionel. The most plausible theory to me consists of the different shadow factions competing for control. Proof of the former Reagan treasurer’s fanboyism:
    “Note another extremely strange feature of our strange time. Elements of the liberal/progressive/left portray President Trump as a member of the One Percent operating for the One Percent against the people and filling his government up with generals and his budget with more military spending. Why then is Trump under full-scale assault from the military/security complex? Why are they working to contradict, delegitimize and impeach their own agent?”
    Which he IS to a degree, and hardly a man of sterling character (though I otherwise agree with him about the “Russians did it” influence peddling).
    On the other side, you have the Diane Ravitches, supposed progressives advocating for good causes who think the risk of war with another nuclear power, fueled by anti-Russian national chauvinism, is less bad than Cheeto Hair remaining president. When will we wake up and smell the coffee?

  3. “…other surveillance activities were used AGAINST President Trump and his associates.” If surveillance activities may have been used against Trump, then whenever such surveillance activities are used they’re used AGAINST the subject. I think this is important. It seems pretty strange since we’re all subject to surveillance every day of our personal communication (which cannot be legitimately legal), why is it a super huge deal that the president-elect may have been spied on? Sometimes Trump acts an awful lot like Netanyahu. We all have a right to privacy in our houses, persons, and papers, etc. Do they even do physical wire taps anymore? It makes a lot more sense to me to spy on a president-elect than it does to spy on and collect everything from everyone, but then it depends what the goals are.

    I would disagree that the Five Eyes alliance or agreement is legal. Nothing unconstitutional can be legitimately legal in this country. It’s a way to try to get around the law.

    We assumed the law was meant to protect and support the ordinary people against the bad guys who always try to take over governments and screw things up for us, but the “elites” have tweaked and twisted things so that it appears to protect and support them. The tweaks and twists are not legitimate, but the “elites” have insinuated themselves into positions of power and authority so that now it looks like it’s going to take something huge and powerful to oust them.

    Your speculation about the timing makes a lot of sense.

    • “why is it a super huge deal that the president-elect may have been spied on?”

      Because leaking this information or acting on it has significant ramification for many people, for the nation, for countries unlike any info from your boring loser’s life.

  4. It’s funny that with all the money they spend our alphabet agencies can’t quite put their finger on the various alleged “wrongdoers” in these political theater acts – yet Tom Brady’s jersey and other stolen SB items are tracked to Mexico and the perp busted in a little over a month. Go figure.

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