London Car/Knife Attack UPDATES – Was It “Abu Izzadeen” After All? Looks a Lot Like Him and May Says He Was Born in Britain and Known to MI5

by Scott Creighton

This morning we are told there were 8 arrests made last night in relation to the Westminster Bridge car/knife attack that reportedly killed 4 people, including the assailant, and injured 40 (that number started off yesterday at 20) but we have not been told the name of the attacker.

It was first reported by Channel 4 by Simon Israel that it was “Abu Izzadeen”, a “hate preacher”/ fake Muslim born in Britain as Trevor Brooks. But after a quick search of his name, I and others pointed out that Trevor should still be in prison as he was sentenced to two years one year ago. Trevor’s brother and his lawyer quickly stated Brooks couldn’t be the assailant because he was still in prison and Channel 4 retracted their statement that it was him.


Almost immediately after the attack, an online news service ran a story about how 70+ prisoners were released in Sept. of last year. They did not mention Trevor Brooks but they did say specifically that they released people convicted of terrorism related offenses who had been sentenced to terms of 4 years or less. Trevor of course had been sentenced to two.

Also, Theresa May said this in Parliament this morning:

“…I can confirm police have searched six addresses and made eight arrests in Birmingham and London. It is still believed this attacker acted alone and police have no reason to believe there are imminent further attacks on the public. His identity is known to the police and MI5.

When operational considerations allow he will be publicly identified.

What I can confirm is the man was British born and that some years ago he was once investigated by MI5 in relation to concerns about violent extremism…”  Theresa May

The article that I just referenced about them releasing 72 or so prisoners that was clearly posted yesterday because I wrote about it and linked to it yesterday, today has a stamp on it that says it was written today, the 23rd of March.

When I re-read that article, it seems they added something that I don’t remember being in it the first time:

Offenders given sentences of around four years will have been found guilty of offences like hate preaching and inciting people to support brutal regimes such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda.”

The Express article is the only one I can find that mentions this purge of terrorists back in Sept. so I am very suspicious of it’s validity. Also the fact that it appeared just as there were issues with “Abu’s” incarceration leads one to wonder about the convenient timing of it all.

As of the time of publishing this article, I have found no one who claims to have actually spoken to Trevor Brooks in prison and he, nor any official has come out to definitively say it wasn’t him. What we do have is Theresa May saying the suspect was born in Britain and was on MI5’s radar.

Then there is the little issue of the assailant himself who looks a lot like Trevor Brooks a.k.a. “Abu Izzadeen”. Check out this comparison photo. The pic of “Abu” on the left is right after he left prison the first time for terrorism related charges.

“Abu” is typically a heavyset guy. A fat Muslim if you will.

Image result for abu izzadeen

The guy laying on the gurney yesterday who was described as the attacker was a little heavyset himself.

As you can tell by comparing him to the medical team who were attending to him, the assailant was a big guy. Not just overweight, but also tall by comparison. Turns out, he has that in common with “Abut” as well.

Image result for abu izzadeen

How many tall, overweight, bearded, locally born “radicalized” Muslims do you think there are in England who say they want to go out in a blaze of Jihadi glory are on MI5’s radar you think?

I will tell you the truth. I don’t blame Simon Israel for running with the story when someone on the inside leaked Trevor’s name to him yesterday. Lot of coincidences point to Mr. Brooks, now don’t they?

The only problem is that little sticking point that he SHOULD have been in prison at the time.

But then again, there is that story from the Express… now isn’t there?

I wonder how long it will take them to announce the real name of the assailant. I wonder how many other “known to MI5” fat angry locally born Muslims there are in London for them to choose from when it comes to finding a body double. Cus I will tell you one thing, it’s gonna be hard finding one that looks like that guy on the gurney.

I don’t know what is taking so long. Finding someone who looks like this with a MI5 background or finding some way to explain he was released from prison and even his brother and lawyer didn’t know about it.

We will see what develops. But it is damn odd, ain’t it?

Also, of all the CCTV cameras in that area (you know London is the most survielled city in the world, right?) the only video they released of the attack is from way down the river on another bridge showing a car speeding across the bridge and what appears to be a person jumping in the river. You can’t see who is driving, you can’s see him wreck or hop out of the car. It would be kind of dramatic wouldn’t it, watching this fat fuck jump out of his wrecked car and leap into action?

But you wont see that. Instead, you get far away fuzzy images and you think you saw something.

22 Responses

  1. Also his fb and twitter account was suspended yesterday straight after the incident

  2. I think they fucked up massively here, they know this and they’re trying to construct a convincing story to paper over it. i think we have the upper hand on this one, i don’t see how they’re gona get out of it. Finding a different man with that shaped head to fit the bill is gona be tough!

    • if they pick another patsy, they’re gonna have to scrub the webs of that shot of the guy on the gurney. they wont find someone to meet the physical and law enforcement background criteria. my guess is, they are going to announce it was Abu and make up some story about how he got out of prison. in all likelihood, the website is one intel agency or another. that’s my guess anyway

      • i agree, the he got out of prison story is more likely than trying to retract the images which have already been seen by the world. I wonder how they’ll explain how his brother didn’t know that he was no longer in prison? escaped or released, for close family to be oblivious to that is unreal!

        • I mean, it could be someone else. But the similarities to his story, his facial structure and his body type is hard to ignore. but it could be someone else. and if it is, that still doesn’t mean this attack was legitimately authentic in terms of being from “ISIS” (as it is being reported just now). But I will tell you, it looks a lot like Trevor right now…

  3. Thank G-d, this ought to get the Brits minds off their government selling billions of pounds of weapons to the Saudis who have been using the bombs, etc to murder Yemeni civilians.

    It’s another Allahu Akbar™ special to get Brits back in full terror mode of hating, then demanding the murder of Muslims.

  4. It is also a way to keep Theresa May in power for another 4 years. I thought that «V for Vendetta» written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd was just a «Comic». Unfortunately, little by little, England is becoming a fascist country.

  5. Another event in Belgian. These incidents will take place until Tuesday, that’s when the ‘Salute to Israeli Apartheid’ will end that is being held in DC by AIPAC. And the other DC event is the Coalition of the Killing and Moderate Head Choppers is meeting also in DC to discuss how to finish off Syria.

    Both need these incidents to keep the Muslim bashing and hate flowing freely.

  6. ANOTHER crisis performance. They really want to completely strip people of their legal and political rights in the empire, don’t they? Where are the conscientious objectors?

  7. Daily “Muslim” Mail is saying that his name is Khalid Masood.

    Funny thing is …when khalid died, he changed his racial background too, hmmm….

    “The killer, described by witnesses as “middle-aged and Asian”

    khalid looked more like fatty abu, who is/was black.

    From being a fat “Asian” to Black! I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.

    • that is fascinating. I had not seen that. thanks. no, he doesn’t look Asian to me either. You know they said he moved from his latest home a couple months ago. I’m wondering if the guy killed in that Pakistani crash with the same name might not be this guy.

  8. On a total side note… If I know the brits just a little bit, they would not crash a car into the historic (and pristinely kept) wall of the parliament where the car is meant to have crashed… Has anyone seen a close up of that wall and the front of the car? I have been searching, to no avail.

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