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  1. So sad. My thoughts are with the Iraqi people.

  2. Let’s repeat for those who came late. In Syria, “ISIS”™ refers to terrorist mercenaries that the Empire ships in from abroad. In Iraq, “ISIS”™ refers to native Iraqi Sunnis who are exterminated by Shiites, Kurds, and the US occupation force.

    Syria’s war is a proxy war waged by the Empire. Iraq’s war is a civil war, plus a direct attack and occupation by the Empire.

    In Iraq, the Shite area to the south has oil. So does the Kurdish area to the north. The Sunni area to the west does not (e.g. Anbar province). Desperate Sunnis took Mosul in the north in an attempt to survive. The U.S. has been bombing them since Oct 2016, to retake Mosul for the Kurds.

    On 17 March 2017 a U.S. airstrike murdered at least 200 civilians in the Al-Jadida neighborhood of west Mosul. The U.S. claims that the victims were “human shields” for “ISIS”™ and that, for propaganda purposes, “ISIS” had rigged the buildings to explode when U.S. bombs hit them.

    Where are the people weeping like they did when the Empire was defeated in Aleppo? Where is George Clooney?

    • Whoops. Just now I saw that Scott already addressed this.


      I only commented in it because all the corporate media outlets falsely claim that the U.S. bombardment of Mosul is to “fight ISIS,” and that the bombardment is being done by “Iraqi security forces.”

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